Yaya’s hurricane preparedness tips

September 15, 2008 | 9 comments

When I called Yaya on Friday to ask if she’d prepared for hurricane Ike, which was headed right for her Houston-area home, she announced, “I sure did! I bought six bottles of wine and a bag of turkey wings.” It was with colorful language that she noted from a patchy cell phone connection this morning that a better plan would have been to have bought a generator and fresh water.

My prayers go out to Yaya and everyone else who is without electricity (and will be for the immediate future) in the wake of hurricane Ike.


  1. lyrl

    My sister was on the west side of the affected area. She was one of the fortunate ones who got her power back yesterday evening. She commented on how standing on her porch really made the magnitude of the disaster hit home: to the west, street lights and house lights as far as the eye can see. To the east, darkness.

    My thoughts will be with Yaya and all the so many others still suffering from this, and with the aid workers and utility workers patching the pieces back together.

  2. Adoro te Devote

    Well…was it GOOD wine?

  3. elizabeth

    I hope Yaya weathers the effects of the storm easily. Who’s the patron saint of utilities? I’ll get on that for her.

  4. Ginkgo100

    My sister Mile Hi Mama and I both live in the Houston area. Her house has power, mine doesn’t. Thus I moved my family into her house. Did I mention I didn’t ask first — just showed up when they weren’t home and broke in through an unlocked window? True story. She’s very forgiving.

    Both of our families are fine, and both of us are blogging about it to some extent.

  5. Agnes Regina

    Seriously, ginkgo? That’s hilarious!

    I hope Yaya (and everybody) gets power back soon!

  6. Debbie

    I could do without the turkey wings but otherwise I would say she had a good plan.

  7. Dorothy

    I went back to your original post on Yaya. Surely she is a force to be reckoned with. What a woman! I’m praying for her – please let us know how she fared. I’m wondering what kind of son this woman mothered. I’ll bet you have some comments on that!

    God love you all.

  8. Spring

    Wine and turkey wings? This woman knows how to weather a hurricane!

  9. Julie

    Goodness! That was one heck of a storm. We got power back early Monday. We just got phone/internet service back about an hour ago. I hope it holds. Our neighbors across the street don’t have power yet. Everything is really spotty. And the trees, oh my! There are broken branches and upturned trees everywhere. But we’re doing well and getting by.

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