7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 104)

November 5, 2010 | 91 comments

— 1 —

For those of you who missed my note last weekend, Conversion Diary is on Facebook! Though I still don’t have a personal account, it’s nice to tiptoe into 2010 with the rest of you. My favorite part is being able to see the names of people who’ve liked it. I look through the list of followers thinking, “Hey Tammy! Nice to ‘meet’ you, Jessica! Hi Chris!” Yeah. I’m a nerd.

— 2 —

Movie season is coming up! I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I only watch movies during a two-month window each year. Normally we’re not really movie people, but we like to have something to play in the background while we work on our epic Christmas card mailout. So…what have we missed? What are some of the best movies of 2010 that we need to check out?

— 3 —

My husband recently went to a shooting range, and he came home with his paper target. The next day I saw him out in the garage, proudly hanging up this poster-sized paper with the form of a man with bullet holes right in the middle. “Umm, aren’t you worried that that’ll freak the neighbors out?” I asked.

He looked at me in bewilderment. “Are you kidding? They’ll look at it and say, ‘Man, that’s awesome!'”

Unconvinced, I glanced nervously at our neighbor’s house across the street. They can see right into our garage when it’s open, so I hoped they didn’t think it was too weird. Then, the next day, all of our kids were outside playing, and both of our garage doors were open. I looked over into our neighbor’s garage to see that they had a shooting range target hung up too! The husband looked over, saw ours, and said, “That’s awesome.”

(And a postscript to the story is that we saw two more in other neighbors’ garages when we went trick-or-treating. I forgot that we live in Texas.)

— 4 —

Speaking of things my husband does that the neighbors think are awesome, he finally got some good mileage out of the banana suit on Halloween. We took a family portrait with everyone all dressed up (well, almost everyone — in jeans and a sweater, I announced that I was dressed as a blogger) and he says that it would make the perfect Christmas card picture.

— 5 —

A friend recently made the comment that “you can tell what people worship by what’s on their walls.” At first I wasn’t sure if I agreed with that, but then, the more I thought about it, I realized that it’s certainly true in our case. We used to have vintage “high life” ads and pictures with connotations of wealth and comfort on our walls. Now much of our art is religious. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting observation. What do you think?

— 6 —

Some friends came over for dinner last week and brought the most insanely delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted. Between mouthfuls of food I begged them for the recipe. They confessed that it’s actually a simple no-bake recipe that basically involves throwing a bunch of processed food together — but is always a huge crowd pleaser. If you’re ever going to a potluck and want to make sure you bring a dessert that makes people fall to their knees in ecstasy, even if it isn’t exactly the most healthy thing in the world, here’s the recipe.

— 7 —

An exciting book update: I’m very close to sending the finished manuscript to my agent. He’ll most likely want me to make some changes before he shops it to publishers, but the process should move relatively quickly since it’s a complete work. Whoo-hoo!


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  1. Kassie Rutherford

    Inception! Inception Inception Inception!

    Also, congratulations on the book progress! I’m FINALLY getting started on my Nanowrimo, so hearing about The End for someone is. . .okay, actually not motivating at all. More like, guilt inducing. But whatev. Congratulations anyway! πŸ˜‰

  2. Elizabeth

    You MUST see Inception. Must.

    I think if you’re going to have religious art in your home, it should be smaller and in intimate places, like in a corner of the Kitchen where it can be seen daily. Another place is on your bathroom mirror. “Hey, good morning, Jesus, Mary! Thanks for watching over me!” Too much religious art elsewhere comes off as showy, IMHO.

    I’m looking forward to your book!

    • Elizabeth

      I have no idea why I capitalized kitchen. It’s that important, apparently.

  3. Leah @ Unequally Yoked

    Yes, Inception was good, though I also think that The Social Network was fabulous.

  4. Lucy

    Number 5 is interesting to think about. Although I think what’s on your floor says more about you than what’s on your walls. We don’t have family pictures anywhere, but lots of icons (we’re Orthodox) on the walls. Our floors, however, are covered in markers, half-drawn pictures, DVD cases, dog toys, dinner left-overs (you’d think the dog would take care of that), legos, barbies, etc. And lots of dirt. Draw your own conclusions.

    I’m no help with movies. The last movie I saw in the theater was New Moon (the latest Twilight movie). And the latest Harry Potter was probably the movie I saw before that. We’re not rally movie people.

    And I’m so happy to hear your book is coming along! I can’t wait for it!

  5. the cottage child

    Yay for the book, looking forward to it!

  6. Kelly @ The Startup Wife

    That’s so exciting about the book–congrats!! And good writing luck as you’re finishing.

  7. Ciska

    As an editor, I love this last stage of the book. Finally everything comes together and starts looking great. It’s interesting to see the differences between publishing books in Belgium and in the States. For instance, over here, we don’t use agents.
    I hope you find a publisher soon, because I’m really looking forward to reading your book!

  8. Serena

    I’m not sure that you missed any good movies this year. Or maybe I’ve just missed them all, too! The latter is probably more likely. I’m always up for a viewing of The Quiet Man, though!

  9. expat

    Re: #6 — No offense, but it really is a stretch to call that concoction of chemicals and sugar dessert, or even food, for that matter.

    I beg you to consider what you are doing to yourself when you eat things like this — especially since you have written a lot about your issues with sugars/carbs.

    • Rachael

      I am the said friend who brought this to dinner. I asked my husband what he would like me to bring when we were invited over. This “dessert” was his choice. I aim to please him…(my choice was a -from scratch- apple crisp; maybe next time?).

      Since our own “food revolution” several years ago, we eat a diet of mostly whole, organic, real foods. We’ve even grown them ourselves! However, i give ourselves permission to live a little once every so often. The last time I made that was over a year ago. I agree whole-heartedly that this “dish” is hardly food, as it provides zero nutritional value… I even cringe when adding the infredients in the cart. Sure does taste good! I allow that once in a while since my weekly produce shopping yields enough greens like spinach and kale that I can’t fit it all in my fridge.

      I think you’ve just inspired me to make a more “real” version of this next time.

      • Kyra

        I rea that recipe and just reimagined a version with whipped cream and homemade vanilla pudding, which is how I think i’ll make it. Not healthier, really, just more work-intensive.

        • Kyra

          Turned out very well and was a lot of work.

  10. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

    I LOVE the banana suit! I cannot help you with movie selections, but looking forward to seeing the suggestions.

  11. Johanna

    Toy story 3 is a good ride in the way that every Pixar movie just rocks.

  12. Lisa

    Re: what’s on the walls. We had a house fire last year and friends from church helped us clean and throw away the majority of our possessions. One friend, in particular, kept commenting on how you could tell a lot about a person by what is in their house. I’ve wanted to sit down with him and ask him just what he could tell about our family based on our stuff!

  13. Holly

    Movie – How to Train Your Dragon – so good and so cute!

    Dessert – Make it with French Vanilla pudding. Subtle change, but you’ll be glad. My family has been making it for years. (and I’ve made it with no sugar pudding, fat free whipped topping, skim milk, etc. an it was still incredibly good)

  14. Pam

    Yay for your book — I’m so excited about this!! I’m over here chanting “book, book, book” in my head…

  15. Susan

    We have a few of those targets up in our garage too, it’s a Man thing.
    I vote for a new series I found, Doc Martin, to watch while you write cards. It’s set in England, he’s a surgeon, who has developed an aversion to the smell of blood which has led him to go to the country to become a small town Doctor. The series is about how to he adjust to small town life. It’s filled with memorable characters and is light and funny.

  16. Wendy

    You must see SALT!

    And the dessert? We have been making this for almost 20 years, only for functions, as if this could manage to make it through the night in our house!

    Our walls are full of books!

    Love the banana suit! You should be an apple or a stalk of celery!


  17. Allie

    I’ve always been of the option that you can judge how people worship by how they decorate their car. You see things like Rosary’s hanging off the rear view mirror, Jewish/Israel/Save Tibet/Coexist bumper stickers, and little Virgin Mary’s on their dashboard.

    • Barbara C.

      The Rosary hanging from the rear view mirror was a big pet peeve for my husband’s RCIA director. She said there was a cop in our area who used to pull people over for that (since legally things aren’t supposed to be hanging on there at all), but he would let them go with a warning if they could prove that they actually knew how to use it.

    • Marian

      For the record, then, I do NOT worship crumbs!

  18. Judy

    YAY on your book!
    And OH BOY…your friend Elizabeth who commented above would NOT like my house at all for I think I have some tiny piece of art that reflects our faith in every room! I tend to agree with what your other friend observed…it’s a natural consequence to “display” what’s in our hearts on the walls of our home.
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for showing your hubby in the banana suit again!!! LOVE THAT!
    As for “don’t miss” movies…please watch “Taking Chance”. It’s a movie/documentary…true story…of the Marine Colonel who volunteered to escort the remains of a fallen PFC home to his family. POWERFUL film…the dedication, devotion, and honor that is poured out of these men and women, every step of the way as a service member makes the final journey home is both heart wrenching and comforting at the same time. I highly recommend it. (For adults and selected teens only, that is)
    Thanks for hosting Quick Takes

  19. deanna

    I was laughing over the shooting range, thinking that since you live in Texas it would be okay. πŸ™‚
    I have religious art and flower pictures everywhere. Sometimes I htink it’s odd, but it’s what I love.

  20. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time

    I’m focused on #5, what’s on our walls. We have what we enjoy looking at. Reprints of Monet, some nature scenes that I cross stitched, paintings of Italy that bring back memories and a few pieces that family members have painted for us. All that stuff matters to us, but if the house was on fire I wouldn’t try to grab it. It’s just stuff. I think what matters is what on the internal walls; the walls of my heart. I judge that by what I find myself singing when I’m alone, what I think about, who I talk to in my head, etc. And since my heart lies at the foot of the cross, it’s all good in the hood (or heart as the case may be).

  21. Josephene Kealey

    A movie I haven’t seen but would really like to is BABIES.

    Perhaps Catholics, of the various kinds, are more likely to put up an icon or image or crucifix. But we have Protestant friends who don’t — instead, they have photos, for example, of themselves on holiday, or a floral painting to accentuate a room. But they worship Christ, that’s for sure.

    I recently saw a very cool framed mirror that had the inscription carved around it: “As for me and my house, we serve the Lord.” I’d love to read that every time I exit and enter our home.

    Maybe the fridge! Check out what’s on your fridge!

    I agree with Ex-pat. The dessert is not um… body friendly? If I were a better cook, I’d make everything listed in the recipe from scratch. However, it does make me long for Christmas baking, however!

  22. Rebecca

    RE #5:Apparently, we worship our children. Oops.

  23. Linda

    Ohhh! Must try that recipe you posted!

    I guess if you look at my walls, it looks like I worship nothing….

  24. Megan

    So happy for you on th book! πŸ™‚

    Your Halloween story is so funny. One idea for you in the future is getting a little pair of black cat ears on a headband or an angel halo. πŸ™‚ I did the halo this year with my regular clothes, and I felt like I was slightly festive without going full blown on the costume. πŸ™‚

    Interesting about what’s on the walls… we have crucifixes in every room and a few religious statues here and there. We also have framed pictures of our kids, wedding pictures, and a large picture of poppies in our dining room… Not sure what that says… God, family, and nature?? haha

    I liked you on facebook! Hi Jen! πŸ™‚

  25. Jenny

    What a great shot of your husband cruising the neighborhood in a banana suit. You just never know when one of those might come in handy.

  26. Rebekah

    #5: We either worship nothing or the color white. πŸ™‚ We’re in RCIA right now, so maybe that will change. We hate to hang up things in a rental, though, so we don’t do much/any decorating.

  27. Amy

    *love* that dessert. Love it.

    We have nothing on our walls. I wonder what that says about us?

    Congratulations on almost being done with your book! Can’t wait to read it.

  28. Liesl

    I gave into the Inception craze… and wasn’t really impressed. Hm, maybe it was just me. I really liked Avatar and Toy Story 3. I probably saw about a billion other movies that I can’t remember anymore. Oh, I just saw Young Victoria on DVD – EXCELLENT!! Definitely must see it!

    Congrats on the book! Thanks for the recipe – I love recipes! Especially dessert!

  29. Jaimie

    Inception. The Social Network. Toy Story 3.

    That’s all. (I follow movies like a freak.)

    This summer sucked for movies.

    Grats on the book!

  30. Young Mom

    What if the walls are pretty bare? And I still can’t figure out how you got a facebook page without having a profile, I thought you HAD to have a profile before they would allow you to make a facebook page?

  31. 'Becca

    #5: Just by looking, you’d think we worship animals and landscapes, because that’s what most of the framed pictures on our walls (the ones not drawn by the 5-year-old) depict. But if you ask, the reason we have these pictures has less to do with their content than with their sentimental value because they used to hang in our grandparents’ homes. Does that mean we worship our heritage and sense of home?

  32. Tres Angelas

    If a burglar is casing your neighborhood and looks into your open garage, he’ll just keep on walking.

  33. priest's wife

    My husband liked “RED”- saw it with the guys, a very rare night out

  34. bearing

    I want to make that dessert, only I want to put sliced bananas in it.

  35. Tracy

    Thanks for the recipe. My waistline does not thank you, but I do. I will be good about when I make it. For company. Oh, look, I have company this weekend.

  36. Maria

    Hmmm…I tend not to want to put much art up at all, though I love beautiful things. It’s just with so many kids, it’s nice to have something look uncluttered. I’m hoping this means I’m really detached or something good like that, but probably just means I’m bad a decorating.

  37. Ann

    Yes, I would also be interested to hear your thoughts on Inception — I thought it was great.

    I like your friends observation about wall decor! I will be keeping an eye out when I visit friends. And, I feel releived that I have a picture of Jesus and crosses all over the house!

  38. Susan

    Yeah, my son had a picture of himself with one of those shot-up targets as his profile picture for awhile. I’m sure everyone thought it was awesome.

    I couldn’t stay awake during Inception, but everyone else loved it.

    Can’t wait to read the book!

  39. Luci

    I’ll be thrilled to read your book! πŸ™‚

  40. JoAnna

    Yay, I can’t wait for your book!

    I really enjoyed “The Blind Side.” I can’t remember when it originally came out but I saw it for the first time a few months ago.

  41. Rachel

    INCEPTION!!! Just like everyone else said πŸ™‚

    And I LOVE the banana suit – we all chipped in and bought one for a friend of ours for her birthday, and we went out on halloween on campus and ran into a few other people in banana suits too! It’s pretty popular πŸ™‚

  42. That Married Couple

    3. Too funny!

    4. I think that would be an awesome Christmas card!

    5. Interesting. I suppose that means we worship our family and ourselves. Although I’ve been wanting to get some more Catholic art, I haven’t been able to find just the right pieces yet.

    7. Congrats!

  43. Monica

    That is…awesome.

    (Just linked to my 7QT, and accidentally linked to the blog instead of the post…apologies.)

  44. Nina

    Actually, as much as I thought Leo was brilliant and the beautiful Marion Cotillard is always so affecting, I wouldn’t see Inception again. Too disturbing for me….hit too close to my heart in personal ways.

    My husband loves Hereafter, the new Matt Damon movie (Matt Damon is a beautiful character and actor in this), about “connection” with those who have died. It is deep on many levels, but slow, and sad. My husband thought it was one of the more thoughtful movies he’s seen in years. I wouldn’t see it again. Aren’t I a bummer?

    We are most looking forward to…..The Voyage of Dawn Treader in early December. Yay, Narnia!

    My teenage daughter is psyched about the next Harry Potter; my teenage son thinks it’s “trash” (my husband doesn’t love it either, just allowing it for this daughter, however!). I will probably accompany her to it.

    We also can not WAIT for the animated Megamind with Will Farrell, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt. The kids die at the preview….(the spee-I-der!).

    My one little daughter is looking forward to the new Disney movie about Rapunzel, Tangled, although I don’t know….doesn’t look that great to me?

    And lastly my husband and I are looking forward to: TRON! Opening mid-December, I think.

    God bless, Jen!

  45. Amy

    I would definitely agree with Inception. I would also suggest My Name is Khan, but it is in a combination of Hindi and English, so it is hard to do anything while watching it. Really good though.

    And well done on getting the book this far. Will keep you in my prayers!

    *amy πŸ™‚

  46. Julia at LotsaLaundry

    When people walk into our house, the first thing they say is, “Wow — you have a LOT of books!” It takes them a while to figure out what *isn’t* there: the TV altar.

    • 'Becca

      Oh…duh…there are things on our walls other than art! Like books. Lots of books. We do kind of worship books. But now we live in a neighborhood where that’s fairly normal! Where I grew up, people visiting my house often commented on the books, but now I’ve gotten used to having bookish guests.

  47. Christian H

    They say you can tell what I city finds most important by looking at its tallest buildings. They were once cathedrals. Now they are banks and communications towers.

    I don’t know about art, though. First, I don’t find religious art conducive to making guests comfortable; second, I don’t find much religious art very good (see Dr. Richard Beck’s Experimental Theology for thoughts on that); third, I lease, so the art on my walls is the art I found on the walls when I moved in. When I do decorate my rooms, it tends to be landscapes and nice pictures people were going to throw away.

  48. Christine

    I don’t often comment, but two things stuck out to me today. The shooting target paper- my husband just took my oldest son (10 yo) to the range on their daddy/son date. They had a blast and came home proudly with their papers in tow. πŸ™‚ Guess it’s a guy thing.

    Also, about what’s on our walls- I used to have a framed print of a Peter Paul Rubens secular painting from the days when I was not a Christian. I always loved it for the colors and the technique, but it didn’t fit our sacred lifestyle. I replaced it with a lighthouse scene of Thomas Kinkade. It fits us so much better now.

  49. Robin

    You may not want to know this, but two variations of your dessert recipe are:

    1) Spread peanut butter on the graham crackers

    2) Use chocolate graham crackers, then mix mint flavoring and green food coloring in the pudding.

    Verrrry dangerous.

  50. KC

    Re: #4, you are definitely in Texas. πŸ™‚ It made me laugh. I have my own target but it’s not hanging up. I have it to prove to my brothers that I can shoot well.

  51. ~ Nona

    I’m always happy to hear about what’s happening with your book. I hate to ask (it feels like “nagging”) so I’m pleased when you post an update.


  52. Marian

    I think the thought about walls is in some cases true, in some not, and never to be taken too seriously. We don’t need another superficial legalistic code for judging others and worrying about what other people might be thinking, y’know?
    Many people decorate their walls with things that speak beauty to them, and God has infused beauty all over his creation. If someone has an abstract print in colors that remind them of a beautiful sunset or the wonder of the heavens… or a picture in which the intricacy and emotion of the human face is displayed… or a still life painting of kitchen bowls in which they are fascinated by the beautiful interplay between the light and shadows… it is beauty and the wonder of creation they are drawn to, which is ultimately God, whether they realize it or not.
    If there is any place we might look to get the most clear picture of what we value, I’d vote for checkbook over walls!

  53. L a u r a

    Not only do you live in TX but you also have our friends (LaRue Tactical) manufacturing sniper guns in your back yard. The guv even visits them for his target practice.

    I don’t have any movie recommendations, but I’m thinking you could pitch the idea for an annual Epic Christmas Card Mailout movie event to Alamo Drafthouse with great success! Their tables would be good for assembly lines.

    Our walls are mostly lined with the tallest bookshelves we could fit in our house and filled with books. Our wall hangings are what people have given us, including religious items, or pictures of our kids/family.

    I’m loving the banana suit! In our neighborhood, my favorite costume was a parent dressed up as John McEnroe–complete with a wooden racket and frame, curly wig, sweat bands, and the unfortunate tight white short shorts. Maybe I mostly appreciated it because I actually figured out who he was, unlike many other kids’ costumes. He got an “awesome” out of me!

    Congratulations on your book progress. I’m looking forward to reading it!

  54. Maggie

    movie: Giuseppe Moscati -Doctor to the Poor

  55. Julie

    Movie: “Temple Grandin” which is currently available at Redboxes. It is the true story of an adult autistic woman. It is absolutely fascinating how well they portrayed how an autistic person sees/experiences the world. I would not recommned it for anyone under the age of 13 or 14, however, because some scenes are pretty intense.

  56. Emily a.k.a. Smoochagator

    Thanks so much for the eclair cake recipe! My boss’s birthday is Monday and I’m in charge of the dessert. I wanted to make something unique and yummy, and that definitely looks like it’ll fit the bill.

  57. kristina

    Movies I saw in 2010 new in theater: Eat Pray Love, Toy Story 3 and Saw #D. Eat, Pray, Love was good but apparently not if you read the book. I was in a “journey” type place when I saw it so I really connected…to some of it..definitely NOT all of it! πŸ˜‰

  58. Catherine

    I would say that what’s on your walls shows what you value, but not necessarily what you worship. As someone who was raised Baptist, religious art wasn’t part of my upbringing. Even now, I’m not real crazy about the artwork you find in the Christian bookstores. But, I can see how it would be different for a Catholic or Orthodox person.

    We have pictures of our family on our walls along with pictures that remind us of places we’ve been – the plantation where we spent our honeymoon night, the Natchez and the St. Charles Streetcar (we used to live in New Orleans). My husband once had a watercolor painting of my favorite kind of petunia done by a local artist – that’s one of my favorite pieces of art!

    Of course, now that I think of it, I do have three crosses on my dining wall. They used to be in our two-story foyer before our down-sizing. So, I guess that’s a pretty good clue about our religious preference.

  59. Sharon

    Inception. Definitely. And looking forward to your book!

  60. Aimee Kate

    Movies: I went on my first real date to see Avatar, and I loved it. However, it is definitely not something to watch with the kids, it’s just too mature/violent. I also highly reccomend Toy Story 3. It was cute, fun, and touching, especially having grown up with the movies.

    As for walls, I don’t know. I live in a dorm, so on the little space I have I put up pictures of family and friends. I have a cross up too, and one in my window, but they are up because they are a part of who I am and what I love. I’m not sure about the idea of everything I have up indicating what I worship.

    P.S. I love the banana costume!

    • 'Becca

      Don’t watch Avatar in the background while working on your Christmas cards. Watch it only if you are going to WATCH. It’s an amazing visual treat! But the story is kind of silly and would likely come across as sillier if you weren’t totally absorbed in the alien world. I did love the part of the story where the aliens have suffered a wrenching defeat and their immediate response is to go to their equivalent of church for intense prayer.

  61. Mary

    I’m not so sure it’s about “what people worship” as it is “what people value”. And I think that goes a long way.

    Family pictures, nice art, framed kitschy phrases, personal notes…all of those tell you what a person values, but not necessarily what they worship.

    Once someone told me, “You can tell how devout a Catholic is by what’s on their walls”, but even that is highly suspicious, since the most devout may only hang a simple crucifix. The essential point is that you can never know what’s in someone’s heart by any external judgment.

    As a side note, we are house hunting, and I have a lot of fun seeing what people hang on their walls.

  62. Elizabeth Mahlou

    Yeah, I suppose walls do talk. I am afraid of what people think of ours, though. I have not had any time to put up anything at all. Between all our rooms, I have only only five wall hangings: a tiny lithograph of the Marshall Center in Germany (given to me as a memento of my work there), autographed pictures of a couple famous astronauts (given to me as a memento of my work at NASA), an inscribed-with-my-name mirror set in precious Jordanian stones (given to me as a memento of my work in Amman), a blessing on a wooden plaque (given to me as a housewarming gift from a friend from the SFO and my prayer group), and a cross over the door inscribed in Spanish with the peace prayer often ascribed to St. Francis (not really written by him). Oh, and recently, our grandson taped up a picture he had drawn of the solar system so that we would remember that there is no longer a Pluto there.

    Y’know, I am not sure that I even want to know what people might think about our walls. I obviously don’t think about our walls at all. In a good case scenario, maybe they will just think we are eccentric! πŸ˜‰

  63. Bridget Adams

    Our boys’ shooting targets are proudly taped to their bedroom doors, with the words, “This could be you, if you enter my room without my permission!” and other taunts and bravado (obviously written in jest!).

    Those papers are like trophies (but much easier to store and don’t require dusting!).

    I’m with ya!

  64. Jennifer Fulwiler

    Hey everyone! I just got back from a quick weekend trip where I’d thought I would have an internet connection, but it turns out I didn’t. Anyway, I just read all the comments, and wanted to thank you all for all the great thoughts and movie recommendations! Have a great week!

  65. Courageous Grace

    Interesting thought about the walls. In many of our rooms there is a crucifix and/or icon. However, in my dining room there are little jade and redwood Buddhas that were gifts from a friend who spent some time in Singapore. The whole room is kind of my “Asian” room, fans, bonsais, Buddhas, Japanese tea and sake sets, etc. I don’t have them because I’m a fan of Buddhism, but rather because they were gifts holding sentimental value. That and I think the friend who gave them to us was trying to be funny.

    Our staircase is lined with family pictures, and I’ve got a couple of scenery paintings hung around. In our master bedroom there is a needlepoint sampler with our wedding date on it, and my husband’s braid mounted in a shadow box (he grew his hair out when we first started dating).

    I would guess, though, that the most telling thing on our walls is the LCD flatscreen mounted over the fireplace and the various console gaming systems on shelf next to it… O.o Does it help that the other shelf is overstuffed with books and we have a bookshelf in every bedroom? LOL!

  66. Emily (a.k.a. Smoochagator)

    Just wanted to let you know that the eclair cake was a BIG HIT at my office today. I did substitute a pint of heavy whipping cream for the Cool Whip, though, because I’m not a big fan of Cool Whip πŸ˜› I was nervous about how it would turn out, but I guess I didn’t need to be – everyone raved about how yummy the cake was and some came back for seconds. Score!

  67. Katherine

    I had to smile at your take number 5. My dh made the very wise observation one day as we were viewing various nieces facebook pages, about how you can really tell what is important to people by viewing the photos they share on Facebook. I’ve noticed more and more how true that statement is, when viewing others pages.

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