My husband’s conversion story – on Relevant Radio Tuesday morning

July 4, 2011 | 16 comments

My husband will be on the Morning Air morning show on Relevant Radio tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 8:40 AM Central to share his conversion story!

Here’s the short version: He grew up poor, raised by a single mother. He was Southern Baptist, and took his faith fairly seriously for a while (including developing a lot of anti-Catholic views), but eventually the drive to get out of poverty and achieve worldly success became his sole focus. After Yale undergrad, Columbia law school and Stanford business school, he had pretty much stopped practicing his faith in any visible way, though he did still believe in Jesus. When I began reading up on religion he joined me in my research, and we both entered the Catholic Church in 2007.

For more details, tune into Morning Air! You can click here to see if there’s a station in your area, or click here to listen live online.


  1. MelanieB

    Wow. I’ve got to remember to tune in. I’m rather curious, after having read through your account of your conversion to see what it looked like from his end.

  2. Jordan Henderson

    I’ll be at work, but I’ll tune in if I can! If I can’t I hope there’s a recording/podcast available. I’ll go check.

    Having been raised by a single mother, attending a variety of Protestant Christian churches myself, but actually losing my faith later in life, but finding it in the Catholic Church, I’m very interested in hearing about his journey.

  3. Kerri

    How weird- I was thinking about emailing you Friday to see if you’d ever thought about posting your husband’s conversion story. Will definitely tune in!

  4. vibrams shoes

    How weird- I was thinking about emailing you Friday to see if you’d ever thought about posting your husband’s conversion story. Will definitely tune in!

  5. Kerry Wolf

    Here’s hoping for lots of listeners to be inspired! Hope all goes well and I can tune in.

  6. Laura

    Hey, it sounded great!

  7. Jordan Henderson

    I couldn’t find a podcast, but I was able to catch it live. Wonderful!

    I really liked the thing about staring at the picture of dots and seeing the boat and then not being able to unsee it.

    Thank your husband Joe for us. As an aside, I really like the name Joe. My patron is St. Joseph. When I came into the Church in 2007, I was reading up on Saints and couldn’t decide on one. I was kind of attracted to St. Gaspar, but I didn’t think that was right, either. I prayed for St. Gaspar’s intercession one morning that I be given insight on the right patron for me. I then had a strong urge to attend an early morning mass at a nearby parish. I attended. It was the Feast of St. Joseph and the priest gave a wonderful little homily on Joseph.

    My patron was so obvious, but I just was blind to it! My Father’s name was Joseph (he died when I was young). I named my son Joseph. I knew that growing up without a Father in the family left a deficit where I needed good Father figures to guide me. Joseph fits that bill.

    There’s even a parish in Dayton with order St. Gaspar’s founded, the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, where I’d enjoyed wonderful Mass experiences, named, you guessed it St. Joseph. I still sometimes pray thanksgiving to St. Gaspar for his intercession and sometimes for his intercession when I feel I need inspiration.

  8. Sean Herriott


    Thanks for lending Joe to us this morning! It’s been great to hear both of your stories on Morning Air.

  9. Kristen

    “Did she say I was a fundamentalist?” 🙂

  10. MelanieB

    I was so disappointed that I couldn’t get the streaming to work on my computer. Will you let us know if it’s available for download anywhere?

  11. Aaron Lee

    Hi Jennifer, is there a podcast about your husband conversion story? So bad I have missed it. God bless.

  12. Jennifer Fulwiler

    There is an archived version online. I’ll get the link and post it soon!

  13. Amanda

    Here’s the link to the archive. I’m sure you’re quite busy, Jennifer! I still have a few moments as we are waiting for our 5th to arrive (due in 5 days, so any day now!)

    Click on hour 3. I was able to listen to the mp3 yesterday, as I haven’t added mediaplayer to my mac and the live stream wouldn’t open. Enjoyed hearing your husband’s journey.

  14. Karen Edmisten

    Oooh, missed it. Will have to click over to the archive!

  15. Rachel

    Thanks for the archive link! I was going to post and beg for a recording. Can’t wait to listen to it!

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