7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 131)

June 17, 2011 | 80 comments

— 1 —

Wednesday is the big day! Some random thoughts about labor:

  • I always have mixed feelings about induction. It feels weird to choose your baby’s birthday yourself, and I hate to “force” labor, but ultimately I agree with my doctors that it’s the best route given the blood thinner/clotting disorder issues we have to manage.
  • Now I just need to decide whether I’m going to get an epidural or tough it out by listening to rap. I always agonize about this until the last minute (literally — one time I got an epidural 10 minutes before the baby was born).
  • I had my first baby the out-of-hospital, all-natural midwife way. I really love that type of birth, but one thing I will say in the hospital’s favor is that they’re much more forthcoming with the pain meds after the baby’s born. The sweet midwives gave me a vial of teatree oil to promote postpartum comfort; the nurse at the hospital handed me a cup with two Vicodin in it. That’s more like it!

— 2 —

Let’s say you’re an educated gentleman, a man of letters, and you find yourself desiring some Trucknutz. “But no, ” you say, “I couldn’t do that. It simply would not be classy. I must endeavor to find something that has the same je ne sais quoi of Trucknutz, yet does not involve metal representations of genitalia hanging from my bumper.” What do you do? I found the answer when I pulled up next to a car in my doctor’s parking lot the other day:

Click to enlarge at your own risk

I blurred out some of the letters so that it wouldn’t set your computer screen on fire, but yes, it says what you think it says. Talk amongst yourselves about what could possibly motivate someone to put that up in his or her car.

— 3 —

Yaya has found a local church! Surprisingly, it’s ours. Back in Houston she went to Joel Osteen‘s church, and attended Baptist churches before that, so I was kind of surprised when she expressed interest in going to Mass at our orthodox Catholic parish. She just shrugged and said, “Well, we all love Jesus, right?”

The funniest development so far has been when her friends from Houston come to visit. Never one to fixate on details, she doesn’t see a huge different between the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and Osteen’s concert-style events, so she just invites her unsuspecting friends to “go to the service” with our family without any further details of what kind of “service” they might be in for. One lady in particular was a fellow Southern Baptist who used to go to church with Yaya in Houston. Yaya and my husband both had to take kids out during the Mass, which left me sitting next to this poor lady whom I didn’t know, wondering if I should lean over and tell her what was going on or just pretend like I didn’t notice the nervous and startled look on her face.

— 4 —

I have a crazy theory that probably no one agrees with, but here it is for what it’s worth: I don’t think that relaxing in labor is for everyone. All of the childbirth techniques I’m aware of are all relaxation-based. This works well for most of my mom friends…but I’m not convinced that that is the key for every woman. I learned the Bradley Method during my first pregnancy, and I’ve had over 30 cumulative hours of medication-free labor to try out those techniques and a few others. And, honestly, nothing has worked better for me than cranking up some high energy music and getting my adrenaline going and white-knuckling my way through. I do relax sometimes when it feels right, but giving myself the permission to grit my teeth and tense up has been really helpful to me.

— 5 —

I saw this cricket candy for sale at the store the other day. Dried crickets. Real ones. They come in Salt & Vinegar, Bacon & Cheese and Sour Cream & Onion flavors. The clerk at the store said not only that people do buy them, but that she’s tried them and they’re actually pretty tasty (she was partial to the Bacon & Cheese flavor). If anyone else keeps a “Lost Bet Ideas” file of horrible things to have people do if they lose a bet with you, you may want to bookmark this.

— 6 —

A friend of mine is hosting a small welcome party for our newest neighbor, the awesome Abby Johnson. Abby’s book is one of my favorites and I love the work she’s been doing, so I’d been really looking forward to attending. It turns out it’s scheduled for The One Saturday in 2011 When I Could Not Possibly Make It, i.e. next Saturday, three days after I’ll have had a baby. Aaaaaagh! Maybe I’ll run by on the way home from the hospital. Heck, I’ll need a glass of wine anyway!

— 7 —

I’ll be spending this weekend getting stuff ready for the baby, living in denial about the fact that it’s supposed to be cloudless with highs of 104, and doing a low-key Father’s Day celebration at my grandfather’s house. Anyone have any special plans for Father’s Day?


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  1. Elizabeth

    I will be praying for you, your baby, and your family this week!!

    2- I think anyone who has to hang what looks like an ID one would wear around the neck at work… with THAT on it… is lying to themselves.

    Yay for Yaya!! You’ve just pointed out a major paradox when sharing Mass with scared, non-Catholic newcomers… I don’t know the solution, unfortunately.

  2. Molly

    Good luck. Don’t worry about induction, what’s most important is choosing the best way to have the healthiest baby you can! Maybe I should have tried the adrenaline way, everyone kept telling me to relax and when you’re having overlapping contractions only one hour into the thing there is no way to relax!

  3. Nicole

    Bless you, bless you during this labor. Mine’s coming up later this summer. Prayers!

  4. Diane

    All the best to you on Wednesday. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I was “spared” the whole labor thing, I had 3 c-sections. God be with you.

  5. Marian

    God bless you in your upcoming birthing!

    Just wanted to mention that, in my years as a doula, probably the most universally helpful tool was “toning”, maybe best described as low-toned intentional moaning. I mention it because while the overall intent is releasing the tension (labor does proceed more efficiently and well without those catecholamines flowing unchecked), it also allows you to match the intensity of a contraction with your own intensity in a constructive way! You can use “ohhh” or any open sound you prefer and get as loud as you want to, meeting big contractions with big sound. The only important thing is to keep the sound low in pitch; if you bring it up high, more like a scream, you’ll be tensing. (Try it right now, you’ll understand what I’m badly attempting to describe : ). Whoever’s with you can moan right along with you if it’s helpful, and help you bring the note down if you get into higher range.
    Can’t wait to hear about your new little one!

    • Karen

      Totally agree here. I’ve had two unmedicated births (one was induced, the other one I needed a “touch” of Pitocin to get me through a plateau), and what really helped was, well, “mooing” rather than screaming. I managed to birth a 12 pound baby with no pain meds, and I credit mooing. I also kind of let the adrenaline flow, though, too–I prefer to grab the hospital bed rails and shake them like crazy to get through a contraction, rather than do any froo-froo “relaxing” like they try to tell me to do!

      Best of luck to you–I’m due in just 10 days, so I’ve been kind of watching your blog excitedly to see when your baby is arriving!

    • Corita

      I am “thirding” toning. There is a corrollary of movement, also, just finding whatever rhythm works for you. My little sister, originally a Bradley instructor and now a doula who has seen every kind of labor and birth, says, “I have come to realize that what matters is mama finding her rhythm. Whatever it takes to rock through the contractions.” Rhythmic movement/noise also help you to “get out of the way” of the labor process which, in my opinion, is what it’s all about: Relaxation is *one* way to do that but I, like you, don’t really *relax*. I just know myself now and I know that relaxing is just not really My Thing. Maybe it’s not yours, either, but I bet you can find a beat to jam it out to!

      Best of luck on your birth. This is my first time here; I came from Caffeinated Catholic Mama’s site.

  6. Leila

    Abby Johnson is going to be your new neighbor?? How cool is that? It’s almost as cool as Trucknutz! Or a lettered man’s version of such. Actually, it’s much cooler!

    And whoa… you’re having a baby! I am so excited for you. I had to “choose” a few of my baby’s birthdays. Mixed feelings, but it is what it is. No one seems damaged by it in the end. And, one of the babies beat me to the induction, but landed here on the same day we had planned for!

  7. Leila

    Abby Johnson is going to be your new neighbor?? How cool is that? It’s almost as cool as Trucknutz! Or a lettered man’s version of such. Actually, it’s much cooler!

    And whoa… you are this close to having a baby! I am so excited for you. I had to “choose” a few of my baby’s birthdays. Mixed feelings, but it is what it is. No one seems damaged by it in the end. And, one of the babies beat me to the induction, but landed here on the same day we had planned for!

  8. Dorian Speed

    Wait – seriously? Like, your down-the-street neighbor? Or your “virtual” neighbor? Totally awesome…

    Choosing your due date is inherently weird, but it’s also kind of convenient, isn’t it? With my second c-section, it ended up that the best day for the surgery happened to be my husband’s birthday.

    Prayers for you this week, for an easy, healthy delivery, and I can’t wait to hear about the new arrival!

  9. Blair

    Many prayers as you approach delivery! I like your idea of listening to rap and letting the adrenaline surge. Sounds like that might’ve helped me more than “relaxing” which has never worked. My babies are now mostly “scheduled” with c-sections, although the past 2 have tried to come earlier. It’s nice to be able to plan for childcare and husband taking off work. So happy your Kidsave child has found a home; that’s wonderful! And very cool that Abby is moving nearby! Best wishes to your growing family!

  10. Anne Bender

    Prayers and best wishes for your delivery!

  11. Elisa | blissfulE

    You are so brave to be induced and give birth in hospital! I love how you’ve written in the past about offering up your suffering for others. I will try to remember that during my own upcoming labour (baby is “due” on Monday).

    I labour and birth at home in water, but yesterday I went into hospital for an iron infusion. The woman in the bed next to me was 40 weeks pregnant and so scared of needles. The midwife helpfully informed her that when she comes into hospital for labour and delivery, the needle she would get then would be even larger than the needle for the infusion. If only more women knew about home birth, I think our culture might possibly fear labour and birth a little less.

    Oh and the same midwife who told my neighbour about the needles also told me that she plans to home birth in water when she gets pregnant. 🙂

  12. Allie

    Wow…maybe it’s just the view from here, but it feels like it was just yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy! All the best with it, and I can’t wait to see photos of your new little one *and* your new outfit!

  13. Theresa in Alberta

    for my two labor and deliveries,,,,gimme drugs please!!! Dear Yaya, enjoy the Catholic parish with its liturgy, anything else is so not the full meal deal eh 😉
    Blessings upon you and your family

  14. Tina

    #2 is clearly posted by someone who has transformed from female to male and just went through the final phase. 😀

  15. Elisa

    That is so cool that Abby is your new neighbor! I am going to have to try really hard not to come down there and crash that party! We’ll be in RR for a baseball game on Sunday night. Praying for you and the baby!

  16. Maria Johnson

    Prayers for the big birth day. In a note, my husband and I are Lamaze drop-outs. Somehow those kiddoes made it into the world whether I grunted, exhaled, or dug little nail pits into my poor husband’s hands.

    re #2. was it a congressman? that seems to be a part of the job description these days.

  17. Kim D.

    I love that Yaya says “We all love Jesus.” That’s exactly what I thought when I joined the Catholic Church; it took me about a decade to fully appreciate how different the Church is! Of course it is, but we do all love Jesus!

    Many blessings to you on this most wonderfully fun week! 🙂

  18. MrsDarwin

    2. He loves it because no one else does.

    3. I would pay good money (like, plane ticket money) to see Yaya in the ultra-hushed environment of St. W’s.

    Prayers for you this week for a safe and easy labor and delivery and babymoon.

  19. Karianna

    #2: I never knew those horrid things were called “Trucknutz.” I am so glad I have that as part of my lexicon, especially since it seems every lifted, mud-covered truck here has them dangling below.

    #4: I used Bradley methods with DD2 but I am kind of like you, I felt the birthing was more productive when I was more “pumped up” with high energy music and cheering from The MIster! Although, my OB loved how we had the Rosary being played during most of early labor but once the work began? Michael Jackson!

    #6 How cool is that?! Abby’s book is fantastic and I am hoping that she’s a great neighbor for you!!

    Many prayers for you and the birth!

  20. Fidelio

    Good luck with the baby, birthing, and all the rest! You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear someone say that “relaxation is not for everyone.” Finally! I definitely am not a relaxer. 🙂

    And now I’m linked up for the quick takes, too. Usually I either forget to write them, forget the link, forget the image….oh well. I’m also not a rememberer. 😉

  21. Julia at LotsaLaundry

    I’ve always thought the real use for Lamaze and Bradley and such is childREARING, not childbirth.

    Praying for you.

  22. Mary @ A Simple Twist of Faith

    Prayers and blessing for the birth of your baby on Wednesday. I think it is wonderful that Ya-Ya is attending Mass with you. My husband, a Baptist, at the time started going to Mass with me after I came back into the Church. Two year later, he converted to Catholicism. Now, eight years later, he attends daily Mass and is the Grand Knight of our local K of C council. It is amazing what the Holy Spirit can do!

  23. Lori

    Sending up prayers for you and your family this week! You must be sooooo excited to meet this new life AND to not be pregnant. At least that is how I felt:) If it makes you feel any better, we are baking here in Texas too. And its highly discouraging because we usually don’t start with the 100+ until July. It makes me wonder if July will be more like 110. Have a great weekend!

  24. Sue

    Oh dear I’ve managed a boo boo and I’ve linked up the wrong post – how do I fix it?!?

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Hey Sue – Just add another link and tell me which one you want deleted. 🙂

      • Sue


        Please delete link #28


  25. Aimee

    I will pray that your induction goes smoothly and safely! I understand your feelings — five of my six children have been planned inductions. It’s weird, but also very convenient for planning childcare for the rest of the gang at home. 🙂

    And I completely agree with your #4 — I have to white-knuckle it too! I wonder if that is partly because of the nature of a non-medicated, induced labor? You start out completely fine and not in any labor at all — and then WHAM! they drop the pitocin hammer and you are in world of hurt. I just remember being able to acclimate myself to the contractions more easily when I went into labor on my own (that one single time! 😉

    Last month, when I had #6, the nurses were all telling me to “relax” and “stay on top of the contraction” but all I could really do was grit my teeth and power through. I gripped the bed rail and my husband’s hand so hard that my arms ached the next day. But I managed to push an almost ten pounder out in 11 minutes — so I think I’ve earned the right to decide if I’m going to relax or not. 😉

    Good luck, Jen, God bless, and I’ll look forward to hearing the happy news! 🙂

  26. deanna

    I don’t recall all the labor techniques, (youngest is 22) but I do recall thinking that being told to relax was not helpful.
    I hope all goes well Wednesday.
    As far as #2, maybe a bit overcompensating?

  27. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Good luck, Jen!

    I’ve had three natural (read: no pain meds!) deliveries and one blissful epidural-assisted one. (I was begging for drugs for two of the 3 drug-free ones and the baby arrived before the anesthesiologist did both times.) And I have to say, I slip into a very relaxed state. I think it’s some kind of withdrawal-defense-mechanism. And by “relaxed” I mean as relaxed as a woman can be when her body is being rocked with epic contractions!

    But embrace the rap and power through if that’s what it takes! (And if that’s the route you go, please, please post your playlist!!! I would love to read that post!

  28. Christie

    Yay for Yaya! And boy do I know that peculiar expression that unprepared Protestants wear during a Mass. My family, various denominations, have all donned it at one point or another. My sister, a Mormon, attended my Church for the first time during the Feast of Corpus Christi. She did very well, but talk about a doctrinal clash!

    I’ll save my labor and delivery stories for after Wednesday. We’ll remember to pray for you.

    How cool is it that Abby is going to be your neighbor! Almost makes me willing to brave the traffic and humidity to come down off the Caprock for a visit!

    • Christie

      The kids interrupted me in an awkward moment which made my comment sound a bit odd up there. What I meant to say was “I’ll save my labor and delivery stories for after Wednesday. We’ll remember to pray for you, and we’ll remember to be patient for the pictures of your latest treasure!”

  29. suburbancorrespondent

    With each successive birth, the post-partum pains got worse, to the point where I was weeping as the baby nursed. I would have grabbed any Vicodin offered to me. Lucky you!

  30. Judy

    Wow. I can’t believe they could actually DO an epidural 10 minutes before birth!!!
    I’m praying for a safe, joyful, swift L & D.
    I used to have 27+ hour labors…it’s a total myth about “the more you have, the faster it goes”..TOTAL myth.
    But, with Benny, number 10…it was less than 7 hours…which completely dumbfounded my dear hubs and me for we could not actually believe that we were looking at a live baby boy without having gone through 3 full nurses’ shifts first!
    What did I do differently? I prayed an Our Father and Hail Mary with every contraction and offered up my whole labor, one contraction at a time for various intentions and reparation.
    Jennifer, it was like a veil of grace enveloped me in the whole experience. SOOOOOOOOOO wonderful.
    Just an added thought for your options:)
    Can’t wait to show my kids these crickets.
    Here…people are starting to eat (GAG) STINK BUGS. (GAG AGAIN)

  31. Mandi

    I’ve had flavored crickets before…a dear friend of mine who has what I’d call a “crazy streak” bought them for us and made me and a few others try them. If I remember correctly, they were BBQ flavored and not that bad – if I hadn’t known they were crickets, I would have perhaps eaten a few more.

  32. Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge

    All women are supposed to have different birth experiences as every birth is unique, right? Well if that is the case then it only makes sense that relaxation techniques are not going to work for every mother. I find it amusing that many of the women who insist that all relaxation techniques are the universal way are the same women who insist that all women must birth the same way (without drugs, at home, unassisted, etc…). I remember a labor and delivery nurse I knew who was adamant about telling friends they needed to take Bradley classes and took them herself religiously but when it came to having her first child when her husband attempted to coach her to relax began to scream, “If relaxing works why do I want to cut myself open and get him out myself without anesthetic right now!”

  33. Christina

    We’ll be praying for you and your family!
    Grit your teeth, put on the rap and do whatever you need to in order to bring that beautiful baby in to the world!

  34. Teresa

    This is my first time to comment. I really enjoy reading your blog. Praying for a healthy baby and a quick recovery for you.

  35. Emily

    Congrats on your baby being so close! Ahh so so so exciting! And I can’t believe someone would put that in their car.. I mean it’s uhh good that you like your body parts but do you really have to flaunt it to the world..? Ughh, some people I swear.
    But yay for Yaya!

  36. Therese Z

    couldn’t think of anywhere else to put this – heard you on Relevant Radio the other day and you were great! Lively and sincere and funny!

    I was listening to you for a couple of minutes without knowing who it was and then Sean went to a break and said your name and I blurted out “Jennifer!” as though I delighted in hearing an actual physical friend on the radio.

    Blogs make that happen. God bless you and your family!

  37. Jenna

    Prayers on your delivery 🙂

    I love taking people to Catholic services with me and watching their faces when they have to stand up and sit down AGAIN!!!


  38. Trista

    How exciting! Praying everything goes well!

  39. Laura

    Best Wishes for the birth! 🙂

  40. Katie @ Wellness Mama

    Praying for you next week! I’m gearing up for my own labor too, whenever she decides to arrive. Relaxation was helpful to me during labor, but ironically, my “relaxing”playlist had everything from the Rocky theme to Gregorian Chant to “I will survive.” The constant change in music helped distract me, I think.
    I love the idea of offering up labor for the Holy Souls. I did this with our daughter… my 26 hour labor, and while it was natural and wonderful, I always wondered if it was so long partially because the Holy Souls wanted all the prayers they could get 🙂
    Yay for Yaya… how wonderful!

  41. Julie @ The Corner With A View

    I ate so many weird things in South Korea that I am not even phased by the crickets. I see that as a bad trait.

    Exciting about Yaya!

    Happy having your baby!! I’ll be praying for you.

  42. Colleen @ inadequate disciple

    Labor considerations . . . easy to give opinions on this. I had best experience with the births where my husband determined when I should get the epidural. I’ve had 4 kids. First child, doctor decided, and he waited until I suffered sufficiently and reached his hyper-dose pitocin induced dialation objective. After receiving the epidural and a warm blanket or two from a caring nurse, I dialated much more quickly. Child 2, I held off on epidural as incremental increases in intensity were bearable. I got the epidural too late which meant it didn’t take and all the nurses, and the poor anesthesiologist were in the room during my moaning and groaning. Husband didn’t recover as quickly as I did (my face went from agony to pure joy instantly on seeing the baby emerge), so he decided when I got the epidural for the next two children. Those 2 births were the most enjoyable. I really don’t get the natural thing AT ALL. I nursed all four kids and saw no evidence of the natural-birth propaganda as far as affecting latch-on, tendency toward sleepy baby etc. What are the benefits of natural birth? As for after medication, I wouldn’t do the vicodin (really affects my short-term memory, and it does pass through to baby in the milk), but the hefty ibuprofen dose, and then some tylenol in the room with me because they strictly enforce the every 5-6 hour rule helped me out. Also don’t forget the stool softener in the room with you too. I would also recommend a heating pad in the room (maybe your own from home) to help with the afterpains.

    • Catherine

      Having given birth in the hospital, with an epidural, and at home, with no drugs, I found the natural way to be less painful because of all the stupid things they do to you in a hospital.

      I will gladly give up the pain meds if I can walk around, give birth in any position I choose, not have an IV in my hand, and no tight monitors around my stretch-marked stomach, and be able to eat and drink whatever and whenever I want.

      I’m sure there are some more progressive hospitals that don’t treat you like crap, but somehow, being told, while in labor, that I can’t have a drink of water, makes me want to stay far, far away from hospitals.

  43. Donna

    I just don’t get the crickets snack. Why would anyone willingly eat bugs???

    Prayers for a safe and healthy delivery!

  44. Steph

    I’m pretty sure Bear Grylls had something to do with the creation of #4.

    Father’s Day is actually my bday this year (something that would always make me very jealous when I was younger—didn’t like sharing) and my mom and grandma are coming in town. Very happy about that.

    You’ll be in my prayers, as well, on Wednesday!

  45. Diane

    There will be NO eating of insects up in here, oh my lands.

  46. Kara

    Yay! Good luck Wednesday. I feel the same way about induction. I’ve now had 3 inductions. 2 were medically necessary and this one (June 7th) was close to medically necessary, though I’m not completely convinced it was. I wanted things to go naturally, but I trust my doctor and listened to him when he wanted me to go in. The baby is great, but I feel bad for forcing her out. Also, the relax techniques don’t work well for me either. I have to scream through contractions, then try as hard as I can to relax in between, which is just about the hardest thing ever because you know another one is coming. Do what works, momma!

    Those crickets are disgusting looking. I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I saw them, lol!

    Oh my gosh, that’s so funny about yaya and your church. I’ve made some of my family come to mass with us and they are so noticeably uncomfortable, it’s actually a little annoying. 😉 Of course, I’m a gung-ho convert, and wish everyone would convert, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like anyone in my family ever would.

    I will be praying for an easy delivery for you!

  47. JoAnna

    You got VICODIN after your babies were born? Sheesh, I just got Tylenol and Motrin!

    After I had baby #3, the nurses very politely asked me if I wanted anything to help with after-birth pain relief. “Your birth plan says no drugs so we wanted to check,” they explained.

    My response: “I’m just opposed to pain meds during labor and delivery. Afterward, bring on the drugs!”

    Prayers for a smooth induction and birth on Wednesday…St. Gerard, pray for us!

  48. Louise

    Many prayers for your delivery! Relaxing did nothing for me, either, although I foolishly didn’t take any childbirth classes.
    I’m so excited that Yaya is going to your church!!
    I had chocolate covered crickets once, and I didn’t think they were bad at all. They tasted like almonds to me. I also had a cricket lollipop (http://www.hotlix.com/insect_candy/cricketcandy.html), which was fine until I got to the wispy, tiny little legs. That I just couldn’t stomach, and I had to pitch it.

  49. Mark S.

    Prayers for you and baby that your delivery is safe. Being a man, I am in awe of you, my wife and all moms for the unimaginable experience of giving birth. Also, being a man, please get an epidural and take the vocodin. There is no dishonor in this. And yes, I will say it for you, I am a wimp when it comes to pain

  50. Trisha Niermeyer Potter

    Sending prayers your way that all goes well with the delivery. Yaya’s switch from Joel Osteen’s mega-church to yours must be quite interesting for her and for those unsuspecting friends she brings with her. She sounds like the adventurous type. I, too, absolutely love Abby Johnson’s book, Unplanned, and highly recommend reading it and passing it along. A low-key Father’s Day sounds like a good plan, especially for your family which will, no doubt, be buzzing with excitement this week.

  51. linda

    The penis sign! I’ve seen it as a huge bumper sticker on a motorcycle. Maybe it’s an Austin weird thing.

  52. Laura

    Praying that you will have a safe labor and a healthy baby. Maybe munching on some crickets will take your mind off of the pain??
    God Bless.

  53. Holly

    Crickets? Really?

    Prayers for you and baby!

  54. Katarina

    WHERE I COME FROM there are no epidurals – so i know for a fact that childbirth is tough …wishing you a safe one and hoping for lots of frilly pink updates 🙂

  55. Michelle

    Many prayers for your labor and delivery this week!

    That’s so very cool about Yaya coming to Mass with you!

    The Cricket candy? Gross! LOL

  56. Kimberlie

    Regarding the sign hanging from the rear-view mirror, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid supposedly intelligent people can be. Seriously.

    As for labor, I have never been, nor ever will be in labor or give birth. After all the stories I have heard from my girlfriends, I think it’s a gift that I haven’t and have never had a desire too. Maybe God knew something when he brought all our children to us as toddlers (or older). Rock on girlfriend! I will be praying for you.

    For Father’s Day we will brave the 100 degree temps and go to a park with the kids. My preference would be one with a splash pad that I can accidently run through the water occasionally under some pretense of rescuing one of my children from a spray gun or something. There will be brownies for sure. Maybe some BBQ takeout. Gotta treat my man right because he’s a gem to me. 🙂

  57. Amy B

    So excited for you, and excited for baby names, pics and all baby-related updates!!!

  58. Maria @ La Dolce Vita

    I’ll be sending prayers your way next week. I, too, was dealing with a clotting disorder (it was during my third pregnancy) and was on lovenox injections twice a day all through my pregnancy and for the ten months I was nursing.

    Everything was fine, and I wish you the very best.

  59. Anthony S. Layne

    1: Praying for you!

    2: I am educated, a man of letters, and I would sooner shove red-hot needles through my eyeballs than hang so much as fuzzy dice from my mirror, let alone that sign or Trucknutz … which rhymes with “numbnuts”.

    3: Probably best to talk to the non-Catholic beforehand and say something like, “If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them afterward. For now, just understand that 80% of what you’ll see is prayer to the Lord.”

    4: Couldn’t tell you, as I’m genetically let out of ever experiencing labor pains. Not that I’m rubbing it in ….

    5: Uhhh … gag reflex? What’s the next novelty snack, Crunchy Frog? Cockroach Cluster? Anthrax Ripple?

    6: Have Abby over for a kaffeklatsch! (Do neighbors still do that?)

    7: Probably grilling over at my brother Ted’s place, though we might do something tonight or tomorrow while my niece and her husband are in town. Have a great weekend, and we’ll look forward to happy news!

  60. Christine

    Really all goes well with your birth. I am all for drugs!

    Interesting story about the out of town Mass goers. I would be all cool with it as long as they do not get up and receive communion!

  61. Sheila

    Praying for the birth to go well! I’m scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday & also felt strange about picking the date. I’m still hoping she’ll arrive on her own before then, but time is running out for that to happen.

  62. Claire

    Prayers for a healthy and safe delivery!

  63. Kendra @ The Nerdy Wife

    This whole thing was enjoyable to read, as always!

    Prayers for your family and new baby soon!


    ps: those cricket “snacks” make me want to vomit…..bleeeeeh.

  64. Christian H

    Chocolate-covered crickets are actually quite good. I would eat them again if they weren’t so expensive. Really, what’s difference between shrimp and crickets? They’re both arthropods with many legs and an exoskeleton. One we’ve taught ourselves to think is disgusting and the other we’ve taught ourselves to think is tasty. That’s all.

    Chocolate-covered mealworms, on the other hand, I would not recommend. That’s not something I would care to eat again. They flake, see, and you get little bits of mealworm stuck in your teeth and under your tongue. It’s unnerving. Crickets at least go down pretty clean.

  65. Roxy

    I saw a pair of trucknutz the other day but it was hanging from the back of a pink Mary Kay Cadillac.

  66. Lisa V.

    Well I have to tell you I’m a big fan of Yaya right about now. Cheers to her for embracing worship in the catholic church despite attending baptist, etc. churches in the past. My mom just moved in with us and had attended for over 20 years a small southern baptist church that worships with traditional hymns. She gave my family’s church a try (formerly baptist, now non-denominational church)and it’s “not for her” since it’s mid-sized, with modern hymns and a band and … “the pastor sits on a stool when he preaches!”. Ooops, guess he forgot that he has to use a lectern or whatever it’s called…LOL. Trying not to feel offended that she doesn’t want to attend our church, however I’ll trust that God is working it out for the best. I wish you all the best with the new baby. I hope you will be surrounded by those who can support and help you when you need it. May you have a quick recovery. God Bless You.

  67. Amity

    2. Intactivism? It’s not really to the point, in that case, though. Never mind.

    3. That is awesome!

    4. I could see how that would make sense in an induction. I will try to remember to pray for God’s blessing during your labor on Wednesday. (I would say I would pray, but I tend to forget.) When my second was born two weeks ago, it helped to blow air out of my mouth with varying levels of low-pitched noise, until things got really intense, at which point I just had to bellow. But it wasn’t relaxation OR powering though, it was just making the noises I had to make in order to cope. Listening to Taize music also helped quite a lot – a little more low-key than rap. ^_^ I have been blessed to be able to labor at home in water twice now, and I am just so impressed with your strength during inductions.

  68. Roxane B. Salonen

    Jennifer, don’t even know if you’ll have a chance to read this but I feel so much better now that I’m all caught up. And hey, you mentioned Abby! Very cool. I’m mentioning her this coming week on An Atheist and a Catholic too. We are sharing whom we would like to have dinner with if we could pick one person, and I chose Abby. Of course, dinner with Abby and you would be even better. And the new baby too. Well, a girl can dream… Just so you know, I LOVE epidurals. I think my doctor with number five thought I was insane because I kept mentioning THE EPIDURAL. I was concerned it wouldn’t get put in on time, which is what happened with #4. So, I’ve had a few “natural” births only because they weren’t quick enough with the needle! I will be praying for you and can’t wait to hear. Love that hospital food! (Seriously! Anything I don’t have to make myself…) Oh, as for the crickets…gross! What is it about you Texans wanting to wrap up insects and sell them for candy? We still have scorpion suckers stashed in odd places from when I was down there a few years back. The kids never did eat them in whole. 🙂 (I shouldn’t have mentioned scorpions right before you are to go into labor, huh?)

  69. Amy

    Best of luck with the labour and birth of your baby! You will be in my prayers this week 🙂

  70. Rosemary

    I will be praying for you, your spouse, and baby on Wednesday: I’m writing a post-it note right now to stick on the calendar. (My memory is somewhat faulty.) It’s wonderful that Yaya is going to Mass with you, and that she knows you both “love Jesus”. Um, about those crickets — I don’t suppose you might consider deep-fried SCORPIONS as a snack – if only in revenge? 😉

  71. Kris

    Will pray for a safe and healthy birth for you and the baby. How exciting! The 22nd is my birthday, so it’s a good day to be born.

    Have to agree with you on the relaxed labor. I’ve had four and I find I just want to get in, get it over and get out! Our tradition is to bring a copy of “The Jerk” to watch post delivery. Do what makes it good for all of you!

  72. made for another world

    here is my first 7 quick takes after reading for years! praying for a safe delivery on wednesday!!! By the way, I love rocking out too 😉

  73. Kaylan

    Just be grateful you have NOT had to endure cerclage surgery AND multiple c-sections like me. I had one natural delivery but all the rest were c-section and recovery became worse with each one. My advice for pain, go with the epidural. Having one put in while in intense labor is difficult, not to mention .. probably more risky for the specialist since you have to be very, very still.

  74. Tara S

    #4: I’m with you! To me, relaxing during labour always seemed fruitless. Relax?! I’m pushing out a baby here! I don’t have any music or any visualization, I just try and focus on what’s going on…and breath the laughing gas…it’s a life saver.

    Good luck today!! 🙂

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