7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 66)

January 22, 2010 | 26 comments

— 1 —

I’ve anxiously been following the story of Foyer Notre-Dame de la Nativite orphanage in Haiti, where 56 children and one caretaker were killed in the earthquake. According to Shaun King, whose been tirelessly chronicling the situation on Twitter, help didn’t arrive until just recently, and many of the children were injured and without food or medical care the whole time. Spencer Nix was on the scene and wrote a heartbreaking post about what it was like (mentioning that it was thanks to social media that he and other aid workers were able to find it and help).

I was blown away when I read this news story about the orphanage which noted that “[Eveline Midy Louis-Jacques] took care of 150 children in her home — all of whom she knows by name — before Tuesday’s quake.” What a hero. Please keep her and all the children in your prayers.

— 2 —

Of all the tragic news that has been coming out of Haiti, one glimmer of light was this amazing video of a woman rescued from the rubble after being trapped for six days (those of you on feed readers will need to click through to see it):

I wish there were more stories like that. (via Althouse)

— 3 —

I loved reading about everyone else’s words for the year. I had forgotten that fortitude (the word I chose) is one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was good to re-read that list, as well as the lists of Cardinal Virtues and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, and do a quick gut-check to ask myself if I’m moving closer to or further away from having these qualities.

— 4 —

I’ve been watching trends in book publishing/marketing with great interest (so much so that I keep having to restrain myself from starting a separate writing blog…but that’s another story). One new development I find interesting is the importance of authors creating video trailers for their books. I didn’t really get it until earlier this week, when I came across this trailer for Taylor Marshall‘s book, The Crucified Rabbi (hat tip to Battlements of Rubies):

It’s a simple video, but it definitely piques my interest in the book even more than a text description would.

— 5 —

Speaking of video, a few people have asked recently if there is one of my conversion story. I spontaneously recorded one last week…and after viewing it decided that I will start with an audio version. It’s always humbling to see yourself on video, but I looked especially tired and oddly angry (I’m one of those people who unintentionally looks mad when I’m concentrating on something). It was fun, though, to tell the story verbally instead of writing about it, and I look forward to doing another recording.

I got some tips from podcaster extraordinaire Lisa Hendey, and now I just need to find some time where there won’t be the sounds of crashes and kids yelling in the background. Hopefully I can get through the whole thing without sentences like, “It was a shift in my worldview to understand that — WE DO NOT EAT OUT OF THE TRASH — God is the Logos, because — YOU ARE GOING IN TIME OUT IF YOU HIT YOUR SISTER WITH THE BABY DOLL AGAIN — I had never thought of it that way…”

— 6 —

I recorded the video with one of those Flip digital camcorders. We got one for Christmas, and we love it! It is so easy: you press a red button to record, plug it into your computer, and edit or email it with a couple clicks of the mouse.

When we were stuck inside on a cold and rainy day last week I made a little adventure movie with the kids (it was supposed to be The Hero Rescues the Princesses, but was more like One Princess Throws a Temper Tantrum, Another Wanders Off, and Another Chews a Plastic Cup While the Hero Rescues Helpless Cookies from the Pantry of Doom). Other than the production difficulties, it was a snap to edit all the little scenes into a movie, add a soundtrack and send it out to relatives!

— 7 —

Tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be a fun but crazy busy day. We’re going to the Rose family baptism (I mentioned them recently here), then to their reception, then to the Texas March for Life. After that we’re going out to dinner with friends. Whew! I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Anyone else going to a March for Life this weekend?


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  1. Michelle Potter

    Thanks so much for starting this meme. Lately I've been having a hard time getting around to writing actual blog posts, so my blog was just photos and my FB status updates. This meme gave me encouragement and an easy way to do a post with actual content. Thank you!!

  2. Michelle

    I have been very heartened by the stories from Catholic Relief Services. There is so much destruction and despair…it's good to see some there really trying to take care of our hurting brothers and sisters.

    I don't know if I can ever do a podcast thingy. I hate the sound of my voice on recording almost as much as I hate to see myself on video. Ack!

  3. Nzie (theRosyGardener)

    Finally back to Quick-Takes-ing…. Regarding Haiti, it's so sad, and yet there is such an outpouring of love– the good that will come from this is the opportunity to love Haiti and her people. Maybe we can make some historic injustice right.

    More generally, Jen, I've been thinking of your complaints about the cold…. I thought I knew cold, but now that I'm living through the winter that defeated Napoleon, my standards have changed. It's not really cold until there's ice in your nose…. Thankfully it's only been that cold at night lately.

  4. Sharon

    We bought our oldest son a Flip camera last year for his birthday, and he and his brothers and their friends are always making movies on it. They'll set up scenery and put on costumes and everything. Of course, the stories never seem to make sense, and they usually have an epic battle scene at the end; although I'm never sure what they're fighting about! Be safe today at the Texas March; I'm looking forward to hearing about it! 🙂

  5. Mary

    I have marched pretty much every year because we live so close. However this years weather has become an issue for my daughter so we will join the millions of prayer warriors instead. I wrote about why I march here:

    LOVE the flip camera. So easy to use, especially for someone not so gifted technically, like me!

    Have a great week and enjoy your very busy day!

  6. Tracy @Magnolia Cul-de-Sac

    I read a story of hope in Haiti in the WSJ about a newborn that was rescued that gave me emotional pause. The mother and the rescue workers were so thrilled to find this baby everyone thought was dead. To witness the precious valuing of life in the midst of such overwhelming death is a gift during this pro-life week here in the states. Take that, despair!

  7. Scarlett

    I don't have off of work today, but I luckily work in downtown Washington DC. I'm heading over to the Mall for the March for Life on my lunchbreak.

  8. Kathleen@so much to say, so little time

    I haven't been on a March for Life for years. I went twice in JH/HS to D.C. That was interesting. My first time, we got snowed into D.C. I slept on a mat on the gym floor at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception school. At least, that's how I remember it. Now that I think of it, would a Basilica even have a school with it? Anyway, it was somewhere right next door, and I remember going to daily Mass with my mom the next morning before we got on the buses to caravan home.

  9. Me In Life

    #5-I think I would like to hear the "unedited" one!Hehe

    #3- your post definitely got me thinking, but I haven't come up with a word yet. Only one?? Hmmm…

  10. ~ Judy ~

    Your sense of humor is SUCH a blessing to us all Jennifer!
    And you know…I'd enjoy THAT version of a podcast just as well.
    I must have the same "angry look" problem as you for often when I concentrate my husband will say "What is wrong? Did I do something?" LOL
    This video from Haiti is moving beyond words. Hope you don't mind if I link to it on my benmakesten blog.
    Thanks for Quick Takes!

  11. Dawn Farias

    Thanks for hosting!

  12. Jolene

    Jen, you always have me laughing so hard I cry! And then my kids come and want to know what is so funny. The "we do not eat out of the trash" line really hit my funny bone today–Thanks!

  13. cindy kay

    I am laughing out loud at your revised movie title! Sounds like fun, and I'll bet the relatives loved it.

  14. Genevieve

    I'm planning on going to the March for Life in Phoenix on Sunday; it'll be my first one! (Also, it's odd how last year about this time, I'd probably have still said I was pro-choice!)

    Hopefully I will be able to make it … I woke up with quite the sore throat this morning, so I might just be Laying-In-Bed-For-Life by the time Sunday rolls around.

  15. Tami

    I loved your movie title. I am so impressed that you were able to put the whole movie together. I am awed by tech. minded people.I'm so technology challenged, I barely get pictures to my blog.
    Thanks for hosting.

  16. Anne@Rosydreamer

    What an incredible video.

  17. TwoSquareMeals

    I love the Flip! My father-in-law was on the board for the venture capital company that supported it, and he gave me the original three or four years ago. I am fighting the urge to buy one of the fancy new ones. I love having a video camera available when I need it for those important moments. I love the idea of using it for the kids to make a video for relatives!

  18. Flexo

    Kathleen — there are many schools right next to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. But the one right next to it or, rather, the one on whose grounds the National Shrine sits on, is The Catholic University of America. They do still pack them in and let them camp out. Indeed, our parish across the river in Alexandria hosts many people from across the country, letting them sleep in the school gym and elsewhere.

  19. Flexo

    do a quick gut-check to ask myself if I'm moving closer to or further away from having these qualities

    Well, they are qualities in a sense, they are things that you do, or not do. But to have your primary emphasis on you doing them misses the point or, rather, it makes it a whole lot harder than it needs to be.

    Beyond being personal qualities, these are graces. They are something given to us by the Holy Spirit. They are a divine helping hand to make things easier for us. The trick is actually allowing the Holy Spirit to do these things, rather than trying to do them ourselves.

    As for fortitude, the Apostles did not suddenly get brave by their own efforts when they came out of hiding and started preaching publicly after the Crucifixion. Rather, after nearly all of them ran away and hid after Jesus was arrested, and stayed in hiding even after the Resurrection, afraid that they too might be arrested and killed, it was not until Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended upon them, and BAM, in an instant, they had fortitude.

    Whereas moments before they would have run away from the Cross in fear, upon receiving these graces from the Holy Spirit, and only because of those graces, were they suddenly eager to run toward the Cross in love of Christ.

    Don't be so eager to do it yourself. Indeed, some things are impossible or near impossible for mere humans to find the courage to do them. It is the Holy Spirit, and only Him, who provides that courage, that fortitude.

  20. Monica

    Love the revised movie title! Sounds familiar. Thanks for hosting!

  21. SHEAFmom

    The videos are awesome. I am now looking forward to reading The Crucified Rabbi.

    I had an wonderful opportunity several years ago to share my conversion/reversion, cradle catholic come home, story with our parish family. I was amazed at how many people were touched. I have always hoped to put it as an audio on my blog, but each time I have attempted to record it I have been interrupted or the sound quality is to terrible. If you do succeed in making a homemade recording I would love the, how you did it details.

  22. Jenelle

    I went to the March for Life in Washington D.C. It was amazing seeing how many people (and how many young people – under 25) were there. We peacefully walked from the mall to the supreme court and were told two things by police and other locals.

    1. We are the most peaceful rally
    2. Estimated 450,000 marchers

  23. Anonymous

    I wasn't actually at the March in Topeka, but every year my daughter and I purchase food and serve the marchers (with help from others!) after the mass and the March. This year I was on my way to Sam's to buy the food (our count was 400 for lunch, with probably 4x that at the other functions) and Focus on The Family had Abby Johnson on, the lady that worked in an abortion clinic and became prolife. I then walked in to the store, and there was a mom with a baby and a toddler, and tears started streaming down my cheeks.

  24. Kate

    I went to the Walk for Life WC in San Francisco. And I have to say that I'm grateful for the rain. Because it showed how committed pro-lifers are to the cause. Some people came unprepared and got wet. Those who walked with children and babies in tow had the additional work of making sure that their children don't get wet. It was an amazing site to see. In spite of the bad weather condition, it seemed like more people participate this year compared to last year.

    I'm also grateful that it rained because there were less counter-protesters who showed up.

    And lastly, I'm grateful for the sunshine God provided us so we had a bit of reprieve from the rain.

  25. jrbaab

    I went to the March for Life in D.C. this past Friday and it was awesome! I highly recommend that everyone who is pro-life and able come to it next year. If we get a million people to descend on Washington, there will be no way for the media not to cover it and the gov't to listen.

    Other than that, Jen, I've found that videos that are made up of still photos with audio can be very nice. It might be a good idea for your conversion video. It allows you to focus on a handful of good shots and the audio instead of developing a film. At the same time, you get a lot of the benefits of video.

    Check these out. You can see videos about some of the great priest graduates from Catholic University of America, including my vocations vicar… Fr. Michael Renninger.


  26. Amber

    We went to March for Life in San Francisco. It was great – I'm so glad we went. It was so wonderful to see thousands upon thousands of ordinary people of all ages and ethnicities gather together to peacefully and respectfully proclaim that life is important and that women deserve better than abortion.

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