Jen’s community bulletin board for March 2011

March 7, 2011 | 24 comments

Since you said it was helpful last time, I thought I’d do another community bulletin board post where I highlight products, services and charities that people have asked me to mention (or, in some cases, that I’ve discovered on my own).


A couple of time-sensitive items:


I received the most gorgeous print in the mail from artist Jude Landry! It looks so good hanging in my office — it’s like something that those stylish people who know about art and design have in their homes. And the image is of the Holy Family, so it’s inspiring too! His wife included a sweet note explaining that he’s selling his artwork to help support his young family, so all proceeds go to that good cause. Go check out his online store!


A reader named Catherine left a comment telling me about the excellent work that the Servants of the Lord are doing in the Philippines. Catherine writes:

This is a bit personal because it’s the work my best friend Sr. Manaoag does today…She is still in formation today, and writes to me every so often about her classes and the sisters’ apostolate (and relationship) with the poorest communities in the area. The work they do is amazing.

A few months ago, her mother superior sent me a PowerPoint of their summer program for the inner-city children, and it made me cry to see Mass being held reverently in a shack, and several scantily-clad children role-playing the lives of the saints with smiles on their faces. Crazy. Some days when I feel discouraged in preparing programs for our little suburban parish youth group, I think of my friend and remind myself that there is ALWAYS more I should be able to do.

What a great ministry. You can find out more about them here.


Dorian Speed is so clever. I guess you have to be if you have an awesome name like Dorian Speed. Anyway, she’s created an excellent series of videos called 90-Second Scripture Shorts in which she profiles people from the Bible in — you guessed it — 90 seconds. Here’s an example:

To view them all, click here.


Speaking of clever people, Eric Sammons really came up with something interesting with his new book: it’s called Who is Jesus Christ?: Unlocking the Mystery in the Gospel of Matthew. In the book Eric examines each of the different names Jesus is given in the Gospel of Matthew — e.g. Man, Rabbi, Ghost, Carpenter’s Son, Son of David, etc. — and ruminates on what we can learn from each of these titles. Great concept, great book. (Also, don’t miss Eric’s blog, which is one of my favorites.)


Yet another cool app for the iPhone: The Scriptural Rosary. To help you keep focused on each mystery, this program will show you a different verse of Scripture for each Hail Mary. If I had an iPhone, I’d definitely get this!


This site is sort of like Post Secret, but for good deeds. It’s inspiring to read through all the short, anonymous tales of people taking action to make the world a better place. Go check it out if you need a little lift today!


I got a beautiful necklace featuring my patron for the year, St. Francis de Sales, from Axis Mundi Designs, a mom-owned Etsy shop. Her jewelry is as colorful and gorgeous as it is inspiring. She offers earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more — and it’s all gorgeous! I’ll definitely be bookmarking this one for the next time I need a great gift.

(UPDATE: I wore my St. Francis de Sales necklace when I was speaking at the Behold Conference this weekend, and I lost count of how many people asked me about it.  Everyone was raving about how beautiful it was. I told a bunch of people to check my post today for the link, so if you’re looking for that info, here it is: you can get your own at Axis Mundi Designs!)


This DVD called Bread of Life looks great. From the promo: “This film dynamically presents to you the awesome gift of the Eucharist Christ gave to his Church at the Last Supper. See why the Eucharist is the source and summit of a Christian’s life by hearing these powerful priests speak about the great mystery of the Faith. Explore the beauty of the Mass as a heavenly participation with the angels and saints in offering praise, adoration, thanksgiving, and petition to the one God who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Find out more here.


I’m out of time for this round, but I’ll highlight more great stuff next time! Hope this was helpful.


  1. LarryD

    Jennifer – in your kindness, would you please consider including my “Adopt-A-Priestess” project to your bulletin board? Numerous people who have signed up have indicated they’re using this project as a Lenten observation. Thanks!

  2. Carolina

    Thanks for the bulletin updates. Theh prints are gorgeous, my favorite is the guardian angel print…great baby gift. The jewelry is so pretty, I’m checking the site for confirmation gifts.

  3. Bonnie

    The Landrys are friends of mine! Alisha used to live in our neck of the woods and she asked me to say Hello to you for her. (Of course I forgot!)
    They are a wonderful family and Jude is so talented! We love our Guardian Angel prayer print! Thank you for promoting them!
    Here’s one more exclamation point for good show! ~!

  4. Jessica

    Thanks for continuing to share these resources, Jen. I have to say, the “Are You Catholic?” site kind of rubs me the wrong way. I’m wondering if anyone else had that reaction. I would love a site where people reported good deeds done for them, but a site where people are all tooting their own horns seems a little strange and contrary to the whole point of doing good deeds. It seems the point of the site is that you are “truly” Catholic if you are performing good deeds, yet didn’t Jesus tell us we shouldn’t go parading our good deeds around like the Pharisees?

    • Barbara C.

      I agree, Jessica. It seems like a neat idea, but it does encourage one to do a good deed just so they can publish about it. I think it also gives fuel to anti-Catholic Protestants who accuse Catholics of trying to “work” their way to heaven.

      I think a better site would be where you could report good deeds that one saw other people do. It would certainly counter all the terrible stuff they always want to report on the news.

    • Kris, in New England

      Jessica – I too had the same initial reaction. My first thought was the comparison Christ made to houses built on rock vs. sand. To make a show of what you believe is your own good deed is to build your house on sand.

      I like Barbara’s idea above – a place where you could talk about the good things you saw other people do. That would be inspiring and life-affirming.

      I also don’t think it’s fair to compare it to Post Secret. Those are just that – secrets that aren’t identified with religion, geography or any other specifics except as part of the secret itself, not because of it.

  5. Dorian Speed

    Hey, thanks for the link and the compliments! Looking forward to checking out these other resources as well.

    • Inspired18

      Totally sharing these with my 6th graders studying the OT. Will you do Moses, too? Other OT heroes?

      Looking forward to whatever you put together.


      • Dorian Speed

        Thank you! I am glad you are finding them useful! I do plan to make more – Moses next. I will probably try to have that one up next week – have some other projects on the front burner at the moment, but I appreciate your feedback!

  6. Alisha

    Thank you so much, Jen, for helping us out! Your voice is being heard – we have three orders already and it’s just after noon! God bless you!

    And yeah, Bonnie – you were supposed to tell Jen hi for me…!

  7. Inspired18

    Those 90 second videos were great! My favorite was Abraham. Loved the music…so captured the drama of the OT. I am definitely sharing this with my 6th graders in CCD (studying OT). Thanks for sharing those.

    Sure enjoyed you at the Behold Conference, Jen! What a treat to have you in person. I’m only sorry I didn’t notice the pendant you were wearing from Axis Mundi. I don’t see a Francis de Sales one on his site. I wonder if they would do a Our Lady of La Leche pendant!

    Thanks! 🙂

  8. Katie @ Wellness Mama

    Thanks for the resources. That necklace is beautiful! I’m going to look into those for gifts for sacraments for my kids.
    If it would be helpful to anyone during Lent, I am hosting a 40-Day Grain Free (and sugar free) challenge. To help, I will be sending out easy recipes, meal plans and tips, and there will be a few great giveaways.
    Thanks again!

  9. Geomama

    Thanks so much for mentioning Axis Mundi, and thanks to all of you who’ve checked out the shop. This will be a busy (in a good way) Mardi Gras

  10. Valent Richie

    Thanks Jennifer for mentioning about Scriptural Rosary app. I will work on other Catholic apps too, and try to take a look at android OS.

  11. Relationship Coach

    They prints are beautiful, my favourite is the guardian angel print great kid gift. The jewellery is so I am checking the site for confirmation gifts.

  12. mhphilothea

    Jen, question on #8, Axis Mundi. I don’t see a Francis de Sales design on the site. Was that something you custom ordered, or does she just not sell it online?

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Yes, I did custom order it. I’d been in contact with the owner through my blog. She’s super friendly and I’m sure would be happy to do custom saints for you if she has the resources!

    • Geomama

      mhphilothea (nice Salesian name)- I had a St Francis de Sales pendant yesterday morning but it sold. I can easily make another if you’d like. Just send a message through the etsy shop.

      • mhphilothea

        thanks! I’m not much of a jewelry wearer myself, but I know a large group of ladies devoted to St. FdS who may be interested. I was mostly looking for a picture to pass along to them of what it looks like.

  13. Catherine

    Thank you for mentioning the work of the SSVM sisters in the Philippines…

  14. jaja

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  15. Tamra Bowen

    Theh prints are gorgeous, my favorite is the guardian angel print…great baby gift. I also don’t think it’s fair to compare it to Post Secret. That necklace is beautiful! Was that something you custom ordered, or does she just not sell it online?

  16. Socorro Hebert

    I’m wondering if anyone else had that reaction. Totally sharing these with my 6th graders studying the OT.

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