Compassion bloggers in the Dominican Republic

November 5, 2008 | 2 comments

If you need a break from election chat, don’t forget to check in on the bloggers who are visiting their sponsored children in the Dominican Republic through Compassion International this week. I was wiping tears out of my eyes after reading my friend Melanie’s most recent post. You can see all the bloggers’ posts here.

Also, Yaya just blew into town to come help me for a few days (although I suspect the real motive was to share her feelings about the election in person). It wasn’t a surprise because I had two hours of notice before she got here. Anyway, that probably means I’ll either be posting all the time or hardly at all this week. You just never know with Yaya visits.


  1. Anonymous

    Worry looks around, sorry looks back, faith looks up. This angel is sent to you. You must pass this on or publish in one minute..In 8 minutes you will receive something long waited. Have faith.

  2. Emelie

    I have been mulling over this point alot recently, to the point of becoming quite overwhelmed and despairing – I would like to think that if I was faced with a big ‘challenge’ (like standing up against slavery or ethnic cleansing) that I would be one of those people who stood strong… but from my own experienrences in the daily, little battles, the little injustices (eg. remembering back to primary school teasing, not speaking up to admit that I call myself a Christian (usually!), I am one of those weaklings too scared to rock the boat. That scares me.

    The follow on from that is the reality – that I am standing back and not fighting against massive injustices – slaves that pick over 50% of the worlds’ coffee and cocoa (it is estimated that there are more slaves in these times than before the anti-slavery legislation was introduced 200 or so years ago)…

    I have just finished watching an AMAZING movie called “Ondskan”, translated to “Evil” – the story of one boy standing up amidst the tyranny of an elite boarding school. It may sound trite but is a very well produced movie, not over dramatised – you can watch the trailer at

    I HIGHLY recommend it!

    Thank you Jen for another thought provoking post. I am in a faith dry patch at the ‘moment’ (read 9 months!) but I always come back to Peter’s question – “Where else shall we go…?”

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