My official statement on the existence of a certain customer image on Amazon

March 12, 2012 | 19 comments

To whom it may concern:

I have received multiple emails over the past week questioning my involvement with a certain image on the Amazon page for the book Style, Sex, and Substance, with references to the similarities of certain elements contained in this video. At this point I can neither confirm nor deny whether that image was uploaded through my account, and must direct all future inquiries on the matter to my attorney, whom you can find here.


Jennifer Fulwiler


  1. Rebecca

    I LOVE IT!

  2. Melanie Gillespie

    Hilarious! Thanks for the reminder to upload my customer image. 🙂

  3. Leanne@ Life Happens When

    This was hilarious! Love it! And I purchased a copy of the book at Behold this weekend! I am so honored that you and Hallie both signed it!!

  4. Lily

    LOL! I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard as I did when I first saw that ‘first video’…love it! And it was so great to meet you, albeit briefly, at the Behold conference!

  5. Christy

    Haha that is hilarious! And I can’t wait to read this book-I wish it’d ship to Canada faster!
    Plus, how much does the retainer cost for that kick-ass lawyer??

  6. priest's wife

    ….makes me think of the old cheer “Go Bananas- b-a-n-a-n-a-s….” (nope- I didn’t cheer- I would be in the hotdog stand raising money for yearbook- introverts unite!)

  7. Theresa in Alberta

    Thx for the giggle eh!

  8. Brien27

    Thanks for sharing this with us, its 😆 my day… Hope you can share something more there…

  9. Tara Sz.

    That was freaking funny. The wording was so official, I was actually nervous at first that someone might really be accusing you of something…! That banana must be a hell of a lawyer.

    • Mama Benedikt

      Me, too! I was really worried for you, Jen! Good thing you had the link 😉

  10. Susan Vigilante

    Pretty dang brilliant, girl.

  11. Pat J

    I had a sneaking suspicion that clicking on the lawyer link would lead to a banana! : )

  12. Kimberlie

    I have my book but haven’t had time to start reading it yet. Love the photos on the Amazon page!

  13. Renne

    I waiting for the stage performance of this book.

  14. Cindy

    Haha! Made my day!

  15. Lucille

    You might as well download reports direct from Amazon.
    You can see the link report to check the page impression and click through rate.

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