7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 127)

May 20, 2011 | 85 comments

— 1 —

I am currently in my annual period of mourning the end of Mother’s Day Out for the season. This year our two-, three- and four-year-old girls went two mornings a week, and it was great for everyone. The pre-school teachers are good at everything I’m bad at: they teach the kids songs, do arts and crafts, find creative ways to celebrate the liturgical year. The other day I walked in to see the teacher of the three-year-old class calmly supervising a table full of smock-wearing kids as they made something involving paper and paint and feathers. It was like watching someone derive the Riemann hypothesis; I got overwhelmed just thinking about undertaking such a task. There’s so much movement and noise and chaos, I always end up feeling like I need to retire to my fainting couch as soon as the first crayon hits the floor. Once they’re over five years old I can start to put together projects that resemble something fun or enriching, but before then I pretty much limit myself to herding duties.

In other words: it’s going to be a long summer. On the plus side, there are only 109 days, 12 hours and four minutes until Mother’s Day Out starts again.

— 2 —

This has been the Week O’ Technical problems. Not only has my site been down frequently, but my new laptop — the one that I got to replace my indescribably bad old laptop — is already turning into a big black frustration machine. I guess I keep forgetting to uncheck the “I WANT THIS COMPUTER TO RUIN MY LIFE” box when I place my orders. I’ve only had it for a month, and already I get the “blue screen of death” error almost every day, it often won’t restart from sleep mode, and various “So-and-So Process Has Stopped Working” errors pop up regularly. I haven’t installed any unusual software and am almost positive it’s not a virus. I guess the Lord is trying to teach me patience through technology?

I can just hear the tapping of keys preparing the inevitable “Get a Mac!” comments. Why, after three years of PC misery, would a person still resist entering into the paradise that is Mac ownership? I shall explain below:

— 3 —

I have used Macs for work in the past, so I have some familiarity with them. Though there are variety of minor quirks I don’t care for, it really all comes down to this: the right-click button. When I used a Mac at my job, I tried to get used to a mouse with only one button on it. I assured myself that eventually it would be second nature — after all, psychologists have proven that the human mind can adjust to all sorts of barbaric suffering if given enough time. But, nay, every single time my finger touched it I was like, “GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!! IT’S SO TERRIBLE!!!” (Which made filling out forms pretty epic.) A one-button mouse is like the technical equivalent of a monobrow: just…unnatural. Allow me to explain it in chart form:

Click to enlarge

In summary: it would have to be a standard feature of PC’s that they freeze up every 10 seconds, shoot fire from their monitors, give you an electric shock every time you touch the keyboard and have scorpions crawling out of the USB slot before I would give up my right-click button.


— 4 —

Let’s talk about technology I DO like! Our Magic Bullet died after five years of noble service, and we decided to replace it with a Hamilton Beach personal blender. I like it quite a bit better than the Bullet. It has fewer pieces, which means less stuff for me to get frustrated about when I lose, and the blending container is just the right size: big enough to make a drink for two, but small enough that it’s not unwieldy. Perfect for summer smoothies. (And no, I wasn’t asked to endorse this. I just like it.)


— 5 —

Thank you for all the birthday wishes for my grandfather on Twitter! He turned 97 last week, and is still in relatively good health. In fact, he cooked an astoundingly delicious prime rib dinner for us just a couple of weeks ago. (And he actually got a happy birthday message from someone older than he is — his 100-year-old cousin called to wish him well.) Candice Watters pointed out that he may have seen more change in his lifetime than any other generation. I think that’s definitely true, especially in terms of technology. He was born in 1914, and lived on a farm where they didn’t have electricity, indoor plumbing or a car. He remembers the first time he ever saw an airplane, and what it was like to get their first telephone. He says that life changed dramatically after the radio came along, and the family was fascinated by this device that let them hear news and stories from far away. When the first color television show was broadcast in 1953, he was almost 40.

These days he has a flat-screen color TV with HD, and we even had an internet connection installed at his house. The other day my dad was showing him Google Earth, and they’d zoom in on satellite pictures from all over the world. Then they found live webcam pictures from where my grandfather used to live in Colombia, and searched for all sorts of information on the internet, while reading emails from a friend of my dad’s who lives in Abu Dhabi. I can’t even imagine how crazy all of this must seem to him compared to the way he grew up!

— 6 —

Quite a few people have asked for an update on the neighbor girls that I mentioned in my post from Wednesday: There were three main girls who used to spend a lot of time here, whom I called Riley, Carmen and Catherine. We still see Carmen and Catherine a lot, and Carmen was here the other day playing with the kids. They’re really busy with activities and homework, though, so they don’t have as much time to kick around over here as they used to (a couple summers ago they spent up to six hours a day hanging out over here). Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Riley in a long time. She went back to live with her mom, and hasn’t visited her relatives who live next door to me very often. However, I’m hoping she’ll be here more in the summer. It would be great to see her again. Please keep her in your prayers.

— 7 —

I’m way behind on my blog reading, so I was shocked to learn that one of my favorite bloggers, Kelly from Generation Cedar, lost her home in the recent tornadoes, just a few weeks after having a baby. What has been even more shocking has been her grace-filled posts on the subject. In praising the Lord and giving thanks for all her blessings, she writes more like someone who’s won the lottery than someone who has just lost everything. Treat yourself to a look through her recent writing:


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  1. Emily

    Rest in peace, Magic Bullet. Mine still serves me well. And, as a technology major, I understand your frustrations with technology. And thank you so much for sharing 7. She will be in my prayers.

  2. Monica

    Haven’t done Quick Takes in ages, but I have some time this week since my mom is off and helping me with the kids. Thanks for hosting this!

    P.S. Don’t know if the mouse-issue is really what’s keeping you from purchasing a Mac or if you were joking around a bit, but my husband says you should be able to use a regular (read: right click) mouse with a Mac, no problem. He works in QA so we have quite a few computers in our house, Macs and PCs alike, and he has right click-able mouses on all of them.

    An aside: though I personally prefer PCs, my laptop is now some sort of Macbook that my husband bought me and somehow managed to install Windows 7 on. πŸ˜› Of course Mac-heads find this to be incredibly sacrilegious, but it’s proved to be a good combination for me.

    • Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin

      So why not install Linux Mint? You already love it on your desktop, right? If you don’t have a CD-ROM on your lappy, it’s possible to put it on a thumb drive and install from that. And you’d even be able to keep Panes and dual-boot. If you install Linux Mint to Ext3 partitions (I know, Ext4 is the default, but Ext3 is still available) then you can even read your linux partitions from Panes by getting Ext2IFS.

      • Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsadin

        Linux keeps computers running for YEARS, without even shutting down. In fact, I bet I could put the HD back into our 900MHz Compaq that’s 11 years old, install some Debian-based distro like CrunchBang or SimplyMEPIS, and be off and running.

  3. Leila

    Okay, this is so cool…. YOU CAN GET A MAC AND PROGRAM THE MOUSE TO DO A RIGHT CLICK!! (Sorry, I was yelling from excitement.) I switched to a Mac, and I have a right click! It’s right here! See? Oh, it’s awesome!! So, get a Mac now, with no fears!!!

    • tar.gzip

      You can also get a Mac and use another mouse πŸ™‚

      I have a Macbook as a personal computer and a Microsoft mouse (yes, it IS warped!), at work I have a lovely powerful desktop running SuSE (nothing beats *NIX environment when programming, IMHO).

  4. Dawn Farias

    We love our Magic Bullet, also.

    Your grandfather is inspiring. Thanks for hosting, Jen!

  5. Lacey

    I admit, even years after buying our first Mac the right click thing still throws me off.

    As the mother of a nap-impaired baby, when I read the Riley story again last night I so empathized with you. I felt your justified anger and totally rooted for you to do anything to just stop those kids… And then I felt deep, shameful remorse on hearing the rest of that sweet girl’s story. I will be praying for her.

  6. Anthony S. Layne

    I knew I was falling behind the tech curve when my ex-gf handed me her son’s iPod, asked me, “How do I get this to play?” … and I couldn’t figure it out. Not that I’m planning to go back to cassette tapes anytime soon ….

    To the Mac users: Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated.

  7. carrien (she laughs at the days)

    Uhhhhh… If the right click thing bothers you so much… just use a pc mouse on a mac. They do work you know. The mac mouse also has a right click function, you just can’t see it, but I have a pc mouse on my mac and it works just fine. Also, on my laptop, to right click you can just hit ctrl and tap the pad to right click.

    So now you have no excuse not to get a mac. Seriously, right click away all you like. πŸ™‚

  8. George @ Convert Journal

    Thanks for the link to Kelly’s Generation Cedar with her inspiring pieces… so much wisdom through faith.

    My entries this time… Universae Ecclesiae is out. Why no women deacons, explained again. Why we don’t offer the Eucharist to everyone. A reminder on keeping priorities properly ordered. The absurd proposition that Christianity was a fabrication. A unique wedding proposal. The perfect ceiling mural for a smoker’s lounge.

  9. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

    I am looking forward to reading Kelly’s post on Why Bad Things Happen? This is an area I really struggle in my faith.

  10. Daniel Cox

    On my MacBook Pro – yeah, I finally jumped back in – mouse clicking on the touch pad is simple:
    ONE finger = left click;
    TWO fingers equals right click.

    After 2-1/2 years in Windows XP Purgatory,wherein I did extreme blue-screened penance for talking back to my mom as a 13-year-old, I thank God EVERY day for my new, non-crashy, wakes up from sleep with no eye-boogers, yep, I’m ready to ‘git ‘er done, Daniel!’ let’s go Mac Book Pro.

    C’mon Jen. You know you want to…

    • carrien (she laughs at the days)

      I totally forgot I could right click with two fingers. I just inherited my husband’s old macbook pro. (we’ve had it since 206 and it’s still going strong…see Jen, you really want one now…) I’m still getting used to a laptop instead of a desk top. thanks.

  11. Pam

    LOVE two finger right clicking on my MAC. Go get one right now! You will never regret it!

  12. Christie

    You guys are convincing me. I’m saving up for my Mac now. We’d just got an iPad for our son with Autism to use for school and it made me realize the abyss between Macs and PCs. This post is the camel straw.

  13. Maria

    something tells me you like (love?) your right click button.

    and speaking of techological difficulties … it took me ten minutes to leave this comment (“so and so process is not working”). sigh.

  14. G. Scott

    One word: Linux. πŸ™‚

  15. Angie

    After months of intention, I finally posted my first Quick Takes! Happy Belated Birthday to your grandfather! My grandmother will be 94 this year and my husband’s grandmother will be 99 next month, God willing. We are very blessed to still have them as part of our lives.

  16. Cathy

    Do love my Mac…but even it has its own problems. The grass is always greener! Just keep reminding yourself that there is only perfection in heaven! I have to tell myself that every day! Hoping your weekend is grand!

  17. That Married Couple

    Oh Jen! That was one of my biggest reasons for not getting a Mac, too! (Well, that and they’re too expensive and they’re a bit snooty.) I even had an Apple store employee *laugh* at me when I asked about this very feature, and I walked away swearing I would never buy an Apple product. BUT my husband really wanted a Mac, so we got one… and it turns out you can indeed right click on them! You just pat the pad with two fingers. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s definitely available!

    Or as other people have suggested, you can just get a mouse with both. Or you can learn keyboard shortcuts. I was initially skeptical that they would really save that much time – but the really do! It was a big help when typing my dissertation – I imagine it’d be great for you with all the writing you do!

  18. Kate Wicker

    Your take on your strengths and weaknesses as a mom to littles never fails to make me laugh, Jen. I love your honesty and humility.

    Get a Mac. My husband talked me into one early on in marriage before it was so cool to use one. I’ll never go back.

    Thank you for the update on the girls and Kelly. I’ll pray for Riley and her.

    How are you feeling? Not too much longer for that new babe to make her big debut!


  19. Melanie

    Hey Jennifer!

    If buying a new mouse for your Mac isn’t in your budget, holding the control key with your pinkie while you click will do the same thing as a right-click. It can be done!

  20. The Boring Blogger

    Glad I am not the only Mom who stinks/is overwhelmed by arts and crafts!!!

  21. Michelle

    1 – I HEAR YOU! I am the exact same way. THANK GOD for the saints we call preschool teachers!!! When I colored eggs for Easter with the kids, it reminded me how very little patience I have with the wee ones.

    ON the Mac…you CAN still get a mouse with two buttons and use a Mac…just sayin’ πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting! Enjoyed, as always.

  22. Michelle

    1 – I HEAR YOU! I am the exact same way. THANK GOD for the saints we call preschool teachers!!! When I colored eggs for Easter with the kids, it reminded me how very little patience I have with the wee ones.

    ON the Mac…you CAN still get a mouse with two buttons and use a Mac…just sayin’ πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting! Enjoyed, as always.

    This might be a dupe…had to correct my e-mail…oops.

    • MelanieB

      There is a reason why my husband supervised the egg dying this year. (Hint: not just because the baby needed nursing.)

  23. Louise

    Jen, happy belated birthday to your grandfather! What an amazing life he has had. I cannot imagine witnessing all of the changes he has! Thinking about it really put our last century of technological changes into perspective.

  24. The Mom Chef ~ Taking on Magazines One Recipe at a Time

    Ah, thanks for the heads-up about the heads-up about the Hamilton Beach blender. I love my Bullet and it still works well, but should it die, it’s good to know there’s an even better product! Have a wonderful weekend.

  25. Christina

    I see I’m not the only one who’s commenting on the mac…but I can’t resist.

    Two years ago both my sister and I bought new computers. She bought a nice windows laptop and I a mac. Within six months her computer was sluggish and crashing and she needed to do major repairs on it. Mine is still going strong.

    Now I have managed to crash it…a couple times, but it is usually easy to recover and get back up and running. When it does freeze I simple move to another desktop and force quit the application. There is also the problem if you open every single program and have them doing something the computer doesn’t handle that too well.

  26. Allie

    Sorry for the computer troubles. -_- I solved most of mine by switching to Linux (Fedora, specifically – Ubuntu has gone too Mac-esque). The main problem is word documents and power points, but Google Docs solves most of that.

    That being said, having been against Macs since I was old enough to know what they were, I’m acclimating to them (possibly because everyone else in my lab uses them). I really love Keynote… ^_^ My two biggest problems are the lack of easy command line tools (my Linux nerd shining through) and how weird the mouse controls are. Like when I try to hit the Apple button on the top of the screen, and all my windows fly away – it’s jarring/confusing. Maybe one day…

    • Elizabeth

      You can make all your windows stop flying away by going into system preferences –> Expose and Spaces and changing the Expose settings to do nothing in each corner. I like Expose, but it is annoying if I accidentally slip my mouse into the corner of the screen and my computer launches screen saver or dashboard or whatever I have the corner set for.

  27. Bryan

    Everyone here does realize that Apple hasn’t shipped a Mac without a right-click capable mouse in over 5 years? And even before that, you could use third party mice from places like Logitech or even Microsoft and have right click capability?

  28. Janet

    When my sister was around 12 years old back in the ’70s, she and her best friend started what they called “Pixie School” for little kids during the summer. Both my sister and her friend were very active, loved sports, crafts, etc. They used each other’s back yards and garages if it was raining.

    They didn’t do it everyday, it wasn’t full time day care, but the Moms were ecstatic to have someplace to drop the kids off when they went grocery shopping or ran errands. The kids had to be toilet trained, as I remember.

    I know things are much different today and a lot of Moms aren’t home like my Mother was at the time for ‘consultation’. Also, there must be liability issues today too.

    But this may be a good idea for some kids to make a little extra money this summer. My sister and her friend cleaned up every year. When they outgrew the idea, the Moms on the block were mourning just like you, Jen!

  29. Tami Boesiger

    I plug a mouse into my Macbook and have a right click! It’s an easy solution.

  30. Amanda

    I know of the one-button Mac mouse that you write of, and acknowledge how terrible no right click is. However, I’ve always just gotten around the right-click issue by using a regular Logitech mouse. It works just fine, and I still have right click!

  31. Stephanie

    So we have another thing in common – not only am I anti-facebook like you, but I am also staunchly anti-mac. Staunchly. Will not be swayed. Don’t even try it. Anti-all-things-apple too. No ipods, iphones, or iAnythings in this family.

    Someone else said it perfectly, it’s all overpriced and snooty. And, it’s a lot more than that, but I won’t get into it in the comments. Suffice it to say that I’m with you sister! Hold out!

    • Gina

      I have a Mac, but I admit I laughed like a maniac at a recent RiffTrax* when the camera zoomed in on someone’s eye and one of the riffers quipped, “New from Apple: The iBall.”

      (*RiffTrax = hilarious audio commentaries on movies. Done by the same people who used to do “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”)

      • Stephanie

        The iBall is awesome! Thanks for sharing that. πŸ™‚

    • JoAnna

      I thought so too, and then my husband started working for Apple. After using both Apple products and PC products, I’m a total Apple gal now. Yeah, they’re more expensive, but you get what you pay for. I’d rather buy a quality product for more money than a shoddy Microsoft or third-party product that will crap out in less than a year. I have a refurbished iPhone 3G and it’s still working pretty well 2 years later.

      • Stephanie

        I always hear this “crap out in a year” excuse. Every PC that I’ve owned has lasted just as long as people are claiming their macs last (if not longer – 2.5 years is a good amount of time for a computer?!). I don’t get it?

        I agree that you get what you pay for, which is why I don’t buy the cheapest option out there. But, when you price compare features on a mac and features on a good PC you will see that it is more expensive and you’re not getting a great deal.

        Really people, when I say I won’t be swayed, I’m not kidding. Not at all.


  32. Adrienne

    So, I know everyone else has been commenting on this, but I thought I’d give some anecdotal evidence of how easy it is to solve the right click woes–and a little more economically to boot. Three plus years ago, my beloved Macbook died and my husband who was more of a PC guy (especially because of the price tag of Mac) and I compromised. We bought a Macmini (which yes is a desktop, but takes up as much space as a CD case) for around $500. Then we went to Costco and bought a package deal of a wireless Microsoft mouse and keyboard for around $40 (way cheaper than Mac and the mouse is a regular PC right clicker) and a flat screen ViewSonic monitor (less expensive than a Mac monitor by about $400). So, anyway, I do miss the portability of the laptop, but at least the desktop takes up very little space, and best of all we can right click! And so far no problems! Also, my experience with Mac laptops (and my family has been a Mac family since the Mac LC circa 1990/1) is that they last longer than PCs, but eventually deteriorate at around 2.5 or 3 years, so if you buy one definitely get the Apple Care warranty.
    ps–Sorry about the Moms Morning Out break. Sigh. I’m glad I am not alone in feeling completely inadequate in the kids’ crafts department.

  33. Rebecca @ The Road Home

    The lack of the right click was one of my biggest reasons for not wanting a Mac either – until I learned that you can set the mouse pad to recognize a ‘two-finger tap’ (both index finger and middle finger at the same time) as a right click. I’m a Mac now and I’m never going back to a PC! πŸ™‚

    • Cat Ames

      Oh, I forgot about that feature! My husband bought a Mac laptop back 2004, and it hasn’t been used for 4 years now.

  34. Cat Ames

    I have a Mac and I have a right click button. The mouse that comes with the Mac is stupid and lacking. I am surprised you didn’t know you could use a right click mouse with a Mac. But, I suppose that would be hard if all you use is a Mac Laptop and you intend to use it like it was designed…on a lap! Thank you for writing your blog, whether on an inferior PC or a superior Mac, I enjoy all you have to say. πŸ™‚

  35. Sheila

    I am a software engineer, so use a laptop heavily. If you are getting blue screens, take it back. It’s not an inherent thing that you have to deal with if you have a PC or a laptop. My laptop works great and continues to work great for years. As a corporation, our laptops/PC’s are replaced every 3 years, but that is based on improvements in technology and software and because we need those upgrades to stay current. It’s not because it gets sluggish or freezes. For those having those problems, you need to think twice (or three times or more, or better yet, just think “don’t!!!”) before you click on links from your friends who forward you stuff and before you download ‘free’ things.

  36. Jeanne G.

    We have a Magic Bullet that we love, but I can see that it won’t last forever. Good to know that there are other options out there for when it kicks the bucket.

  37. MelanieB

    Jen, I don’t have a Mom’s Day Out; but I herd my kids to story time at the local library and let the librarians do crafty things with them. Maybe you can find something like that?

  38. Rebekah

    I am typing this on an iMac (purchased in 2006) using a mouse that I right-click with zero issues. That’s no longer an excuse to avoid the joys of Mac ownership. πŸ™‚

  39. alison

    haven’t done these in forever but I’m back this week!

  40. Char

    I haven’t read all the comments so forgive me if I am repeating something. It sounds like the laptop hardware might be buggy BUT ever thought of getting rid of Windoz and putting on a Linux operating system? My husband has some sort of Linux system and then has “virtual” Windows on it. (so that Windows isn’t the actual operating system)

  41. Marie

    I have owned a Macbook laptop for almost 3 years and love it – except I couldn’t figure out how the whole right click worked when I wasn’t using a mouse. I very rarely connect our old PC mouse, so needless to say I was right-click handicapped and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. Anyway, I stopped by the Apple Store about a year ago to get some help on unfreezing my Ipod. After they fixed the Ipod in basically 30 seconds, I just made an offhand comment that I loved Macs except for the lack of right click features on the laptops. Needless, I was quite embarrassed when the Tech guy showed me on the sample laptop they had in the store how to do the two finger right click on the laptop mousepad. Two years I had gone without it….ugh…..but I still really, really, really, really like the Mac and have never had any problems!!! Jennifer – switch over – you won’t regret it!

  42. Missy

    Love reading your insights on everything – and many other blogs that follow yours. πŸ™‚

    *note, my blog is secure, unfortunately, you have to be a member to read it!

  43. Kelly

    Are you a longtime reader of Generation Cedar? I find her to be kind of “my way or the highway” and she’s hot on the delete button in the comments. I stopped reading when she was writing that women should stay and submit to their abusive husbands, and they probably aren’t really being abused anyway, because you know how women always exaggerate things.

    Of course, I’m sure you can sort out the bad and still learn from the good, but just be wary ofthat Vision Forum crowd. They look attractive and some of what they write is admirable, but I have found that they have some serious theological issues underneath.

  44. Jamie Shover

    I love, love, love my right-click as well! A girl needs options!

  45. Calah

    Oh my gosh, I’m totally with you on the right-click button. My dad’s mac makes me want to bash my head repeatedly against a wall. How do they function without the right click button????

  46. Christine the Soccer Mom

    Jennifer, my kids haven’t died from my aversion to the messes that crafts bring, but I might recommend to you “A Year with God” from Catholic Heritage Curricula. It’s geared towards smaller kids and has neat craft ideas that tie in our Faith.

    As far as the Mac thing goes, there are two answers about the right-click. (a) If you get a mighty mouse, you can change it to a two-button mouse in settings. (2) If you hate the Mighty Mouse (I’m not a huge fan), get any two-button mouse and use it instead. I like Logitec’s mouses (mice?) more than any other I’ve used. I speak as someone who did NOT want a Mac for years, made the switch, and doesn’t ever want to go back. And I also love my right-click.

    Finally, thank you for the recommendation on the personal blender. Might be just the thing to look into for myself. I’m blender-less and food processor-less at the moment. And my kids have wanted smoothies, milkshakes, and home-made Blizzards for ages now.

    God bless!

  47. Jackie

    97 is quite a feat!

  48. Mandy

    I feel ya about the MDO mourning! Our summer started today. This is my first time participating! I think I like this concept very much. πŸ™‚

  49. JoAnna

    Why not get a Mac with a Magic Mouse? “Magic Mouse functions as a two-button mouse when you enable Secondary Click in System Preferences.”

    (Why yes, my husband is an Apple employee, how did you guess?) πŸ˜‰

  50. Kris, in New England

    I’ll add to the bellowing chorus about the Mac – pricey yes and totally worth it. All that has been said about the right-click situation is true. However I managed to adapt w/out it and yes, I use a Windows-based laptop for work. So I go between both with no problem.

    LOVE the personal blender. We too have a Magic Bullet and it is starting to show signs of … age. Hmmm-don’t we all?

  51. Amy B

    I had my first Mac laptop for SIX YEARS without a single problem. I finally upgraded just because I needed more memory.

    And all you need to do is buy a mouse with a right click button. I would say “problem solved” but with such an easy work-around, I hardly even see it as a problem.

  52. Jenny B

    I actually just plug a Windows 2-button USB mouse into my MacBook. That’s the beauty of Macs – they take any peripherals with no fuss and no installation needed πŸ™‚

  53. Jenna

    I am new to your blog, and I just read your quip about Macs. My husband is a firm believer, and I refuse to get one for a similar reason: it does not have both delete buttons! You can delete forward, but not backwards. It drives me nuts!

    As a side note: you can purchase a new mouse for a Mac that has a double click feature…not that I’m trying to persuade you either…you go, sister!


    • Kelly

      Mine has both delete buttons, but you can also use a different keyboard from the Mac keyboard if you don’t like the Mac one.

    • tar.gzip

      This is why it is good to always have Linux as well! πŸ˜‰

      (As someone who had their parents have their first computer be a Macintosh – the venerable cube! – and then years of PCs running Windows 2.x/3.x, etc, and then back to an Apple G3 that lasted 10 years πŸ™‚ while at university I got my experience on Unix, HP-UX, some old NeXT machines and of course a lot of Linux, my experience is that while Apple computers do last a lot and MacOS is generally problem-free and well-done, it is not the environment I choose if I want to do low-level things, where I just go to Linux. On the other hand, while Apple is great in my opinion for computers, I don’t buy Apple phones or ipods or ipads as I find cheaper alternatives that last long and do what I need them to do. Of course, the iPad is a shiny lovely toy, but has a very low priority in the list of toys I would like to have πŸ˜‰ )

  54. Kathryn Rose

    But Jen, ALL of our Macs at home have right-click buttons! I know, because they drive me crazy in the same way that their absence drives you crazy! Besides, you can always just get another mouse (or use your old one) and plug it into the USB port.

    Come to the Mac side, Jen…..

  55. Christina

    The Magic Bullet is nice and all, but it’s SO LOUD. And with regard to the right-click, I have to join the chorus of voices who are frustrated by it (I’m working on a Mac right now, btw)… mostly because it makes it impossible to play Minesweeper. Is that too revealing?

  56. Ellen

    I have a Mac and I use a PC mouse instead of a Mac mouse. Left and right clicks work like a charm. Of course, now you are going to have to come up with another excuse not to switch to a Mac.

  57. Loretta S.

    I think it’s unibrow not monobrow no?

  58. Mrs. Amen @ The Cypress Shall Grow

    I agree about the mac right-click button. We have a mac at home and I just can’t get used to that feature…it is forever frustrating me. Because of that we got a “baby” laptop just for me to use at home.

  59. Karen LH

    System Preferences->Mouse. Change the drop down menu pointing to the right side of the mouse to “Secondary Button”. You now have a two-button mouse.

  60. klh57

    I love my little PC – I’ve worked with Macs but I just can’t go there. I am curious as to why you are getting the “blue screen of death” – I get that at work, but not at home…Praying for you and your computer!

  61. Rebecca

    Regarding people who deal with children all day.
    I told my daughters’ preschool teacher before that I wasn’t sure what crime she could possibly be trying to work off as a pre-school teacher, because surely she did not go into this career WILLINGLY. This must be something she was doing in lieu of jail time. No one would do this willingly, would they? No, surely, she was being punished for something and THAT was why she was a pre-school teacher. She said no, she loved it. Now, I can only presume that she wears a tin foil hat in her spare time. Again, I cannot fathom how people do this for a living.
    I helped out at one of their parties at school once. Do you remember that line in the Grinch book where he is talking about how the Whos celebrate Christmas and he says ‘The noise, the NOISE NOISE NOISE!’ That’s how I felt. I thought my eyes were going to explode.
    I was super happy to return to work and make spreadsheets for people who do not ask me to pull sticks out of their noses.

  62. Nina

    I love you, Jennifer!

    Things have been challenging. (Pray for us?)

    Praying for you, lady!

    I totally related to the posts, esp. #1!


  63. Cassie

    I loved that post on Wednesday about the girls. I am excited for updates when/if you have them. That was such an inspirational story… There are so many times I just want to get back and not do the nice thing. And this is such a good reminder of how that could really hurt someone. Thanks.

  64. Lelir1980

    I’m a first time commenter but I’ve been following this blog for a while.
    I just wanted to encourage you not to discard the MAC idea definetly, because I use a very nice, sturdy and white macb*ok with a normal mouse that you could use with any other pc/laptop and it has a right click button.
    Since I’ve switched from the-other-big-OS-that-I-won’t-name I feel that my life is much calmer and stress-free πŸ™‚
    P.S. Sorry if it has already been said in the other comments. I really hope you solve you tech problems as soon as possible.

  65. Liesl

    So someone has probably already said this, but:
    1. You can hook up a regular mouse to a Mac computer.
    2. The Macbook has a right click… it’s the bottom right corner of the mousepad.
    Get a Mac!!

    Really. I used to be you – PC lovin’ all the way, love my right click, etc. etc. And I made the switch and I LOOOOOVE my Mac. Love it.

  66. Trista

    Prayers for those who lost loved ones and material possessions during the recent tornadoes.

  67. KyCat

    Just read through all of your comments to see if anyone else is having this problem and no one else is — BUT maybe they just can’t find you!! When I go to http://www.conversiondiary.com I get the HostGator Getting Started page. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!! I was able to find you through the link on Testosterhome. I then tried to hit HOME so that I could see if you had posted anything today and I got the HostGator page again. Do you have any ideas on what I need to do?? Unless you specifically tell me to I’m doing nothing on the HostGator page because I’ve never seen it before and I want no problems. Please reply here if you have any suggestions. I can get to this page it seems. I didn’t realize I was a stalker until I couldn’t get to your site all last week and was freaking out!! That smiling gator makes me mad! :o)

  68. Jennifer Samountry

    I love this and have to remember to join in on Fridays. Thank you for mentioning the blender. My daughter makes smoothies everyday and I am on the look out for a better blender.

  69. Shauna Chavez

    Oh, I forgot about that feature! Both my sister and her friend were very active, loved sports, crafts, etc.

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