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April 14, 2009 | 3 comments

Feel free to skip this post, I’m writing mainly to have as a perma-link in the sidebar.

Thank you for emailing me! Since I unfortunately cannot respond to all the email I receive, I thought I’d put together this post with some answers to frequently asked questions:

“Will you publicize an event/blog post by linking to it?”

I am happy to check out any information you’d like to send me, but please understand that I receive many requests of this nature and am not able to honor them all.

“Will you add my blog to your blogroll?”

I always love it when readers send me links to introduce me to their own blogs! It’s great to discover new sites and hear other people’s perspectives. Unfortunately I can’t honor every request to add new sites to my blogroll (and, honestly, I’m terrible about updating my blogroll anyway since it takes a bit of work and I follow the sites I read on a feed reader).

“I’d like to hear more about your ‘Reckless Experiment with Prayer‘…”

Here is a post where I answered some common questions about my experiment praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

“Will you explain why the Catholic Church believes X?”

I get many questions related to Catholic teaching, so here are links with some basic information about some of the most common subjects I get asked about:

You can also read the Catholic Catechism online here (there is a topical index here). I also encourage you to feel free to ask any questions on these or other topics at the friendly Catholic Spitfire Grill email list.

“I have a loved-one who is an atheist. What can I do?”

Here are some posts you may find helpful:

“I am an agnostic/atheist. I’ve tried searching but don’t seem to be any closer to finding God. Any thoughts?”

I encourage you to check out the post Finding God in 5 Steps — and be sure to leave a comment (even anonymously) so I’ll know to pray for you!

Again, I post this not to discourage anyone from emailing me, just to offer some resources in the event that I’m not able to reply.


  1. S.Mary Roberta Viano

    Your automated subscriber service doesn’t work. Please include me on your list to receive your Conversion Diary emails:

    Thanks and God bless you!
    S.Mary Roberta Viano, VHM
    Georgetown Visitation Monastery
    Washington, DC

  2. Joe Toole

    Once one understands and fully accepts the dogma of Purgatory, the vexing and seemingly unattainable challenges of loosing weight, quitting bad habits–even ending addiction is solved.I’d be glad to elaborate should anyone have interest in the powerful force of this connection with the departed and our own accountability before the divine Justice that we will not escape.

  3. Wanda

    I am trying to link up to your 7 Quick Take Fridays and I see the optional code button, but it is too large for my site. How do I get a smaller button?

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