A new look!

August 27, 2010 | 59 comments


Welcome to my newly-redesigned blog! Take a look around and tell me what you think. (If you’re receiving this via email or on a feed reader, come on by!) I still have some finishing touches to put on the site (e.g. I haven’t finished updating the blogroll, there are still some broken links, etc.), and there may be a few glitches as I get used to this new host, but most of the work is done.

Meanwhile, here’s a virtual toast to blogging, new designs, and many more great discussions to come!


  1. Hallie Lord

    It looks fantastic, my dear! Cheers!!!

  2. Jen G

    Looks wonderful, Jennifer! Congratulations, and pass the champagne!

  3. Jules

    Love! I just went through a redesign two weeks ago and I still haven’t worked out all the kinks. It takes time. πŸ™‚ It looks fantastic.

  4. Eva

    Congrats! Looks gorgeous.

  5. Eva

    Re. Your comment policy- contumacious is just not a word you hear every day. Or ever, actually.

  6. Susan

    Very very nice! Huge improvement, well organized, and easy on the eyes!

  7. Shirley

    Looks great! Congratulations!

  8. Dawn Farias

    It looks great!

  9. Alhana

    It looks different, organized and neat. Great job!

  10. Barb @ My Daily Round

    It looks great – clean, great design! Love the comment policy, too!

  11. Claire

    Wow! The new blog is beautiful. The colors make me think of caramel candy or mocha coffee, which in turn reads….soothing.

  12. sara

    nice look! Google reader seems to have made the switch withot a problem, too. πŸ™‚

  13. Maureen

    I think it looks great and I absolutely love you and everything you have to say.

  14. sara

    I love it and it did switch over with no problems—-just like the other Sara said!

  15. MelanieB

    Looks great, Jen! Congrats on a successful move!

  16. Nancy

    Love it! You done good!

  17. gb

    The format isn’t as important to me as the content…which is always worthwhile on this blog…but still, it looks better!

  18. Tootie

    It’s beautiful!!

  19. Lisa

    It looks FANTASTIC, Jen! Way to go!

  20. Susan

    Jen, Its beautiful! Congratulations!

  21. Kimberlie

    Love it! Congratulations on your new look!

  22. Bekah

    Beautiful. I love playing with WordPress, too. Have fun! πŸ™‚

  23. Kim

    It looks GREAT!

  24. Shannon

    Nice changes, Jen, but I’ve been keeping an eye on your bio in the left column. Surely it’s been more than 5 years now? Cheers!

  25. Catholic Poet

    I like the new look — very clean and professional. Congrats on a successful move!

  26. Suzette

    Wow! I love it. Here’s a virtual champagne glass clink to you!

  27. sarah valente

    I looks fabulous!!! I have to admit, I am overwhelmed at the thought of moving my blog…which I’ve been half-heartedly working on for months now. I’m feeling newly inspired now, though! It really does look awesome:)

  28. Leila

    Whoo-hoo! Beautiful change, Jen! Your rock star status just got even higher! πŸ™‚

  29. Sarah

    I really like the new look! Very lovely and coherent.

  30. Angie C

    It looks great!

  31. Anne B.

    Well done! Looks lovely!

  32. Ian

    I don’t stop by often but wanted to give a thumbs up for the new look and the move to WordPress. I love the customizability.

  33. Marcy K.

    I Love It! It is beautiful. It gives me incentive to redo my blog too. Can’t wait til it is all done. Great job.

  34. Jennifer G.

    Very Nice! Cheers!

  35. Christine

    Was worth waiting for! Awesome!

  36. Matt

    Your new site looks wonderful,…but you really do need to beef up the blogroll a bit. I know a name you can add to it…

  37. Charli

    It’s gorgeous. Wow!

  38. Christine

    Beautiful! You have a great eye for design. From a reader’s perspective, the transition was flawless! Congratulations.

  39. Dawn

    I finally get to see it! My computer didn’t want to reveal the new look to me yesterday. I guess it was waiting for the sabbath to give me this treat. I’m happy it did. : ) Very nice! Thanks for all that you do, God bless!

  40. Catherine

    It looks fabulous! Great job! I continue to look forward to your posts.

  41. JJ

    Nice, but thought you’d update your photo also?

  42. Mrs. Cote

    Love the new look, very classic!

  43. Rae

    I agree with everyone else, it is great!

  44. Kevin A

    I like the new look. A lot.

  45. Jennifer@GDWJ

    I raise a toast.

    Simply divine, reflective in every way of Christ. That Word open … that’s it right there.

  46. Rosita

    I love the new look. I just wanted to ask, have you stopped doing your “my favorite links” blog. I always liked checking in there periodically and looking at your finds.

  47. Kate Wicker

    Very clean. I love it.

  48. kigwit

    I like the new look. Very peaceful.

  49. 'Becca

    Looks great! I’m not a fan of brown, but I really like the alternating shades of comments. Best of all are the wider margins and more readable font for the post.

  50. Tina

    OH!! I love it!! I want an awesome design like you!!

  51. Gregaria

    Very nice!

  52. Elisa

    I just absolutely love it. It’s very pleasing to the eye. =)

  53. lethargic

    Well, I miss the Alamo, but the new look is really nice, too. πŸ™‚

  54. Sarah

    Looks lovely! Just realized that I haven’t had a new post from you in my reader . . . since this post! πŸ™‚ Yes, I’m an Et Tu oldie-but-goody (and it’s been a busy six weeks for me not to realize this, oops!) but I’ve now just re-upped my subscription to your newest site and looking forward to continuing to read.

    But I warn you, I’m keeping the Et-Tu on the old Google Reader, just because . . . πŸ™‚


    PS – Not to encourage you to spend more time on the internet (I have a big enough problem with that myself, from time to time!) but, as a blogger, you’re missing out on Facebook! I have my personal page (friends and family only) and then my blog’s own “like” page for readers and love it. I get the opportunity to share all kinds of interesting articles I find inspiring (in case they don’t read my Google Reader links on my actual blog) and posts (and can link back to my older posts that are relevant). . . it’s cooler than Twitter (and I have twitter too. It was cool for about two weeks. But FB allows you to use more than 140 characters and IMAGES!) Love it. I’d become an Et Tu, I mean, ahem, Conversion Diary, “fan!” πŸ™‚

    But yes, it is a major time suck. Just saying.

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