My first giveaway!

July 27, 2009 | 105 comments

I’ve always loved the concept of giveaways and have wanted to do one for a long time, but wasn’t sure what I could give away. Then a couple weeks ago Mary Ostyn of Owlhaven offered me a couple of review copies of her fabulous book, A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family, and I decided that this was the perfect opportunity for a giveaway.

I am a huge fan of Mary’s blog and think that her book is a wealth of wisdom for all parents (not just those with large families!), and even has a lot of life management wisdom to offer for people in any busy phase of life, whether or not they have kids. I’m also throwing in a $25 gift certificate to Target as a little extra reader appreciation gift from me. (Sorry it’s only $25, y’all. After the recession my giveaways will be much more fabulous.) So here’s the scoop:

What I’m giving away
An autographed copy of A Sane Woman’s Guide to Raising a Large Family and a $25 gift certificate to Target.

Who can enter

How to enter

  • Leave a comment on this post telling me which post from this past Friday’s 7 Quick Takes carnival was your favorite, including a sentence or two telling us why you liked it. If you can’t choose just one, that’s fine! Feel free to rave about multiple posts in your comment.
  • The list of 7 Quick Takes posts is reproduced below for your convenience. Also, mine is not an option — please choose from only the list below.
  • I encourage you to leave a comment on the post that you choose to let the author know you liked it, though that’s not required.
  • If you comment here anonymously, please sign at least your first name so that it’s easy to identify you if you win.

The contest will be open until 9:00pm on this Thursday, July 30. I’ll announce the winner on Friday. Here’s the list. Happy browsing!

2. Genny @ MyCup2Yours
3. Angie @ Many Little Blessings
4. Theresa @ Off Topic
5. AllHisBenefits
6. Kathy @ The Political Housewyf
7. venite
8. Meredith @ Merchant Ships
9. Roxane @ Peace Garden Mama
10. Anna @ Annalogue
11. Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things
12. Kathryn @ The Bookworm
13. Elisa @ blissfulE
14. Erin @ Coming Out Catholic
15. carrien (she laughs at the days)
16. Sarah Reinhard
17. Debbie
18. Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side
19. Therese
20. Beth @ A Mom’s Life
21. Scarlett
22. Heather’s Hodgepodge
23. Diane#ginosko
24. Catherine
25. Pharmgirl @ Adventures in Pharm Land
26. Tami @ The Next Step
27. Charlotte (Matilda)
28. Elizabeth@In the Heart of my Home
29. Mrs K @ The First Four Years
30. Linda-One Voice
31. Sarah @ This Heavenly Life
32. Lenae
33. Lenetta @ Nettacow
34. Trena @ The Third Prayer
35. Jen @ With my Own Two Hands
36. Mary
37. Carolyn @ reluctant atheist
38. Nadja
39. Amy @ Finer Things
40. ThatMarriedCouple
41. Steph @ My Country Haven
42. majellamom
43. Megan@Blueberry Scones
44. Elena @My Domestic church
45. violingirl
46. Tina @ Multiple Mom T
47. Leigh-ann@Life’s Amazing
48. el-e-e
49. Janet in Toronto
50. CheekyPinkGirl
51. Veronica @ Toddled Dredge
52. Katherine @ The Domestic Church
53. NC Sue
54. Kathreja @ Vocation Quest
55. Em. @ Gratitude. Simplicity. Frugality.
56. Betty Beguiles
57. Erin @ Sky Blue Pink Roses
58. Aimee @ The Mother Load
59. Amanda @ The Mom Job
60. Elena
61. Rebecca
62. Melanie @ The Wine Dark Sea
63. Renee
64. Emily in NC
65. Emerging Mummy
66. Jordana@Curmudgeonry
67. Erika
68. Sarah
69. Kacie @ PapuaGirl inDallas
70. Dawn @ Sufficient for Today
71. Milehimama (Mama Says)
72. Baroquem
73. Sister Lynn @ Day by Day
74. katherine ~ senor elefante
75. Maggie
76. Mighty Maggie
77. Sara@CoffeeRandoms
78. Becky
79. Renee @ End of Nihilism
80. Marie, Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil
81. Jen V.
82. Joy @ joy in the morning
83. Emily a.k.a. Smoochagator
84. jolyn@amilitaryfamilyblog
85. Kingdom Mama
86. theRosyGardener
87. Rebecca
88. Cheryl
89. Jamie
90. Serina @Simple Solutions – Tangible Results
91. WeaverMom
92. JoAnna @ A Star of Hope
93. Tracy @ pursuingjoy
94. Christi @ Our Journey
95. warillever’s 7 splendid children
96. Kristen @ Small Treasures
97. Fencing Bear
98. Brandilicious
99. afamiliarpath
100. Love2learn Mom
101. Christine the Soccer Mom
102. Hope
103. Matching Moonheads
104. Marisa
105. Miranda
106. Lerin @ Beautiful Chaos
107. Carly at the Tree
108. Amy
109. TL
110. Herb of Grace
111. Erin @ Light of My Life
112. Nicole @ As Many As We’re Given
113. Thomas
114. TraderTif
115. Annemarie
116. Deedee
117. TwoSquareMeals
118. Amber @ Pepperland
119. Salome Ellen
120. MommyMonkey
121. Misty@SharingistheHappyWay
122. Emily
123. Lisa @ The Berry Patch
124. Kim @ Love Letter to my Kids
125. Stephanie
126. Elise@Anything Goes
127. Alice@Supratentorial
128. Sue
129. Elizabeth@Frabjous Days
130. AgnesRegina @ The Steel Lily
131. Petroni
132. suburbancorrespondent
133. Peony Moss
134. Dakotapam
135. Kimberly (Selkie1970)
136. Virginia Mom (Disney Edition)
137. Jen
138. Mary@HopeEchoes
139. Diana @ DePriest Days
140. Dymphna
141. ViolinMama
142. Joey @ Campbells Cozy Corner
143. Udubalum Mama
144. Amy @ From the Desk of Mom
145. Tess
146. Stacy
147. Erin@Seven Little Australians Plus One
148. Christine@Good Company
149. KC
150. the luxurious life of anna
151. Christian H aka English Clergyman
152. My Twenty Cents Keeps Moving
153. Laura
154. Amy
155. Arwen @ ABCFamily
156. Diane
157. Amy F
158. Krysta
159. Tienne McKenzie
160. Laughing Lioness
161. Julie Stiles Mills
162. sarah@ fumbling toward grace
163. Eliz
164. Lindsey
165. Shelley @ …life on the farm
166. Mahsheed
167. Shannon @ Apron Strings
168. Karin @Mommy Matters Blog
169. Jaibee

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My hope is that everyone will discover some great new blogs to read through this contest. Every week I delight in catching up with everyone through their 7 Quick Takes posts, and I wanted to use this giveaway as an opportunity to encourage others to see how much fun it is to “meet” other people by reading their seven random thoughts each week.


  1. Christine

    I checked out Kingdom Mama. Her blog is great with all the kiddos!

  2. NancyinAbq

    I especially love #143, UdubalumMama, because she is my daughter-in-law and she's a loving wife to my son and she's doing a fantastic job raising my grandchildren to be God fearing lovers of the Word, not the world.

  3. amy

    I am voting for "Nicole @ as many as we're given". I love the messy house pictures; it makes me want to stop by her house for a cup of tea (and maybe take a nap on the pile of blankets).

  4. Lil Red

    #50 – Cheeky Pink Girl. She sums up how I'm feeling about the Michael Jackson Show, and the universal Healthcare Bill. A runner up would be #52 – Katherine @ The Domestic Church, first reason that she also has a daughter named 'Cecilia' (though we spell ours differently), and also has a newborn.

  5. Theosis

    #61 – Rebecca

    Her post reflects so much of my own life. Thank you, Rebecca, for opening up your life to us in a frank, loving, and confident way.

  6. Laurel

    148. Christine@Good Company… I love how she's breaking up Caritas in Veritate into daily bites, so that I can get a sense of the document without my pregnancy brain spazzing and making me put it down. Thanks, Christine!!!

  7. NC Sue

    I've got to go for Cheeky Pink Girl. For one thing, I love the name of her blog, but she's also whetted my curiosity with her promise to reveal finds from the pre-Vatican-II stash she uncovered. I'm looking forward to peeking into the pile with her!

  8. Joan G.

    My favorite: 112. Nicole @ As Many As We're Given

    I love the carefree attitude she exhibits in parenting!

    – Joan

  9. Susan L

    I liked MommyMonkey's post about her daughter telling everyone that there was a baby in her Mommy's belly when there wasn't. Kids are so cute. LOL.

  10. okie

    I went to Betty Beguiles because I thought it was nice of someone to help clean up the poop of another parent's child, and stayed because I started forwarding many of her posts to my wife! I finally just forwarded my wife the link to all her posts on modesty. It spurred off many great discussions with my wife…she is happy to find modest clothes made for women who don't want to look like extras on little house on the prairie, and I am happy that my wife forsees a day where she will not have to lament buying new clothes!

  11. Hannah

    I laughed at adventures in pharm land because she mentioned all my favorite 80's Nick shows. And now I have the theme song to salute your shorts in my head. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dawn Farias

    I enjoyed Toddled Dredge, #51.

  13. Amy

    Charlotte(Matilda)'s #27 – she made me laugh and laugh, and then cry, all in one post. There were so many great ones though, I love finding new blogs through your 7 Quick Takes.

  14. TL.

    My favorite is Studeo
    I didn't know that blog and I loved it! I really enjoyed this post, so much that I added it in my reader! ๐Ÿ™‚ I laughed so much at her CHarlie Brown tomato branch!
    I found lots of great bloggers here:
    – Dawn
    – tammy
    anne marie
    and probably many others. I try to comment every time I read a new blog..
    I really like 7QTF for discovering new points of view.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Curryba

    I vote for Arwen's because I really appreciated the tip about headaches and water!!

  16. Suburban Correspondent

    I liked Dawn@SufficientForToday also. It was funny.

    Boy, you're making us work for this prize!

    Also, I'm sorry I forgot to link to your blog for my 7 Quick Takes. How do I put that button on my post?

  17. Jennie

    I checked in at Coffee Randoms for the first time … I'm always looking for books to read, and her reading list was inspiring.

  18. Sarah L.

    #62- Melanie B's Wine Dark Sea, because her baby photos are so darn cute, and plus she just had a baby and has her act together enough to be writing blog posts!

  19. comingoutcatholic

    Ooo really hard to choose my favorites on this one. #52 Domestic Church, was a really good one. I loved her Hell's Kitchen tidbits, since I haven't kept up with the show, but I LOVE cooking shows, and the book reviews are nice too.

    #56 Betty Beguiles is always a favorite of mine, and this week was no exception. She's going through a bit of a hard time and could use some extra prayers right about now.

  20. Peter and Nancy

    My heart was warmed by CarrieN "She Laughs at the Days" because of her generous attitude when her kids are sick. And by her compassion for orphans. (I'm an international adoptive mama, so I share her love for children with no family.)

    Thanks for broadening my bloggy horizons. :o)
    — Nancy

  21. Mary Poppins NOT

    I liked Melanie B.'s also (Wine Dark Sea), because I can't get enough baby pics, but also of her other children and her garden. A woman I can relate with and admire.

    I also liked Cheeky Pink Girl, and could relate especially with the "isn't it hard enough to feed your family well and in a budget without all the pressure to be locally grown, organic, slow food, etc??"

  22. Salome Ellen

    Well, I sort of HAVE to like Arwen at ABC family, seeing as how she's my daughter. ;-D If I should win, you can be sure that all my large family, now mostly grown, will read it!

  23. Shannon, Mommy to seven

    I have to go with #27 and #28, Charlotte and Elizabeth, because I also hate shoe shopping!

  24. Celeste

    Arwen's (at ABC Family) post was too, too funny, and that shortbread recipe she recommended at the end looks divine.

    And Kristen's (at Small Treasures) was so very sweet.

  25. Kim

    Papua Girl in Dallas is my favorite. I really enjoy her writing – it's well thought out but not dull.

  26. Stefanie Hartman

    I like Amanda – the Mom Job. What a sweet blog she has. I am now a follower. Blessings

  27. Sara

    Fencing Bear. I found another alternate reality comic freak! Yay!

  28. Deedee

    I loved Political Housewyf's one year summary – lots of information to read through, and an interesting look back at the last year!

    But I also liked Angie's post at Many Little Blessings – there are too many good posts to choose!

  29. Inspired Catholic

    #52: Katherine @ the Domestic Church

    Books, reality tv, Coraline, scary dreams, and children's songs like "Tinkle Tinkle, Little Star": she hit 7 of my favorite things! Clever, enlightening, and inspiring! Wonderful job!

  30. Joy

    #31 Sarah of This Heavenly Life
    #52 Katherine of This Domestic Church

    Both share their faith journey as they love their families with humor and wisdom I look forward to reading about everyday!
    Wonderful pictures, movie tips, and gardening adventures are the sprinkles on top!!

  31. Heather

    My fav is #26, Catherine Wheels. I especially found this line funny: "My dad says I should not ascribe human caprice to computers, because they only do what they are told, but I have my doubts." This is totally how I feel about computers, especially when my computer acts like my toddler.

  32. Eva

    The serindipitous (?) nature of this is amazing- I randomly clicked
    on Emerging Mummy, and found THE most beautiful blog banner, but also a kindred spirit- she raves about universal healthcare (yeah, baby), being a 'flexitarian' (read to be enlightened- I believe I am one!) her little ones are Richard Scarrey fans (the cover have been loved off ours) and shes an attachment parenting breastfeeder.
    I think I love her. At least shes my new BFF. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (PS, if I DID happen to win, could you give the voucher to someone else, please, as I'm in Australia).

  33. Party of Eight

    I have to go with #28, Elizabeth. She is such an inspiration and there is a guarantee of feeling uplifted when I visit her blog. Thanks, Jennifer!

  34. Milehimama

    Kathy at Political Housewife. Her link to the adoption post – the Chinese abandoned babies – was wonderful and terrible. If you KWIM.

  35. Marcy

    I liked #70 Dawn at Sufficient for Today's post. It cracked me up!!! I too deal with the TV and video issue already, and my oldest child is only 2. Hopefully as he gets a bit older and able do more activity type of things, we can have less TV and video time in our house.

  36. Amy @ Finer Things

    Meredith @ Merchant Ships is my fave. I subscribe to her blog and love her short, meaningful posts. She says so much with so few words.

  37. Anna

    I think I'm going with Marie, at Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil.

  38. Frugal Momma

    I liked Emergin Mummy's comment about Richard Scarry and babies having kittens!

  39. Chere

    I love #137 by Jen because she is an inspirational Catholic mom who is raising 3 beautiful girls under 4. She's got a gift for writing about "normal" everyday life and I'm proud to say she's my daughter!

  40. Genny

    I liked so many of these, but I'd have to say Rebecca (#61). I appreciated her reminder to live life fully, in the moment with our families, and to be aware about the amount of time we spend online.

  41. Laura

    I enjoyed Petroni, makes me miss being pregnant!

  42. Carrie

    I loved Elizabeth's quick takes, because I feel the same exact way when I come home from vacation. I wish it looked as perfect as the place that I stayed!

  43. Roxanna

    I like

    #28- Elizabeth
    #97- Kristen
    #137- Jen (love your mom's comment Jenny)
    #155- Arwen


  44. Philothea

    I liked Melanie's at Wine-Dark Sea. Her baby pictures were so cute!

  45. Patty H.

    I really liked the posting of Coming Out Catholic. I have read her posts before and can really relate to her musings. I especially liked her comments on writing and the writing process.

  46. Sara J.

    I have to say Kristen at Small Treasures because reading her blog always inspires me.

  47. Erin @ Sky Blue Pink Roses

    I appreciated Janet in Toronto's Domestic Bliss blog because of her directions for making a simple fruit fly trap.

  48. This Heavenly Life

    Lenae #32 always has something funny or sweet to tell us, and this week was no exception. Her little (growing) family is so sweet.

    And Mommymonkey #120 (I think?) cracked me up with the story about her daughter and the non-existent baby in mommy's belly. Too cute.

  49. Becky D.

    #62 Melanie's blog is a regular of mine. Newborn baby pictures are always so wonderful.

    #61 Rebecca comments about how productive computer time really is and those simple little summer things you do with our kids was something I could really relate to.

  50. Leigh-ann

    My favorite this week was anna's luxurious life. I loved the pictures of her boys–precious!

  51. Catherine

    I enjoyed Marie's quick takes @ Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil. Funny, and a cool book recommendation!

  52. The Sojourner

    I vote Melanie at The Wine-Dark Sea. Cute baby pictures. 'Nuff said.

    Honorary mention goes to Fencing Bear (whom I'd never read before; see, it's working already) for the link to the article about going barefoot.

  53. Charlotte (Matilda)

    #60 Elena had me spitting water out my nose with "Mennonite cross-dresser" and now, it keeps randomly popping into my head and making me giggle uncontrollably.

  54. Amanda

    I vote for Kelly the Kitchen Kop. Her baby food "take" is an important thing to consider, and her blog is a recently discovered favorite as I seek more recipes and skills in the kitchen.

  55. The Sojourner

    P. S. I just finished reading that book yesterday (my mom had gotten it from the library). Loved it.

    (Sorry if commenting twice throws things off. Please don't count me twice!)

  56. blissful_e

    I enjoyed the cute kiddo photos Nicole posted at "as many as we're given". ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. Rose

    Okay, so I randomly clicked on several that didn't catch my attention at all, and then I clicked on #70 (I think)…Dawn at Sufficient for Today. That was hysterical! It made my day!! As a stay-at-home, home school mom of 5 kids – I imagine 'media restriction' would go very similar to her experience. Just a great laugh!!

  58. Angie @ Many Little Blessings

    It was so fun to take some extra time to look around.

    It's a tough choice, but I'll have to pick Meredith from Like Merchant Ships as my favorite. It was just a delight visually!

  59. Amelia

    Betty Beguiles brought tears to my eyes on Friday, not least due to her amazingly courageous and other-centered attitude about her family's tough times. Definitely pray for them and please go donate on her blog if you can.

  60. amy

    I love nicole's post at as many as were given…love the idea of the summer of "yes" and I can relate to the kids having so much fun jumping on all of the pillows!

  61. silverhartgirl

    I liked Laughing Lioness goldengrasses
    I try to eat from my garden a lot and I love flower pics and updates.

  62. Anonymous

    I liked Rebecca's best. The part about the amount of time spent online was a reminder I needed.


  63. Michelle P.

    I'm going to go with Beautiful Chaos. I'm considering both breastfeeding and cloth diapering this next baby (both of which are new to me)and those happend to be the first 2 things she wrote about. (Thanks for the recommendation on diapers! lol!) I like her blog bc its refreshing to see someone close to my age with as much "chaos" as I have! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. beyondhomemaking

    #11 Sarah and #28 Elizabeth. I'm always fans of theirs. ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Amy

    There are a lot of great blogs but I am a very big fan of like merchant ships. We seem very similar in our thinking and she seems sweet and has great advice for her love of entertaining which I am still not so good at. By the way, I am a huge fan of your blog too. It was very important for my return to the Catholic church. Just wanted to throw that out there because I don't comment much and let you know. And say thank you for that. Amy

  66. Ross and Jill's Blog

    I like Kristen at Small Treasures. Her love for life and God shows through!

  67. Anonymous

    #96 Kristan Small Treasurer. Prayer focused on her husband. She is quite caring and family oriented. I love reading her. Don't remember if I found her through your column or Antique Mommy but I wish she would post more regularly.

  68. Marie

    A list is o.k.?
    All his benefits โ€“ great #7 about how we change when people are listening.
    Notio bonum โ€“ good spider take and I love quotes so adore the tag line.
    Like Merchant Ships โ€“ Iโ€™m a sucker for that clean, well-lighted place look.
    Annalogue โ€“ lots of thoughts, which Iโ€™m also a sucker for, and I love the nod to Islam. Comes down to it, though, itโ€™s her description of her โ€œmethodโ€ when she faces anxieties that I found most useful.
    Amongst Lovely Things โ€“ good post on required reading.
    Aussie Coffee Shop for the announcement, of course.

    Too many blogs, Iโ€™m coming up for air.
    Really great โ€œcontestโ€ by the way โ€“ way to spread the love around. . . ..

  69. Anonymous

    Post #56 Betty Beguiles, touched my heart. Also I liked #16 by Sarah. "Baby Feet" are fabulous!!

    By Lisa Pate

  70. JoAnna

    My favorite is #62, Melanie @ The Wine Dark Sea, because of those utterly adorable pictures of her new baby Benedict. Squee! He is just the cutest thing!

  71. Kimberly

    I like the Time Traveller's Wife, mostly because she is Disorganized, Discombobulated AND Devoted.


  72. Sarah Reinhard

    Betty Beguiles had a great collection, and I also enjoyed 10 Minute Writer's quick takes this week, though I didn't see her on the list (am I blind? or is she not there?). Anyway, what a treasure trove this week! There's just no way I can get to them all (unless I allow, oh, months…). Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Jen, and for all you do!

  73. Shooting Stars Mag

    My favorit was Life's Amazing here:

    because she sounds a bit like me. I'm pretty shy for the most part and it's hard for me to get involved and do things, so showing more of my personality on the web is definitely the best and easiest way to go for now.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  74. Stephanie

    I've enjoyed reading #73, Mighty Maggie's blog, a lot lately. I can't remember if it was in 7 quick takes or in a post later that weekend (I found her through links on both your blog and another), but she mentioned recently how it's not so bad to be 2 in the summertime, especially when your mom lets you eat popsicles in front of the t.v. before bed. The line made me laugh, as our bedtimes have been a little lax lately too. It's not so bad for my son to be 2 in the summertime, either.

  75. Paula Kittle

    #8 Because Meredith is from my neck of the woods!

  76. Kate P

    I always enjoy Mighty Maggie, and her participation in the 7 quick takes is always interesting (despite her doubts they are, from time to time).

    I read Erin's blog "Coming Out Catholic" for the first time today.

  77. Cmerie

    I'd have to say Sarah Reinhard. I have to agree with her about baby feet. Also, I found my next cookbook from her link to Saving Dinner.

  78. Tammy

    Two Ways of Renouncing the Devil. She writes: What bugs do you let stay in your house?"
    Are you kidding me? This makes me shudder! Any self respecting woman would let NO bug stay in the house for the love of pete! I can't even fathom such a thing….eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  79. Elizabeth@Frabjous Days

    Melanie at the Wine Dark Sea. Gorgeous baby swings the vote!

  80. Krysta

    I enjoyed hearing about BlogHer at by Eliz @ Tink's Mom

  81. Natalia

    I liked Seven Little Australians. I have wanted a book display for years, though I thought I'd make them with eavetroughing, a garage sale shelf would be much less work. And I also like her art centre idea.

    I hope I win the book as I have a big family, need advice, and have read Owlhaven's blog for a long time!

  82. Ana Braga-Henebry

    I have yet to write seven quick takes. Are they supposed to be just seven random things that went through your head that day?

    I enjoyed The Lighthouse's takes. Different, literary and thoughtful. Nothing against kids and gardens and recipes, my own blog is full of them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  83. The Vogt Family

    You're right! I got to read many great new blogs. Although I found a few really good ones, women that I felt I could connect with, I loved all the ideas offered by Serina in her Simple Solutions – Tangible Results blog (#90). She has inspired me to take a good look at my kitchen and offered some good, cheap ways to spruce it up!

  84. Jodi

    I really enjoyed Apron Strings and Needed Things. She made me laugh and also recommended Screen-It, which I had never heard of but am very thankful to have found. Jen, this was a great idea. Thanks for helping me discover other blogs. God bless!

  85. becca

    I really liked the post at Simple Solutions – Tangible Results. I am pregnant and nesting, so it was inspiring to read an orderly way to go about nesting in my kitchen. I've already gotten started!

  86. Kat L

    I enjoyed the Political Housewyf. It was fun that this is her anniversary of blogging, so she listed some of her favorite posts. It is interesting to hear about her experiences with international adoption.

    By the way, your blog is my very favorite, Jen, and I don't think I've ever commented before. I have put several of your posts on my Facebook account, though, because I love them so much.

  87. Sarah

    Dawn's #70 is awesome. I try this on myself, as my son is only 2. On him, I try to limit "Watch Barney" to twice a day. But some afternoons, I have to admit, are brought to us, by Barney.

  88. Jen

    How fun! I read 10 on either side of my post (and then the time limitations became reality) and liked Stacy's So Blessed the best. Thought-provoking, funny, interesting link – something for everyone!

  89. Rosemary

    I liked Petroni b/c she reminded me of Julie and Julia (a movie I really want to see) and gave a recommendation for a great book: Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs and Parenting.

    Also, she shares good news about her placenta previa, and I always love to hear something turned out well!

  90. Anonymous

    My favorite is #28, Elizabeth in the Heart of My Home. I read her blog most days–I always find gentleness, and loving ways to be with a family. I find it especially directs my thoughts to higher, more holy things. Thank you, Elizabeth.

    Linda Maggioncalda

  91. Cheryl

    I choose Elizabeth @ In the Heart of my home. I related to coming back from the beach and wanting to declutter and I'm also reading Morning By Morning.

  92. Melanie B

    I loved Sarah's post at This Heavenly Life. Her girls are so funny and cute and her carrots are inspiring.

    And then JoAnna at A Star of Hope grabbed me with her #1 quick take. I'm such a sucker for those ultrasound photos.

  93. Tienne

    I vote for Charlote Matilda's!

    Her humor and warmth really comes through, and I love the rest of her blog, too!

  94. Claire

    My vote's for last-but-not-least Jaibee. She got one response to her post and it wasn't a light one. This blogging business is no joke and anyone brave enough to write about "God & particle physics" pretty much rocks.

  95. Lenetta @ Nettacow

    #32 Lenae made me honest-to-goodness laugh out loud!

  96. Kathy

    I couldn't possibly pick just one! But, fortunately, we have permission to pick multiples, so I'll point out:

    #4 Theresa at Off Topic: Haiku, gardening, kids… what's not to love?

    #66 Jordana at Curmudgeonry: How can you not love a name like that? Lavender, homeschooling, Star Wars music on kazoo, lots of gardening and recipes.

    I guess I just like eclectic blogs. Still, I hate to pick only two…

  97. Dawn Farias

    I'm sorry to add another comment but I didn't participate correctly and it's bugging me:

    1. I liked Toddle Dredge because she made me laugh unexpectedly several times.

    2. I left a comment on her blog.

  98. Julie M.

    Wow, so many great blogs…I could read all day!
    Papua Girl…in Dallas really grabbed me because I, too, just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary and love talking about books and movies. I was also intrigued by her globetrotting background and plan to read more on her blogs.

  99. Rebecca of Blue Bell

    I'm going to go with 79–Renee and End of Nihilism. I love how random it is and how many different interesting angles she gets in–there's mom stuff, but stuff that's not just for moms, too

  100. sarah e.

    Okay, I can't resist! I would love to win that book! (Thank you for your generosity, Jen!)

    I loved Charlotte (Matilda) at #27. She made me laugh out loud! Sometimes we take ourselves too seriously both online and in real life. I welcome a good laugh whenever I can find it.

  101. Jenny E.

    I just discovered your blog the other day from Julie D. @ Happy Catholic. I know that your's doesn't count in this giveaway but had to say that I've been enjoying reading it — I especially like what you said in "Choosing Patience."

    Now, as a catholic Mom of four kids – aged toddler through teen – who is addicted to reading about politics and needs all the help I can get in the 'domestic' aspects of my life, there was a blog for all occasions. But I am choosing both #6 Kathy @ the Political Housewyf and #58 Aimee @ the Motherload. I liked the Politcal Housewyf because of my previously mentioned addiction to politics. And I've been giggling at the kids' antics at the Motherload and am very interested in all her writings on SPD.

    No matter who wins this giveaway, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to discover so many great blogs. While I know it will take me awhile to visit all 170 of them, I know that your post will be here as a link to each of one. What a wonderful resource!

  102. Misty

    I didn't get to pop over to nearly as many as I would have liked but I really enjoyed reading Sarah's post at Amongst Lovely Things and was also happy to discover Kacie @ Papua Girl in Dallas- she is right in my neighborhood! There were others but those stick out. Glad for this contest and a little impetus to check out some new blogs. It was great. Thanks!

  103. Laura

    I liked the whole posting by kristen@smalltreasures. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


  1. My first giveaway! | Conversion Diary - My first giveaway! | Conversion Diary... [...]I checked out Kingdom Mama. Her blog is great with all the kiddos! Reply.…

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