Happy Thanksgiving!

November 23, 2009 | 13 comments

As part of my goal to have a low-stress Advent and Christmas, I’m going to take this week off from blogging to focus on getting things in order around the house. I won’t be hosting 7 Quick Takes this week, but will be back next week. I hope all you Americans have a great Thanksgiving, and happy week-before-Advent to those of you outside the U.S.!

(Also, speaking of Advent, if anyone out there is as confused about that part of the liturgical year as I used to be, here’s a post where I asked readers to summarize Advent in 25 words or less a couple years ago.)


  1. Elizabeth

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well! I loved all the comments on your Advent request post. I think I will have to add my own two cents on my own blog one of these days. Pax Christi!

  2. Smoochagator

    I always miss your posts when you're "gone" but I'm glad you're taking time to enjoy this holiday season with your family, and cut out any unnecessary stress. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and we'll see you again soon!

  3. Anonymous

    Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. You have lots to be thankful for. Keep us in your prayers and we'll say prayers for you and yours. J

  4. a Proverbs wife

    happy Advent! this is my very first Advent celebration and i am so excited to be going into it. although i've been Christian nearly all my life, this is new to me, so i feel sort of out of the loop. i am studying up on it now…thus far i have a few fasting plans and the idea to clean up the house right before the holidays. although i'm anti-candle i suppose lighting a few won't hurt, some beautiful purple ones and my Pastor said pink is also an Advent color.

    ok i'm rambling on now but do enjoy the pre-holidays (*snicker*–that's what i call them hehe) with your family and be blessed! speak soon! 🙂

  5. johannal

    Happy Thanksgiving! Your week off will be a good reminder for all of us to get our faces out of the tube and to interface with our families during this holiday. Have a wonderful week!

    Advent has ALWAYS been my favorite part of the liturgical year. In college I went to an evangelical church for a while. I walk in on a Sunday mid-December and they start singing Christmas music. It was at that point I went back to the liturgy.

  6. Rebecca

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

    Thanks for the link to the old post about Advent, heading there now.

  7. Roxane B. Salonen

    Have a blessed time with your family. See you again soon!

  8. truthfinder

    Have a marvelous family-close time this Thanksgiving, and a blessed Advent! I will miss your posts, but that will make their return so much better. 🙂 Rosemary in Missouri

  9. Abbey

    Don't stay gone too long! Have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving!

  10. Jason

    Good job giving the really important things in your life the place they deserve! Peace.

  11. coffeemom

    Jen, "tis the season it seems. I just linked to you w/ the "krafty blogger" award thing. It's like a tag. But what it means to me is that your blog is one I follow because it's always worth reading!! go to mine to check the rules if you haven't already been tagged. SOrry, but it's meant well!

  12. G

    Jen, Speaking of Advent, there is a Mother Angelica Live show from some years ago where she talks about telling her nuns to think of the old custom of putting a piece of straw in the manger during Advent every time you manage to resist temptation or do something extra etc. I come back to this each Advent because its simple & helps keep me "on task".

  13. Agnes Regina

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jen!

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