A note about technical problems

September 3, 2011 | 4 comments

I’ve got a few technical issues going on that unfortunately seem like things that I have done intentionally, so I just wanted to post a note saying that I have not been banning people from commenting, deleting posts, or sending out only partial feeds to people who subscribe via email or in a reader. I’m not sure why these things are going on, but I’m looking into it. Thanks!


  1. Scott

    Nothing wrong with only delivering a partial feed to your subscribers. This way they have to click through to your blog to tear the rest and are presented with all the other material your site provides , including the ads fom your sponsors. Nothing wrong with that and, in your case I believe it makes for a very good practice.

    The setting to select full text or a summary feed in WordPress can be found In the Redaing settings.

    • scott

      Sorry for the typos…darn iPad. Another suggestion, if I may. Use DISQUS or some other system for your comments. Makes it easier to login to leave a comment.

      Christine and I love your work…keep it coming!

    • Laura M


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