A mini New Year

April 11, 2009 | 9 comments

As I mentioned back on New Year’s Eve, one of the things I felt like I should commit to this year is to reevaluate my life and make resolutions for improvement more than just once a year. So I decided to make Easter and the feast of the Assumption (August 15) days that I would treat like I treat January 1st, days of stepping back and really reflecting on where I am in my life compared to where I could (and should) be.

As Lent draws to a close and the sufferings of Christ for my sins are fresh in my mind, I’ve found it to be particularly fruitful to go through this “mini New Year” exercise, and I think that my list of simple resolutions that I plan to implement starting Easter Sunday (which I’ll share next week if I get a chance) are going to bear great fruit.

Just wanted to share in case anyone else would find it to be a helpful idea.


  1. Catherine

    Your blog is intelligent and insightful. Until recently the Northwest had the highest percentage of nonreligious people. It’s been draining living here. Your blog is refreshing. Thank you.

  2. Chloé

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same thing. Good luck with your resolutions!

  3. Clare Marie-Therese Duroc

    A wonderful idea… thank you for sharing!

  4. momof2boyz

    I love this blog! Jennifer, you reach a wide range of believers. I think that reevaluating one’s resolutions is an excellent idea!

  5. Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft

    Great minds think alike. But all glory to God, right?

    Seriously, great idea. I look forward to your list.

    My list? #1 – Really read the Bible and surround myself with supportive people who don’t think I’m crazy to deepen my faith in Christ. I am tired of being a cradle Catholic. I can no longer use a non-believing husband as an excuse to not jump in. I need this, and so, I’m off to journey this year!

  6. Aussie Therese

    Hi Jen,

    I look forward to your list.

    If you have time, I have tagged you for a meme. I understand though if you are too busy and cannot do it.


  7. Ann Voskamp @Holy Experience


    Every blessing, friend…

    All’s grace,

  8. Melanie B


    I love the idea of using Easter as a starting over point. So often I feel like the hard work of Lent only really gets going at the very end and it is a shame to lose the momentum. I really feel like its just now that I’m in a good position to reevaluate and decide where to go from here.

  9. Elizabeth

    Our local newspaper columnist (a Catholic) wrote on Easter about how this should REALLY be the time of year for re-examining ourselves…spring, new life, rebirth…Ressurection…they all call for a renewal of spirit!
    Looking forward to your list.
    Blessings, Elizabeth

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