7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 22)

February 20, 2009 | 71 comments

— 1 —

We have a date! Labor for baby #4 is scheduled to be induced the morning of Monday, March 2. That’s just a week from Monday!

— 2 —

One thing I’ve never gotten used to is that with induced labor you pick your child’s birthday. That seems so strange. Back before my clotting disorder diagnosis I had my first child with midwives outside of a hospital setting, and I loved being able to do everything completely naturally. I’ve come to terms with most every part of having a high-risk, induced hospital birth, except for the picking the day part.

I have to say, I do like the day: Texas Independence Day, which commemorates the date in 1836 when Texas declared independence from Mexico and became an independent country. Maybe some unknown patron saint of Texans prayed for a good date (like last time). ๐Ÿ™‚

— 3 —

I’ve been toying with the idea of liveblogging during labor on Twitter (or would that be “livetwittering”? “livetweeting”?)

Unfortunately I don’t know if I’d have access to wireless internet, and I missed an opportunity to find out. This morning I had an appointment with my obstetrician where we went over the induction process again, and then he asked me if I had any questions. Since this is my fourth birth and third induction I couldn’t think of any labor-related to ask about, and I felt like it would be just too unbelievably nerdy if my only question for him was, “Does the labor and delivery room have wi-fi?”

— 4 —

I wept tears of joy when I came across this article in the Wall Street Journal. Finally, I have found my people!

All my life I have felt misunderstood in regards to my feelings about cilantro. People hear me say that I “hate” it and they think that I mean to say that it’s simply a food that I don’t care for, in the same way that I really don’t like the taste of raw onions or ham.

Nay, when I sense cilantro on my tongue, it goes far beyond mere recognition that this is the worst taste known to mankind. It goes beyond just wishing that I didn’t have tastebuds so that I’d never be exposed to such a culinary assault ever again. Rather, I am filled with the knowledge that this herb is an abomination and see immediately that it is an affront to human dignity that we allow it to coexist on the earth with us.

It has been my great delight to find so many anti-cilantro websites, including online communities and even a poetry page where people who feel inspired to pen haikus expressing their loathing of this green scourge can have an outlet for their work (some profanity at that last link although, really, if you’ve ever tasted cilantro you know that they can’t help it).

— 5 —

Want to read two really interesting comment threads? I came across these when I was looking around in the archives for something else and just had to share.

  • I wrote a post in 2006 talking about how I didn’t fully understand how/why Christ’s sacrifice could be payment for my sins since I didn’t do anything there — it wasn’t my sacrifice to give. “How do I make Christ’s sacrifice my own?” I asked. Here’s the discussion that followed.


  • Here’s a follow-up discussion about why God doesn’t prove himself to us with on-demand miracles and why Jesus didn’t stick around in human form for all the ages.


Interesting, huh?

— 6 —

I feel like my city has finally jumped the shark in terms of political correctness.

A while back I was reading one of the local freebie family magazines in a doctor’s office and came across an article called The Importance of Fatherhood. In a moment of great naivete I forgot that I lived in Austin and thought this author might offer un-P.C. insights about what it means to be a man and men’s roles in family life. The article started off well, but then the author felt the need to throw in the caveat:

I don’t mean in any way to disparage nontraditional families…I’m not out to insult partners, co-parents, significant others, poly-amorous spouses or anyone else.

Poly-amorous spouses?! I feel like we, as a city, need to take a step back and think long and hard about the fact that poly-amorous lifestyles are now on the list of legitimate, healthy family structures that we need to tiptoe around when we speak about marriage and family life.

— 7 —

My energy level is so drastically improved from doing the Saint Diet stuff (the details of which I hope to post about soon) that I keep forgetting that I’m pregnant. Yesterday I was in the store, lifting my three squirming toddlers in and out of the grocery cart, and caught myself wondering why I felt slightly achy. Then I remembered: oh, yeah, I’m 37 weeks pregnant! Honestly, I feel so great that it’s easy to forget, even at this stage of pregnancy. (That has not traditionally been my experience of late third trimester!)

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  1. Megan

    Pretty exciting about #4! Our #4 gave us one of our goofiest labor stories of all. Hope everything for yours stays as uneventful as possible!

  2. Amy Jane (Untangling Tales)

    Do you know, I keep forgetting you’re in Texas.

    Is that insulting?

    How critical to understanding/following a blog do you think remembering location is?

    (And please forgive how high on the list I am, people. I am in Alaska, and it’s only 9:30 here.)

    And why do I feel the need to apologize…?

  3. maggie

    My husband and I are staunch supporters of a constitutional amendment banning cilantro, maybe just ridding the universe of it altogether. After our first baby was born a dear friend came over to make us dinner, and the side dish was “green rice”- pretty much half rice half cilantro. We consider choking that dinner down to be one of our finest moments in friendship.

  4. Rebekka

    Re #4: LOL. I like cilantro – the problem with wiping it off the face of the earth is that cilantro is where we get coriander seeds.

    But I thought this would entertain you: when I was in Russia on study abroad I found a pack of it in a supermarket and was looking at it to see what the Russian name for it was (can no longer remember). My host mom found me looking at it and when I put it back on the shelf said sympathetically and without batting an eyelash “Yes, it’s really disgusting. That’s why people in the Caucasus smell like goats.” I had no idea what to say to that – but Nina in Russia shares your misgivings!

  5. sarah

    Good luck for March 2nd! I must admit though I laughed and laughed at the statement that an induced labour means choosing your child’s birthdate. My labour was induced on June 21st – I was a little peeved as this meant my dd would be a Gemini when I thought being a Cancerian was so much nicer (no offence to Geminis, I’ve just always liked the description of Cancerians.) But of course I was glad she was being safely born.

    Three days later the child was finally delivered via C-Section. (That’s three sleepless, drug-free days hooked up to a monitor, I might add.)

    I pray your delivery goes more swiftly and that you and your little one will be safe and well cared for – with or without wi-fi.

    I’m glad you’re feeling great ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Catherine

    Hi Jen – thanks for hosting!

  7. Sara

    I’m waiting anxiously for more details on the Saint Diet. I’m not being very saintly these days because of my Sinner Diet.

  8. Kate Wicker

    March 2nd – yippie! I’ll be sending prayers your way, and go ahead and be a nerd and ask about Internet access, so we’ll know the check your tweets. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m counting the days until your book comes out. I know (and love) quite a few atheists and reading discussions like the the two you linked to today is so helpful. Thanks to you and your blog’s wise readers.

    Thanks for creating the 7 quick takes! I’m looking forward to others’ posts later this evening.


  9. Wendy

    A lurker coming out for two funnies:
    1. I have a physical reaction to cilantro too!! Way beyond “Don’t care for it, TYVM.” Enjoyed hearing we’re not alone!

    2. Your comment about planned birthdays struck a chord with me. I have a blood clotting disorder too which led to induction dates of both my births (at 38 weeks)… well “planned” inductions I should say. Three days before my first daughter was scheduled to be born this first time moms water broke! So that dreamed of Jan 12 birthdate became Jan 10. Now 4 years later it seems weird to even think of Jan 12 birthday for my first born.
    A small reminder for me about who’s really in charge.


  10. Charlotte

    i've known a few people over the years who hate cilantro. i'm so happy you are all finding each other.:)

    i enjoyed reading the "i would believe in you if" post & comment thread. the comment about how protestants view the church jumped out at me. i'm a protestant–and it was really good to read that/realize that right now. the communion of the saints does include the very first believers–those who saw Christ risen. i know this isn't a newsflash, but for some reason it is an "aha moment" for me.

    also, in reading those comments i was able to put my finger on one reason i'm drawn to your blog. you have a good number of men and women responders. i think it's great when there's a mix of male & female voices… it better represents the image of God.

    thanks for your thought-provoking writing & for encouraging great discussions.

    hang in there for your last 10-ish days of pregnancy. i hope your labor and delivery go smoothly. i'm looking forward to hearing the birth announcement. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Dawn

    7 Quick Takes – Homeschooling Take-Homes


    Oh no – I LOOOVE cilantro!

    Also, they don’t call it “Keep Austin Weird” for nothin’!

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Margaret in Minnesota

    Congratulations on picking your baby’s birthday! Can I make you a meal after the delivery? (Of course, it may be cold by the time it gets there…)

    It’s a funny thing about the cilantro. I used to despise the stuff myself, and suddenly–inexplicably–I can’t get enough of it.

    All I’m saying is that there’s hope for you yet, Jennifer. Come on. Join the club.

  13. Meghan

    I feel about walnuts the way you feel about cilantro. People are always like, “Wow, you’re overreacting a bit, aren’t you?” And I’m like, “No, this is a disease that has infected my brownie.”

    Tweet if you can! I’d love to be praying for you throughout the day.

  14. Chantal

    Hello Jennifer, I love reading your quick take Fridays. I am not new to your site but I rarely comment. I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for such wonderful writing, you make me think. If that’s not the sign of a good blog, I don’t know what is. I also want to wish you all the best in your labour and delivery of baby #4! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  15. Cathy Adamkiewicz

    I agree with you on cilantro. It’s pretty evil stuff!

    I’m so glad I’ve started following you – awesome blog!

  16. Lisa

    So, Jenny, do you not like Mexican food? There’s a lot of cilantro in Mexican food…

    Seriously, it’s ok if you don’t like cilantro, though. We still love ya.

  17. Heather

    #1: You’ll certainly be in my prayers on Monday!
    #3: I bet you can call the hospital and ask about wi-fi. In this day and age, I imagine they get asked this a lot.
    #4: I must now go and eat some cilantro to find out what the fuss is about.

  18. Tami Boesiger

    Why, oh why would you want to tweet during labor?! Give yourself a break already, woman! Take a little time to yourself.

  19. Starrball

    I linked.

    7 is pretty impressive. Well done! I’m curious what your typical food day looks like. I stay away from stuff that’s really bad for me, but I don’t know if my body reacts like yours to the carbs or not. I guess I’d have to try and see. But I need all the energy I can get with a baby too (though you have 3 kids!)

    Oh, and I actually really like cilantro ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Funky Kim

    My husband loathes cilantro. It reminds him of Ivory Soap, which was the soap of choice for his mother to wash out his mouth with.

    And call the labor and delivery unit and ask them if they are wi-fi compatible. Then you’ll know but your doctor won’t know that you’re an uber-nerd!

  21. Melanie B

    That’s just enough time to pray a novena before your delivery.

    I know what you mean about the oddness of picking a date. Even though I’ve had two c-sections, they were both “emergencies” my water broke both times starting the labor process. Since I’m having a scheduled c-section this time, I guess I’ll be picking a date too. How strange.

    Re wifi at the hospital. Have you checked their website? I know my hospital has wifi in the labor/delivery rooms because it says so on their website. Not that I’ll be using it this time with the scheduled surgery. Oh well. I enjoyed blogging while in labor last time.

  22. nicole

    I’m so glad you are feeling good! Wow–one week until big baby day. We’ll be praying that all goes well for both of you. I don’t care for cilantro, but I definitely don’t have such a strong feeling about it. Enjoy your weekend!

  23. Anonymous

    Can’t wait till the new one is here. You will enjoy her and all of them. Just wanted to add my baby wishes.

  24. Catholic Bibliophagist

    You don’t like cilantro and you don’t like reading fiction!

    *shakes head incredulously*

    I guess it’s proof positive that the Catholic Church really is universal.

    (Seriously, I do love your blog.)

    Um, you’ve had three other labors and you still think you’d have attention to spare for live blogging?

  25. Someone Being Me

    You can just send your cilantro over here. I’ll eat your portion. I can’t imagine Mexican food without it. Although I feel the same way about Fennel that you feel about cilantro. Just the smell of it is an affront to me.

  26. Baroquem

    I’m amazed that there are so many people who loathe the sprightly cilantro plant. It’s not like it’s a banana or something. *shudder*

  27. Tara Sz.

    Oh, gosh, I remember that discussion about Christ’s sacrifice from 2006. I remember thinking at the time how very UN-ignorant you sounded! I wish more Catholics would ask themselves those important questions!

    And so happy to read that Saint Diet entry again, that was truly excellent. Have you heard back from Marissa? I loved her comment that your blog has ‘basically been a gateway’ for her to Catholicism. I immediately prayed for her when I read her comment that day.

    Congrats on Baby $, Jen! We will pray that novena for you. Can’t wait to hear how it goes…thanks for everything!

  28. Milehimama

    I hate cilantro.

    And bananas, too!

    And polyamorism is alive and well in Houston, too. They used to call it polygamy…

    When my baby was in the hospital, I was so grateful for wi-fi in the room! I spent all night googling and actually reassured myself instead of scaring myself half to death!

  29. lvschant

    I’m with you, girl… can’t stand cilantro. It’s also good to know that, by not eating it, I am doing a small part to avoiding smelling like a goat (thx Rebekka).

    I was not able to make it past 38 weeks with either baby… water broke. so… you never know, God could choose another date ๐Ÿ™‚

    Glad you are feeling well… blessings on you all.

  30. Ginkgo100

    I love cilantro! I put it in salads! Muhahahaha! Ah, but I know how you feel. I feel that way about mayonnaise. Sometimes I forget to ask for no mayonnaise on my burger or sandwich because I honestly forget that any human being would consider that slime to be food.

    Seriously, I am curious what you thought of polyamory during your atheist days. We are casually friendly with a polyamorous, ah, trio, and it always kind of weirds me out. The legal wife just had a baby, and I really wonder how they are working out issues of childcare duties, the non-legal “wife”‘s relationship with the baby, etc.

    I hope you do not mind that my seven quick takes are about science and religion. I had to: that’s what I blog about.

  31. Amanda - The Mom Job

    I’m excited to hear more about the Saint Diet and your experience.

    BOOO cilantro! Mine as well go pick some weeds from my yard and throw it on my burrito… *blarg*

  32. Dave

    I could imagine my wife liveblogging during labor…it would likely consist of her wish that I never touch her again; and an invitation for me to share her experience by means of a watermelon violently introduced into my person…

  33. Megan@SortaCrunchy

    Thoughts – YES to the YUCK of cilantro. And it can be hard to avoid in Texas, I know.

    That article you mentioned – I think I know the freebie paper of which you speak. And yes, that statement is SO Austin.

    I also can relate to how eerie it is to choose a baby’s birthday. Our second was a planned c-section and we got to just pick a date off of the calendar. Felt so strange!

    Hey Jennifer, thank you so much for hosting the Quick Takes every week. I know it’s probably a hassle to manage the Mr. Linky and all, and I so appreciate your effort. I’ve been blogging for three years and kind of get stuck in my little bloggy circles. These Quick Takes have allowed me to meet some new and wonderful bloggers each week. Thank you again!

  34. Germaine

    I know what you mean about cilantro! It tastes like mint and I hate mint. Even strong mint toothpaste makes me gag. One time I was making a dish with parsley and I sent my DH to the store to buy fresh parsley. He came back with cilantro because they put the parsley and cilantro right next to each other at the store–he didn’t know the different. Me, not thinking, just chopped it up and put it in the dish. I took one bite after it was cooked and said, this is cilantro, I can’t finish it! Yuck!

    We’re also expecting #4, today is my EDD. We’ll also have 4, 4 and under! So, I’m sure my OB/GYN will be inducing by the end of next week if labor doesn’t start before. Oh, I’m also 32!

  35. T with Honey

    I’m toying with liveblogging or twittering labor this summer! In fact I plan on taking my husband’s iTouch with me the next time I need to go to the hospital for labs or something just to see if they have wi-fi access.
    If nothing else I want to be able to send a birth announcement and picture to friends and family ASAP.

  36. Joy

    Wonderful blog!
    I wish you a safe and rapid delivery and will pray for the same. However if the baby decides to wait for the 3rd she will have the same birthday as my daughter on the feast day of Saint Katherine Drexel.

  37. KBrian


    I really enjoy this blog. Found you through Bill Donaghy’s Mission Moment site after you were on his radio show.

    Just posted my first participation in 7 Quick Takes. Thanks!

  38. Aubrey

    Good luck with #4! How exciting! I would love to see the doctor's face if you had asked if the L&D room had wi-fi!

    I can't believe that you dislike cilantro so much! I'm surprised, as I had never heard anyone say before that they dislike it. I'll take a couple of lines to gross you out–we put it in salads, on soups, and on most things that aren't sweet. We love it!

    Thanks again for hosting this meme. Again, good luck with your delivery! I'll say some prayers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. Aubrey

    Oh, and I forgot to share my own odd feelings about scheduling birthdays for our children. All four of my children were born via Cesarean. The first one was not planned, the last three were. I am such a planner and like to have the details down. I always insist that the surgeon schedule baby’s birthday when we’re about six months pregnant. I figure if I have to go through a major surgery to bring my children into the world, the least I can do is take advantage of the opportunity to plan ahead! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. Stephanie

    Congrats on setting a date! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Cilantro is very polarizing. Like sauerkraut. With sauerkraut, there’s something genetic that makes you either be able to taste a certain chemical it has or not – which is why people usually love it or hate it. I wonder if something similar is at work with cilantro–? I love the stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ok, I know this doesn’t have to do with the point you were trying to make, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard the phrase “jumped the shark.”

  41. Maiki

    Isn’t all twittering “livetwittering?” I feel the word is awfully redundant, since you are supposed to twitter on the go.

    btw, I feel I should note that the word verification thing is “moron” right now, lol.

  42. Anonymous

    My husband says that the smell of cilantro makes him think of diseased turtles.

  43. So Much More Than A Mom

    Cilantro — really???? I love it, use it in anything I can think of!

    If you do a live tweet during labor you will be my personal hero for life. Labor sucks, period. But induced labor is even worse!

    Congrats on #1!!

  44. Marianne Thomas

    Thanks for the chance to link up and good luck with the induction!

    Oh, I have family in Austin who always fill us in on the PC silliness; sad stuff.

    Take care!

  45. Abbey

    I have an unfortunate situation at the present time and I must make my blog private for a short while. In order for you to continue to read, I need to add an email address for you to have access. Can you send that to me?


    If you have any trouble accessing after I set this up, let me know, please!


  46. 'Becca

    #4: I like cilantro, but I can taste what’s not to like. This is true of fish, horseradish, tofu, and several other foods.

    What I can’t stand is CELERY. Bleaghh!!!

    #6: I can understand being frustrated at the ever-increasing list of things to tiptoe around and the tiptoey attitude in general. But did you take a step back and think long and hard about why a loving relationship that involves 3 or 4 people instead of 2 is automatically not legitimate and healthy, in your judgment? I guess “not in line with Catholic teaching” is the answer, but that covers a lot of other things people do that you probably accept from the larger society (just not from yourself) without much question. I’m just wondering why this was such a shock to you. It’s hardly a new idea.

    Milehimama wrote:
    And polyamorism is alive and well in Houston, too. They used to call it polygamy…
    …still do, in countries where multiple marriages are allowed. -gamy means marriage.

  47. Trena

    Happy Baby Due Date! These last few days are going to DRAG by! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. S/V Mari Hal-O-Jen

    Thanks for hosting, first timer down here in Key West where I have never heard of poly-amorous relationships before. Austin ahead of Key Weird? Now that is strange!

    Take care of yourself these last few days!

  49. MaryH

    I love cilantro – especially with shrimp cooked in butter! yum. The first time I tasted it was in an open-air resteraunt on the beach in Ecuador – now everytime I taste it it brings back those youthful memories.

  50. Laura

    My second daughter was born on March 2nd, I will pray that all goes well.

    I, too, hate cilantro and wondered if something was wrong with me. I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

    This Lent I feel called to radically change our diets. When asked what we will be giving up for Lent, I’m considering saying, “High fructose corn syrup for starters”. I would love to hear about a typical day’s worth of food for you. And what about your kids, did you switch their food, too? It is all so overwhelming!

    God Bless!

  51. Anonymous

    Re: Cilantro

    I’ve heard many people express that kind of strong dislike of foods, and in those same terms. Most of them are less than six years old. Grow up. If you don’t like it, don’t eat.

    Speaking of which, why randomly insult people you don’t know. Abraham was a “polyamorist” and so were many other patriarchs (coincidentally, saints of the Catholic church). If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Even though I am a Catholic, I really don’t get the obsession some Christians have with passing judgment on others.

  52. Karie, the Regular Guy's Extraordinary Wife

    After having a C-section on the first child, scheduling “birthdays” is old hat for me. The one where I became unhinged was #4; his due date was Dec 24th. I went back and forth for weeks (before Christmas or after?) We finally decided on December 26th, but I was _really_ close. The Saturday before Christmas, I had some false labor that was “really intense” and suddenly I realized that it was possible, God would change my plans for me… Fortunately I was wrong. Michael Travis showed up “on-time” December 26th.

    Sounds like your “Saint Diet” is really working. Could you please give more information regarding the actual process? I loved the words ” had enough energy” and the feeling of “not being 37 weeks pregnant”. I could use an energy boost, especially since I am already lacking sleep and am 50 lbs overweight (and that was before baby too).

  53. Leticia

    All my babies were induced, I never had to make the “we’re going to the hospital NOW!” decision.
    And I was SO looking foward to a frantic ride!
    Jen, I’ll keep you in our prayers.

  54. Jay Anderson

    With a March 2 birthday, you’ll definitely need a good Texas name like Austin or Tyler or Houston or Travis for a boy. Dallas for a girl.


  55. Jasmine

    Your Quick Takes are always so entertaining.

    I was in the hospital recently, and they had free wireless. By all means, though, concentrate on yourself, your new baby, and your family — not us!

    I’ve heard about cilantro-hating before, too.

    Choosing your baby’s birthday is odd! That’s something I’ve never considered before. It sounds like a good day, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  56. Martha

    My reactions: Um, NOW you think Austin has jumped the shark? You realize the rest of Texas gave up on you long ago, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I know that scheduling a birthday must be weird, but right now it sounds kind of good.. I am 38 weeks with baby #4, have 2 kids in school, both playing basketball and doing scouts, and I find myself thinking things like, “Was that a real contraction? I hope not. If I have this baby today M. will not get his rough draft finished by the due date and I’ll miss D’s last game tomorrow… I could maybe fit having a baby in after the 3rd…” Also, this thinking maybe that was a real contraction, No it’s not, yes it is — is killing me. If anyone has any spare prayer time, I could use some prayers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Lana

    #5: I just read through both of those discussions. Wow. That SteveG has quite an intellect.
    On why only 40 days from the Resurrection to the Ascension: this is not a stand-alone case, but it seems no different from the rest of Jesus’ life on Earth. That his Ascension was witnessed by a select few and yet also hidden, quiet, even poor. That shepherds, of all people, were invited to the Nativity! Yes, they saw and heard a host of angels singing, so there was some hoopla there… But these shepherds were strangers, not even of Joseph or Mary’s kin.
    And then, Jesus grew up and worked as a carpenter for years and years, doing, as Mother Teresa said, “nothing.” So quietly and humbly that his own town didn’t realize there was anything special about him and later wanted to stone him.
    And he instructed people he healed not to tell anyone. But the gospels also tell us that the news about him kept spreading.

    There is this duality going on, that the Salvation of the world was there with them and taking place in front of them, and people at once see it, and don’t see it. The Centurion at the foot of the cross has a growing realization of what is happening which culminates in his act of faith, only after Christ’s death.
    Isn’t that our story, in our own lives: the ordinary, the unnoticed, the hidden divine interventions that we see but do not see. And this is to know Emmanuel: the revelation that Divinity is not “magical” but so close to us that we don’t even recognize Him.

    In the OT, the number 40 makes us think of the 40 years of wandering in the desert. Jesus himself went out to the desert for “40 days” of fasting and testing. All that we know about YHWH is contained in the Gospel, culminating with this last “40 days” of being “with” Jesus. A metaphor for the “testing” of the apostles and the subsequent founding of the Church? For our own personal times of testing, or our wandering away or toward God?
    In this case, looking for the divine equation that would “prove” something isn’t at all important. Rather, if the mystery of God is quietly hidden, in poverty, in glory and in love, then like the Magi, we need to seek out the King in the most humble of people and places, in the “House of Bread.”

  58. Jess

    I LOVE cilantro. So much so that I craved it constantly when I was pregnant with Ella. With this revelation of yours, I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Woohoo on having a due date! I think I kind of like the idea of knowing when I am going to have a baby, arranging childcare and packing the bag in advance. This last time I was unhooking Ella’s car seat straps in my garage (thank goodness I was in my garage!) when I felt the whoosh of my water breaking. 2 weeks early at that. But then again there are so few really spontaneous, unplanned major life events anymore…

    Hope you have a nice weekend.

  59. reprehriestless warillever

    Cilantro? Really? I’d have to be careful if you came to dinner at my house in the summer — I through it into everything! Fresh salsa, bean salads, scrambled eggs…

    Blessings as you await “baby#4”.

  60. Laughing Lioness

    I LOVE cilantro = ). Can’t wait to hear about the Saint Diet that you’ve discovered, and, as always, enjoy your blog!

  61. Christi

    I don’t mind cilantro but I feel that way about raisins. They look like bugs and I am convinced that they probably taste like bugs. The benefit to raisins is that it is possible to pick them out. Which you can’t do with cilantro.

  62. Scarlett

    Re: “Polyamorous spouses” – I agree that the PC-ness is getting a little absurd, and I do accept the Church’s teaching on marriage, but I’ve always struggled with the fact that polygamy is illegal in this country.

    Based on my admittedly limited understanding of Mormon history, the US government forced the Mormon Church to disavow what had previously been a fundamental tenet of their religion as a condition for Utah becoming a state. Isn’t that a huge affront against free exercise?

  63. Tres Angelas

    Poly-amorous spouses? Oh, oh, oh — adulterers. Got it. Right, wouldn’t want to insult adulterers. Or polygamists.

    Even the gay-marriage crowd isn’t advocating polygamy. Yet.

    On a more pleasant topic (for me), cilantro is my favorite herb. I absolutely HEAP it on tacos al pastor. I grow it in quantities far greater than needed, just because I love the aroma so. No, I’m serious.

  64. Kate

    I’m 35 weeks, and scheduled for C-section delivery of my third baby on March 19th…I’ve got this weird certainty that we’re going to have a snowstorm that day or something. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Agnes Regina

    Congratulations, Jen, I bet you can’t wait for March 2! I will say some prayers for you that day! God bless!

  66. Jess

    PS- I am so clueless, even as a very liberal woman not too many months ago, that I had no idea what Polyamorous was when I first saw the term used at mothering.com. To say reading the thread for poly parents was an eye-opening experience for me is putting it mildly!

  67. becky @ misspriss

    Do you have a text-enabled phone? You could Tweet that way, just using your cell phone. Pretty sure they’d have cell service in the hospital.

  68. Susanne Barrett

    March 2 is a WONDERFUL due date. It’s my birthday. And my brother’s birthday. He was born on my third birthday!

    Plus we share our birthday with Dr. Seuss. Can’t get much better than that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. IA_

    No patron saint of Texas? Just because hes not canonized doesn’t mean he ain’t looking out for us.

    He came to Texas when there were only 2 practicing priests in the whole state. He rode horses shot out from underneath him by the Comanche. He was a Texan.


  70. MoDLin

    We’ll be thinking of you on Monday! Hope all goes smoothly for you both.

  71. Joy of Frugal Living

    I’ll be praying for a healthy and uneventful delivery! Best wishes.


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