A beautiful video about Mary

October 25, 2010 | 36 comments

I don’t have time to write a post today but, lucky for me, I recently came across this:

Isn’t that beautiful? I think it’s so thought-provoking and well produced. Love it.

P.S. Does anyone know what that song is? I’ve listened to the video about 10 additional times just to hear the music!


  1. Ana

    just gorgeous.. thanks for posting this

  2. Lindsey

    Thanks for sharing! My 10 year old and I enjoyed it. I have no idea about the music. It just sounds like the same 4 chords, over and over, like a bit of a jam session, not really a song.

  3. Margo

    This is great, thanks for sharing! The music is beautiful and that song sounds so familiar..

  4. Erin P

    That was just beautiful!

  5. Robert Heath

    I may be wrong, but it sounds like an arrangement of Pachelbel’s canon in D. I think you can hear snippets of the original repeated melody in the violin part now and then. It sounds like the guitar is playing the melody line arranged as a vertical harmony. But I could be wrong.

    • Robert Heath

      Having listened to it all the way through I am now convinced that it IS Pachelbel’s Canon in D. And the video IS incredible. Great tool!

      • Lindsey

        Perhaps inspired by, but it’s definitely not Pachelbel’s Canon. I tried super-imposing the melody of the canon (starting with just the bass line) and it doesn’t work, I don’t believe. I’m not a music theory major so I can’t tell you for certain if the chord progression is the same, but even if it is, it doesn’t make it the same song.

    • Kari

      I meant to add that the actual version of the chaplet is amazing because it has the background song like in the video plus they sing too. LOVE IT. It is definitely worth the $3 on their website.

    • Regina Sutherland

      YES!!! The instrumental is off of a CD “Chaplet of Divine Mercy” by Remnant. See remantband.com. The husband and wife sing the Chaplet to this and Ipray/sing it via my ipod as I go to sleep. I First heard/saw them at a Catholic Family Convention in Witchita, Kansas 2 years ago. Amazing!!!!ps They are from Texas!!

      • Regina Sutherland

        Correction to above: it’s remnantband.com

      • Kari

        Awesome! I’m so glad you know about them too! I heard them while working at a Catholic summer camp in Kansas. They sang this while we were praying with a huge picture of the Divine Mercy. So incredibly powerful. I pray with it on long car rides and falling to sleep as well. I just love it.

  6. priest's wife

    This would be great to give to Protestant friends so they know where Catholics are coming from

  7. Daniel Cox`

    I just received an email from Gabriel, who produced the video. It is as I suspected:

    The music is not a song, per se. It is soundtrack music derived from Apple’s Jampacks symphony collection. That is, the music is soundtrack created specifically for the video from music clips made expressly for that purpose.

    And done very well, in my opinion.

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Thanks for sharing that, Daniel! Very interesting. That sounds like cool software.

  8. Maggie Dee

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Kathryn Rose

    Amazing video! So simple to understand, yet containing so much important information. And the music is wonderful too!

  10. Coffee Catholic

    Wow… you’re blog is a hoot! Love it!

  11. Catherine Dyan

    Just recently had a conversation with a Protestant friend about this – very timely post to supplement our discussion! Thanks!

  12. kristina

    I loved this video…I hope to be able to show it to a group of teens at our summer camp reunion in December…it’d be perfect timing because it’s just after Christmas but before Jan 1st, Mary’s feast day!

  13. Lana

    This reminds me of Scott Hahn’s book Hail, Holy Queen. Very worthwhile read. Thanks for the link!

    • Catherine Dyan

      I think it may be based on the second chapter of that book, actually – the arguments are listed in the same order. 🙂 But of course, Hahn bases His work on Catholic teaching in general.

  14. Athanasius

    Awesome video! I’m reposting, and hoping it sparks some good conversations!

  15. amy rustand

    it is definitely the opening chords of the divine mercy chaplet by remnant. they used to attend the parish i did in fort worth and play their version of the chaplet every friday after stations of the cross during lent. it is simply gorgeous. i own the CD and have it in my vehicle so i can sing along very frequently. GET IT!!

  16. Brianna

    Super interesting, and yes, beautiful music! Thank you so much for sharing this. So much food for thought, to be sure.

  17. Cheryl

    As a protestant with many catholic friends and living in a mostly catholic country, I watched this with great interest. I wish the creator had given the reference of the text referred to in Revelation when John starts out describing the Ark and ends up describing the woman… I am still not convinced (if I were, I’d become catholic) but I found many of the parallels intriguing.

    • Don

      Cheryl, see the last verse of Rev 11, which begins with John seeing the Ark of the Covenant, and then seems to leave you hanging. Rev 12 then goes right into seeing the woman. IMHO the reference to the ark in Rev 11 only makes sense if you combine it with the woman in Rev 12.

      • Cheryl

        Thanks for this reference, Don. I’m still not sure how you can say that the woman in Rev. 12 is Mary… Interesting nonetheless.

  18. Angela Ausmus Gill

    Hello. My name is Angela Gill and this is my old band Remnant’s version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. My husband wrote it while conducting a retreat in Hackberry Louisiana in 2002. This is just the instrumental version so you can sing it without our voices, but the CD (and MP3) has the full version with our voices, two in English and one in Spanish.

    It is an honor to be associated both with a video about our dear Blessed Mother and on your blog, Jennifer. I have just been introduced to your blog and am blown away by your story!

    If anyone is interested, you can go to the website http://www.remnantresource.com and download, listen for free, or buy the CD of the Divine Mercy Chaplet (which is an awesome Catholic devotion about Our Lord’s Mercy!) God bless you all. Let us pray for each other as we struggle to attain the virtues, imitate Christ, and pray…to become the Saints we were created to become!

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Great to hear from you, Angela! I’m excited to hear about the work you’re doing and will definitely check out that CD!

      • Angela Ausmus Gill

        Thank you, Jennifer! Let us all keep up our work for His Kingdom! God bless you and your family for your witness!

  19. JD

    As a Protestant viewing this I find this very interesting. Like Cheryl above I’m not totally convinced that the woman in Rev 12 is Mary, but I understand where the typoology is coming from there.
    One question though: at about 7:35 in talking about the Ark it provides a Scripture citation from Ex 2:34 talking about the Spirit of God overshadowing the ark. As near as I can tell there are only 24 verses in chapter 2 of Exodus and that chapter has nothing to do with the ark. Does anyone know what verse is actually in view there?

    • Kathy

      The citation should read Ex 40:34.

  20. Karen

    I KNEW it was Remnant the moment the music started playing! And it’s been a long time since I’ve heard their music. I knew them back when they were newly started. I LOVE their version of The Divine Mercy Chaplet. It sticks in my head (in a good way) for days after. 🙂

    A fun fact: Angela and Matt (the singers) are the Godparents to my granddaughters Godparents Son.

    Awesome video and affirms what I already know!!

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