Undiscovered Gems: Take the Poor With You

May 10, 2010 | 13 comments

A post from the Undiscovered Gems series

Every now and then I like to highlight a favorite “undiscovered gem” blog to introduce my readers to one of my favorite tucked-away corners of the internet.

The one I’ve chosen this time is Take the Poor With You, a wonderful blog that I’ve been reading for about three years now. I smile every time my Google Reader list shows me that there’s a new post, because I know it’s going to be something good.

It’s written by Tienne, a mom of young children whom, as you can guess from the title, has a passion for helping the poor of the world. Her blog is a chronicle of her efforts to serve the poor and grow in holiness amidst the challenges of being the mom of little ones, trying to homeschool, living on a tight budget, and not being on the same page spiritually with her husband.

Her posts are always concise, honest and real. I learned so much from the time she talked about how she felt a powerful call from God to make regular donations to people suffering in Darfur…and her husband didn’t agree. She summarized her quandary in this post when she wrote: “There is money in our budget for Darfur, if we are creative and willing to sacrifice. Yet if one partner is not willing to make that sacrifice, then what?”

Tienne was stuck between wanting to honor her marriage and wanting to follow this burning call she felt. So she came up with a great idea: she’d find a way to cut her household spending — in a way that wouldn’t inconvenience her husband — and send the savings to Darfur. I was fascinated by her post where she chronicled trying to go an entire week without going to the grocery store, cooking satisfying meals from what they already had on hand. An excerpt:

I did things I’d never done before, like grate up a broccoli stalk and add it to chicken broth for our lunch. Normally I just throw the stalks out. Instead of cheese and crackers for a midafternoon snack, I popped some corn kernels. I substituted for lots of things I didn’t have and tried new recipes when my usual ones wouldn’t work. The thing that struck me the most was how much of my time I spent worrying about food, and how diligent I was at conserving it…And in so many ways, God provided.

As the experiment of finding room for the poor by cutting their expenses wore on, Tienne admitted that it was getting frustrating. And this is what I love about her blog: she didn’t gloss over the fact that it was hard. She candidly admitted that she didn’t always go through it with a halo over her head and a smile on her face. In this post she ‘fessed up that she was getting irritated about not being able to buy wine and other delicacies, and wrote:

When I choose a sacrifice, I do it with joy, but when it’s imposed upon me I am resentful, complaining, sulky and depressed. Perhaps more than anything, God wants me to learn how to do joyfully what He wants. Perhaps this is so hard for me not because I’m giving up alcohol, but because I’m giving up control.

Her funds seemed to decrease as her desire to give money to the poor increased, and the tension thickened. Then she had a big breakthrough. With inspiring humility, she wrote:

God wants me to serve the poor, of that I’m certain. He would not have put this drive in me for no purpose. The key is that I serve Him in the way HE wants, not the way I want. Some of you have touched on this in your comments to me, and I’ve really taken them to heart. I think it’s telling that my gut reaction to [blog commenter] Anna’s suggestion to step back was “But then my husband WINS.”

This isn’t the reaction of someone who’s seeking to serve God and follow His will. It’s the reaction of a hyper-controlling, uptight, Type-A personality.

My way obviously isn’t working right now, so I need to find a new way. God’s way.

I read once that the Mongols (or perhaps the Huns?) were so successful in battle because they were taught to fight like water, finding cracks in the defense and working their way through bit by bit until they overcame. This image has been churning around in my head the past week or so. I feel like my desire to help the poor is the current of a river — it’s flowing intensely within me right now, urging me on. And I keep running up against the dam of my marriage. It’s making me frustrated and swelling my resentment of my husband. The force of my drive to help is causing me harm.

Read the rest of that great post to see what insights she gained from that realization.

You can also expect heart-felt posts on other subjects as well. She’s talked about her mother’s upbringing in a small village in rural Croatia, where she lived in a house that had a woodburning stove and no running water. More recently, she wrote a heartbreaking post about the pain of the aftermath of her recent ectopic pregnancy, and her internal struggles as she realizes that homeschooling might not be a fit for her family. Her most recent post is an interesting insight about how the obstacles she’s been facing with her desire to adopt may be due in part to spiritual attack.

Through it all, she never fails to bring it all back to what really matters, and in the process inspires her readers to do the same as well. She wrote last month:

There has been a great deal of upheaval in my life, starting with the ectopic pregnancy and progressing right through discerning school options for next year, determining the relationship I will have with certain family members, and making decisions on future children. All the questions I’ve had about what God wants me to do, I have taken to Him in Adoration, and all I keep hearing in my heart is “Don’t worry, ” and “This is My work.”

It IS His work. Nothing I do is my own doing. Nothing I achieve is the product of my labors…My job is not to go out there and save all the poor and downtrodden; it’s simply to embrace God’s salvation and allow it to work within me…That’s it. That’s the sum of my job on this earth. No need to control things and work myself into a lather about timing and persuading those around me to join in my efforts. Just quiet love and a joyful spirit of giving.

As with so many of her posts, all I could say to that was, “Amen.”

I hope you enjoy Tienne’s blog as much as I do. What are some of your favorite “undiscovered gem” blogs?


  1. berenike

    Enlarging the Heart – the blogger posts only short (but not soundbite-sized) passages from spiritual authors. Sounds boring and cheesy, but it's wonderful.

  2. marie


  3. Rae

    Great choice! Tienne is one of my favorite bloggers.

  4. jrbaab

    This is one of my favorites…
    It's called Prints of Grace.

    I really enjoyed the excerpts from "Take the Poor with You." I'll have to check it out.

  5. Joe


    written by two converts and a cradle catholic.

    Today's post is on Marian music!!

  6. Anonymous

    Right now I'm following a small blog called http://www.notesfromthenetherlands.wordpress.com

    The author is American living in the Netherlands, is Catholic, and is currently writing about her recent pilgrimage to Spain, where she walked the Camino de Santiago.

    She blogs about her faith, what it's like to be an expat, motherhood, and lots of other musings about life. She's the one who turned me on to your blog…

  7. Kerri

    Apple Cider Mill


  8. stick-figure-girl

    Wow! Thanks for the link…what a great blog!

  9. Barbara

    I don't know where I found this blog. Heck it might have even been linked to this one. (wouldn't that be hilarious) but I felt that I had a lot in common with this person:


    I'm getting married in two weeks (and expecting a baby in eight) so I find her views on marriage really helpful. Plus she like me has an artistic bent and really came to a Christian concept of marriage quite by accident.

  10. Tienne

    Jen, I am always humbled and amazed by your attention to my little blog. Thank you for this post! You know how much I admire you and your faith journey. It means so much to realize that I have written anything you've found inspiring or helpful. Thanks again!

  11. Laurie

    Wow! From your description and from the excerpts, this is a blog I MUST read. A kindred spirit if I ever had one. Thank you for pointing the way!

  12. DaphneBrady

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