Sirius Radio interview tomorrow (Monday)

July 26, 2010 | 2 comments

I’ll be joining Greg and Jennifer Willits on their show on Sirius Radio’s Channel 159 tomorrow (Monday) morning at 11:20 AM EDT. I’m especially excited to talk to them since my favorite rosary is one that I got from their excellent Rosary Army ministry (I posted a picture of it in #7 here). Should be fun!


  1. Sharon

    I love Greg and Jennifer! I will SOOO try to listen. Just hafta make sure I'm in my car, because that's the only place I get Sirius/XM.

  2. ScrapinFunatic

    Hope your interview went well, I love Greg and Jennifer, I was actually listening to them on my way home for lunch, but you were not on at the time. So sorry I missed it. you will have to post on here.

    Blessing to you and your family.

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