What’s your elevator pitch?

June 3, 2009 | 83 comments

Yaya is here this week, giving me lots of time to do some much-needed catching up on my to-do list, so instead of writing a post I’m going to let you guys do all the work again…

OK, Christian readers. Here’s a scenario for you:

You and a young man, perhaps in his early 20’s, step into an elevator at the same time. You’re both going to the tenth floor. He notices something that indicates that you’re a Christian (maybe you’re wearing a cross necklace, or he saw a bumper sticker for your church on your car outside, etc.)

“I don’t believe in God or anything like that, but you seem like a reasonable enough person, ” he says as the doors close. “I’d be interested to know: why are you a Christian?”

You have about 40 seconds to answer. What do you say?

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  1. e2

    You can actually say a lot in about 60 seconds. My trouble is always whether I should ask why he does NOT believe in God or whether I should just talk. But, since I like to talk about myself, I'll assume the latter for now!

    "I am a Christian because Jesus Christ, who was dead, is alive. I spent a lot of time seeking the answers for why human beings are so messed up–why we kill each other, hate each other, hate ourselves, can't feel peace for more than a few moments. I thought the answer was somewhere hiding in this world, but I found out that it is not. The world seems to cry out for a God to save it, and Jesus is the only person who has ever claimed to save the world and to be God. I believe his word is true, because he has shown me that he is true."

  2. Renee

    Because I see a lot of evil in the world, and the only explanation is sin.

  3. Tres Angelas

    "Good question, dude. It's frustratingly complex and yet miraculously simple at the same time. Tell you what, go to http://www.conversiondiary.com. I think you'll find what you're looking for."

  4. Mindyleigh

    Because Jesus pulled me out of the pit and changed my heart and mind in ways that were completely unforeseen and impossible for me to accomplish on my own. You should try Him. ๐Ÿ™‚ (said with the great big smile that only the living God could have put on my face!!)

  5. Aliocha

    I woudl simply say: Come and see!

    And then invite him for something where he can get a grasp of a living, believing christian community (where you will have time enough to speak in more detail).

    How much of the 60 seconds time-limit is something that you are imposing on the situation because you are assuming you have to "persuade" him there and then?

  6. Anonymous

    I'm a Christian because when I look to Jesus I realize what he meant my leaving "his Peace" with us. The Love and Peace that I feel and know by accepting it from Him is so powerful that it makes me want to share it with everyone.

    Thanks for asking this question. I've been feeling down by many hateful comments from people who call themselves Christians.

  7. Anonymous

    "Because it is true."

    What I would say thereafter would depend on his questions/comments.

    He must be coming from some particular point of view or have his own reason for asking this question of a stranger, and a rehearsed speech may not tell him what he actually wants to know of me.

    Giving just such a basic answer would open up the possibility of a conversation so I could better answer the actual question on his mind.

    Or, on the other hand, if he doesn't really want to know too much it gives him a chance to end the conversation there.

  8. Anonymous

    Chances are when caught up short by a stranger in an elevator, you won't have time to come up with some pithy explanation. The thing that immediately came to my mind when I read your post is, "because God saved my life". If your elevator companion asks for more, it will just flow from there.

  9. Clare Marie-Therese Duroc

    I could sit about all day coming up with various answers, but I'm going to do like the Anonymous above and just say what immediately came to mind, which is probably what I would say if faced with such a situation: "Because it's fun." It sounds frivolous, I know. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But I've never encountered another philosophy that balanced so perfectly a love of this life with a greater love and longing for eternity. I've never encountered another atmosphere which was so conducive to theological argument quickly turning to wine and song, or the other way around. I've never found another way of living that didn't fly to one or the other extreme, but was grounded in truth and could address all men at some level just because they were men, and had that much in common.

    Usually when I'm in a situation where I'm going in elevators, it means that I'm in a slightly pressured situation… but if it happened that I were on my toes that day, maybe I'd be clever enough to reply with Belloc's little poem:

    "Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
    Thereโ€™s always laughter and good red wine.
    At least Iโ€™ve always found it so.
    Benedicamus Domino!"

  10. Ragamuffin

    "I can't speak for why anyone else is a Christian, but for me, it just seemed to make sense. I don't think a naturalistic worldview can account for all we see, feel and experience. Not only could I not conceive of the naturalist explanation for how the universe came to be, but I don't think it adequately explains things like the concepts of love and selflessness. I think that some kind of creator God best explains that data.

    "But on a more personal level, it best explains what I feel personally regarding my own "need" to be saved from my worst impulses and tendencies. The story Scripture tells about why we're in the mess we're in rings true to me and the things that Jesus taught…as counterintuitive as they are in some places to how I would like to behave…seem to be the right things to do and the things that will bring both me and those around me the most peace and happiness. Other religions have their good points and pieces of the Truth, but I think the Christian view best explains all of this.

    "I guess in the end, given all the data I know of, it just seems to be true."

  11. jrbaab

    hmmmm….. I've written, deleted and rewritten many times trying to come up with the simplest, truest answer.

    Simple answer, "Life, Love and Truth."

    Longer answer,

    "I only feel alive, now that I know God. God is… life itself. He created us so that we might share in it. What I was doing before I knew God wasn't living. It wasn't what I dreamed life would be when I was a child. Life wouldn't be worth living if God wasn't alive. That's why He came. And that's why He seeks us. If you look at the center piece of Michelangelo's work in the Sisteen Chapel, you'll see that Adam's hand is not almost limp in a way. He's not stretching to reach God. The you see God the Father fully extended, reaching for Adam. If you know Christ, you know that he came that we might have live, and have it more abundantly."

  12. Islandsparrow

    "I've never known a love like this."

    and then I'd say,

    "Would you like to come over for a meal?"

    Inviting them to an Alpha is good too.

  13. Roxane B. Salonen

    Because Jesus showed us the depth of love, and our greatest desire at bottom in this life is to love and be loved. Why not look to the greatest model who ever lived of that to learn how to do that best? I've also found that when I'm following Jesus to the best of my ability, those are the times I'm truly the most joyful. Sometimes suffering is involved, but feeling that inner peace that can only come from being in accord with the One who created me is a feeling beyond compare. I have nothing to lose by believing, and everything to gain.

  14. Hannah

    I love this question. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I'm a pretty fast talker, so maybe do a 60 second version of the Roman Road! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Amy

    Off the top of my head:

    "I'm a Christian intellectually because I think that worldview makes the most sense when I look at the way the world actually is – fallen, broken, tragically beautiful, in need of redemption.

    But the real reason I am a Christian is because God loved me and pursued me until he won my heart over. It wasn't really my choice, it was like coming home to the home I was made for. There's this great poem, "The Hound of Heaven" by Francis Thompson, that beautifully expresses what I mean."

    Would I actually say all that? Would that even be what I SHOULD say? Who knows, I would hope that the Holy Spirit would give me the words that THAT PARTICULAR GUY needed to hear.

  16. anunmaker

    Because I love Jesus.

  17. Karen LH

    Because the most reasonable conclusion from the evidence of the gospels is that Jesus really did rise from the dead, which implies that the things that he said about himself were really true. Because Christianity is the only religion to say that God is Love. Because the cross answers the problem of how God can be both perfectly just and perfectly merciful.

  18. tunamill

    I think it would be too hard to summarize in an elevator? I'd say it would be best to leave him with something that would make him think about Christianity more profoundly.

    Best to turn the question on its head: he observes that you seem reasonable. Does he assume that being a Christian and being reasonable are incompatible?

    I would say, my reason led me to embrace the mystery of the Christian faith, and by trying to live by its teachings, I've found that what it teaches is true. So much of life is unreasonable and faith fills the emptiness of reason alone. It is the reason behind reason.

    I'd have to refer him to Pope Benedict or someone who says it far better than I ever could!

  19. Carrien

    I am compelled by a narrative of God entering a world broken by rebellion and self centeredness, of a God who gives His own blood to restore it, of a God who is good and able to redeem all things. I'm drawn by the tale of a kingdom that turns every world system an power structure on it's head, where the weak are blessed, the sick are healed, the dead are raised, someone bothers to tell the good news to the poor, rather than the rich and powerful. And we get to participate in this kingdom, we get to live an eternal quality of life starting now. We get to be part of the restoration of a broken planet, a broken humanity. We get to receive the life breath of the Creator and breath His life into all we touch and every situation we encounter, and this privilege is available to all who choose to believe.
    I'm a Christian because I believe that only in Jesus is true hope found, and only in the message of the kingdom is there means by which the power of evil can be broken.

    (That would probably take a bit longer than 40 seconds. But I talk fast. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. TL.

    I would say I became a christian because I was in love with someone, and it was bigger than me, bigger than what 2 people together can do.. So I started to believe in God. And from there I looked for what made the most sense… Being Christian(especially catholic) is not granted, it's a continuous search fro Truth.

  21. Anonymous

    "I read a book by CS Lewis called Mere Christianity that presented a reasoned, logical case for the truth of Christianity. That addressed my intellectual questions about Christianity. Then I started praying to God and reading the Bible, asking Him to give me guidance. I was guided toward Bible passages that seemed to directly answer my prayers. That provided a mystical experience that convinced me of the truth of Christianity."

  22. Jon Trott

    What a great question.

    "For me, it came down to two things.

    First one's long: I know I cannot 'prove' God exists as if he were an element on the periodic table. But what about interior evidence — matters of the heart? These would be things such as love, justice, and goodness which we humans seem to know are absolute yet we cannot achieve them… at least for long. When our very humanness itself is defined by the things we lack, doesn't that indicate someone else put that hunger — and those things — in existence?

    Second one's short: I met Christ. And he radically reoriented my entire life around Himself. That's my own evidence, though. [and, with a wink…] You might have to talk with Him to find yours.."

  23. Catholic Bibliophagist

    Whew! That's a question that needs a week's answer or none. In only 40 seconds I'd probably say, "Because I think it's true." Because when you get right down to it, there's no other really good reason.

  24. Bethgem

    "What makes you think I'm reasonable?" is the reasonable answer that jumps into my mind. Was it the way I pushed the button?

  25. Shannon

    One word:


  26. Paul, just this guy, you know?

    I look at it this way. If God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, and omnipresent, and if He made the world (it must have gotten here somehow), then no effort of mine (as I am none of those things) will be sufficient to find Him unless He wants to be found. So it's up to him to make himself available.

    Then I looked around, and discovered that He had done just that.

  27. Anonymous

    I think I would tell him that ever since becoming involved in Catholicism, it has helped to explain concepts like suffering and self-sacrifice in ways that make sense to me and reveal the beauty of God's plan for us. I would also tell him that I have seen God at work in my life and the lives of others in ways that have truly changed them for the better. Then, I would probably challenge him to attend RCIA and see how he feels once he's done.

    Jen G

  28. Matt

    This whole scenario is flawed in that the brain trust who thought it up is so egotistical to believe that someone would actually give a crap. That's the difference between Christians and people who aren't insane. Believe what you want, I'm not going to ask you to explain those beliefs to me and I sure as heck will not explain mine to you.

  29. coffeemom

    Well, it's pitiful and self absorbed, as usual. But the first thing that popped in my head and would probably blurt right out my mouth is

    "Because without it I'm not sure I could get out of bed in the morning."

    Period. And I'd smile because I'd feel like a dork. Which I am. And this is the reason I won't be talking anyone into the Church anytime soon!

  30. Herb of Grace

    I doubt that I would be able to actually say anything intelligable if I were actually IN that situation, but here in my living room thinking quietly about it….

    "Because I discovered that reason does not satisfy a longing I find deep within myself. Christ does."

  31. Anonymous

    These are great answers!

    Matt's comment raises a question for me: would your answer change if the question were asked in a sneering manner?

    I probably would be caught off guard no matter how the question was asked but if it were hostile grace might kick in.

    My short, unoriginal answer "because it's too good to be true and yet it is :)!".

    Jen, that you say he was in his early twenties makes me think it actually happened?

    Hannah G

  32. Marie

    I think the best thing to do would be to say, "Why do you ask?" and then hopefully I'd be good enough to listen while he answered, really listen enough to help me love a stranger, rather than just listen enough to gather info for a better argument on my part.

    Have you seen "The Big Kahuna"? I don't know if I'm interpreting it correctly or not, and it's a very coarse movie so if you don't like to watch that, I don't recommend it. But there's a character that is deeply religious and faces essentially the situation you describe. I think the message of the movie is that God is not about good salesmanship, but about love. That means us doing it, not just using God's love as our best argument in our pitch (not that it's not a great argument).

    Sure hard to do, took me all day to figure out how I'd even attempt it in 40 seconds, and I don't think I did so good. .. .

  33. Anonymous

    I would say: I learned the hard way and I have the scars to prove it that life without God leads only to a fortaste of hell. I found that everything Christ said that I can verify in my own life is true, so that leads me to conclude that what He said that I cannot verify must also be true.

  34. Peter

    I would like to think I would say

    "Because it makes sense of everything"

    In reality I would likely spend the time scribbling the titles fo several books and authors, blogs and my cell phone. *sigh*

    Best to be mysterious, joyful and clearly at peace with being Catholic.

  35. Joe Strain

    My answer to this 20 year old ..

    I believe because I was once a non-believer that thought I understood everything and while I thought I had it all.. well turned out I was totally wrong about it all.

    Once I became a believer and started my walk.. I learned what agape LOVE is, the grace that God gave to us.. and well I now know that I knew nothing at all am happy about that.

    Then I would receipt The Apostles' Creed and ask him if he wanted to get a cup of coffee and talk about it.. My treat of course ๐Ÿ™‚
    -handsome joe

  36. Matt

    Hey here's a question…

    Why can't Christian's make room for everyone's beliefs?

    The answer……

    Bigotry perhaps?

    Leave people alone. If they come to Christ on their own, as is the only way to do so, then they do. If not, then let people believe how they wish.

  37. sarah

    Because after many years of making virulently anti-Christian arguments and doing a lot of research to prove an opposite point, I came to see without a doubt that Christianity was the only realistic way to explain life and the universe.

    It also helped that God threw in a couple of inexplicable miracles along the way. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Courageous Grace


    You seem a tad bit hostile. If you read the original question posed by Jen, you'd see that the non-Christian in the elevator initiated the conversation in what seems a reasonable, polite manner. What is wrong with answering the question he poses? I sincerely pray that God bless you with his never-ending love and patience.


    I've been thinking about this post all day and have been trying to figure out what to say. Based on some of the responses I've seen here, I think I would say:

    "Because I believe that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. If you'd like a more in-depth explanation, I'd be happy to have a conversation about it. Here's my email address, let's set up a time to meet later?"

  39. Holly Rutchik

    Because there is proof we are loved at every turn. Ever look at a sunset, into a child's eyes or through a microscope? The first thing that comes to mind is, how can there not be a God?
    There must also be something universal in us all. Think of they person you dislike the most in this life—if you were trapped in this elevator with them for a few hours, chances are you would find something out about each other and walk away feeling better about that person–the face of Christ is alive in the faces of everyone.
    I'm not so good with these things. Could I write them an essay? HEHE.

  40. Melanie B

    "Leave people alone. If they come to Christ on their own, as is the only way to do so, then they do. If not, then let people believe how they wish.">


    You ignore that in the scenario the man asks for an explanation. Answering what do you say if someone asks is not the same as insisting on telling someone who doesn't want to hear it what you think.

    Which rather begs the question: Why are you here?

  41. Sara

    "Because I encountered a Presence so extraordinary that to deny the encounter or the Presence would be to deny a piece of myself. I'm not talking about hearing a voice or seeing a vision, I'm talking about my heart recognizing a Presence that satisfied it completely."

  42. Odgie

    I may be feeding a troll, but let me say this in response to Matt at 6:05 PM and 8:30 PM:

    The whole premise was how to respond to a question that someone asks you, not how to start a conversation uninvited. Read, and more importantly, comprehend, before commenting sport. Furthermore, I have been in situations like this (not necessarily in an elevator) so it is a legitimate question. Also, it was directed at other believers. If you have nothing of substance to add to the conversation, be quiet when the adults are talking.

  43. Janelle

    Matt: actually, I know of few people who come to Christ on their own… yes, He draws us individually by name, but so often, and was absolutely the case in my life, He touches us through other people who know and love Him.

    In answer to your first question:
    "Jesus Christ is the answer to man's most profound questions about the meaning of life."
    – Gaudium et Spes (latin for Joy and Hope)… a document from Vatican II

    If one had experienced the truth of this statement, something as deep and profound and life-changing as that, they would want to share it with people. Christians (ought to) love every single person on this planet radically, regardless of their beliefs, but that isn't going to stop us from sharing this amazing thing that we've found. In fact, loving people compels us to share it.

    Bigotry, seriously? The Christian life is about hope and love and joy and blessing! What have you experienced that you seem to think the opposite?

  44. Janelle

    It makes me happy!

    It's the biggest blessing of my life!

    Life with God is a delightful adventure!

    (one or all of these… they all seemed to need exclamation marks!)

  45. Clรณ Mhuire

    I would look at the young guy and say "When I look at the beauty around me, I know there is a Creator. I sought Him and I found Him!"

  46. Eva

    I think that i'm the person in the lift-(except I'm not a guy), and I think that I need to speak to each and every one of your personally! Sigh…

  47. sara

    I stutter and stumble and cough over my words, that's what. I guess I'll have to read these comments. ๐Ÿ™‚ I used to work as a glorified secretary in a venture capital company and I love the idea of a Christian elevator pitch. Never thought of it that way before.

  48. Mercer's Daughter

    The young man says, "so, why are you a Christian?"
    I say, "When my 12 yr. old son was shot and killed, I yelled at God for letting it happen and reminded Him of how much I had done for Him ($5 weekly in the collection basket at church… (When I went….I know, it's lame, but that's what I said!)."
    "So, He answered me."
    "Whaddee say?"
    "He said; "you never did anything for Me out of love"
    "Then, what?"
    "It was true, I never had.
    And, that was the beginning of my KNOWING there is a God and that I needed forgiveness for being such a jerk to Him. Jesus helped me with that as He knew everything I ever did, and still wanted me.
    Here's my phone number, call me if you want to talk more, okay? Peace be with you son."
    "Thanks lady".

  49. Anonymous

    I would say, cause I believe in life.

  50. Can I Change A Life?

    Matt, you might not be aware of it, but people do actually ask. In my life it's never been in an elevator, but nonetheless, people ask and seem to truly want to know.

    If somebody asks me anything in sincerity, whether about Christianity or anything else, I'm likely to respond.

  51. Larissa Smith

    Because I can't imagine facing this world without God.

  52. Anonymous

    I trust in the Lord Jeasus Christ. I'm a Roman Catholic and firmly believe he was born in a manger and died on the cross. I look forward to meeting him in heaven when I die. Simple faith and trust. Makes life sweeter helps me to treat people I meet better.

  53. Gina

    It's a tough question. I also posted a more detailed answer in my own blog. But basically I would give him a card or slip of paper with a hole poked in it, stand behind him and ask, "Without turning around or using any evidence other than what you see through that hole, why do you believe I'm standing behind you?"

  54. Dani

    Once upon a time I wasn't a Christian, or even an believer. The one week, I was having a series of horrible events. One day, I was at my breaking point and I happened to be on a bus when it passed a church. Some force that I didn't understand made me pull that bell, go off, and listen to the afternoon service. The homily changed my life. I've never looked back and I don't recognize myself now. And there is absolutely nothing reasonable in that. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a nice day.

  55. Dani

    Hi Matt,

    I don't push my beliefs on anyone. I fully support my friends of different roads (including Pagans and Atheists) and listen with an open heart and mind. This road is my journey. If anyone asks, I will answer. And if anyone shares, I will listen.

    Please don't judge all Christians with one brush in the same way that you would not want to be judged. How is it only bigotry if Christians "push" their beliefs and not the same the other way around?

    Do you know how many times I have gone to a social situation that is not all related to anything to do with church or God, and without saying anything at all about my faith, have atheists bring up the subject or their beliefs in conversation?

    How is a Christian who shares their belief any different than a non-christian who shares their beliefs? Why the distinction and the label?

    Just curious is all…

  56. Teresa

    Believing in Jesus Christ, I will have eternal life, with him and my loved ones who believe also. It doesn't get better than that.

  57. Anonymous

    Hey here's a question…

    Why can't Matt make room for everyone's beliefs?

    The answer……

    Bigotry perhaps?

    It's a two-lane road Matt. If you want all the "insane Christians" to "leave everyone else alone" or "make room for other peoples' beliefs," maybe you should do the same. Practice what you preach.

  58. Fr. Christian Mathis

    Don't know if there is a perfect answer, but I would probably say something along the lines of,

    "Because I need God's love and mercy and a community where I can be supported by others who also realize the need to be continually forgiven and strengthened."

    Then I would probably invite him to have coffee sometime if he wanted to talk more than 30 seconds in an elevator.

  59. Anonymous

    Because I am cognizant of my soul

  60. Christine

    I am a Christian because my parents are and my grandparents and their parents and so on and so on.

    I was taught but it took me along time to believe.

    I am a Christian because of LOVE. Because of Heaven. Because there is more. There is hope.

  61. Kacie

    I would say…
    1. A few years ago when I was getting out of college I went through a period of reevaluating everything I was raised to believe, so I understand where you're coming from because at that time I was looking at faith from the other perspective – assuming it is unreasonable rather than assuming its truth. However, the more I walked through those questions and examined my Christian faith, I have come to the conclusion that it is reasonable, and more than that, I am personally convinced of its truth because of my own personal experience with God and the hope that I have found through salvation in Christ. Only in the suffering love of Christ for man do I make sense of evil, pain, and life in general. Only in Christ is it all actually meaningful, and even beautiful.

    So – I am a Christian because I believe that the entire thing is actually true, as radical as that is.

  62. Kevin Adams

    Because, after a lot of thought, study, research, introspection, prayer, and soul-searching, I have come to believe that everything that the Catholic Church teaches to be revealed by God is, in fact, true.

  63. Daniel McLain Hixon

    if you examine the evidence for yourself you will come to this conclusion: Jesus Christ rose from the dead! And that changes everything!

  64. NC Sue

    I know this is offbeat, but when I considered myself an agnostic but started to notice something missing, I wondered if it was God. I wrote up a job description of what I thought God would do if he existed, then looked around the universe for evidence of this being's existence. I found it. I then read up on different faiths and different denominations to find what seemed to "fit" best with my understanding. And here I am!

  65. Jamie

    I am a Christian because of Jesus in the Eucharist. Because of love and hope for life everlasting.

    Great scenario, great topic!

  66. Jamie

    OK, this is a great one and keeps you thinking, doesn't it?

    I think I would say because I am Catholic and my faith is so rich and full of hope…along with my other answer!

  67. Megan

    Someone said this, maybe Einstein? Not sure but basically: There are two ways to live: As if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is. I don't find the first to be true, so I go with the second.

  68. Nicole Stallworth

    "Well, historically speaking, the case for Christianity is compelling. Anything I can say on that C.S. Lewis says a lot better, but basically, The existence of Jesus is historically sound, and you just have to make up your own mind whether he was God, mad, or evil. But I've grown up with Him, and I've learned enough about myself and the world to know that I can't live without Him."

  69. KimP

    I'm writing this before I read any of the comments to this post because if I read them, I'll decide that everyone else's answer is way better than mine and I'll give up. But I think this is what I would say:

    "I feel a vibrational hum all around me – in the trees, the grass, other people, in every thing. I believe this vibrational energy is God. And since I believe in God, I have to listen to the man who said God was his Father. And how he lived his life. What he showed us about suffering and sacrifice not only makes sense, but it is the only real explanation I can understand in finding meaning in pain. I'm a Christian because of the peace I have experienced by recognizing the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit in everyday life."

    At least that is what I hope I would say.

  70. Josephene

    This is a really good question! and I honestly think I wouldn't know what to say! Because I don't really have a "reason"; my faith is a gift, and I take it for granted. I know how cheesy and unhelpful that sounds.
    In trying to answer the question, I imagined I was asking myself that question, me being the guy in the elevator, asking me why.
    Well, I think my personality would respond, in the end, by giving the man my best possible smiley smile and say, "Because you are here! and you couldn't be here if it weren't for Someone having created you! You are too miraculous to explain as just the combination of cells." Something like that.

  71. elizabeth

    Mercer's Daughter ~
    I am so sorry for the loss of your son. I am SO thankful though, for your letting God into your heart and life. I was raised with a faith, Catholic – but never *chose* it for myself until into my adult life. What you have said – about Christ knowing everything about you (me-us) and still wanting/loving us – is profound, true – and yet to sink into my heart. I KNOW it in my head but have a hard time believing he COULD love me as He truly does. Also – DO I live for him, do for HIM – from love? Wow…Thank you for sharing

    Not sure what I would say in the elevator, at this time in my life. I know we should (must?!) have a reason for our faith — but I am struggling so with my unworthiness. I guess that would be it – I AM unworthy but He loves me anyway – always, without condition.

  72. Anonymous

    I'm a Christian because I've found that it's the best way to live. With God and His Church I am part of a relationship and a community that brings me love and fulfillment and gives my life a purpose and a direction. This makes me try to be the best person I can be and helps me live for the things that last.

  73. Tara Sz.

    Just said a prayer for Eva – keep searching! He'll come get you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. editor

    It's interesting.

    If someone asks why you love a spouse, or a child, or a friend, or a cause, or a flavor of ice cream, the answers flow freely and are easily understood and related to by all.

    If someone asks you why you love God, the answers become a potpourri of the abstract, the debatable and the unprovable. And even the faithful can't agree on basic reasons for loving God.

    Seems to me that God should make himself so certain, so tangible, so real…that 60 seconds would be plenty of time to prove Him.

  75. Jammie J.

    How can I explain in 40 seconds a God who is everything?

    How about "It's makes more sense to believe in God than to try to find reasons not to…"

  76. Laura

    Showing up late to the party, but my answer tends to be "Because I choose to believe that there is wonder in the world."

  77. R.C.

    Because I am intellectually convinced that it is true;

    Because whenever I start feeling doubts about it, I can always trace them to my non-Vulcan, all-too-human penchant for shifting moods, not to any change in the evidence or logic as I understand it;

    And because my experience has been that God has really led me and really loved me, making my life less like a diversion-filled slog from awareness to oblivion, and more like an adventure led by a really clever Outward Bound instructor who always seems to know exactly how far to push you, but able to help you out when you get beyond the limits of your ability.

  78. Anonymous

    I am a Christian because I sense an unmistakable truth deep in my soul when I read the words of Jesus in the gospels. Peg

  79. Gabrielle

    As a former atheist myself, i decided after much discontent about life in general to simply ask God to reveal himself to me, "if You are real and want anything to do with me, I simply want to know you." Guess what? He did it profoundly and magnificently right away. I have been a believer ever since. So when posed with that question (many times, I might add) I simply tell the person that if their interest is real and true, then "just ask God Himself".

  80. Aaron

    Did you know that there is more evidence on the existence of Christ and what He said and did for us that there is evidence that you or I exist right now?

  81. Anonymous

    An elevator pitch from my 17 year old son: Think back to learning history in school. Remember your history book? Remember when you learned about the Revolutionary War? Did you believe what you read even if you weren't there? If yes, then why? The Bible is a history book full of information that you can take as seriously as your history book in high school. Read it and believe it! Then find a great Catholic church and learn more.

  82. danielcox

    I'd look and smile while I silently asked God what He wants me to say.

    Doing so now, my first thought is "For the same reason you're asking me that question." You want to know the TRUTH. And the TRUTH…He's a person. Do you want to meet Him? I can introduce you.

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