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September 9, 2008 | 1 comment

  • I loved all the fascinating comments to the post about Religion and Truth, and wanted to point out that the person who originally wrote the email actually left a comment (Patrick on 9/8 at 2:07). Welcome, Patrick! It’s great to have you as part of the discussion.
  • Thank you for all the great stories and advice about making Sunday a day of rest — all the tips and suggestions were very helpful. Look out for follow-up posts in the next couple weeks.
  • From the “isn’t it wonderful how technology makes our life easier” files, I want to reiterate my policy that I do (eventually) reply to all emails. Currently I’m caught up through about August 28 (that is actually very good compared to usual), so if you emailed me before August 28, I have replied. The reason I post this is that there are a few people who have sent me second emails wondering if they said something offensive in their first that led me not to reply, I reply again assuring them that I replied the first time, and meanwhile all my emails are sitting in some spam filter. It’s like something out of a really nerdy sitcom.

Have a great Tuesday!

1 Comment

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