This time last year…

April 28, 2009 | 3 comments

Yaya spontaneously decided to come visit for the week, which led me to spontaneously decide to take a brief blogging break to work on the book. Seeing as how I have completed only one chapter since November, that seemed like a good thing to do. I will be back for 7 Quick Takes on Friday, but until then, here’s what we were talking about this time last year…

  • Accepting help
    This was a great discussion that was a real turning point for me. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already seen it.
  • The gods of other people’s opinions
    “Years of half-hearted dabbling in various secular, introspection-based self-help techniques made one thing pretty clear: giving myself a thumbs-up didn’t cut it. Though I felt reasonably sure that I was meeting my own general standards of being a ‘good person, ‘ my ideas about the details of rights and wrongs and the best way to live life were forever in flux…” [more]
  • A book recommendation from a mom who experienced great tragedy
    I ended up reading this book, and it was very good.
  • On being special
    “The other day I saw an interesting lesson on the children’s show Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. (Not that I ever let my children watch television. When my kids get restless we take nature walks and do educational arts and crafts. I just happened to catch the show because I was, uhh, doing some research on slacker parents who let their kids watch TV. I would never resort to desperately grabbing the remote and imploring my children to ‘LOOK AT THE GLOWING SCREEN WHILE MOMMY COLLAPSES ON THE COUCH.’)…” [more]
  • Being stung by scorpions in bed: some people are bothered by this idea, others are not, and never the twain shall meet
    “Yaya and I had another go-round about scorpions today (although this time, thankfully, we were talking about theoretical scorpions and not actual scorpions that were being shaken in cups in front of my face). It all started when I explained to her that that it keeps me up at night to ponder the following data…” [more]
  • Becoming equipped
    “One of the things that stood out is that a few of you referred to me as having ‘that’ house — you know, the house in the neighborhood where all the kids hang out after school, where there’s a constant flow of people in and out the door, where mom always has some yummy munchies on hand…I know I sort of touched on this in my last post, but let me just say this again: nothing could be more unlikely…” [more]

See you Friday!


  1. becomewhatyouare

    interesting. that episode of Kai-Lan was on yesterday and I thought the same things you did. Ugh.

    (btw, I was also doing research. my kids don’t get plunked down in front of the tv, either! Ever. No matter what. oh, and I am always preparing gourmet dinners and my house is always spotless, too.)

  2. Nancy (n.o.e.)

    Good luck on the book, Jen. I always look forward to the quick takes. Have enjoyed following you on Twitter, too.

  3. Lana

    good luck with the writing, i will say a prayer for good health for everyone over the next week. 🙂

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