Where I’m doing my Christmas shopping…

December 1, 2011 | 20 comments

First of all, let me assure you that I did have this idea before I saw The Crescat doing the same thing. I mean, it is tempting to plagiarize all The Crescat’s posts, and my blog would be a lot better if I did, but I really was planning to highlight my favorite family-owned businesses before she did it first. Anyway, be sure to check out her post too.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite small businesses that have wonderful products. I have either personally done business with all of them, or have heard good things from people who have. And I haven’t received any compensation for promoting these businesses — I just like them.

Faith Calendars

I love, love, love my Catholic day planner I got from them, and use it every day.

Saintly Sisters

I’m so excited about getting one of these for my girls this Christmas. I just can’t decide between the Sisters of Life doll and the Dominican Sisters one.

Axis Mundi

I want one of everything at the Axis Mundi Esty store. It’s some of the prettiest jewelry I’ve seen, and so the fact that much of it is faith-based is a great bonus!

Monastery Greetings

One of my favorite thank-you gifts is to send someone a box of dark chocolate made by Cistercian nuns, but Monastery Greetings has tons of other products made my convents and monasteries as well.

 Mystic Monk Coffee

In addition to their delicious coffee, the Carmelite Monks behind Mystic Monk Coffee also make yummy, gift-worthy treats like chocolate-covered espresso beans and chocolate-covered caramels.

Trendy Traditions

The customer service at Trendy Traditions is as great as their products — love this shop for rosaries and other customized religious gifts.

I’m sure I’m going to think of some great ones I forgot as soon as I hit Publish, but these are some favorite stores I thought of off the top of my head. Feel free to promote other small businesses in the comments!


  1. Kris, in New England

    The Mystic Monks “Jingle Bell Java” (repeated as Pascha Java at Easter) is the best coffee – ever. Hands down. I make giant urns of it at the office for treat days we do and it brings people from all over the place to taste – the smell is so delectable. And thank you Jennifer, your post reminds me I need to lay in my supplies of JBJ in anticipation of it no longer being avaialable until Easter.

    • Tara Sz.

      wow, thank you for that notice! I have been considering one of these for a while now. Praise God for my procrastination that so often turns into a gift. 🙂

  2. Martha

    I really love ModMary on Etsy. Her rosaries, holy cards, framed pictures, and everything else are just beautiful and really cool. They appeal to those who enjoy classic art, but maybe enjoy some contemporary flare too. Check her out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/ModHMary?ref=top_trail

  3. Dwija {House Unseen}

    Wow! I just looked at Axis Mundi and her prices are FANTASTIC. My daughters might just be getting some stocking stuffers from her 🙂

  4. Laura

    How about two places: We have a goat milk soap website…my daughters and I are really starting to get this going. The soaps make GREAT stocking stuffers and grab bag gifts. High quality, all-natural, great smelling…check us out at http://www.thegoatmilksoapshop.com

    Also, on my website, I am selling a nice CD of the story “The King of the Golden City”. This would make a great stocking stuffer also…http://www.catholic-homeschooling-resources.com/King-of-the-Golden-City.html

    Thanks for this opportunity and God Bless.

  5. Sue from Buffalo

    I just spent $50 at Axis Mundi. Some of the items are limited editions which is too bad because I would have bought even more. (smile)

  6. Maeana

    The Benedictines of Mary (benedictinesofmary.org)in Gower, MO have beautiful CDs, including a Christmas one.

  7. Lisa V.

    I cannot WAIT to look into all these, thank you so much.

  8. Becky

    Thanks, Jen, for allowing us to advertise our small businesses!

    I have an Etsy store that specializes in making clay rosaries. Though I’m still working on building my inventory up, things have been going well this year. If you like clay and roses, please look it up!


    • Nayhee

      I just sent a link to one of your rosaries in an email to my husband. Hint, hint, honey… 🙂

  9. Laura

    Thank you for all the suggestions! I used to visit this Trappistine Monastery with my grandfather. They’ve been making/selling their caramels (and other candies) for as long as I can remember.

  10. Sr. Elizabeth Ann

    Get the DOMINICAN Doll!!!!!!

  11. Stina

    I LOVE learning about businesses like these! Thanks for posting!

  12. Nayhee

    Thanks for the links, Jen. I just bought a couple of items off Axis!

  13. el-e-e

    Wow, that blue roasary is gorgeous!

  14. Katie


    Thanks for the heads up on the Catholic shopping, combining two of my favorite things! Some friends of mine started a jewelry company here in Atlanta called Catholic Bling, they use vintage religious medals to create some beautiful jewelry and rosaries. You can find them online at: http://www.catholicbling.com It is lovely to see a company run by mothers and teenage daughters.

    As always, thanks for sharing. God bless you and your family.

  15. Sister Anne

    I would like to (shamelessly) recommend the music of the
    Daughters of St Paul choir (in which I sing). It is completely produced in the motherhouse studio in Boston, and sing with ardent prayer. Some of the albums (especially our recent “There can be Miracles”) are also very good gifts for people whose attachment to religion may not be all that strong, but who are facing difficulties that call out for Faith. Pauline.org (shopping).

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