7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 126)

May 13, 2011 | 107 comments

— 1 —

I am typing this at TOO-FREAKING-LATE o’clock on Thursday night. I was about to throw in the towel and just put up a linky list along with a note saying that I just didn’t get a chance to write my quick takes today, but I’m watching this documentary about climbing Everest and the swelling orchestra sounds and deep narrator’s voice got me all inspired. If you just replace “summit” with “write, ” “world’s tallest mountain” with “blog post, ” the show might as well be about me. So, long story short, I am going to follow in the footsteps of Hillary and overcome fatigue and extreme cold (my husband is a little bit too excited that the air conditioner is fixed), and I shall write this 7 Quick Takes post.

— 2 —

Thank you very much for your prayers and your kind words about the video shoot on Wednesday. It went very well. The folks from Electro-Fish (the production company) were extremely courteous and professional: they arrived when they said they would arrive, left right on schedule, replaced all the furniture that had to be moved around, etc. One surprise was that the hardest parts for me were the simple “slice of life” shots. I didn’t mind staring into the camera and rambling about theology, but when I had to wash dishes or read the Bible while pretending that there weren’t two cameras and a microphone in my face, I almost cracked.

Also, when we first scheduled it I didn’t understand why they’d need to be here from 9 AM to 5 PM to make a short film, but now I get it. To get just one shot they had to set the lights just right, run some test footage, arrange background items to reduce distractions, set up the sound equipment, etc., and then record enough footage to give the editors plenty to work with. It’s an amazingly time-intensive process.

The final product should be published in the Fall — I’ll keep you posted!

— 3 —

I need new TV show recommendations. Now that we canceled cable and just use Netflix I don’t watch much TV, but it is nice to have a good show going to flip on once in a while. Recommend away! To help you narrow it down:

  • LIKES: I loved Downton Abbey (like, “need to talk to my confessor about it” loved it) as well as Jeeves and Wooster and 30 Rock. I also liked Lie to Me.
  • DISLIKES: I tried watching Community, Psych and the American version of The Office, but they weren’t for me.

— 4 —

Here’s a great way to start your weekend: read this touching and inspiring story that Fr. Jonathan Morris told to Kathryn Jean Lopez in a recent interview:

Just as I was leaving the hospice, I caught myself asking the nurse if there was anyone there who had no family or friends. She immediately pointed me to 6B. It was the half of room 6 occupied by a Mr. Harris. I took his hand and spoke in a loud voice. His eyes remained closed, his head down. After a few futile attempts to connect with him, I raised my voice even louder and told him he looked wonderful. I told him he was strong. I placed a Yankees cap on his head and laughed at him. With eyes still closed, and to my great surprise, he squeezed my hand with the grip of a twenty-year-old. A few minutes later he opened his eyes wide, recognized the collar, and asked one thing: “Did you come here, Father, just to see me?” “I did, Mr. Harris, I did.” He cried like a baby. More tears of joy. Comforting people in the throes of tragedy is sometimes a downer emotionally, and sometimes it feels good. It is always a blessing for my soul.

— 5 —

Veronica Mitchell brought up the subject of theoretical worst jobs on Twitter a while back. She the worst job for her would be wedding planner. I’ve been pondering it ever since: What would the worst job for me be? It’s a fascinating question since there is such a vast array of things I’m bad at — it would have to be a very special vocation to come out at the top of that list.

Anyway, after much thought, I think I’ve found it: Wacky Secular Morning Show DJ. In fact, I would be so incredibly bad at this job that it might actually become a popular show because people would tune in out of morbid curiosity. It could be called The Train Wreck, and I could have some deeply ironic name like Jazzy Jen. The first half of every show would consist of me talking about how tired I was. Then I’d try to talk about pop culture, but since I don’t really follow the media all my references would stop at around 2002 (“What’s with that one Backstreet Boy who’s like 10 years older than the other guys?”) I’d let some profanity slip. I’d read long passages from my favorite books, like 16th-century biographies of St. Catherine of Siena, and I’d recite entire papal encyclicals just for fun. Commercial breaks would end to long silences, broken only by the occasional sound of me snoring. What would be the worst job in the world for you?

— 6 —

Two food-related links: Someone re-created Van Gogh’s Starry Night with bacon, and Wellness Mama is writing interesting stuff about grains again.

— 7 —

I did it! I finished my post! Off to bed now. Have a great weekend, all!


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  1. Susan

    Funny you should ask about worst jobs. I have a running fantasy in my mind about what life would be like if we were all randomly assigned jobs by some committee. My favorite worst jobs are:
    1. Roofer. I’m afraid of heights and can’t even get from ladder to roof without help.
    2. Truck driver. I tried to back up the car once with a trailer and it just didn’t work for me. I can’t imagine trying to be a truck driver.
    3. Navy Seal. I picture myself during the planning meeting for the terrorist capture, trying to explain that I like to have a lot of bathroom breaks.

    Regarding TV shows, I like Modern Marvels. It’s fascinating enough to hold my attention and yet relaxing enough to go to sleep to.

  2. Leila

    Seriously, you are cracking me up more each time! Your best job might just be comedy writing… the next Erma Bombeck?

    My worst job in the world would be anything involving multi-tasking and deadlines. Perhaps a toss up between T.V. news reporter and host of a live cooking show? I’m seriously starting to have a panic attack just thinking about it, so I need to go now….

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Oh, I forgot, cooking show host is actually a close second for worst jobs for me. All that multitasking would kill me. Speaking of which, the film crew wanted me to share part of my story while cooking on Wednesday to give it a casual feel. EPIC. FAIL.

      (Ignore the timestamp on this comment. I’m not really so irresponsible as to still be awake and surfing the web.)

      • Leila

        Wait, did you just say “…the film crew wanted me to share part of my story while cooking on Wednesday to give it a casual feel”???????????

        Um, I have to go now. Need to find a paper bag to breathe in….

        • Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin

          Trust me, as bad as TV nightly news reporter/anchorman would be…. the one who REALLY has it tough is the producer in the studio. Deadlines, precision timing, supervising lots of people, and multitasking ALL AT ONCE!!

          • Leila

            Oh my, now I’m fainting! And the weird thing is… when I was in college, I went to D.C. and did an internship with a national cable news network (now defunct), and I actually had to do some deadline stuff!

  3. Molly

    I loved Downton! I can’t wait until the next season. Anything by the BBC is a hit in my books, and we’re big Dr. Who fans. I also hear that the new Sherlock is fantastic (and I just say it’s streaming now, I’m very excited)and I’m working my way through Monarch of the Glen. If your kids need something to watch on Netflix I’d suggest Avatar: The Last Airbender – it won a lot of daytime emmys and other awards for children’s programing – Jim Henson’s The Storyteller and The Secret of Kells. Other than that there are a ton of great documentaries and national geographic “movies” on instant view – I just watched one of the San Fransisco Earthquake that was quite good and the Monarchy Series is incredible.

    • Gina

      I liked “Sherlock” a lot. You have to pay attention, though, as they tend to talk fairly fast in those British accents. 🙂

      (If I had a confessor, he’d be getting constant earfuls about my obsessive love for TV shows and movies.)

      Worst job: dentist. Having your hands in people’s mouths all day . . . YUCK.

      • Molly

        Worst Job – Working any retail job during the holidays… did this this last christmas season while job hunting… everyday I came home with a list of “my kid is never going to be like…” and “I will never buy my kid…” and it really just sapped my love of the holidays to be constantly surrounded by the blind consumerism.

  4. Bethany Hudson

    Back again, Jen. You may have hooked me. Oh, and the bacon thing. Cracked me up. My husband is a computer engineer. I swear, every joke they tell has either a mobius strip, bacon, or ninjas therein.

    Btw…Blogger appears to be down, so if you have trouble viewing my post, that’s why. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. Hm…and it’s Friday the 13th. Good thing the Catechism tells me not to be superstitious 😉

  5. Jane

    We cancelled our cable as well. I LOVE Dr. Who and I’ve recently started watching Bones, which i like the way you like downton abbey. in fact, i’m up at 2:30 am because i’ve been watching episodes of it on netflix! ok.. going to bed now. I’m glad you ended up posting!

  6. Tracy

    Love the story about Father Jonathan….

    as far as TV…does HGTV and Food Network count? 😉

  7. Tracy

    Love the story about Father Jonathan….

    as far as TV…does HGTV and Food Network count? 😉

  8. Debbie

    BBC’s “Doc Martin.” Endearing, quirky, and funny.

  9. Regina

    Using “summit” as a verb–that’s pretty good for Too Late O’clock! Worst job ever: video game store personnel of any kind. Also, could never work in a hospital, not even in the gift shop.

  10. Michelle

    We’re re-watching LOST right now on Netflix. It’s really great the 3rd time through. 🙂

  11. Heather

    Have you seen Monk?

  12. Kathleen@so much to say

    Your morning show DJ makes me laugh. I think it would be a fair improvement over the assault that most morning shows are. 🙂 I understand why they do it, but it’s SO ANNOYING. And I”m a morning person!

  13. Sara

    I loved Downton Abbey as well! My latest netflix series is Lark Rise to Candleford. Monarch of the Glen is fun too.

  14. Elizabeth M

    We loved Downton Abbey too. We’re now getting Lark Rise to Candleford on Netflix, but it’s only on DVD so far. I second the vote for Doc Martin. Also Hamish Macbeth was a lot of fun.

    We’re thinking of canceling cable too. So I’m in the midst of checking what we watch that would also be available via Netflix or online streaming.

    Let us know how it goes!

  15. Lindy

    We just finished all four seasons of Mad Men and are in mourning that we have to wait until next year for season 5. It is great escape tv. Love the 60’s era, the manly men,the glamorous women, the fashion. It is fantastic. Superb acting and casting. I think you’d love it. (After the kids are asleep, of course.)

    • Kris, in New England

      Lindy – I am with you on this. We too just finished season 4 of Mad Men and I can’t believe we have to WAIT for the next season. The show is fantastic and such an homage to the 60s. I love the women’s clothing and how the men take off their hats in elevators; they again I love that the men actually wear hats!

      • Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin

        Kris: my wife got me my winter fedora at willagehatshop.com — an inexpensive model with a broad brim made of black wool felt. (The really good ones are felted fur, and as costly as a good suit.) The summer hat I want is a Mexican palm-leaf straw fedora from sunbody.com …. and alas, I don’t have it *yet*. If you search online for haberdashers, you will find them. And there is a fedora to make nearly any man look good.

    • Lisa

      I love Mad Men too, it’s my most favorite show ever. I own all 4 Seasons on DVD. Season 1 was incredible but I think my favorite episodes have to be the last 3 episodes of Season 3 (when Betty confronts Don about his past, the Kennedy Assassination and the Partners leaving Sterling Cooper to form SCDP). Wonderful storytelling. The show is so authentic and the fashion is incredible!

  16. Robin

    TV show recommendation: Foyle’s War. It’s British, of course, and set in WWII, about a local police chief solving murders. Michael Kitchen plays it so well. I loved Downton Abbey and second Lark Rise to Candleford. And if you like Lark Rise, check out Cranford.

    Worst job for me: anything financial. I inherited a little bit of money, once upon a time, and my husband suggested I put it “in CDs”. I had no clue what he was talking about, but went to the bank anyway. After dutifully listening to all of the descriptions of interest rates, etc., I said, “great! I’ll take 20 of them.” Crickets with deer-in-the-headlights looks. ‘Cause they didn’t want to offend this new customer by telling her what an idiot she was.

  17. BettyDuffy

    Did you ever watch Arrested Development? It’s been off air for awhile, but I still laugh thinking about it sometimes.

  18. Katrina @ Callapidder Days

    Hm, worst job… Possibly ER nurse, since I almost pass out every time I’m in an ER — even if I’m just there to support someone else. Or politician. Being an introvert, all the “people stuff” would just about do me in.

    As for TV… I just re-watched Lost on Netflix recently. All six seasons. I’m also a fan of Fringe and Monk, but am not sure where/if they are available.

  19. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

    Upstairs, Downstairs, Duchess of Duke Street, Lillie, all Masterpiece series from the 1970s and 1980s. I borrow them from our local library, although I had to dust off the VHS player to view them!

  20. Charlotte (Matilda)

    LOVE Lie to Me!!! Tim Roth is brilliant. I like Psych but only because I went to the rival high school as James Roday and remember seeing him in One Act Play competitions. Anyway, based on your Downton Abbey I would recommend anything by Elizabeth Gaskell… Wives and Daughters, North and South (not the Patrick Swayze miniseries), Cranford and Return to Cranford. Her stuff is not as fluffy as Jane Austen. I really think you’ll like North and South! Based on your preference for Lie To Me, I would suggest Leverage or Numb3rs. They both get a little hokey towards the later seasons, but by that time, you’re kind of hooked. If you are looking for quirky but clever, try Pushing Daisies.

  21. DM

    For recommended watching: Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights, The Tudors.

    • DM

      Going through the other comments a bit: both Foyle’s War and the recent BBC “Sherlock” series are definitely recommended. “Sherlock” is only a three-part mini-series, but they’re releasing a new set later this year. Foyle has about 22 episodes, and the final ones aired last year. A third mystery series is “Cadfael”, staring Derek Jacobi–who was also in “I, Claudius”, also a good series.

      Another good BBC series comes to mind: “Spooks” (called “MI-5” in North America). It’s a bit violent at times, but very good suspense as the main characters are regularly removed either voluntarily or “in the line of duty” so you never quite know what’s going to happen to people.

      Also, if you haven’t seen “Fawlty Towers” you must check it out (it stars John Cleese). Another good comedy (that airs on PBS I think) is “Keeping Up Appearances” with the main character Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced “Bouquet”). A third, more recent comedy, is “The IT Crowd”–where if you’re a geek you’ll get a lot of the in jokes.

      If you’re into science and/or history, you may want to check out “Connections” (the first series only) and “The Day the Universe Changed” with James Burke:


      • Lisa

        I LOVE Keeping Up Appearances!!! So funny. I’ve watched every episode at least twice. Patricia Routledge does such a good job of Hyacinth pretending to be like the Queen. I think the travel brochures episode has to be the funniest. hehe Onslow’s birthday episode is pretty funny too. Another hilarious show is The Old Guys, it airs on PBS. Richard from Keeping Up Appearances is one of the Old Guys. Very funny!!

      • Karen

        Funniest BritCom ever is “One Foot in the Grave” but it is a lot harder to find than Keeping Up Appearances.

    • Sarah Webber

      Veronica Mars has to be some of the best television ever! Also a big Doctor Who fan, and Sherlock. Spooks is good but upsetting. I really like New Tricks but am not sure how to get a hold of it legally in the states.

      I have both North & South and Downton Abbey sitting on my DVR, waiting to be watched. I’m sure I’ll get around to it someday.

  22. Pat Johnson

    Worst job- salesperson. I’m a true introvert and don’t even like talking to salespeople. Being one would be horrible, especially if it was a car salesperson.

    Possible show to watch- Clatterford (aka Jam and Jerusalem). It’s a BBC show about a small English town and the women who live there. You can find it on Youtube in 10 minute segments.

  23. Bonnie

    I can’t help it – I love Bones. And all previous seasons are watch instantly on Netflix. Life is a good cancelled show with really quirky humor. Travis and I really like Chicago Code, which is on basic and can be watched on Hulu.

    And something that is NOT a cop show: Ballykissangel. It’s sweet.

  24. Katie

    Okay, I’ll give you the American Office, but Psych and Community?! No way! Freaking HILARIOUS shows!

    • Gina

      I was going to say, “‘Psych’ and ‘The Office’?! No way!” I’ve only seen a handful of “Office” episodes, but I’m NUTS about “Psych.” (Paging that confessor . . .)

  25. Z

    I thought we were identical introverted twins until you said you don’t like Community… LOL. I LOVE THAT SHOW! Although, I agree on the Office, not for me either.

    I like Arrested Development, Firefly, The Sarah Connor Chronicles (but I’m a Terminator freak), and of course, Alias and Lost. I heart J.J. Abrams!

    If you like British stuff, then you might like Fawlty Towers.

  26. Kris, in New England

    I echo the recommendation of The Tudors – it gets a bit, um, racy and it’s all in good fun. Very well done – acting is incredible, costumes are beyond spectacular. Sons of Anarchy is also good. And for Brit series we’ve enjoyed MI-5 (known as Spooks over there).

  27. MrsDarwin

    DJ Jazzy Jen — YES I LOVE IT DO IT NOW.

    I second the recommendation for Foyle’s War. We really enjoyed that. It’s been ages since I watched any series, though.

  28. Nichole@40daysof

    I too loved Downton Abbey. I am also into (some) cop shows. The absolute best is Justified on FX, which is no regular cop show. Nothing is regular or boring when Elmore Leonard is involved. 🙂

    My worst job would be school teacher. I am short on patience. Also, my “I’m serious” look can make young children cry. 😉

    • Sarah Webber

      Justified leaves me absolutely breathless! Awesome show.

      Worst job: My children’s teacher. I am so grateful they have awesome teachers at public school

  29. Sue from Buffalo

    I have to say MONK!!! without question or hesitation.

    It is hilarious and yet very very endearing.

    The writing is absolutely incredible. We bought all eight seasons and the writing is very consistent. They take an ex detective with OCD and make him funny (without being ridiculed) and human and into your best friend.

    All without being scandalized by gratuitous sex and violence etc etc etc.
    We can let our kids watch it without worrying. That says a lot.

    • Gina

      “Monk” was awesome. I do think the writing got a touch stale in the last couple of seasons (and Natalie never took Sharona’s place in my heart), but still, it was a lovely show.

  30. Lauren

    Parks and Rec is a lot of fun, but I like The Office. Also loved he HBO Rome series. Definitely not for kids, but interesting for history lovers. Gives you a good idea of the predominate culture Jesus was up against when speaking of gentiles.

    I had a friend that used to do PR work for Hollywood movie stars. As glamorous as that sounds, the job was super stressful and involved making hundreds of phone calls every day about ridiculous things. For example, he once spent most of the day arranging to have a hair stylist fly across the country last minute to put a wig on a star for an awards show, male star btw. This was his every day life. Eventually he quit b/c of a stress related illness. I wouldn’t last an hour in that job.

  31. Rachael

    We like Arrested Development, Parks and Recreation, LOST, and Fringe (not on instant).

  32. Meredith

    When I was up with baby, I watched 2 seasons of the Canadian show Sarah’s House by Sarah Richardson (free on HGTV.) Unlike many design shows this one is both instructive and entertaining.

    On Friday nights we watch old episodes of Monk with our 9 yr old who gets to stay up a little later. (Similiar to Murder, She Wrote in content/maturity.)

    I don’t watch many dramas–glad to learn from the other comments!

  33. Liesl

    TV shows! I would recommend Merlin – also something kids can watch too! It’s on the BBC/SyFy.

    I also am a huge fan of Chuck.

    Veronica Mars was a great show that was on a few years back – high school private eye, but she is the wittiest character I have ever seen. Her comebacks were hilarious. Just a great show.

  34. Lisa

    I think my worst job would either be a high school math teacher (not good at math at all and I wouldn’t be good at teaching junior high/high school kids), roofer or window cleaner (because of heights), server, salesperson, flight attendant (I sometimes get motion sickness). No thanks!!

  35. John Flynn

    My worst job ever was a “flagman” on a construction road crew. Great money, super easy….all I did was stand at one end and wave cars through at the right time. However…I would think I was working for like 3 hours and then look at my watch and it had been 15 minutes. I quit after 4 days before I went insane!

    I think any job where I couldn’t be active and make it go by quickly would be the worst for me…

  36. Jay

    They are network shows but we catch up on a lot of the shows we miss for free on Hulu.com.
    We like Parenthood and Castle surprisingly.

  37. mrs.marcus

    I’m glad to hear the video shoot went well. I was thinking of you on Wednesday!

    Once my husband and I got caught up on NCIS, we were looking for something new to watch and took your recommendation of Downton Abbey. LOVED it! Even my husband is looking forward to the next season. 🙂

  38. Michelle

    I love #4! The priests in my parish are so wonderful, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), both of them are being re-assigned, and we will have two new priests by the end of this summer. All the upcoming changes have really made me think about what a blessing priests are, and how noble their vocation truly is. If you’re a priest and you’re reading this – THANK YOU!!! If you’re not a priest and you’re reading this, go find one you can thank today.

  39. Karen

    We won’t talk about how late I stayed up three nights in a row to watch Downton Abbey. Me, ice cream and my lap top at like 2AM. 😀

    Worst job for me: professional organizer…you know those women that come into your home, throw away all your clutter and then organize your life with cute labeled boxes, trays and containers. In the words of my teenage son..EPIC FAIL

  40. magda

    You thoughts on the documentary really line up with your NCR column “Suddenly I Was Surrounded by Life”

  41. Jackie

    Arrested Development! Hilarious.

  42. Katarina



  43. Amber

    My husband and I are boring–we watch Discovery and PBS documentaries. What can I say? I love learning about nature!!

    And congrats on the show! Excited for more news!

  44. Julie

    Life on Mars, Rubicon, MI5, DaVinci’s Inquest, Memphis Beat, The Glades

  45. Katie @ Wellness Mama

    I’m going to have to check out some of these shows! Downton Abbey comes highly recommended from several people… is it on Netflix or Hulu?
    My worst job would be truck driver- I really don’t enjoy driving and the few times I’ve had to drive a vehicle anywhere close to that big have been incredibly nerve racking.
    Can’t wait to hear more about your TV appearance airing!

  46. Lisa @ Cheerfully Chaotic

    Did you watch Community from the first episode? That was the key for us– we had to go back to the beginning to REALLY get it. And, we’re addicted to Bones. And Dexter. Does that make us creepy?

  47. Lisa @ Cheerfully Chaotic

    And Castle isn’t available with instant streaming, but it’s great.

  48. Christine

    Milking cows…it WAS my worst job. Every morning and every night. Cow snot is the worse…not even going there about the other end.

    I did data entry for 6 yrs trying to get through college. It was horrible but paid the bills.

    Worst job for me would be anything that deals with sick people. Touching anything gross on someone would freak me out.

  49. The Boring Blogger

    Foyle’s War is a great TV series that you can get on netflix. It’s a police detective who solves local crimes during WWI in costal England. Everyone I’ve recommended this series to becomes obsessed. His side kick and driver, Sam, is a lovable preacher’s daughter with some spunk!

  50. JoAnna

    My worst job – financial planner/advisor. My eyes glaze over if I even hear the words “stock market.”

    TV recommendations – I love the BBC miniseries Jane Eyre with Timothy Dalton and Zelah Clarke. It’s available for instant view on Netflix. Also, Fawlty Towers (John Cleese and Prunella Scales) is HILARIOUS.

  51. -dweej

    “Wacky Secular Morning Show DJ” Cracking up! I would totally listen to your show.

    Mine would have to be… day care provider. Just can’t deal with so many other adults telling me what to do 😉

  52. Serena

    Have you tried Parks and Recreation? It’s a bit of a slow start the first season, but they really hit their stride the second season and this year (I believe this is the third season). Actually, this season has been our favorite so far. And I definitely have to agree with the recommendations for Arrested Development.

  53. Giuseppe Ambrose

    Worst job for me? Anything that puts me at a desk, devoid of ample amounts of human interaction and doesn’t force me to go outside on a regular basis.

    Computer programmer?

  54. That Married Couple

    Haha, well I’m glad you were inspired to write your Quick Takes today – I always enjoy reading them! The food links were interesting. And I’ll definitely have to think about the worst job for me – very amusing!

  55. Monica

    Dude. Downton Abbey. Trouble. I really liked it and felt COMPLETELY gypped when I found out that it wasn’t a complete series yet. We don’t often watch stuff that’s not over and done with. But I know about the “need to talk to my confessor” type of like. I also like the James Herriott series that’s available to download. And we’ve also been watching The Dog Whisperer. We don’t have a dog, but somehow it’s addictive (although not quite in the Downton Abbey way). He’s hilarious (especially when he does imitations of dogs), and how many people can go into a stranger’s home and tell them: “You’re not balanced,” and receive an open mind and a willingness to listen. Plus, then I get to try to think what weird behaviors a dog would have if it did live in our house. Endlessly entertaining. Of course, then I start thinking of how my imbalances affect my kids…

    Also, worst jobs vary day by day for me, I think, although Peppy Morning Show Person would be up there, since Pep and Morning don’t go in the same sentence in my book. Some days, as far as my own performance goes, I think that my job as wife and mother was a bad pick for me. So then I have to trust that God knew what he was doing and I should get my act together.

  56. chris

    I’ll stick to the British theme for recommending shows-
    First, there’s an old show called The Good Life about a suburban English couple that gives up regular suburbaness for living self-sustainably- but without moving. They do it all in their house, in their yard. Socialite neighbor couple scowls while remaining fast friends. Hilarity ensues. Actually, the acting is good, the plots are pretty funny, the characters are actually characters.

    Also, the wife from that show, Felicity Kendall, starred in an unintentionally hilarious (or maybe it was on purpose?) show called Rosemary and Thyme. Two older women, both know a lot about plants, happen to run in to each other and form a garden consulting/installing business. As thrilling as this sounds, the exciting twist is actually that wherever they go, there just happens to be a murder to solve, one that usually requires deep botanical knowledge. It’s so absurd, you just keep watching.

    You’re in my prayers, and thanks for hunkering down to write for us,


  57. Trista

    I hate early morning djs!!!

  58. Jeanne G. @knowledgehungry

    I don’t have Quick Takes today because I wrote a looong take (my “Comment Luv” post)after following your food related links… Nothing about bacon, though. I do really appreciate your hosting Seven Quick Takes every Friday. I don’t think I could remember to do it every week, lol.

    My worst job would be anything stinky. Lately smells have really been getting to me. My dad used to love to watch Dirty Jobs (during dinner) and I was just SO glad I couldn’t smell what Mike Rowe was smelling.

    God bless you!

  59. Karen LH

    I’ve been watching Da Vinci’s Inquest on Netflix streaming. If you enjoy cop shows, it’s pretty good so far.

  60. Karen LH

    I’ve been watching Da Vinci’s Inquest on Netflix streaming. If you like police dramas, you might like it.

  61. Kate

    #3 — try “Chuck”!

    #6 — there is also a “Starry Night” made of cupcakes in the “Hello Cupcake” book. Much more authentic. Although when I showed my daughter the bacon one, she immediately said, “I want to eat that!”

  62. Missus Wookie

    Sorry – can’t really recommend tv showes. We’ve decided that we’re going to have to just buy dvds on occasions as dh watches ’em over and over again. Love David Attenborough so have all the ‘life’ series, Connections, Cosmos. Currently have been lent Toy Story 3 by a small friend and haven’t managed to watch it yet. We just don’t find time – ah but did watch “Monty’s Italian Gardens’ or one episode of at least and liked that.

    But yep nerdy humour and nephews both love bacon 😉

  63. Ruth Ann

    Jennifer, I understand how you might have wanted to avoid writing the 7 Quick Takes. They are quick to read, but not so quick to write. At least that’s my experience. I enjoyed reading your #2 and #4. I would also have trouble “pretending” for a film crew. Of course I’d never consent in the first place! Fr. Morris’ story is so touching.

    Thank you for hosting this. This is my 2nd time posting.

  64. Hungry Soul

    Great post — thanks much!

    New to your blog, enjoying it immensely!

  65. Kris

    Have you watched Foyle’s War? Fantastic show. Not sure if it’s on Netflix, our library has it, but it is well worth watching. Especially if you enjoy British tv.

  66. Kendra

    Glad to see you like 30 Rock, it’s one of my very favorite shows!!

    The worst job for me would probably be one in which there was a lot of pressure and public recognition of my failures/successes. I would never want a job I couldn’t easily leave if I needed to….like a CEO of a large corporation or something like that.

  67. John Flynn

    We’re watching “Commander in Chief” on netflix now with Geena Davis as the president and it’s great!

  68. Anthony S. Layne

    Can’t recommend any new shows … I barely watch; I’m two seasons behind on NCIS as it is. But every now and again, I enjoy watching Man vs. Food … why, I couldn’t tell you.

    Worst job: You mean, other than the ones I’ve already had? Probably Pontificating Talk Show Host. Or Second Assistant Director (which is “Hollywood speak” for gofer).

    The Impractical Catholic: Seven Quick Takes (First Attempt!)

  69. Martina

    Anything domestic. I apparently do NOT get it, after all these years. I should give up and just be a CEO of something else. 🙂

  70. Allie

    Glad to hear that the whole documentary experience went well. 🙂

    Hmm, worst job for me…I’m not sure. Possibly interior designer? I have zero sense of color matching, and my idea of a pretty place is *very* minimalist with a lot of black/silver (because I can’t match) with a touch of vintage, because I like vintage, which – of course – doesn’t go with minimalist. Quite the conundrum. ^_^

  71. Christine Maentz

    Favorite show.. Damages

    Worst job for me… car sales person – only because everyone has such a low opinion of them!

    • Kathryn Judson

      Well, no. Ahem. I still messed up, but not in the way I thought. The name is wrong (thanks to auro-remember, and me not thinking to look at the whole thing), but the link is right. Carry on.

  72. Catherine Post

    The worst job for me would be something either under ground or in a swampy type of environment indoors/in the dark where the sewage, smell of human decomposition, or just plain filth (as in a coal mine) were overpowering, and if the job required me to carry or move heavy loads without assistance.

    Ugh. That is my idea of Hell. But please don’t tell Dante that. 😉

  73. Dianne

    Worst job ever: nurse. Funny you asked, because I referenced this in my 7QT post tonight.

    TV Shows: if you have internet, you might be able to pick up shows on hulu.com or Netflix streaming by hooking your computer & internet up to your TV. I would love to cut cable. Good for you!

  74. Cassie

    Thanks for the link to the grains and the bible. It was very interesting since my husband and I try to avoid them. It answered several questions that I had been pondering.

    For TV shows on Netflix, I’ve been re-watching The Cosby Show. It’s on watch instantly. There’s been a handful that I haven’t seen and some that really make me laugh. It’s a good blast from the past.

    Can’t wait to see the video from your house. Glad you made it through…

  75. Clare

    My worst job ever is definitely airline hostess…trapped in a metal tube 30,000 feet in the air, hitting people’s knees and elbows with a giant metal cart, smiling non-stop, dispensing peanuts, forced to interact with people in a claustrophobic environment…I’m feeling stressed just thinking about it. Give me jury duty any day over that.

    I LOVE Downton Abbey. Jeeves and Wooster is tops. Have you watched the Pride and Prejudice BBC miniseries? I think that’s on netflix instant, or it used to be. I could watch that every year.

    I second Parks and Rec…I think the first season starts off like The Office, but then it morphs into something unique by the second season. It’s second only to 30 rock in my book. Seasons 1 and 2 are on netflix instant, and season three is on Hulu.

    Have a good weekend! I’m praying you aren’t too uncomfortable!

  76. Laura

    1.I love Fr. Morris story!
    2.I’m glad everything went fine with the video shoot
    3.I cant belive you don’t like Community 😛

  77. Blair

    Loved Fr. Jonathan’s story.
    I’m definitely surfing TOO FREAKING LATE!!! Especially when a swim meet begins at 7:30am, followed by a t-ball game and a husband who has to leave for work at noon! Bah!

  78. Laura

    Also I’m gonna support other people’s suggestions regarding Bones an Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (not for everyone and it got cancelled but give it a try). Also, I still have to watch Veronica Mars but everyone says good things about it (got cancelled too though). Maybe The Big Bang Theory?

  79. Misty

    Finally got around to doing this on Saturday! I recommend Parenthood for a new TV show. We think it has heart.

  80. Kim D.

    Have a great weekend Jazzy Jen!

  81. Allison Welch

    Worst job? School secretary. It makes me nervous just being in the office. At any given time there is a line–if she’s lucky. Sometimes people are actually encircling her, tugging at her in every direction.) At any given moment she is expected to know the whereabouts of all faculty, staff and students, (not to mention simply remember their names!) She needs to know everything about all activities, schedules, calendars and be able to find and organize it all. Information needs to be at her fingertips at all times. Meanwhile the phone is ringing, the computer is chirping, and there are people everywhere. I wouldn’t last 5 minutes.

  82. Faun

    You really need to do something about those weird swoopy bangs if you’re going to be doing video shoots.

  83. Stephanie

    Oh we are total Netflix-a-holics here…we have super basic cable, but only because amazingly it was cheaper to keep it with the internet bundle than to cancel it! Anyway…we watch something on Netflix every day, LOVE.

    Here are some of our favorites…

    Monk (episodes can be a little formulaic, but we just love the character and his quirks)

    Medium (the supernatural/ghosty aspect might be offputting to some, but what I love about the show is the family dynamic. It’s so nice to see a couple on TV who very clearly loves each other and are faithful and good to each other…I’m going to be sad when the last season is available!)

    Pushing Daisies (Very fantasy-like, the imagery and colors are GORGEOUS. Loved the aspect of not being able to touch each other…loved the outfits!)

    Ugly Betty (ok, I’m a fashion nerd…)

    Veronica Mars (Great show, great writing, great characters…so sad it was cut short!)


    Doc Martin
    Retro choices, lol:


    Murder She Wrote


    Sherlock Holmes (the old ones with the brilliant Jeremy Brett)

    Scrubs (The humor may or may not be to your liking, it’s kind of nutty, but we love it!) Also in the questionable humor category, but things we loved:

    30 Rock

    Parks and Recreation

    Arrested Development

    King of the Hill (I just love it because having grown up in central TX I can relate to so much of it, lol!)

    The IT Crowd (Anyone who works with computers, especially in a tech kind of way, will totally understand the running gag of the office people calling the computer people, and the first question always asked. “Did you turn it off and on again?” It’s even better with a british accent. 😉

    Dead Like Me (Very black humor, some crude language, but really interesting)
    Some reality stuff we liked:




    Miami Ink

    American Choppers

    Dirty Jobs


    Say Yes to the Dress! (Ok that’s mine alone, lol)

    18 Kids and counting (the Duggar’s show)

    The First 48 is a real crime documentary kind of show (kind of like Cops), it can be a bit gruesome but we just found the behind the scenes look interesting

    There are lots of good BBC miniseries like

    North and South
    Bleak House
    Pride and Prejudice
    And a million others…

    Don’t know how you feel about Sci-Fi, some of our faves:

    Stargate SG-1


    Doctor Who


    Legend of the Seeker (more fantasy than sci-fi, but we really enjoyed it…there’s the whole “no touching” aspect in this one too, though for different reasons.)

    Our latest interest is Bollywood…the husband is starting to learn Hindi, even, lol! I’d highly recommend Jodhaa Akbar, great movie…but long!

    And now you know my shameful secret…I sit and watch TV ALL DAY LONG. Lol…no not really, though I do often put something on in the background while I sew, etc. And DH and I unwind by watching something together every night…what can I say, it’s cheap entertainment! 😉

  84. Kerri

    Ah, Downton Abbey… for weeks I walked around with a crush on Mr. Bates.

  85. Briana

    My worst job would be in customer service. I can’t stand it when people start complaining and I’d probably tell them to just be quiet and go away.

    For show recommendations- I really liked the BBC series Doc Marten. It is on Netflix. More recently the show Outsourced has been entertaining.

  86. Susan

    Jen, You absolutely have to try “Blue Bloods.” Last night’s episode was the best episode of any TV show I have ever seen. Not only is it amazing, but the main characters are all very, very devout and every episode features some reference to the family attending mass, Catholic school (positively mentioned) and/or confession. Best of all, most episodes showcase at least one major character praying, sometimes all. And it has Tom Selleck, who is still wonderful even if he is old enough to be my father.
    Thanks so much for your prayers for Chris.

  87. Anne Bender

    Does anybody hang in there long enough to read the 103rd comment? Linking late, but glad to join in-it’s been a while.

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      I do. 🙂 Glad to have you joining in.

  88. Amy F

    I’d be pretty horrific as a radio announcer too. A painful amount of heming and hawing, I’m sure.

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