An inspiring story from the other side of the fence

February 28, 2011

Elizabeth McClung, Founder & Director of the Austin Coalition for Life

I said that I would only link to my pieces at the Register when I had something I thought you all might be interested in, and boy does this post fit into that category! Go check out the interview I did with an incredible young woman named Elizabeth McClung.

Those of you who have read Abby Johnson’s smash hit book Unplanned will know who Elizabeth is: she’s the girl who bought flowers and a card for Abby one morning while Abby still worked at the abortion clinic — and that card would end up playing a big role in Abby’s life as she began to seriously question her whole worldview. (I excerpted the relevant scene for those of you who haven’t read the book yet.) I tracked Elizabeth down to hear her side of that story, as well as to hear her thoughts on the pro-life movement, saying yes, and not giving up.

I promise you you’ll love what she has to say. Go check it out.


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