7 Quick Takes (vol. 8)

November 11, 2008 | 24 comments

— 1 —

Lest new readers get the impression from recent posts that I only write about insanely depressing topics, I point you to the “On a Lighter Note” category of posts in which you will learn that I also talk about the fact that I am a fool with a crazy mother-in-law who lives in a scorpion-infested house.

— 2 —

Today I went to a fancy luncheon for executive women (long story about how I got invited to that). Seeing as how the group was going to consist of executives, successful entrepreneurs, professors and…me…I got up early to painstakingly blow dry my long hair (please keep this image of my hard-earned, sleek hair firmly in your mind), put on makeup, and excavated my closet to find the one business attire outfit in my wardrobe that I can squeeze into when I’m six months pregnant (inventor of the Bella Band: YOU COMPLETE ME).

It was cloudy when I walked my toddlers into the church to go to Mother’s Day Out; when the baby and I went to go back to the car, a downpour started. When I say “downpour, ” I mean “exactly equivalent to turning the cold water on full throttle in your shower and standing in it”-style downpour. Rivers of mascara-tinted water streamed down my face from my fully saturated hair as I strapped my wet, angry baby into the carseat and tried to ignore the fact that my only appropriate outfit was now sopping wet, cold, and clinging to me in a very unflattering way.

It was bitterly that I recalled that I prayed for rain recently since we’ve been in a long drought (was that the time I also said a prayer for humility?!), and that the other 364 days of the year it would not matter if I got stuck in a downpour since I never have any formal daytime plans.

After I dropped off the baby with my mom I barely had time to throw the clothes in the dryer for a minute and do an emergency makeup repair job (and, well, complain about it on Twitter — I wasn’t in that much of a rush), so I ended up going to the luncheon much colder, wetter, and soggier than I had planned. As theresalynn said, God certainly has surprising ways to keep us humble.

— 3 —

So I’ve started reading that Organizing Solutions for People with ADD book that I mentioned a while back. Be prepared for me to rave about it in a forthcoming review. Life changing.

— 4 —

The readers have spoken, and the overwhelming response seems to be that I should go introduce myself to cool-seeming women I meet whom I’d like to know (#6 here). I don’t know if this is really good advice for the person who is the #1 Google result for socially awkward person, but I just might try it.

I know! Maybe I’ll walk up to that mom at Mass and say, “I wrote about watching you at church on my blog. The people on the internet told me to talk to you. Could I get your phone number?” That wouldn’t be weird or awkward, right?…right?

— 5 —

Mrs. Darwin and I have been corresponding about rap. It started with me telling her about the coffee spewed on my keyboard when she commented here that she was surprised that the Busta Rhymes video for that “Wooha, I got you all in check!” song did not, in fact, feature any chess players; this turned to a conversation about our deep disappointment that we were the only ones to discuss the all-important topic of rap videos in that thread.

This all led to me finding a video of Busta Rhymes on the night of the election (I’d link to it but it would set your computer speakers on fire if you played it) in which he dropped about 20 f-bombs to point out that the country was now going to be run the Democrat way and yelled into the microphone that any “MF’s” who voted for McCain can “EAT A [EXPLETIVE]!” Maybe it was because I’d just seen this, but I was surprised that my first reaction to the video was to find his honesty kind of refreshing.

— 6 —

Get this: Anne Rice makes an effort to reply to all emails.

Garden Gal pointed me to this article about Rice’s profound conversion (this one is good too) and, on a lark, I decided to go to Rice’s website and email her to tell her that I just loved hearing about her story as a fellow atheist-turned-Catholic. She actually replied! I was so impressed (and humbled to think of my own whining about keeping up with email).

— 7 —

Hmm. I really don’t have anything else to add today. What are some of your quick takes? What’s on your mind?


  1. Joy of Frugal Living

    Hi Jen,

    Would you come over to my blog and check out my prayer request? I’d love to have your help with it.

    Jennifer @ Joy of Frugal Living

  2. j. christian

    No way! You really are the #1 Google result for “socially awkward person!” I didn’t think I could like you any more, but…

  3. Alexis

    Hey Jen, et al.,
    I thought that you might be interested in an interview that Al Kresta (from Ave Maria Radio) did with Ann Rice about her conversion and the impact it had on her literary work. Here’s a link to the audio archive: http://avemariaradio.net/showArchive.php?id=123

  4. Gillian

    Quick Take
    1. Photobucket has a 1GB limit and I have practically maxed it out 😮 I don’t know what I’m going to do about it yet…

    2. Tomorrow we meet with the priest about getting our son baptised.

    3. Dinner dance through my university on friday. A real night out for hubby and me 🙂

    4. I made a comment about your ‘why I’m catholic’ post) if you care to read it and reply (like Anne)

    That’s all I got. j. christian…haha it’s true LOL Awesome.

  5. reprehriestless warillever

    I wrote my own “Quick Takes” this morning. It really is a refreshing way to blog.

    You never told us how the luncheon went. Awkward? Wonderful?

  6. melanie

    You are awesome girl. I love reading your blog.. you never fail to either make me laugh my head off, or inspire me to go off and pray somewhere quiet. (as if that place exists… anyways).

    thanks for being so real.

  7. Jennifer F.

    Alexis – thanks for pointing me to that. Kresta is a fantastic host, so I’m sure the interview was great. Can’t wait to listen to it!

    Gillian – #3 sounds awesome. Re: #4 – where is your comment? I didn’t see it. Did I miss it?

    (I actually had an all-too-rare moment to reply to comments tonight!)

  8. Dawn

    And here I always thought I was the #1 socially awkward person. Not on Google, I guess, just in real life. : )- That’s awesome, thanks!


  9. Roz

    Re: #4 about your previous #6.

    You know, I kind of do that a lot. I start out with a “hi”, and then keep an eye out for whether they’re the introverted sort for whom socializing is a trial, or whether their eyes light up a little when I greet them.

    In the case of lit eyes, it’s easy to say something like “It’s such a treat to see how peaceful your kids are during Mass.” and then perhaps follow up with a “But do you have a long drive to get here? That would make it harder for them to sit still.” or whatever. If I’m interested in them instead of getting them fascinated by me, it just seems to flow.

    But then, my husband says the whole world is full of friends I just haven’t discovered yet. It’s not that bad. Honest. I did have a day I wanted to isolate . . . hmmm. I think it was in July. . .

    I’m looking forward to checking out the Organizing with ADD book. I liked Organizing on the Right Side of the Brain a lot. The author understands that if linear thinking and methodical approaches were going to work for us, we’d be organized already.

  10. Shelly W

    Hmmm. I’m thinking of just emailing Ann Rice–maybe then I’ll at least get one email. 🙂

    You totally made me laugh with the Google thing. How does this stuff happen??

    Keep up the good work, Jen! You’re awesome!

  11. mrsdarwin

    I would like to point out that still no one among the commentariat has mentioned rap or hip-hop, so I'll have to do the heavy lifting here.

    When I was in my late teens, my family lived in a dicier neighborhood, right across from a pizza place with a pay phone out front. As this was back before cell phones became the social accessory spanning all income brackets, people would pull up to the phone and make calls from the car, leaving their stereos playing full blast, with the bass making the walls shake. (This happened with great regularity after midnight, and I'd roll over in bed and grumble about how I had to get up the next morning.) For a time I knew all the popular R&B and hip-hop songs by their bass lines.

  12. Cassie

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Stop by again soon, I’ve left you an award!

  13. frizzy scissorhands

    quick takes ~

    i had no idea of the anne rice book and of her return to the Church.

    regarding the potential friend, maybe she’s thinking the same thing, one never knows.

    no scorpions in this part of the world, but my cat has caught a wolf spider or 2

    forgiveness is a type of surrender

  14. Sarah Reinhard

    I just got that Anne Rice book out from the library earlier this week and started it.

  15. jmeyer3131

    You asked what’s on our minds.

    On my mind is that a couple of days ago you mentioned again the spiritual dryness you’ve been going through. I’m glad you did. People need to know that those kind of things aren’t just one-day events. You are a great example of how to continue with God even during those times.

    God really works through some people. Thanks for allowing Him to work through you.

  16. Martha

    I am sure it was terrible getting rained on, but I read your story and thought, “Whoa – she can drop off ALL HER KIDS somewhere? Her mom can take the baby? I am so jealous!!!!” I had one year where I had 2 kids in school and so could get 3 hours of time to myself during the day. That was 3 years ago. Other than that, I have never had the luxury of being able to do something or go someplace without my kids. Here, let me appreciate your life for you. 🙂

  17. autumnesf

    Do you plan on reading the Ann Rice book? Would love to hear about it if you do.

  18. Christine

    I like Martha’s comment. I also had 4 children under the age of 7yrs and no parents around. No sibilings either. I was with my kids 24/7. This year I have no kids. Zero. Zip. They are all in school. I still cannot believe how fast that went. I have many pouring rain stories myself. That is just called life. Life happens!

  19. Jane

    Hi. LOVE your blog.
    Quick takes.

    1. Not depressed. But feel like an empty nester as all my kids are school aged and I don’t know where to begin again. I had dreamed about my life to this point,college, marry, stay home with kids….happily ever after. Now what?

    2.I have a desire to grow my hair really long? Is this a mid-life crisis?

    3.Trying to be inspired by my grandmother who took up knitting at 95…two years ago. I love the purple scarf she made me.

    4.People are SO generous. Every time we do parish a fundraiser from the missions to a woman’s crisis preganancy center the response is overwhelming. People just need an easy conduit for giving.

    5. There isn’t much that butter doesn’t make taste better.

    6.Prayer is the breathe of the soul and it is hard to remember that sometimes.

    7. Christmas is 50 days away…

  20. Kim

    What’s on my mind? Just that I love reading your blog and appreciate that you take the time out of your day to share your thoughts with us. I’ve been having a bit of a dry spell myself. I know things will get better, because they have before, but it’s still hard when you’re right in the middle of it.

    Also, my husband came home from a workshop on Arab culture with stories of how nearly every household grows their own yogurt and it’s so easy to do, and you always have some on hand, etc. etc., and I couldn’t help but giggle as I thought of your husband’s reaction to the idea… “yogurt fairy” is the phrase that popped into my head.

  21. Alicia

    Hi Jen! Today is the due date for my fifth child and I’m trying to decide if these are “real” contractions and I should find somebody to stay with the kids, call my husband and go to the hospital, or they are just the “false” ones I’ve been having very frequently for the last three weeks. Thanks so much for your blog, it really helps me a lot.

  22. MemeGRL

    I think it’s a tribute to you that you have the kindest, most-varied-while-on-topic commenters on the web! Found you through BooMama and am glad I did. Blessings to you!

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