Where do you write?: A photo tour for nerds

February 29, 2012 | 22 comments

Okay, internets, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?! If so, too bad, because we’re just doing some pictures from my house today.

Why? Because I love, love, love seeing where other people write, and didn’t think I could get folks to ante up if I didn’t post a few shots of my own. So here is my office:

Our house isn’t all that big, but we decided it would be worth sacrificing the dining room for me to use as an office. I’m so grateful to have that space to pay the bills, keep track of finances, plan homeschool, write, and other desk work.

You can see that I have decorated my space with one-of-a-kind pieces commissioned from local artists:

Here is the view from my chair (bonus points if you can spot the Office Space reference):

The orange index card on the laptop stand was one of my last word count goals; I also use that space for inspirational quotes, pictures of saints, or a word of the year.

From my seat, I can see my prayer corner (with a picture of the Pieta, and two icons written by my cousin, Br. Claude Lane).

To the right I have a view of pictures of two of my favorite authors, Thomas Merton and Pope Benedict XVI. (It’s worth noting that those two pictures were Christmas gifts from my husband. They made wonderful, simple presents.)


One of the things that helps keep my area from descending into chaos is having a “To Go to Other Parts of the House” basket, where I can toss things that don’t belong in this space.

Another handy setup is that I have boxes on the shelves behind me for common items that I need to move from my desk (the tops are always off, thanks to the tips from Organizing Solutions for People with ADD). I can reach them without having to stand up, which helps me get organized quickly.

The four main boxes are for greeting cards, kids’ art, family mementos, and letters from you all! I often don’t have time to do something special with these items like I want to, so it gives me peace of mind to know that they’re stored in a safe place for now. Also, sometimes authors and musicians kindly send me their latest products. After I check them out I put them in that blue bin, labeled “media to review, ” so that they don’t get lost in the craziness of our house.

So that’s my office. I am now going to post a linky list and sit riveted in front of my computer, waiting for someone else to come give me a tour of their writing space.


  1. Becky

    I love the art “commissioned from local artists”.

    If your dining room is an office, where do you eat? Do you have someplace to eat meals together as a family? Or is it catch as catch can?

    I know that is not directly about writing space, but it is about fitting writing space in.

  2. Becky

    OK, no fair! I thought I was going to be the first to comment, but I see I already have!

    About the Office Space question: must be the mug and the word Initech on it. Loved that movie, but too much swearing in it.

    • cinhosa

      I love the scene where they destroy the printer and another scene where the programmer realizes his software to steal fractions has a decimal problem.

      So funny!

  3. Ebeth

    Hi Jennifer, what a great idea and a fun way to get to know each other on the lighter side of our vocations and ministries!


  4. Susan Vigilante

    I feel like such an amateur!

  5. Diapeepees

    Interesting to peek around in all the writing places…also funny that your place was not as I imagined (which also made me think I must have imagined it in the past, if I was able to contrast it)..I pictured a room full of kids in front of a television (no offense, here, just figured you were desperate with finishing the book), with you slightly off to the side, madly typing away, with your post-it over the word count, papers flying out from beneath you, begging the children for just one more minute…never pictured your very own office! How private!

  6. Kathleen Basi

    I like the basket for “other parts of the house.” And I like the Boppy peeking out from behind your chair…I have one of those these days too!

    • Jessica

      I KNEW I wouldn’t be the first to mention the Boppy! (And after I noticed it, I immediately thought, “Uh-oh, is that one of the covers that needs to be washed separately to prevent bleeding colors?!”)

  7. Sarah

    Having your table located near the window is a great idea. Work can take most of our time and it is significant that we create a pleasant work area that can also awaken our creativity. The drawings displayed are so cute. I gain a lot of inspiration just by staring at them.

  8. Rhonda

    Thanks for hosting this, Jen. This was fun. We’re getting ready to move across the country, and an office is high on our priority list. Looking at yours, I want one even more! (Not that I’m envious. :))

  9. wynonaelliott 

    It seems that you need a kind of arrangement, in order to have a great set.up on your creations…

  10. Kimberlie

    This is great! I am always curious about where people write. Someday I picture myself having a little attic room in an old, gabled house where I can spend my days writing, reading, praying and in general creating. I want an Anne of Green Gables house. My view outside will be incredibly pastoral with horses grazing, a pond, and a beautiful garden. Hey! I can dream anyway, right? 😉

    Thanks for giving us a peek at where the magic happens!

  11. Sylvia

    Dear Jennifer,
    I like this post and I want to send you three pictures of my writing place. But I have no idea how to post those pictures. Please send me clear instructions!
    (I know your blog from the ‘Quick takes’ of Ciska Blanken. She is my daughter).

  12. Tess

    This was a wonderful idea, Jennifer; it’s been such fun to see where other people write. Reading the end result of their labours, it’s easy to imagine an oak-lined library or a tranquil study. Just goes to show that when you’ve got the writing bug, you’ll find a way to make it happen, even in the midst of busy family life!

  13. Laura

    I find this kind of stuff fascinating, too! I also got a kick out of seeing my book on the top of your media pile!
    God Bless.

  14. Beth Anne

    I want to post on this but I’m currently out of town! So I am going to work on this over the weekend when I get back and link-up. The sad thing when I first saw this was “man I need to clean my desk!”

  15. Sarah Reinhard

    Coolest link-up EVAH.

    Preparing mine now…because even though it’s Sunday, I just! can’t! resist!

    (And I’m overcoming that pride of mine and letting you see the clutter of my life…)

  16. nancyo

    I just got back in town from a wonderful media-free week and can’t wait to tour the various writing spaces.

  17. jd stark

    I have to laugh that I am so regional. But I guess that too much sunshine is not good for one’s brain. I have a convertible and a beach for that matter and access to both.

    Don’t you all believe in personal space? Thanks Amy for teaching me about that. Mine is in our room with a room divider. I just added another one to keep the dog from distracting me. How to work with a million distractions like kids and the like? That’s why I would never homeschool after we adopt. I have to delegate or nothing would get done. I also work with a very large to do list. I have to have a spot for work and a spot for play.

    I have had this blog too many years, yet moving and the thought of cold and snow seriously scares me. I have been here too long. It is five hours too long to the state line. Have a great week folks. Happy writing!

  18. jd stark

    How about a husband version. This is where my husband writes.

    Pic on my blog forthcoming.

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