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November 25, 2008 | 14 comments

Blogging Mini-Vacation This Week

The theme of this week is Working Like a Madwoman to Make Up for All The Slacking I Did Earlier this Month. Yaya came up again and has given me yesterday, today and tomorrow to have as vacation days where she’ll take over everything and let me do whatever I want. Whoo-hoo! In my effort to cram about three weeks of work into three days, I’m going to keep the blogging to a minimum this week. Although we’re still on for 7 Quick Takes Friday — I can always come up with seven random thoughts.

Exciting Book News

Big news: sitting here on my desk is a contract that says I officially have a literary agent for my book. Very exciting! Having an agent isn’t a guarantee that a book will be published, but it’s a big step. Interestingly, this is a secular agency. I was wondering if my story would be “too religious” for them, but I guess they didn’t think so. I have a lot of confidence in this agent and am extremely excited to be working with him. Now I just need to finish the thing… 🙂

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! I’ll be back on Friday.


  1. Shelly W

    Congrats on the agent! Even bigger (?) congrats on getting a few days off. enjoy them! I’ll see if I can pull seven random thoughts together for Friday (but they’ll be posted late).

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Teresa

    Whoo Hoo for Yaya and a publisher too !! Lot’s to be Thankful for !

  3. The Koala Bear Writer

    Congrats on getting an agent! That is huge news. 🙂

  4. Anne Marie

    Congrats, congrats. That’s to exciting.

    Both pieces of news.

  5. Jessica

    hey, congratulations! Getting an agent is a huge step; go you!

  6. Redtabby

    Three cheers for Yaya. She sounds like a real jewel.

  7. Domestic Accident

    Congratulations. That is huge and so exciting! We can say we knew you when…

  8. Eliz

    I don’t know what makes me more jealous – three days to write, write, write or an agent! Congratulations! How exciting.

    Go, Yaya!

  9. sarah p

    Congratulations, what great news!

    And so long as Yaya doesn’t teach your children how to keep scorpions for pets, you should have a wonderful week 😉

  10. SuburbanCorrespondent


  11. el-e-e

    Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you!

  12. tootie

    Congrats on the agent! That is sooo exciting!!

  13. Tienne

    Oh Jen! How wonderful! How exciting! This is such a big first step! I have faith it will pan into a book deal, and I absolutely cannot WAIT to buy and read your book!

    Praise God!!!

  14. Catherine

    What a great MIL!!

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