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March 26, 2012 | 29 comments

When I was at the Behold Conference, a friend named Carla came up to say hello. I had met her last year when she was in the process of adopting a special needs child, and asked how things were going. She told me all about her precious new son, who is her seventh child, and recounted some of the adventures of the adoption process (which you can read about at her great blog here). But then she immediately changed the subject to a little boy named Malcolm, who also needs a home. I haven’t stopped thinking about him since that moment.

MalcolmMalcolm is five years old, and has cerebral palsy. He is cognitively normal, but is scheduled to be transferred to an adult mental facility in his country next month. From his page at Reece’s Rainbow:

Malcolm needs family badly. He is very emotional, sensitive and not a leader by nature and is being hurt by older and physically healthy children in the orphanage. He can hardly walk but retains sensitivity in the feet. There is a chance only in the presence of caring and loving parents Malcolm can walk independently in a future but in the orphanage environment the child is afraid of everything even walking.

Malcolm has a favorite little toy: stuffed tiger, he carries it everywhere, he kisses it, puts to sleep, worries about it. Malcolm is interested in all new, he knows the names and colors, understands commands, has attachments to friends in a group, he goes on contact easily and is pleased to dialogue.

Okay, internets. What are we going to do about the little boy and his stuffed tiger who desperately need a home?

Both the good news and the bad news is this: One of the biggest hurdles is money. Overseas special needs adoptions often cost around $30, 000. Even if there are families who are interested in bringing him home, they may not have the funds to do so. That’s bad news because it’s tragic to think that Malcolm could languish in an adult mental facility just because of a financial issue; but it’s good news because it’s relatively easy to do something about.

So today I’m joining Carla, Leila, and Brianna to ask that you consider donating to Malcolm’s adoption fund.


You can find the link at the bottom of his Reece’s Rainbow page (as well as an update about his current level of funds). Reece’s Rainbow is a respected organization, and their payment system uses PayPal, so it only takes a matter of seconds to make a donation.

I just donated, and would love for you to join me, even if it’s only a few dollars.

Here is a video of this sweet boy:

A few other items:

And please do keep Malcolm and all the other orphans in the world in your prayers. Thank you.


  1. Leila

    Jen, Warrior for Orphans, may God bless you!

  2. Brianna

    Love. I’m honored to be a part of this today. May God bless these efforts and send this boy a family!

  3. priest's wife (@byzcathwife)

    wow- I just a check for nothing for $100- it is going to Malcolm’s fund

    I hope all your fellow blogger friends link up to him…

    • Theophilus

      $100 more donated! 🙂

  4. Jennifer Doloski

    As a Reece’s Rainbow family (and, I’m proud to say, a friend of Carla’s) – I want to thank you all SO MUCH for “shouting from the rooftops” for this precious little man. Adoption is never easy. International adoption is like a roller coaster ride without seat belts. But stepping out in obedience has rewards one cannot fathom. My faith has been tested, stretched, deepened. Not everyone is called to adopt – but we are all called to do SOMETHING. So – please, advocate, donate, PRAY – help this little man find his forever family.

  5. Jackie

    I have been a fan of you and your blog forever…and I am a HUGE advocate of Reece’s Rainbow…you have now made me love you and your blog even more…THANK YOU!

  6. Calee

    Lord have mercy!
    Thank you for sharing this little book (and Reece’s Rainbow!) today. All of the work I was supposed to be doing this afternoon seems very small in comparison.

  7. Heidi

    As a current Reece’s Rainbow family, going through the process to bring a little boy into our home, I thank you for spreading the word about Malcolm!

    So blessed to be a part of this today!

  8. Kara

    This is amazing, Jenn, thank you!

  9. JoAnna

    Thank you, Jen!!

    Malcom is already past $8,000 – I bet we can get him over $10,000 by day’s end!

  10. Katie @ Wellness Mama

    Is there a family who will adopt him yet? If not, please email me… I know a wonderful family who has already gone through the paperwork and are hoping to adopt. I’ll pass this link along to my readers as well, but I can also put you in touch with that family if Malcolm doesn’t already have a family. Either way, prayers coming his way!

    • Leila

      Katie, there is a family *this close* to adopting him, with the money the only obstacle. But there is another little girl, in the same orphanage, who is only three years old, and has cerebral palsy. They would love to adopt her, too, but Russia (that region) would make them do everything all over again, because the two orphans are not related. Here is her link:

      Also, this little one, at significant risk:

      Or a little boy:

      Maybe your friend would be interested in looking at those little ones, too? God bless you!!

  11. Bob

    I know there is a family about to commit in Phoenix but it doesn’t look like its been done yet.

  12. Jen

    Thank you for advocating for this little boy, and all the children who wait for their Forever Families. God Bless.

  13. Ashley

    We are not in the position to adopt at this time, but I pray a family comes forward to bring this sweet boy home.

  14. Carrie

    Just donated! Love, love your blog! 🙂

  15. dweej

    Oh, he’s only a few months older than my sweet little boy. This brings tears to my eyes, Jen. I wish we had more to give than the what we have! Sending up lots of prayers and a little bit of money….

  16. Finicky Cat

    Thanks, Jen. I’m so glad you mentioned this. I just donated, and felt good for a minute, but then I thought I’d look around the Reece’s site a little…and now I’m crying and I don’t feel good any more. Those precious little faces. Oh dear God.

  17. Finicky Cat

    Postscript: If you hear that he gets adopted, would you pass the news along?

  18. Alexis C

    Jennifer, I am SO SO SO delighted to see you writing about Malcolm and the outpouring of interest in him. I first saw him on Reece’s Rainbow a few weeks ago and cried for two days straight thinking about him. He was born the exact same month as my oldest, and our family has been praying hard for him to find his family before he’s transferred.

    Also, I hope everyone remembers that there are also lots of other wonderful children available for adoption on the Reece’s Rainbow site. Please pray for all of them!

  19. Sherry

    Prayers for Malcolm and his family to be. Also, should check out, a site on adoption and children with special needs by Heidi Saxton.

  20. Veronika

    Prayers to this beautiful boy. Pardon my ignorance, I must have misread, where does Malcolm live?

    • Leila

      Veronika, he’s in Russia.

  21. Ruthie

    Donation and prayers sent from here too. Thanks for letting us know, and please keep us updated! Thoroughly enjoy your blog; your sense of humor is what is so fun!

  22. Smoochagator

    Oh my goodness. My mommy heart breaks for this little boy – I want him to find a family so bad! I donated what little I could and shared Malcolm’s story on my blog, Facebook, and Twitter. And I will pray, pray, pray. Thank you for sharing, Jen.

  23. Mark S.

    Jen. Thanks for the link and enabling me and others to help. Prayers for him, the Reeces Rainbow folks and you.

  24. Jessica Rudder

    I just saw that Malcolm has been moved to the “My Family Found Me” page!

    Hopefully the fact he has a family on the way will keep them from transferring him in April.

    • Leila

      There is someone who is in touch with the orphanage, and she is trying to convince them to keep Malcolm where he is and not transfer him, since his family is coming. Looks like that is a possibility, praise God!

  25. Charles Smith

    Hi Jen!

    We are the family that has committed to bringing Malcom/Marat home. I cannot express fully how grateful we are for all the support that has been given to this sweet little boy, and to help us commit to bringing him home.

    We have started a blog to chronicle our journey, and to one day be able to show our son how much he is loved and the efforts many were willing to make sure that he had a home to call his own. Each of you in a special way we will consider part of his extended family.

    We hope that these examples of Christian love will be a foundation he can build upon to live a life pleasing to Christ, Our Lord.

    Our blog site is: follow along!

    Pax Christi,

    Charles Smith

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