7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 10)

November 21, 2008 | 75 comments

— 1 —

Both my husband and a friend pointed out last week that the title 7 Quick Takes Friday is a bit clunky. When I asked for suggestions about how to smooth it out, they both suggested dropping the 7 and calling it Quick Takes Friday, letting people choose their own number of takes to list. In both conversations I believe my reaction was to throw my head back in maniacal laughter.

To my husband and my friend (and probably most of you normal people), it would be an immediate, inconsequential decision as to how many little blurbs to write up for a Quick Takes post. That’s not how some of us roll.

There are actually people like me out there who would find this to be a paralyzing decision every single week. If the number were optional, YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW how much mental energy I would pour into analyzing how many takes I should post. If for nobody else than me, the 7 must stay.

— 2 —

I already said this on my links blog, but I am loving going back through Barbara Curtis’ series about her 90+ pound weight loss (she went from a size 22w to a size 10 and has kept it off!) Especially as I re-think the impact that food has on my physical and spiritual life, I find her thoughts on the subject to be a breath (or, more accurately, a gale-force wind) of fresh air. Some of my favorite posts in her series: Diet Update; More Diet Discussion; and When Your Spouse is Overweight. (Also, keep the Curtis family in your prayers for the difficulty they’ve been dealing with, which Barbara talked about recently here.)

— 3 —

There aren’t words to describe how much I hate getting shots. I’ve made peace with giving myself shots every night — in the stomach while pregnant, no less — but for some reason someone else giving me a shot is beyond terrifying to me.

So yesterday my OB/GYN did some mind control thing that made me say yes to getting a flu shot. I requested his most experienced nurse to administer it (in front of the student nurse who normally does it — sorry, I’m crazy!) and broke out into a cold sweat when she brought it in. She came over with the needle, pinched the skin on my arm a couple times to get it ready, then, just as I was all psyched up for the pain…she didn’t do it. She walked away to check some paperwork first.

I asked her what was wrong. She said she was done. Done?! She already did it. I am not exaggerating when I say I felt nothing — and this was an intramuscular shot.

She needs to open up her own shot-giving business. I’m not kidding. She could bilk people like me for so much money! I would easily pay $50 to get a shot from someone who could do it that well (not that I have an extra $50 lying around, but believe you me, I WOULD FIND IT). If there are any nurses out there with similar skills: this is your ticket to riches.

— 4 —

My husband and I moved all our personal sites to a new, cheaper hosting service this weekend. By “my husband and I” I mean he watched the kids while I sat at my desk for six hours straight. It was quite a dance to get all the email and databases set up for our 21 personal domains before switching all the DNS over (and the domains are registered at different places, which made it even more fun).

It reminded me why I did so well in my career days despite my notorious laziness: if there is one thing I do well, it is sitting in front of a computer and focusing on a project for hours on end with no interruption (and listening to rap, although I doubt that contributed either way to my success).

When I worked as a developer I would occasionally work for like 16 hours straight on programming projects, taking only brief breaks to grab a vending machine snack or go to the bathroom. I actually enjoyed it. A lot.

— 5 —

A lot of people just thought, “21 domain names?!”

Yeah. My husband and I have this thing where every time we have an idea we register a domain name and put up a website about it. Some of them are business-related, some we just use for email, one is for my mom’s side of the family to use for email accounts and group lists, but a lot of them are little personal projects like Suburban CEO.

— 6 —

Everyone is talking about Facebook. Everyone. It seemed like fully half of the participants in last week’s Quick Takes Friday mentioned it in some way or another, then when I brought it up on Twitter I got 5X the replies I normally get to a tweet. Is everyone on Facebook these days? Am I missing out on something because I don’t have a Facebook account?

Oddly, the pitch that seems to reel everyone else in is exactly what makes me run screaming: “People you knew 10 years ago can contact you and y’all can get back in touch!” Uhh, no thanks. I harbor no ill will toward my old group of friends, but there is a reason we’re not in touch anymore. (Although I hear that prisons block Facebook, so maybe I have nothing to worry about.)

— 7 —

I accidentally hit a deer with my car on Monday night. It was upsetting and traumatic and caused a fair amount of damage to the car, but at least the deer was killed instantly and didn’t suffer.

My husband called his buddy down in Houston who is our car insurance agent to tell him about the damage, and the guy’s first question was, “Is it still fresh?” My husband asked what he meant. “In most parts of Texas, ” his friend explained, “You can call someone to come pick up the deer off the road and they’ll clean it and give the venison to local food banks!”

Only in Texas.


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photo by Jill Greenseth


  1. Kelly the Kitchen Kop

    Jennifer, I’m loooooving your blog, and enjoying this new way to post. Thanks!

  2. Ang

    I grew up in a rural part of Washington State and they do the same thing with fresh road kill. I actually grew up on venison and thought that those visiting our food banks actually ate pretty good because of this.

  3. katie b

    Oh, the deer thing isn’t only in Texas. That’s routine in Wisconsin.

    Love the blog! I don’t get to read often (I’m a college student), but it’s always a great encouragement when I do. Thanks!

  4. edie+steve

    This is my first try at this. It’s been so much fun. Thanks for hosting.

  5. Eileen

    I laughed about the deer thing — around here, they don’t bother with the food bank, though. They just let the sheriff know they’ll be taking care of it themselves!

    For what it’s worth — I like the 7.

  6. Kylie w Warszawie

    OH MY GOSH! I feel the same way about facebook. My husband and daughter are on and I sometimes check out my husband’s page just to see what people are up to (but honestly most of the people I’m checking out are people that I still talk to). One of my very best friends told me I need to be on facebook and I said, I really don’t want to keep in touch with everyone I have ever known, there is a reason that I don’t do that without facebook. And she told me, “Well, you could sign up with a pseudonym and then no one could find you.” At which point I decided that facebook was a total waste of time.

  7. Tami Boesiger

    You make me smile as I read your takes. Thanks for including us all in this fun meme.

  8. Sarah Reinhard

    Jen, you crack me up about the 7. I actually started copying this idea (I call it random thoughts over at my place, but it was inspired by you, all the same) a while back, and for me, it was 5. It was only 5 because that’s how many I came up with the first time. But if you say it’s 7, by gum, I can come up with SEVEN things. Sure. Every time. πŸ™‚

    As for #5 – yeah. What you said. πŸ™‚

    Sorry to hear about your car. I assume you’re OK, since you didn’t mention injury… And they do that in Ohio too. My dad is one of the ones who will go clean up and take the meat if he can get it. (Well, only sometimes – I don’t think he gets the call from the sheriff’s dept like he used to)

    See, hicks in Ohio too. (I’d fit right in down there, wouldn’t I?)

  9. Amy

    LOL about #1. I for one am so thankful you did that.

    #3 – For my first two pregnancies I received weekly progesterone shots. My OB did this wonderful pinch poke pinch poke thing, and you hardly felt the needle go in. Sounds like your nurse learned the same technique!

    I’m off to do my 7.

  10. Margie

    I’m with you about Facebook, Simply can’t get excited about it. And I spend way too much time with the computer anyway. Sometimes, the kids have to eat!

  11. Gillian

    Re 3
    I hate shots too, and needles in general. That’s why I was so thrilled to go to the children’s hospital while pregnant for all my blood work etc. They’re used to screaming kids everything is much more comfortable than past experiences.

    Re 6
    Yes, get facebook lol. You don’t have to have people from your past find you. You can set it up so no one can see anything but your name while searching, and you have to approve anyone who wants to be your friend. I use it mostly to share my photos and keep in touch with newer friends who can be hard to reach and just to see what’s going on in their lives because I hardly get to see them .

    Re 7
    That happened to DH and I this summer. A deer ran out about 20 ft or less in front of us. We were extremely lucky. It only smoked the mirror and I’m pretty sure the deer lived. But we both screamed. I’d never heard that kind of fear in my husband before.
    We were extremely shaken up but no one was injured and except for the mirror and a few scratches the car was fine.

  12. Kathy Grubb

    Uh, I cheated and left 7 and a half.

    I didn’t think you’d mind, since, I’ve concluded, you’re kind of the overachieving type too.

    What fun! I’ve totally blown off the first hour of my homeschool!


  13. Gillian

    I did leave a comment but anyway, I linked πŸ™‚

  14. Multiple Mom T

    Facebook is fun! I’m on about every other day. It’s not just catching up with old friends, it’s being able to see what current friends are up to (status) and you can IM, which is fun.

  15. Anonymous

    No, it’s not only in Texas.

    Although I followed your link and did find the weight loss stories very interesting, she takes a very accusatory position on being overweight, which I think is unnecessary. It is not really true that everyone who is overweight is that way because they are gluttons who eat way too much. It may have worked out that way for her, but there are a great many people out there who are overweight who do not and have never overeaten (and by that I mean eating beyond the hunger signals of your body, or indulging excessively in high calorie foods). I’ve learned this the hard way recently, as I’ve experienced significant stress recently and gained weight rapidly in spite of not changing my eating or activity levels at all.

  16. Jamie

    Regarding Facebook — DON’T DO IT. I wish I hadn’t.

  17. melanie

    I hope you were ok in your car accident… that’s scary stuff!! Especially for a pg mommy.

    I’m with you on the facebook thing. I hardly ever go on it either.

    have a great day!

  18. Jen S

    Thanks so much for hosting this. It’s great fun to discover new blogs this way and you get a really good idea of people in these short snippets. Also, you’ve become my biggest referrer of traffic. Thanks!!

  19. beckygiggles

    Okay, I do facebook. I like it to keep up with friends that have moved away. We’re tight enough for me to offer advice on the baby’s mystery rash, etc. but not so close that I’d call on the phone and chat. And the road kill: also in Tennesse is this legal. The state park I used to volunteer at would accept fresh roadkill deer to feed to the wolves at the park. The wolves like the frozen zoo food okay, but they loved a good deer carcass.

  20. Funky Kim

    I don’t have a Facebook account. I decided that I really didn’t need one more thing to do online. I’m already online way too much as it is!

  21. Elizabeth

    I’m still not getting the flu shot no matter how painless it is!!! Then again, I’m not pregnant…right now.

    Also, I’m quitting my Facebook for the exact reasons you mentioned above. Not. worth. it.


    Love these quick takes, Jen!

  22. Melanie B

    I would find coming up with a number paralyzing too. Seven is good. Yeah, stick with seven.

    My mother and sister-in-law hit a deer last week and my first thought, after ascertaining whether they were ok, was asking if they’d kept the venison. My husband thought that was an odd question for some reason.

  23. mrsdarwin

    Never will I get a facebook account. What, I need to spend more time on the computer?

  24. Sarah

    Hmmm . . .can’t seem to see Mr. Linky on my screen but I’ll try again later! I participated today . . .

    In Alaska they do the donating thing too, but it is normally moose! πŸ™‚


    PS – I am one of those people who deny people “friendship” on facebook! I figure if I barely knew you and didn’t talk much with you in high school, I don’t need to keep up now.

  25. Susan Thompson

    Re: Facebook. I signed up a few months ago just to see what it was about. They somehow automatically sent out a request to my daughter to be my friend! How embarrassing!

  26. mom huebert

    Facebook? Huh?

    (Kidding. Sort of.)

    And I’m with you about the number of “takes.” Reminds me of a review of a fancy car I saw once, where they could set the number of seconds before the headlights shut themselves off: “Thirty-three seconds? Or thirty-four? NO–wait. Thirty-….five.!!”

    Plus “seven” is part of what it IS. How can you change it?!

    By the way, completely off subject: You have no idea how much your blog has blessed, encouraged, and helped me. Maybe someday I’ll be able to express some of it you. Meanwhile– THANKS!

  27. Starrball

    There’s a smiley face next to my name in the links πŸ™‚

    Also, I started my own blog this morning. πŸ™‚

  28. Jessica

    I think that venison to food bank thing is great. Yum . . .

  29. Kris

    Coming out of lurkdom to say, I gave in to the Facebook hype. I just had to see what all the buzz was about. It took less than a month for me to delete my account. If the thought of connecting with people you knew 10 or 20 years ago doesn’t appeal to you, don’t waste your time. There’s not much more to it than that…other than people constantly sending you little games and junk you’re supposed to do something with or risk hurting their feelings.

    No, thanks. I’ve got better things to do with my time. πŸ˜‰

  30. spilisz08


    Thanks for inviting the linking. This is my first shot at 7-quick takes. Also, thanks for your response to my comments about having time for writing with family responsibility. Both my fiance and I love your blog!

    I started a new wordpress account for everything non-wedding related.

    And yes, you should get Facebook. πŸ™‚

  31. Lalycairn

    If you’re in Missouri or Wisconsin, you can choose to have your roadkill donated, or you can pay the butchering costs and keep it yourself. πŸ™‚

    Personally I don’t like Facebook, but I am kind of a MySpace addict. πŸ™‚

  32. Catherine

    Jen, Just had a look at suburban CEO and love it too!!! I work part time, by necessity and also for the interaction/ community. One very important note though, is that all parents should have some class of life insurance, not just the ones who go out to work. Housework and child-minding are incredibly expensive to replace if anything should happen a stay at home mom or dad. (I’m pretty sure the estimate in Ireland was 65,000 euro per annum). So apart from the emotional fallout in bereavement, there’s the financial consequences πŸ™‚

  33. MOm

    In Canada too.
    Well, Ontario anyway, but I’m pretty sure it happens in the other provinces too.
    And the Native Americans get the hide.
    PS. My son-in-law hit a deer while driving our daughter in labour with her first to the hospital. He slowed down to check the damage and she screamed, “The car’s still running!Drive!Drive!”
    Talk about the HS at work, they got to the hospital OK, but the car was actually totaled. Tow it away, don’t bother trying to repair it totaled. For her second baby, she had a home birth.

  34. Anna

    Facebook was nice for seeing pictures of people from my elementary school all grown up. Now though, I’m stuck with a bunch of people who can see my profile that I don’t really know and feel bad about removing. It’s a predicament.

  35. maggie

    I have a Facebook account (because the internet told me to get one) but I am constantly being friended by people I barely know. IT’S WEIRD. I am so not the get in touch kind of person! I’m already in touch with the people I ant to be in touch with. My favorite part of Facebook is updating your status, but HELLO, has Facebook status met Twitter? SO MUCH MORE FUN.

  36. Jen

    I’m with you on the number 7!! I like it that there’s a number on it. Gives me a guideline!

  37. Jess

    Two things:

    First, near us here in KS is a tiger sanctuary and they love to get calls about large road kill because they have such a need for fresh meat for the animals (who apparently won’t eat any meat that has been processed or frozen – hmm, smart animals!).

    Second, I joined Facebook about a month ago and it really is a great networking site. What is nice is you can use it as little or as much as you want. And not putting your maiden name can limit those old connections you don’t want to rekindle. Without purposely doing so I just used my first and married name when I registered and unless I’ve stayed in touch no one would know who I am now. My husband has been contacted by a few classmates though.

  38. chickadee@afamiliarpath

    i sit in front of the computer for hours well too. too bad i don’t make money at it.

  39. Kelly @ Love Well

    I could pretty much do a 7 Quick Takes just in response to your 7 Quick Takes. They are always that interesting.

    I did play today. I love this idea. It’s a great way to clean out a few of the corners of my brain. My mental health salutes you!

  40. Shelly W

    Hey Jennifer, I’m too busy to do this today, but I want to play. Can I link up tomorrow morning?

    And, by the way, my mom hit a deer in Illinois once and the Sherriff asked her if she wanted it. When she said no, he got on the phone to the next person in line. It isn’t only in Texas!

  41. the Joneses

    #5: Oh, you’re the Suburban CEO? A friend linked to your site a few months ago, and I found some good ideas off it. I’m realizing that you, a person with multiple sites, multiple children, and a book underway, is the type of person I always seem to be roommates with. I being the type of person who makes people remark, “You show me how to slow down.” Thanks.

    #6: I’m on Facebook but fail to see the enormous appeal in it.

    #7: A friend hit a deer with his car once, and my sister said, “Oh! Was it hurt?” He replied, “Not much damage, thank goodness. Didn’t break my windshield.” My sister said, “Oh. You mean the car. I meant the deer.”

    — SJ

  42. Anonymous

    Careful with the roadkill. The impact of the accident usually cases bacteria from the organs to spread and the meat not only tastes bad but it can also be very unhealthy!

  43. Teri

    Wow – lots of subject matter covered today – guess that’s the beauty of the Quick Takes. Laughing that you have to stick to seven. I can totally understand, so I’m proud to say I’ve deviated and done five the past two weeks!

    Still ruminating over the facebook stuff. It’s a phenomenon of sorts.

  44. Aimee

    Finally got it together enough to post a link! And it’s not even Saturday yet!

  45. Anonymous

    I thought the road kill thing was only in Alaska!! A moose can feed several families for the winter. My first car was a salvaged AMC Eagle that my dad got from my aunt after she hit a Caribou. She ate well that winter!

  46. Anne Marie

    Thanks Jen. The links make for great weekend surfing.

  47. Angel

    Had to laugh about the roadkill… I’m originally from Tennessee, and I’m pretty sure the same thing would happen there.

  48. Catherine

    Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great weekend! (And I’m really glad you kept it 7 too–hey, it’s the perfect number!)

  49. Jordana

    Kind of late in the day, but it’s still Friday and I’m in.

  50. reprehriestless warillever

    6) I am *not* on Facebook. I do not want my life Google-able. Nothing I do online is linked to my real name. There are also reasons why I haven’t kept in touch with lots of people. It’s kind of like why we didn’t go to our college reunion. Why would I bother paying $300 to catch up with people that I haven’t bothered keeping in contact with?

    7) I’d have eaten the deer. Well, cooked it first, of course!

    I’m glad that you are okay.

  51. Christine

    As always fun, and I love your quick takes. I’m curious if you’ll get to visit everyone as the list grows. I was so impressed last week, and my jaw just about hit the floor when you commented on mine. Thank you.

  52. The Koala Bear Writer

    Hey, why waste the road kill? I think that’s a great idea. πŸ™‚

  53. MamaMidwife

    Not just in Texas! In the midwest we love our roadkill!

    I also am amazed at the amount of people who have a Facebook account. We were just discussing that same issue this weekend at our monthly “Mother’s Night Out”.

  54. Kevin

    I get on twitter about once a week. I get on facebook about 7 times per day.

    You do the math.

    But the reason I visited your blog today is to ask for your and your readers’ prayers for me to find a way to handle the anxiety I’m feeling with regards to a personal matter. Thanks much, Jennifer.


  55. Laughing Lioness

    Jennifer- I appreciate your blog- lots of of food for thought and fun. My dh and I have hit 3 deer this fall. We can keep it here in SD, too but choose not to = )
    And it’s way late but still Friday here so I’m jumping in this week.

  56. Candace Jean July 16

    Accidentally hit a deer? It wasn’t on purpose? They stand in herds in the roads where we live. And in back yards. Great quick takes, though nothing quick about 6 hours straight in front of the computer!

  57. Carrien

    My dad has butchered freshly dead road kill before. But he’s a Canadian farm boy.

    Face book is good. I moved from my home town almost 10 years ago and all of my little cousins grew up without me. We are all face book friends now and I feel like I get a chance to reconnect with them now and get to know them as they are now. Before, in my head, they were still toddlers.

    It makes me homesick though too. Esp. the status updates during Thankgiving. (Canadian thanksgiving is in Oct.) And I can see my brother’s vacation picks and the belly pics of his baby that way too.

    There are a few old friends that I friended even though I haven’t even thought about them in several years, but we tend to not interact much on Face book either, just like in irl.

  58. Amanda

    As for your question about facebook, I would say that it has its good points. I like being able to see pictures of people’s spouses/children that I would not even know existed if it were not for facebook. It is nice to be able to keep in touch with some of my friends and family through facebook as well. You can control who sees your actual contact information, so it keeps those that you want to distance yourself from away.

    Also, as for the deer issue. Here in Michigan the same recycling of roadkill goes on, except often the person who hit the deer keeps the venison. My brother hit a deer last year and he had several people point out that he should have given them a call, rather than leave the deer.

  59. Marianne Thomas

    Thanks for opening this idea up to all of us; it’s a fun way to write.

    Take care! Oh – and if you go early next year to the dr (pediatrician w/your kiddos), you can probably get the flumist, not a shot.


  60. Rebekka

    Re: facebook – I *finally* got a facebook profile and have only regretted it since. I check it once a month and it’s just a vehicle for your friends, and their mothers, and their mothers’ cousins, to spam you with random quizzes, invitations, and jokes — the stuff I’ve been asking people not to email me. DON’T DO IT.

    Re: shots – count yourself lucky. I’m a nursing student and I MAKE my husband let me give him his B12 shots. He refuses to let me put a drop in his hand, though, on the grounds that he has fragile veins that collapse when punctured. I think he’s totally unreasonable. But he’s up for his next B12 shot on Thursday and I’m going to try the pinching thing and see if it works.

  61. Shelly W

    Hey Jen, I did it! Sorry it’s late, but I love the idea. Sometimes it’s just fun to get snippets of people’s lives. Thanks.

  62. Beverlydru

    I’m late too but delighted to be in good company with some others.
    This is a great idea.

  63. lyrl

    On #1: The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. My husband had me watch a Google TechTalk by Schwartz, and I bought the book so I could see the cartoons :p That something so non-intuitive as choices causing unhappiness could have such wide-ranging impacts on human lives is fascinating to me.

    I’m glad you’re OK after your car accident!

  64. Shannon @ Rocks In My Dryer

    “I hear that prisons block Facebook…” BWAHAHA! That was funny.

    Just to completely mess with your ordered reasoning, I should tell you that I *almost* did a 7 Quick Takes Friday, but I couldn’t come up with 7. So I bailed. See? That crazy over-rationalization swings the other way, too! πŸ˜‰

  65. The Sojourner

    1. I hate needles. They are really really awful.

    2. Actually, they do that with the deer in Ohio too.

    3. I’ve noticed that if I eat cookies for dinner I feel sick the next morning. My body is starting to resist this college-student diet.

    4. Is there any food that a) won’t spoil b) isn’t so sugary that it will make me sick (see #3) and isn’t terribly salty? I love salty food, but I’m not going to have a meal of beef jerky and cashews.

    5. I am an incorrigible morning person. Case in point: Friday night I was making absolutely no progress on my Christology essay. So I went to bed at 9, got up at 5, and wrote basically a whole essay between 6 and 7:30 on a Saturday morning.

    6. I don’t have that problem with Facebook. 10 years ago I was a homeschooled fourth-grader. 20 years ago I was…not conceived yet. I don’t exactly have people friending me and then saying, “Wow, you’ve changed so much since you were an embryo!”

    7. My parents both have Facebook, but don’t have their education info on there. Some of my dad’s college buddies might be surprised to find out he’s converted to Catholicism. I’m friends with both of them. I’m also friends with my boyfriend’s parents. (It’s like the online version of chaperoning.)

  66. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales)

    I didn’t read through 65 comments, so someone might have said this already, but on #7 we do that in Ak too, only it’s moose and a lot more meat we’re talking about here.

    I remember folks in our church signing up to be in the reaction to be on-call for salvaging.

    About Facebook: I have an account b/c a friend asked me to, but I don’t use it for anything.

    As such, FB is noting unique for me, I have the same type(s)of “placeholders” on blogger, xanga,livejournal and about 3 other places.

    With auto-password-entry it’s not much more than set-up time for the convenience.

  67. Maria

    Thanks for hosting this, Jen. What a great way to get to know folks better.

  68. graceunbound

    I would be absolutely perplexed if I had to come up with my own number as well, keep the 7 just in case I ever play along!

    I’m not a Facebook person either. I figure there is a reason I drifted out of touch with people, one or both of us wasn’t invested in keeping the relationship going, so now I’m going to sign up on Facebook to see if I’m at least interesting enough to be added as a friend? Nah. My husband just signed up for Facebook a few weeks ago to view some pictures of his sister’s new apartment. Suddenly he’s got friends crawling out of the woodwork and he’s trying to remember how he knows them. It’s taking over his life!

  69. Anonymous

    There is a youtube video of a sheriff’s deputy in Divide, Colorado dragging an elk carcass off the road up into a field so a watching bear can eat it. Can’t beat that.

  70. 'Becca

    I don’t do Facebook for the same reason I don’t take comments on my not-really-a-blog: I love to hear from people, but I want them to put a little effort into contacting me so that they’ll take it seriously and so that they can have the little thrill of having managed to find me. Anyone who remembers my last name and wants to know what I’m up to can Google me; that’s easy enough.

    Glad you’re okay after your accident!

  71. marci

    Well, yeah, in Texas you’ll be lucky if the food bank guys get there before someone else pulls up in a pickup truck and asks if he (or she) can have it.

  72. needagoodnickname

    If something does finally lure you to Facebook, a psychologically helpful thing is that you click “ignore” rather than “reject” when choosing not to “confirm” a would-be Facebook friend. Same with the little web-thingies people try to send to you. And if you delete someone from your friends’ list, while they may eventually notice, it does not notify them. Whew. I’ve ignored one and removed another, but mostly I find it interesting how many people I’m not so sure would have been willing to be listed anywhere as my friends when I knew them in real life, have now asked to be. So I only say things I’m OK with all those people knowing about me.

    My husband didn’t list his schools and signed up with an e-mail address none of the people he’d prefer not to hear from know, and most importantly, isn’t seeking out contacts with other people he might be vaguely interested in who may be connected to the people he isn’t.

  73. Ouiz

    Thanks for the wonderful idea! I tried my first “7 quick takes” post this evening…

  74. Lynne

    I love Facebook. I signed up on it so I could learn more about it (and check up on my teenage daughter). I have gotten to know some of my husband’s friends better (they live down south and we’re in the northeast) and there’s a lot of Catholic resources on it.

    Also, for friends, I collect priests (does that sound wrong?).

  75. LucieP

    the deer thing is true in Minnesota too! My parents live off Hwy 53 so they’ve benefitted at least once!


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