Calling in sick

September 23, 2009 | 30 comments

Well, I was mostly done with that new post I referred to on Sunday evening, but this afternoon the flu hit me out of the blue and I now have a fever that makes it hurt to even think. So I’m taking the rest of the week off from, well, everything. I will be back for 7 Quick Takes on Friday, but other than that I’ll be focusing on how many layers of sweaters I can fit on top of one another and repeatedly asking my husband if he doesn’t think it’s totally freezing in here.

Hope everyone has a great week!

P.S. Being bedridden with a raging fever, throbbing headache and aches and pains washing all over my body as I lie motionless in a silent, dark room is EVERYTHING I DREAMED IT COULD BE.


  1. Udubalum mama

    Get well soon!

  2. Courageous Grace

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. sarah haliwell

    I hope you feel much better soon.

  4. Rebecca

    Hope you are feeling better quickly (but certainly take a few extra 'sick' hours to rest up!).

  5. Sarah - Kala

    I had a mild case and now it's just a lingering dry-ish cough and plugged up ears; can barely hear, but it's only a matter of time to be back to normal. At any rate, for what it is worth, you have my prayers for a quick recovery!

  6. veniteadoremus

    Get well soon!

  7. Melanie B


    Jen, you are too funny. I hope you get better soon. Praying for you.

  8. becomewhatyouare

    Prayers for a speedy return to health!

  9. NY Mom

    Prayers going up for you today on Padre Pio's feast day.

  10. Hope T.

    I'm sorry you are so sick. I hurt just thinking about it. I thought I should just mention a homeopathic remedy that our family has found highly successful in treating the flu. It is called gelsemium sempervirens. Hope you feel better soon!

  11. Mary Frances

    Daughter had the flu and she was SICK for four days! Get the flu meds in the first 48 hours. I know you will have no choice but to hibernate and rest. Get well soon!

  12. Kimberlie

    Isn't it sad that we mommies have to get raging sick in order to have a day of rest in bed. I had the stomach flu a few days ago. I spent the morning sleeping in bed. On a Monday. Wahoo! Ahem, I mean, oh my poor tummy. He-he! It was almost, but not quite, worth it. 😉

  13. Lisa

    Spoken like a mother of 4 small children. Feel better soon.

  14. 'Becca

    Sorry you're sick!! Get plenty of rest and don't worry about your readers–we have the whole rest of the Internet to keep us busy, remember?

    My last illness wound up being strangely educational and spiritually uplifting. Click my name to read about it (if you feel up to reading!) and maybe the same idea will help you too. I hope you feel better soon and your family takes good care of you.

  15. Marcy K.

    Feel better soon!

  16. Smoochagator

    Aw! So sorry you're feeling awful. Drink lots of fluids and all that. I'm glad you still have your sense of humor intact, and I look forward to "seeing" you again on Friday.

  17. Lisa V.

    I'll miss your posts but you take care of yourself and get well.

  18. Anonymous

    Have your husband get Tamiflu for you. Hope you feel better soon!

  19. Marjorie

    We have the 'piggy floo' chez nous as well. Wishing you hot tea with honey, a dark and QUIET room, and the chance to recuperate. Sipping my tea, taking my ibuprophen and thinking happy thoughts for you!

  20. Sharon

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  21. Susan L

    You poor thing. I sure hope that you feel much better soon.

  22. Kingdom Mama

    Be well! But don't get out of that bed too soon!;)

  23. Mary

    Don't forget to give your sickness/suffering to Christ, so that united with Him and His pain, God can use all your time of uck for the help/health/… of others

    ps you can "lift it up" retroactively if needed
    after all God is not bound by time.


  24. truthfinder

    Asking Our Lady's to add her prayers for your poor aching body. I understand completely "All I Dreamed…". Wish I lived nearby so I could come over and help out!

    Prayers and hugs,

  25. Elizabeth Mahlou

    It must be in the air. In Korea, they measured our temperatures when we got off the plane and before we boarded it. If you did not have the right numbers, you were quarantined. Fortunately, my numbers were fine coming and going. However, I brought something miserable home from Germany. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to go to work tomorrow. Stay warm or cool as the need may be so that you get well readily.

  26. Anonymous

    Saying a prayer for you. Get well soon.

  27. angela michelle

    What does it mean when Moms want to lie sick in bed. 😉 Although I guess my kids want to be sick sometimes too so they can stay home and get coddled and watch TV. Regardless, hope you're feeling better!

  28. Tari

    Hang in there!


    I want a couple of days of rest, no flu or fever of course, just some silent time for myself. Since I'm late with this comment, I hope you feel better and more rested.

    Liturgy of the Hours

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