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September 12, 2011 | 13 comments

I finally got a chance to upload the audio from my recent talk. You can see the video here, which includes the introduction by Fr. Dean Wilhelm and the Q&A afterwards. It’s similar to my conversion story speech that I posted last year, though I did add some new elements. You can listen to it at the embedded player below, or download the full MP3:

If you’d like to download the MP3 it to listen to it later or play on your iPod, here’s the original file. Right-click on that link and choose Save Link As.

Hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Eva

    Thanks for this; I’ll listen to it while going for a run in the morning.


  2. Jamie

    What and incredible story!!! I just listened to it with my kids running around and now need to play it again once they are in bed. I am a convert from secular judaism.

    God Bless

  3. Rachel

    Thanks SO MUCH for sharing! This was great to listen to (plus I needed a break from my philosophy homework, so this was a nice treat!). The question you pose near the end really hit home with me, because I’ve been a sort of cafeteria Catholic, and the idea that “If the answer is yes, that the Church is guided by God, than to say you know better than the Church is to say that you know better than God.” It’s so true! So this was refreshing and helpful to listen to. Thanks again, I’m going to share it with my school’s Catholic Student Org 🙂

  4. Jennifer Fulwiler

    Thanks so much for the kind words!


    Thanks for sharing. I’m still processing this, but it makes so much sense! And answers alot of questions about faith and God.

  6. Cléo

    Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. It’s nice to see and hear you ‘live’ after more than a year of just reading your thoughts : ) Me and my husband joined the Church at Pentecoast and are still trying to find a good attitude towards our evangelical family ànd atheïst friends. To be humble is key, I learned. But I hope one day they’ll start asking ‘why?’-questions, so I can show them all these interesting catholic people like you, the blogs, the books, the chapels, the prayers, … God bless you! Cléo from Belgium

    • Wsquared

      Agreed, Cleo. This is something I struggle with, also. Humility is the key. As an aspiring academic, I know how hard that can be, because alas, Pride, the deadliest of the deadly sins, is often such a temptation for us (academia also has some lapsed Catholics, and certainly Catholic anti-Catholics). And that is not a good thing.

      • Cléo

        Good to know we’re in this together, Wsquared. Oh yes, I too live and breathe in the academic world (in the old ‘catholic’ university city of Leuven) and intellectual pride is a hard shell to crack. I’m so ashamed of the intellectual (protestant, anti-catholic) ‘wisdom’ I have trown at the Church in the past. Painful lessons learned. Now it’s especially difficult to remain humble and friendly around family since my parents and siblings can’t believe the change that took place in our (inner) lives since we started receiving the Sacraments – I was a very bitter, ungrateful and negative person before – and will take every opportunity to provoke an (‘old’)unfriendly response from me, as ‘proof’ for Catholic life clearly being a bogus. Latest ‘incident’ happened a few weeks ago, when I told my father (a protestant theologian) that I knew the song that was played at the last evening of World Youth Days, back from my old protestant church (an old German hymn, ‘Majesty’) and was surprised to hear it again. My mother and grandmother immediatly jumped on the subject: ‘Oh yes, WYD, horrible event, can you believe the amount of people being led astray over there, forgetting about Jesus!?’ I asked if they had listened to a single word the Holy Father had spoken on the event, and they laughed, with a horrified look on their face. ‘Well, since he’s your hero, I guess idolatry is okay for you now.’ So shortsighted… it drives me crazy. Before, I would always give them a response, ask them if just maybe their view on things was clouded and warped by hatred. Last time, I just went inside and said ‘If this is the way we’re communicating, I’d rather not communicate right now.’ Please pray St. Frances de Sales for patience, endurance and humility.

        • Wsquared

          Oh, Cleo. I’m so sorry. And I admire the way you’ve held up (that sort of thing would drive me crazy, too). I, too, also absorbed some of the secularist or Protestant cant against the Catholic Church, and at the worst possible time: at university, and at a time when I was questioning the faith, simply because I needed to grow in it. I am very, very sorry indeed for having done any of that. But it did teach me a few things. Also, I am grateful that whatever I had learned of the faith as a child, some of it still managed to stick with great tenacity, though I had to learn to reconnect with it all over again of late.

          God bless you, and I’ve just prayed for you. And indeed, for all Catholics in academia who struggle with the cost of discipleship in a hostile climate.

  7. Wsquared

    God bless you, Jen. I really enjoyed your talk: a lot to chew over and good to think with, and some parts of it genuinely made me howl with laughter. The part that almost brought me to tears, and which made me punch the air in joy, however, was your informing us that the Raving Atheist is now Catholic.

  8. Amanda Borenstadt

    Wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂 You give me so much hope that people I care about who are atheist will one day have faith.

  9. Tibbs

    Also, while reasoning can be internally consistent, the evidence can be faulty.

  10. gd

    Great talk. It helps to to watch videos like that and see i can relate to what other peope are thinking. 🙂 Thanks

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