7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 31)

May 1, 2009 | 58 comments

— 1 —

Whew! This week has flown by. Yaya‘s visit (and taking a blogging break) left me tons of time for working on the book. Your suggestions have been so helpful — keep them coming!

Also, I was listening to my iPod a lot while I wrote and realized that I had a couple of songs on there that were essentially about writer’s block: These Words by Natasha Bedingfield and Square Pegs by Pain. I think I listened to the latter song about 100 times this week. Anyone know of any other good songs about writer’s block?

— 2 —

I feel that it is my duty to warn the people of Europe that the Yaya World Tour kicks off next. She’ll be setting the people of Germany and Czech Republic straight all next week.

— 3 —

Just heard that nobody will be drinking from the Cup at Mass in our diocese because of swine flu.

I’d be interested to know: How concerned are you about swine flu? On the one hand it’s not something we should take lightly, and I think that precautions like the one our diocese is taking are good ideas; on the other hand, I feel like there’s some Bored Media Syndrome going on here where they’re a little too eager to start throwing around ratings-getting ominous predictions.

— 4 —

So I did end up creating a prayer corner! I haven’t updated about it because my office has been so trashed that I didn’t want to take an “after” picture. But here’s the “before” picture:

I moved everything around to create some space over to the right. I’ll write more about it later, but I’ll say briefly that it’s been great. I’m so easily distracted, it really helps me block out distractions when I want to spend time completely focused on God.

— 5 —

A couple weeks ago I ended up getting a pretty serious virus on my computer that required me to have it professionally repaired. What’s funny is that my computer had been fine until I was looking up a recipe on Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog, and as soon as the page loaded my computer froze and all sorts of weird error messages started popping up.

In my panic-stricken state of mind while the computer was at the repair place, I got myself all convinced that the virus came from the Pioneer Woman. I began speculating to friends that the entire site is a front, put together by malicious 17-year-old hackers living in their moms’ basements who created this “Ree Drummond” character for the sole purpose of luring unsuspecting people to the site to put viruses on their computers.

Once I got my computer back safe and sound I decided that I guess it was just a coincidence that I was on PW’s site when the virus hit. But “Ree” had better watch out — I’ll be eyeing her next installment of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels for any suspicious inconsistencies!

— 6 —

I wanted to reiterate a good point that was left in the comments to that post about the documentary about the desert hermit. If you thought that was interesting, you should definitely check out the wonderful movie Into Great Silence. Here’s a preview:

— 7 —

I have decided that rice and beans is the perfect recipe: It’s cheap, quick, healthy and delicious. Here’s the super easy recipe I use:

Make rice. Dump in drained cans of black beans, kidney beans and diced tomatoes. (No need to heat — the heat from the rice will warm the beans.) Top with shredded cheese. Yum!

This recipe has replaced pizza as a Saint Diet-approved fallback for those nights that I need something quick and simple.

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  1. puellapaschalis

    Re: no. 2 – Hm. Germany isn’t far from here. And next Monday at noon is the best time to attack the Netherlands. It’s a pity I can’t work from home on that day….

    no. 3 – In my parish the Precious Blood isn’t distributed anyway, but I receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue. If the bishop decides that we should receive in the hand here, then I’ll obey him, but please God it won’t come to that. Yesterday (amongst the Queen’s Day drama) they also confirmed one case of swine flu in NL – a child of three.

    I don’t think I’m any more concerned about this than I was about bird flu in 2003ish, to be honest.

    no. 4 – Prayer corners are the best! Only I should use mine more. It’s bang in the middle of one of my walls looking reproachfully at me right now…

    no. 5 – PW is one of my favourite blogs! 😀

  2. Jane @ What About Mom?

    PW wrote a very apologetic post aboutt how the virus actually was her fault — at least, some malware on her computer/server/techno-gizmo-thingie. So you weren’t too far wrong.

  3. Roxane B. Salonen

    Jennifer, your office area is pretty and inviting. Love the shelves of books! Here’s wishing you a fruitful week ahead (book work)…

  4. chickadee@afamiliarpath

    i think pw did have some trouble with her site a few weeks ago. maybe there was a virus.

  5. veniteadoremus

    The people of Europe thank you for the warning 🙂

    Rice with beans sounds delicious! I already had rice-with-brown-lentils on the List Of Lazy Recipes, but I don’t know whether that’s kid-friendly (I remember not liking lentils much when I was little).

  6. tinkerbell the bipolar faery

    Re: Swine Flu ~ yes, I agree with you ~ “Bored Media Syndrome.” Its simply, really ~ everyone, WASH YOUR HANDS! (That means properly, with soap and warm water). Any infectious diseases specialist will tell you that the single most effective way of preventing the spread of disease is HANDWASHING. Okay, the nurse in me will step off her soap box, now! :^)

    Re: writer’s block ~ I always find the best ideas and inspiration comes when I am not stalking it … and also, I find physical motion (i.e. a walk, or puttering about the house) stimulates creative-ideas/inspiration. Also, for some reasons a hot shower also has a similar effect. And, sometimes, the ideas won’t flow out … they must be coaxed out.

    One of my favourite dishes to make is black beans, with rice, salsa and cheese. I sometimes serve with a few lime-spiced taco-chips, for texture. The one-pot dishes have always been the best, for feeding my brood of hungry boys.

    Re ~ the desert hermit. An interesting concept and project. We spent a year or two living in a remote rural area. I thought, when I was leaving a big city to move to that remote place, that I would immediately find spiritual balance, bla bla. Funny, it wasn’t until getting back to the big city that things clicked for me.

  7. tinkerbell the bipolar faery

    one more thing ~sometimes, maybe those little things that ‘distract’ you are meant to … maybe somehow they lead you back to thoughts of God.

  8. Erin

    I’m really interested in knowing where you found those amazingly efficient and sturdy-looking bookshelves. I have looked EVERYWHERE I could think of to no avail for bookshelves with those qualities. Can’t wait for the “after” pic too. 🙂 I miss my little “alter” area that I always had growing up, and now you’ve got me thinking about re-instituting such a thing in my house again.

  9. dylan

    Leaving a comment after linking, as per instruction!

  10. Tami Boesiger

    Every time you mention Yaya, you make me want to meet her. Is she your mother or your mother-in-law? She sounds like a kick.

  11. Meg

    As a big follower of the Pioneer Woman’s blog, I thought I should let you know that Ree’s website was hacked and everyone that visited it during a certain period got a virus on their computer. She’s fixed the problem and moved to a more secure server now, so you can feel safe reading her latest recipes (Smitten Kitchen was just out to visit and they made some fabulous dishes!).

    P.S. I made red beans and rice this week, and it took 3.5 hours. It was delicious, but I think I will try your version next time. So much easier!

  12. Trena

    My husband works at a hospital and he said they have been talking about the Swine Flu a lot. He said he can’t change anything that he does because he already repeatedly washes his hands at work. But he is worried about catching something at work and bringing it home. Heck, so am I. But we are just praying that nobody around here gets infected.

  13. Sarah

    Hi Jennifer, I’ve read so many Quick Take Friday posts that I thought I’d finally give it a try. So, this is my first link to you. What a great thing you started! God bless your weekend!

  14. marie

    To be quite honest I felt that Into Great Silence was like purgatory. It was a incredible film. But it plunged me into the Great Silence in which I was purified and refined. I came out the other end with a deep peace realizing how attached I am to the superficial. You don’t watch this film you enter in and experience it.

  15. Monnie

    I’m with you on the swine flue issue. It seems like a LOT of hype, with little evidence to support the need for it. Yes, swine flue can be dangerous, but …. well, call me cynical, but I just don’t trust the government to have all our best interests in mind.

    Can you say ‘nationalized health care’? :-/

  16. M.E.

    Re (or should I say Ree?) #5: It wasn’t a coincidence! I saw a post on her site afterward that said her server had been hacked, and yes, in fact, tons of people’s computers picked up viruses and Trojans and whatnot from her site.

  17. April

    That thing about PW is hilarious! Did you ever see the comment about how she is part of a Grey’s Anatomy — The Cow Version? Someone pointed out that everyone is so impossibly goodlooking and beautiful. Very funny.

  18. Meredith@MerchantShips

    It really is a problem that originates with the Pioneer Woman site. For a while there she had a sticky note at the top of the page explaining about technical difficulties people reported after visiting her blog.

    I’m too scared to click over after I heard about this.

  19. Jen

    Oh, we love Pioneer Woman! I am hoping to get a 7 Quick Takes up today if all goes well with nap – see you then!

  20. Anonymous

    Yikes.. Can the Holy Spirit get a word/thought in edgewise
    with the music choices.. yikes again.recommendations? Well, I don’t know but mozart’s symphonies and bach brandenburg concerti always, always worked for me…
    Into Great Silence? I had to buy it and watch it regularly.
    peace sister..

  21. MamaT

    See my 7 quick takes for my rant on the Swine Flu.

    I’m near Fort Worth where they’ve closed the whole darn school system.


    I hadn’t thought of Bored Media Syndrome, but it makes sense. I think it was just the crisis that we could DO SOMETHING ABOUT, even if it was overkill.

    I think this will boomerang back to hurt the credibility of the public health service….

  22. Nancy/n.o.e

    I’ll be very interested in seeing your prayer corner (love your office and books), and you’re inspiring me to get serious about setting one up here.

    Into Great Silence was very interesting but wasn’t what I expected going into it. It took me a while to get used to the film’s “jumpy” editing. We bought the CD and need to watch it again.

  23. the lords sheep

    I love the 7 quick takes! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up!

    Re 3: I only receive the Precious Blood if I go to American Mass. Most Italian parishes don’t distribute it.
    I’m a bit concerned about it only because I’m going to Queens in T-minus 12 days.

    Re 4: Your office is considerably nicer than mine. I’m also going to give this prayer corner thing some thought…

    God bless!

  24. Scarlett

    In regards to Swine Flu:

    I feel like I should be properly skeptical about it, but I’m worried anyway. Avian flu seemed like a lot of hype, because it was never able to transfer between humans. We were worried about what might happen if the virus happened to mutate in a specific way. Too many “ifs.”

    The fact that we didn’t hear about swine flu until people were dying in Mexico has me worried that this is different. It came out of nowhere, as bad things usually do, no one was worried, and then people were dead and it was popping up – in limited quatities, but still present – all over the globe.

    I’m not baricading myself in my apartment, but I’ve started carrying hand sanitizer. Just in case.

  25. Kacie

    Jen, I found Cheeky Pink Girl (http://cheekypinkgirl.blogspot.com/) through 7 quick takes a while ago, and today she commented that it seemed that a lot of protestants follow your sight, and she wondered how you felt about that. Well, i am a Protestant and I follow both your site and hers. That is easy for me to do because I personally think that we share the same basic orthodox faith, but I know that many Catholics and Protestants don’t feel this way.

    So… I wonder… how do you feel about the many Protestants that follow your blog? Does it make you uncomfortable?

  26. Anonymous

    Well, Tuesday morning I came down with a headache, caugh, etc. It scared me then but TV said if you could hold liquid down it was NOT swine. Yesterday, we better and today I can say just a cold.

    Really, not too worried, I’m an old person and don’t get out much. Grocery shopping and club meetings. (Not really old)

  27. Milehimama

    Swine flu? I’m not worried so much about the VIRUS as I am to people’s reaction to it. I’ve blogged about it. Houston shut 4 schools yesterday, states are calling national emergencies, National Guard is called out in WI…
    Mexico has pretty much shut down (all restaurants, government offices, schools, etc. closed.) THAT’s what I’m preparing for – Mass hysteria!

    Rice and beans – I call it “taco rice and beans” on my menus/blog and we have it often for lunch! Believe it or not, the kids like it and it’s good for my blood sugar!

  28. Jen

    I understand taking precautions with the swine flu but we should take precautions anytime really no matter the illness. Simple washing hands; staying home if sick etc. It can’t hurt!!

  29. rebecca

    been meaning to do 7 quick takes for awhile, today i did it for the first time! love your site. my family and i belong to the reformed episcopal church in east tx, but i was baptised catholic… long story. anyway, as i said, i really enjoy your posts.

  30. Margaret in Minnesota

    You know, I’m not worried about the Swine Flu. I’m much more concerned about my lower back pain and the fact that this little one is resting quite happily on my sciatic nerve!

    Thank you for hosting 7 Quick Takes, Jen.

  31. abroadermark

    Oooh…#7 just solved my “what’s for dinner tonight?” dilemma. Thank you!

  32. erin blakley

    I have got to create my own prayer corner again. I had one in our former house, but since we moved a few months ago, I’ve been slack in creating a specific place, which has equaled slackness in my prayer life. It definitely makes a difference when you have a specific location. Thanks for sharing yours!

  33. Clare Marie-Therese Duroc

    We’ve brushed up against some panic over the swine flu, but we’re having a hard time feeling it. It could be in part, I suppose, because we actually have had genuine experience with medical issues and one of our wee babies nearly dying, and we know from that that the energy is best saved for actual making it through a crisis before it comes rather than worrying about it ahead of time.

    And for me there are two big things:

    1) I’m a Catholic. There’s something beyond earthly life, and hopefully I’m storing up treasures beyond.

    2) I’m a Chesterton-reading Catholic. I love life and its joy. While there’s an eternity to look forward to, I’m also very grateful for the time I have here. Assuming that the swine flu is going to come get me, I want to spend my last days on earth being joyful rather than fretting and worrying and stressing out.

    Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. 😛 😉

  34. ingridairam

    That Prayer corner sounds really cool. Hope it will help you focuse.
    Am curious what it looks like.

  35. Laura@Life,Faith,Home,School

    Swine flu? What’s that! Haha…j/k. Yeah, I have gone from all-alert-freak-out, to, “let’s wait and see”. I think there is a LOT to be said about Big Pharm wanting to make lots of dollars, and also a lot to be said for just washing your hands with soap and trying to enjoy your day.

  36. Aelinn

    Swine flu: I worked at a hotel where most of the guests were coming off of cruise ships. This means that we (my housekeeping crew and I) were regularly exposed to the Norwalk virus. Sometimes we’d even get notice that we were getting guests from a ship with an outbreak… Well, to this day, I hear our staff nurse’s voice in my head, “Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.” Not one of us housekeepers ever got Norwalk, and we were generally sick less often than hotel staff in other departments because we were sooo careful about washing our hands (and we were the ones cleaning the sick guests’ bathrooms!)

    So, my advice is: Wash your hands, don’t panic, wash your hands.

    to veniteadoremus: Try using vegetable broth instead of water with your rice and lentils. Also use green lentils if you can. Yummm…

  37. Creative Clayer

    I haven’t looked through all of these posts to see if it’s been mentioned, but I just wanted to say that I looked and Netflix has “Into Great Silence” on their Instant Viewing option. I’m watching it now. 🙂

  38. Em.

    The Swine Flu thing is driving me crazy. It’s not smallpox. It’s not the plague. It’s the flu. The news people really need something else to report on.

  39. Rachel Gray

    I’m totally going to try that rice and beans recipe!

    I understand that the regular flu kills 36,000 people in the US annually, and swine flu has killed one in the US so far. So yes, the hype is RIDICULOUS and any media outlet that’s implying it’s a major threat is irresponsible and untrustworthy– not that I didn’t know that already about the media. 🙂

  40. Otter Mom

    I also had a virus show up on my computer. It locked up when I was on Pioneer Woman’s site and I had no problems until then. I thought the problem was pre-existing, but now I am wondering if maybe it did come from there. I haven’t left her a comment, did you?

  41. Madeleine

    Your rice and beans recipe sounds so yummy and comfort-food-ish (it is winter and raining right now in New Zealand) that I want to go out now and buy the ingredients and try it!

    PS We too are being driven insane by swine flu hysteria!

  42. Stephanie

    I’m not really freaked out about the swine flu. But, then again, I don’t have kids (sadly, I don’t even have grandparents to worry about anymore), and I work from home…so I might feel differently if my circumstances were different. I think taking precautions are good – like not sharing the cup. I know that this MIGHT become a big thing, but, so far, I don’t feel the need to panic.

    Also, I love rice and beans, too! (All varieties!) That’s a great little combo you came up with there! I’ll definitely have to try that soon.

  43. Anonymous

    Hi Jen, I have to comment about the Swine Flu. My family and I were just in Mexico, Cancun to be exact. We go every year and stay at the same hotel. I really got to see first hand how all this media attention was causing immediate, negative results. No one in Cancun had the virus, yet our hotel was a ghost town. The cab driver was scared because he would have no work as no tourists were coming. I, for once agreed with NY mayor Bloomberg who sounded like the voice of reason. I’m one to get hysterical and I love big news stories-but seeing the people so devastated by this made me reconsider.

  44. Lana

    You have an office (with a door, presumably), and a prayer corner IN the office. I hope you realize how lucky you are!!
    I watched Into Great Silence back when you first recommended it (on Netflix instant) and I have been meaning to suggest you watch it again when you get writer’s block. Might help.

  45. Anonymous

    Regarding no. 3 –

    With great respect and appreciation for the Catholic Church, I am… dumbfounded… to read that a Bishop would not allow the celebration of the Eucharist via the cup because of a worry that people might catch an earthly disease. How could this be? Has this ever happened in your church? How could there be a fear of this by anyone, in particular by a Bishop?

    In the Orthodox Church, to which I belong, we commune using a chalice that contains the Body and Blood of Christ. The Priest administers the Eucharist using a common cup and spoon for the whole parish at every celebration of the Liturgy. I have never heard any story of anyone anywhere among us who became ill through partaking in Holy Communion. God forbid! I do not think that He would allow it. I absolutely do not think that He would ever allow it.

    I guess I feel so disheartened by this decision because, though much divides our two churches, I know that the Catholic Church has a true love for the Eucharist and I wonder how any Bishop could make a decision like this? If we avoid the Blood of Christ because of fear of catching a disease, how utterly wretched we are. Lord have mercy on us!

    On a brighter note: Jennifer, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your luminous writing, your lovely blog. Thank you for the blessing of it.

    Karen Elizabeth

  46. Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin

    re: 3. I’m not terribly concerned. Proper handwashing, by the way, means making sure you get not just the palms, but also the thumbs, the wrists, and the back side of the webbing between your fingers.

    re: 5. I don’t know how you can stand Windows. I’ve done all my surfing under various Linux distributions for the last 2 years. I’d suggest either Linux Mint (currently at v6, “Felicia” and soon to reach v7, “Gloria”) or Ubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope”. Mint if you’re willing to download the ISO file, burn it onto a CD, and install; Ubuntu if you’d rather wait for Canonical to ship you a free CD.

    I strongly urge you to set up 3 partitions for Linux: about 3GB for / (aka root), a swap partition anywhere from 1 to 2 times the size of your RAM, and the rest for your /home directory. If you’re going to dual boot, be sure to defrag your HD before starting. Make sure your Windows partition is at least 1.15 to 1.3 times the amount of drive space you’re currently using. Also download and install Ext2IFS for Windows.

    Linux is almost entirely virus proof, and if you’ll keep your firewall up, disable remote login, and practice password security, it’s nigh unto hacker-proof as well. You can do over 95% of the stuff you do in Windows in either Linux Mint or Ubuntu, and some things (like web development) are much, much easier.

  47. Jennifer @ Conversion Diary

    Thank you all for the comments!

    Erin –

    “I’m really interested in knowing where you found those amazingly efficient and sturdy-looking bookshelves.”We actually had a local carpenter make them for us a few years ago. It was so great — he crafted exactly what we needed, they’re SUPER sturdy, and it didn’t cost all that much (I can’t remember how much it was now).

    Kacie –

    “So… I wonder… how do you feel about the many Protestants that follow your blog? Does it make you uncomfortable?”Not at all! I’m honored that so many brothers and sisters in Christ read my site! I’m also delighted to have a fair number of readers who are agnostic or atheist. All are welcome! 🙂

  48. Chris and Sarah

    I don’t think there is any reason to be worried about the Swine Flu. Far more people die EVERY year from the regular flu than have died from the Swine Flu, and we never freak out about regular flu. Seriously, when was the last time a school closed for a week cause 1 kid got the flu. (Kids would love it though – since they would have the most of fall and winter off every year.)
    I think the media and peole just want a break from the economy and plus the media always loves a good opportunity to blow things way out of proportion.
    Also, I love rice and black beans – I will have to try adding cheese next time.

  49. nathansward

    This might not be the best song, but Linkin Park’s Bleed it Out is essentially about writer’s block.

  50. ladyhobbit

    My husband, who is a microbiologist and works in hospital infection control, says that the swine flu issue is greatly overhyped. Yes, 36,000 Americans die each year from flu–the regular kinds! And so far, not one American has died from a case of swine flu contracted in the US. (The poor child who died in Texas had contracted the illness in Mexico.)

    The hype is not harmless. Not only are schools closing and canceling events, often for little reason, but hospital personnel are spending a great deal of time dealing with unnecessary panic and confusion. Time is money, folks!

    In my state of Pennsylvania, Slippery Rock University held a separate graduation ceremony for 20 students who had traveled to Mexico a month ago. The students had been living in the dorms and mingling freely with the rest of the university population, none of them had become ill, the incubation period for flu was long past, and they had not even been in the part of Mexico that is experiencing the epidemic, but the university deemed that it was too risky to let them graduate with the rest of their class. Behold the power of hysteria!

    Monnie, my husband also suspects that the push for nationalized health care may have something to do with the hype.

    In my diocese, we are being asked not to shake hands at the sign of peace. Jen, I think that you might find that to be a relief! However, the communal drinking from one chalice continues here.

    I’m afraid that it is quite possible to catch an “earthly disease” by drinking from the same cup as another person, if the disease can be transmitted that way. Transubstantiation does not remove the physical properties of wine, which does not contain enough alcohol to kill microbes and viruses.

    At this point, though, I just don’t see a real need for either the restrictions on hand-shaking or the restrictions on receiving from the cup.

  51. Kristen

    Re #3 – actually, the latin version of the sacramentary states that the cup is only to be offered to the whole congregation in unusual circumstances. So, I sometimes wonder how soon it will happen that the US bishops are told by the Pope or the Vatican that our common custom of offering communion under both species is to be curtailed. Would a big flu epidemic speed up such a move? Yeah, probably.

  52. Colleen

    Swine Flu – I agree with you. Bored media syndrome sounds about right.
    Plus – I think we give mixed messages when we say that you can’t get sick receiving the body and blood of Christ and then we say do not drink from the cup. I don’t see how receiving the Precious Blood can ever make us sick.

  53. Lana

    Karen Elizabeth–
    The bread and the wine EACH contain the Body and the Blood. To receive only the host, then, is to receive both the Body AND the Blood of Christ.

  54. bearing

    cJen, I made that rice and beans in my rice cooker last week. Congratulations, you’ve got a winner.

    My adaptation of the recipe is in this post here. The rice cooker just makes it incredibly convenient for nights when my family leaves the house at 5:30 and comes home hungry for dinner at 8 p.m.

  55. Tess

    I'm always delighted to find someone who has seen, likes, and is talking about Into great silence. It's not easy to watch, because it's not meant as entertainment; it is contemplative prayer in beautiful cinematography.


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