What’s your defining post?

August 31, 2009 | 62 comments

The other day someone I know emailed me to ask what kind of blog I have. Rather than send her my “about me” text or the link to the main URL of my site, I decided to come up with just one post to direct her to that captures the type of writing I do here. I decided to go with the post about the prank call with the Christian guy that went horribly awry: it involves the story of a specific situation, atheism, an outsider’s impression of Christianity, me being an idiot — all the things that one commonly sees in posts here at Conversion Diary.

Anyway, it was fun to try to come up with one post that captures the feel of my site. I began wondering what other bloggers would say is their “defining post” as well, so I decided to whip up a Mr. Linky list and make it a fun little one-time blogging carnival! Here’s the scoop:

What’s Your Defining Post?

Below is a Mr. Linky list for you to submit the one post that you think captures the essence of your blog. It doesn’t have to be anything profound — just a nice read that’s a good representation of what you typically write about. A few requests:

  • Only one entry per blog.
  • To avoid spam, please no giveaway posts or posts that are mainly about a product or service.
  • As another spam prevention measure, the post should be from the past (8/29/2009 or before). No new posts, please.
  • If your post has profanity, please put an asterisk after the title in the “Your name” box in the Mr. Linky list to alert readers who may be sensitive to that.
  • Make sure the link you submit is to the specific post instead of your main blog URL (if you’re not sure how to do that, here’s a tutorial). Because of the nature of this list, I’ll need to delete any links that are to the main blog URL.

This isn’t a requirement, but I would recommend putting a descriptive title in the “Your name” box in the Mr. Linky form. For example, if I were to submit my post I mentioned above, I might write Of prank calls and humility (Conversion Diary) instead of just Jennifer or Conversion Diary.

I’ll leave the list open until Wednesday morning. I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts! I think this will be fun. And for those of you who are browsing along with me, I encourage you to take a moment to leave a comment if you come across posts you particularly enjoy — I know the authors would appreciate it!

1. Rebecca – Courage
2. Lies My Enemy Told Me at “the 832”
3. Tertium Quid
4. The Call to Adoption
5. The great blogging deception (Peace Garden Mama)
6. Actual Responsibility (Adventures in Pharm Land)
7. Lizzie @ Lizzie’s Home (Miracles In The Flaws – autism)
8. vital things
9. Stefne Miller – Open Your Eyes
10. Silencing Chicken Little (Elizabeth Esther)
11. Simple Rich & Lovely Homeschooling (Amongst Lovely Things)
12. Jordan @ MamaBlogga (Mothers are true nobility)
13. Blair’s Blessings
14. Stephanie–Autumn
15. Super-Hero Panties
16. Sarah – One Thousand Boring Choices (Chrysalising)
17. Why You Shouldn’t Adopt (Steady Mom)
18. Kelly Langner Sauer
19. anne(Only Say the Word)
20. Maggie – More Real Food
21. Tom Gilson
22. Purple Days
23. Renee- “When Life was a given”
24. Crockpot Faith
25. The Cynical Christian (Goodness)
26. Katharine Grubb (10 Ways Motherhood Makes me a Better Writer)
27. Why I Don’t Work from Home (Becky)
28. NCSue: Strip away the non-essentials
29. Passing Our Time (Margie)
30. Travelling (Tomasino Blog)
31. “This is why” by Venite
32. ThatMarriedCouple – GPS Jab
33. Laughter and Sorrows working with teen girls in Bolivia (Emily)
34. Comforter
35. Amy @ Finer Things (Leap of Faith)
36. Jeni (Lightning Bug Nights)
37. Second Verse (Diane)
38. Off-Limits Questions (Evolving in Monkey Town blog)
39. Emily a.k.a. Smoochagator
40. Betty Beguiles (Modesty)
41. Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker – simplify!
42. Jesse Scharff
43. Four Years in the Life @Maple Grove
44. Elizabeth@In the Heart of my Home
45. The Sacred in Writing
46. Jane (My guardian angel’s favorite place)
47. Sarah @ This Heavenly Life (Silly essay on being appreciated [or not…])
48. Joy – Gains and Losses
49. Hannah – Stubborn Fish Tales
50. Blessed Are the Meek (Meghan @ Out of the Woods)
51. Aileen – Following Childhood Dreams.
52. Sherri Edman (The Moral Universe of Outlaw Country)
53. pregnant?!
54. Milehimama (Mama Says)
55. shriek house (a thing created)
56. How I found my super hero
57. HisFireFly – Obstacles
58. I Did Not Teach My Children the Alphabet (Life Nurturing Education)
59. Ginkgo100: Ethics of surrogacy—representative of several themes I write a
60. Udubalum Mama
61. Two “Nos”, One “Yes” and the Kingdom to Come (Fr Christian Mathis)
62. Renee@crazyacres
63. Sarah (The Liturgy of an 8 Year Old)
64. Mrs. Bethany Hudson
65. Fencing Bear at Prayer
66. Breaking Murphy’s Law
67. kerath25
68. The Keeping Time
69. Jeffrey’s Wife, A Couple On The Way To Adoption
70. Dedicating our lives and talents to God (Rina)
71. Under All These Masks (Ann Voskamp@HolyExperience)
72. Are you available?
73. Lerin @ Beautiful Chaos
74. In the Hudson (Weird, Unsocialized HSers)
75. Let us dress like tramps in the house of the Lord! (Trocaria’s Tantrums)
76. Can I Actually Write?
77. Maria-I Said Thank You to My Hero
78. Thoughts on Motherhood After a Miscarriage ( Melanie @The Wine Dark Sea)
79. I love being a mother (Making Gumbo)
80. Scripture Reflection (Written on your heart)
81. Linda-“Self”
82. The Girl in the Mirror (Down this Beaten Path)
83. Emily
84. Half-Eaten Fruit (EnviroBecca)
85. We Are a Catholic Family: Tweeting Catholic Lessons
86. Ricardo
87. A Power Ballad is Not a Hymn (Paragraph Farmer)
88. God Is Liberal (Ruth Ann)
89. Marie
90. How to Hear God (Anna @ Annalogue)
91. Lisa@SoundMind&Spirit
92. Florinda/The 3 R’s (Bad mothers, good mothers…)
93. deb @ talk at the table
94. Hunter/Gatherer (SAHM Carrie)
95. Christian H/English Clergyman; a list of realizations
96. Confessions of An Organized Homeschooler (Classically Catholic)
97. Lindsey
98. Secular Pro-life Arguments (Scarlett @ Frankly My Dear)
99. Beth @ Not a Bow in Sight! (Peace for the Moment)
100. But Alas, I and My Children Turned Out to Be Human (Pursuing Titus 2)
101. MommyMonkey, Hitting Closer to Home
102. I’M REALLY NOT A FOOD SNOB – Kelly the Kitchen Kop
103. The shortest play, ever
104. Genny – Creating Quality Time by Ignoring the Clock
105. William Eunice
106. Life of a Nurse-Midwife In Training
107. Catherine @ To Mark Time (educating a child with Asperger’s)
108. Home, part 1 @ across the gypsy flat road
109. JimmyV (NFP On Holiday!)
110. Finding Christmas Again
111. suburbancorrespondent
112. Ville Marie
113. Sorry seems to be the hardest word (mosaicsynapse)
114. Alice@Supratentorial(pediatrics and parenting)
115. tugging on my heartstrings (Elisa @ blissfulE)
116. Hope & Faith(Hopeful Mommy)
117. Lenetta @ Nettacow (Keeping Toddlers Occupied in the Car)
118. Liz Swift
119. Risk and Friendship (Love2learn Mom)
120. babies, hypochondria, and idiocy (Rebecca)
121. Steven Cooper
122. Leslie — A Holy Substitute
123. What’s My Motivation? (Yes Our Hands Are Full)
124. Danielle
125. my daughter…my heart by Mary @ Passionate Perseverance
126. sarah@ fumbling toward grace (humility and grace at Easter)
127. Frogs don’t stick
128. a newly consecrated virgin
129. Me in the jungle (Roxanna@Randomestic Tales)
130. Remembering Dad: Robert A. Keller #1 (Ruth Ann)
131. BettyDuffy: Catholic Birth Control
132. A Little Loose Change (Three Buck A Day Gourmet)
133. Obi’s Sister
134. How enthusiatically must you believe?
135. Sarah(Forgiven Much)
136. St. Blogustine
137. The Gift of Special Needs (Aimee@ The Mother Load)
138. Lucy
139. Eliz* (only incidental) – Staying smart and funny in the midst of turmoil
140. The Accidental Naturalist (@ Eileen on Him … at least I try!)
141. Kitchen Stewardship (What is Kitchen Stewardship?)
142. The Role of God in the Public Square
143. Hellboy Review (Enbrethiliel of Sancta Sanctis)
144. Prison Chaplain experiences

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  1. Rebecca

    Wow Jennifer, that was really really hard. My blog is about lots of things, every day life mostly, but lately (though only evidenced by a few posts) it is a place I can go to process some struggles we've been facing.

    I went back and forth between the post I selected http://rebecca-feelmylove.blogspot.com/2009/08/courage-revisited.html

    and this post http://rebecca-feelmylove.blogspot.com/2009/07/music-monday_27.html that had a lighter feel, but hit up a little more about our everyday life.

    Can't wait to read the others.

  2. Kimberlie

    OK, because I am just that technically challenged, I posted 3 times. The link at #6 is actually the one I wanted to post. Please forgive "Kimberlie" at #s 4 and 5. I am a geek.

    Your blog is awesome!

  3. sarah haliwell

    great idea, thank you! 🙂

  4. Stefne

    I've really enjoyed your blog. You give a very interesting spin on things – enthralling!

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce our blogs to others.


  5. Stephanie D.

    Don't know if this is anything special, but it has pictures! I chose this one because it rambles along in a voice that is me, and because my favorite season is just around the bend….

  6. ~Leyla~

    Thanks for this great blog idea! I'm always looking for new fun blogs to read and I'll be checking back frequently to read the new "defining posts" people link to here.
    I've been following your blog for a couple of months and really appreciate your posts.
    I've linked to "My Super-Hero Panties" (number 17 in the list) as my defining post.

  7. becomewhatyouare

    What an interesting "carnival"! I think it's made me realize that my blog is more pointless than not, though!

  8. Kelly Langner Sauer

    What a lovely project! It *is* hard to choose one post that encompasses all the heart you put into your writing! I've been going through so many changes lately, I decided to offer a more recent post, something of who I am for the in-between in which I live.

    You're sweet to give us such a chance to share us with you!

  9. Anne

    Hello Jennifer, I know you will delete #19 which was my test of how Mr. McLinky works. Sorry about that!

  10. Tom Gilson

    This is a great idea, Jennifer, thanks. My "defining post" was one I wrote about 3 1/2 years ago. That was in an older blogging system, so I reposted it today in the current WordPress blog so it wouldn't show up in the old look and feel. It's been at the heart of my blog since the start, and it explains the motto I've used since the beginning.

  11. NC Sue

    What a wonderful idea! I love it! It made me think, too – what IS the defining post, and what am I really trying to achieve as I post?

    I'll definitely be checking back to see what others have shared.

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. brian

    It is so humble of you to use that as your defining post. I love that story!


  13. That Married Couple

    What a neat idea! Thanks for hosting it!

  14. emily

    Hi Jen I'm glad to get to do this!

    Well, my post fit your criteria- it was 8/29/09… but it was my newest post, and I hope that's okay. It truly was the one I feel most captures my recent experiences, so hopefully it doesn't count as spam 🙂

  15. Amy

    This really stumped me. I am a stnadard issue mommy blogger, and I'm only just beginning to think about writing about my faith. Mostly it's my children and recipes and silly things. So, I picked a post that I like about my baby.

    This has made me think about what type of post I would want to represent my blog, and how I can move in that direction.

  16. Emily a.k.a. Smoochagator

    This was really hard for me, because my blog swings back and forth from some really awesome, deeply-thought posts to some really mediocre, super-frivolous posts. I ended up picking a Seven Quick Takes post, because it had a little of everything you get in my blog: spiritual musings, everyday-life-silliness, a book review, and pictures of cute animals. Yay!

    I considered linking to my post about blogging as prayer, because it really explains WHY I love blogging so much, but it's much more intelligently formed than most of my blog posts, LOL.

    I look forward to checking out the other links!

  17. Daniel Cox

    What a rich tapestry of posts!

    Great idea Jen. I've enjoyed reading many of the posts. What struck me was the transparency in the writing. No hiding behind the words. Just real, honest people writing…sharing.

    Thanks everyone!

  18. Christian Soldier

    Hi Jennifer. I've been a quiet fan of your blog for a little while now. Thought I'd give blogging a shot not too long ago.

    I posted a link to my detailing of where I am with my Christian faith.

    It's called "Why Is There Evil?…Because God Wants Our Love."

    Hope it went through okay. I continue to be a fan. Keep up the good work.

  19. blog nerd

    Hey Jen, thanks for the opportunity to share! I couldn't come up with a defining post because one of my worst/best characteristics as a blogger is I'm all over the map. but I submitted a link that defines a series I've been writing called The Enchanted 15 which talks writers through issues in small 15 minute sessions.

    Thanks again!

  20. Joy

    This was really difficult to choose, as I'm in the midst of a metamorphosis and my posts have changed significantly over the past year. The one I posted just yesterday (one day too late for Mr. Linky), http://joyslittlesoapbox.blogspot.com/2009/08/morning-walk-in-cemetery.html, captures where I am right-now-this-very-second (which is subject to change at any time)! 🙂

  21. Hannah

    Thanks for the great idea and a fun opportunity to really ponder what our blogs are really about.

    Amazingly I recently posted an overview post about how much of a whirlwind this past year has been. It's not particularly deep, but it's a good sample of what my blog is about.



  22. Aileen

    What a great idea and so timely for me! Can't wait to read other's. Thanks!

  23. shriek house

    What a great idea! Looking forward to reading everyone's links. Thanks for doing this.

  24. HisFireFly

    Thank you Jen for this fantastic idea. It's hard to choose, so I just let God lead me. I look forward to nosing around and reading other's posts.

  25. Ginkgo100/Robyn Broyles

    It was hard for me to pick a defining post, too. I write light-hearted things, serious things, and things mainly for "nerds." I write about important issues and frivolous thoughts.

    The post I picked represents several aspects of my overall writing and goals. It's a serious and heartfelt issue, one I can get emotional about; it is related both to science and the Catholicism; and it tries to apply moral reasoning to shed some light on an issue (fitting my site's title, Leave the Lights On).

    I am not this serious all the time, in real life nor online. But I think that post might give a feel for why I have that site in the first place.

    (Unrelated note… my CATPCHA below is "colic," which I find oddly funny. Maybe it's a sign for me to pray for all you moms with colicky babies. Even if it's not, I will anyway. Hang in there and be confident that it will pass!)

  26. Fr. Christian Mathis

    Thanks for this idea Jennifer.

    There are several posts that I consider to have been defining ones for the direction I am seeking with the blog, but the one listed here seems to best represent what I hope to do—though I am not always successful.

    This is also a great way to get to know the many other blogs listed here!

    Fr C

  27. Weird Unsocialized Mom

    That was a lot harder than I thought it would be — and kind of eye-opening. Fun, though. Thanks for the great idea!

  28. Minkykat

    I wouldn't call this my defining post per se. This is one of my fun, light hearted posts. Most of the early ones were.
    My defining post would have been the one where I unleashed on the whitehouse.gov snitch email site. That is where I started to get a better grasp on what I feel I am called to do; observe and report the times that are coming.

    However, I felt it prudent to start off nice.

  29. Minkykat

    Oh, and let me add this: Conversion Diary was one of the blogs that helped put me over the fence as to whether or not I should convert to the Catholic Church.
    Been living in the RC almost 2 years now.

  30. Melanie B

    Very very hard. I often feel like my blog suffers from multiple personality disorder.

    My first thought was a lighthearted Bella story with pictures highlighting her love for God.

    But Dom said it didn't reflect my introspection and depths (Is it cheating to ask my husband for advice?) so I decided to go with some thoughts on motherhood I wrote after my miscarriage. It's one of my all-time favorites.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone else's posts. This is such a great idea. Thank you so much not only for sharing the idea but for hosting.

  31. V

    Brilliant idea! I really like the post "When life was a given" The author doesn't have a place to make comments on her page, so I was posting mine here. It was great.
    My baby is napping, so I'm doing some leisure reading. This really was a great idea!

  32. Linda

    First I apologize for leaving two links!! I always seem to mess up on these things. Computer savvy – I am not.
    Thank you for doing this. I am new to your blog and just getting to know you – so this is perfect. I'm going to take my time and read through some of these.

  33. 'Becca

    What an interesting challenge!

    I write about everyday practical tips, the environment, parenting, and cooking…so I guess "What to do with half-eaten fruit" is my most typical post…except it isn't nearly so long and rambling as many of them!

  34. Patrick O'Hannigan

    Jennifer, thank you for making me think and pray and be inspired, sometimes all in the same post.

  35. Ruth Ann

    I think I messed up and posted twice. Sorry, but I'm new at this Linky process.

    I chose "God Is Liberal" because I like looking at God from a variety of perspectives.

  36. Marie

    What a great post idea! I'm a book blogger who just came across your blog as I was exploring the blogosphere- and I love it! you have a fabulous blog. I'll be back!

  37. deb

    How unique and generous . I am looking forward to getting to know some of your readers.
    I chose a post that sums up my spirit I think, the importance of community, faith, how our daily lives and living it well bless , and how I still have much to learn .It includes a reference to the reason I began blogging, a gratitude journey in Lent.
    Thanks for the opportunity to share.

  38. Genny

    What a great idea. I look forward to reading other posts!

  39. William Eunice

    This was tough … My blog usually has four types of posts.
    1. Me complaining
    2. Me trying to capture those touching stories about my family
    3. Conversion story / apologetics
    4. An occasional funny oddity

    I chose Let the little children come to me .. while it might not define the majority of the content in my blog, it defines more what I wish my blog were like. My second place choice would have been Faith like a child or Halloween – the conspiracy

  40. Suburban Correspondent

    That was fun – I actually managed to find a post that had the Big Three – kids and vomit and mice!

  41. Barbara

    I accidentally posted my link as my name and not the name of my blog heehee.

    My blog is dedicated to poetry, some of it mine, some of it by poets I like. I tried to write a regular blog but I found I couldn't keep up with it. I have a zillion poems though, so I used those instead.

    I think the best post that describes my blog is the poem I wrote about visiting Montreal after my conversion.

    It's here:

    Most of my poems are about cities and Montreal is a city where Catholicism is worked into every street name and landmark. Back when I was a pagan and I lived there I didn't notice it all that much, but when I went back after converting the experience was totally different. Kind of like my whole life, I look at things differently now.

  42. Barbara

    Hey, it's me again, I linked the post but my blog is now on there twice. It's not spam, just my lack of geek 'cred. 🙂

  43. Pam Elmore

    Jennifer, I've appreciated your blog so much! Your perspective (having come to faith as an adult) so often echoes my own. Thank you!

  44. blissful_e

    This is a wonderful idea. Thanks for helping us all focus on our writing.

  45. Sarah

    Thanks for hosting Jennifer! HOW FUN! I read a friend's post and that's how I found out about the carnival. It's interesting to read others' 'defining posts'. Great idea! Thanks again.

  46. Liz

    well Jenn, I tried, but somehow I got it wrong. If you, however, go to the top of my blog, there is now a link there to my defining post. Maybe you can get it right. I admit it, I am technologically challenged.

    Liz Swift

  47. Renee

    Wow 119 links!

    It took me a moment to find a post. Lately it's been just a bunch of interesting links, nothing substantial.

    My link was actually from my old blog, since I started a new back in May.

    The post itself, is about talking about 'making babies' (sex) at the supermarket with an elderly man.

    Found some blogs I've never read with these special postings.

  48. Renee

    Also I enjoyed #27. People ask me all the time why I don't work at home. Every woman's situation is different, some can and other can't based on flexibility and opportunity. Eventually there will be a day I can transition back into work. I try not to worry about, each time the alumni magazine comes in the mail showing everyone else's accomplishments.

  49. Rebecca

    I agree with all the people who said this was hard. I was tempted to link to a post that, after some honest reflection, was really more of a post that I thought was one of my *best* and not necessarily most representative of my blog! But I resisted.

    So I have settled on a post with cute baby pictures and a weird story mostly involving me being a moron. Also, this post pops up in response to one of my top search phrases ("throat burning zoloft pill," in case anyone cares).

  50. Lisa@SoundMindandSpirit

    Thank you for this great carnival. Since I co-write a blog with my sister, we had to talk first about which post we would enter. Surprisingly, we came to an easy agreement. I'm really enjoying reading other people's entries – there are so many talented bloggers reading your blog. Thank you for allowing us to get to know each other.

    And I was entering mine so quick in Mr. Linky that I forgot to post it with the title of the blog post, so it has my name. Sorry.

  51. Susan B. at warmchocmilk

    It was hard to choose and I just started my blog about a month ago. I choose one about when my son who killed a pet frog at a birthday party…it just seems to describe who I am and how I live.

  52. Susan B. at warmchocmilk

    I think I finally got it now. I new to this 🙂

  53. Ruth Ann

    I'm back with a defining post from my other blog, which I have been neglecting lately. It's about my memories—mostly of childhood, so far. I think I get so nostalgic sometimes that I need breaks from the intensity of my emotions—good emotions, but nevertheless, sometimes too overpowering.

    I chose the first post I did, which kicked off a series of vignettes about my father.

  54. a newly consecrated virgin

    This is a great idea—although as I’m a full-time graduate student just beginning the fall semester, probably the LAST thing I need is a new list of blogs to read! 😉

    But I have to say, it does seem like this blog has a very interesting and thoughtful readership.

  55. Lucy

    Oh, goodness I should not do things late at night. I am number 138 Lucy. I forgot the description,political and an asterik. Now,swearing is very minimal and not bad bad, we are talking donkey and hockey sticks once or twice but I really meant to put the notation.
    I apologize.

  56. Andy D


    Just found you from a like at Obi's Sister. I really like this post, and I think I am going to work my way through the list too. Fantastic idea for a blog post. I might steal it from you some time (with the proper kudos). Good luck reading everyone's post.

  57. Enbrethiliel


    This is such a great question! =D

    It was very easy for me to answer: I instantly picked my review of the movie Hellboy. =P

    Am I the only one feeling the dissonance that my "defining post" and my "best post" are not the same one? And some worry that both of those posts are several years old? What if the best of my 'blogging is behind me, etc?

    Still, this is a great topic, Jennifer. Thanks for giving us all a chance to think about this! =)

  58. Sarah Reinhard

    Well, I'm sort of not sorry I am reading this on Wednesday night, when the post is closed (back to work is KILLING timely blog reading, sigh), because now I can just bookmark this and go through and leisurely read them. 🙂

    Great idea, Jen. Keep them coming and keep the great work up here at Conversion Diary!

  59. Liz

    Thanks, Jen, for fixing my link. I really am happy that perhaps more people can read about my wonderful mother-in-law and what I learned from her. There are so many negative mother-in-law stories out there, I've even known people with truly awful mothers-in-law, but I think it's important to know that not only not all MIL's are horrible, but that there is hope for those of us who become MIL's ourselves.

  60. Em the luddite

    Ah shucks… too bad I missed this one! It was a crazy couple days (as indicated by my recent post), but I would have loved to get in on this. Make sure to do it again sometime, or something similar!

  61. Enbrethiliel


    I was one of those who made it the first time, but chose too soon. I'd like to change my answer.

    My real defining post is Catholics and Books. =)

    (Not that anyone really cares, at this point, but I'm a stickler about these things. =P)

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