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June 4, 2012 | 208 comments

UPDATED SO THAT I DON’T LIE AWAKE AT NIGHT AGONIZING ABOUT THIS: There were a bunch of y’all whom I was already following, so if you don’t see a follow note from me, that’s why. There were also one or two links that didn’t work. I didn’t intentionally not follow anyone — all your boards looked wonderful! Now, off to procrastinate (Pincrastinate?) and look at all this great new stuff…

As I was trying to avoid all the work that comes with getting ready to go out of town on Saturday, I settled in for a long procrastination session courtesy of Pinterest…only to find that there were only three new pins since I’d used Pinterest to procrastinate the night before. Obviously, we have a problem here: I don’t follow enough people on Pinterest.

Help me remedy this grievous situation. If you’re on Pinterest and you pin something at least once a month, I want to follow you. Leave a comment with the URL of your Pinterest page (like http://pinterest.com/yourname, that way I can click through and follow. Looking up usernames is waaaay too complicated for me). Include a quick description of the type of stuff you pin in case others might want to follow you as well!

Anyway, here’s my Pinterest page if you want to follow me. And for those of you who are not familiar with this site, or have heard of it and cannot for the life of you figure out what the hubub is all about, I answer thusly:



The above items can all be found on Pinterest. So, clearly, now you understand why you need an account.

For those of you who already have accounts, and those who have stopped everything and are now feverishly typing to create one (which should be pretty much everyone), do leave a comment and let me know your page address so I can follow you. And then pin a bunch of cool stuff so that I won’t be tempted to catch up on any housework when I get home tonight. Thanks!


  1. Sheila @ Seasoned Joy

    I’m sheilac31. And I mostly pin food-related items, but also some organization & decorating things (pipe dreams really), kid ideas, and things that make me laugh.

  2. Alisha

    Mine is http://pinterest.com/thoselandrys/

    Maybe I don’t use Pinterest the right way, but you’ll only see stuff that I’m 87% sure I’ll buy, make, or do. Everyone else is just a poser. Or a dreamer. Depends on how charitable you are…

  3. JoAnna


    I mostly pin recipes, ideas for home organization (isn’t THAT a lovely fantasy), kid stuff, and craft projects.

  4. Val


    I mainly pin food (lots of GF stuff), stuff to sew, and stuff for my 4-yr-old to do, but also stuff that strikes me as funny or true or appeals to my secret inner nerd.

  5. Elizabeth Volker


    What don’t I pin πŸ™‚ Recipes, kid stuff, household ideas, clothing, hair, beauty tips, funny/inspiring quotes, etc., etc., etc.

    Also, Pinterest was having some issues over the past week, lots of people couldn’t see pins that had been posted for DAYS. It was very stressful. Luckily for all of us master procrastinators, the issue seems to have been righted this morning.

  6. Michelle


    I try to ONLY get on there once or twice in a month because I end up staying on there for a couple of hours! it’s a wonderful site, but I have to schedule my pinterest time!

  7. Kris


    I pin Catholic, homeschooling, decorating, healthy food (some unhealthy too!), funny stuff, fashion… Clearly I spend too much time there. πŸ™‚

  8. Jess G.


    My most pinned boards are for home, homeschooling, little people activities, gardening, and recipes (which makes no sense since I do not like to cook!).

  9. Jay

    Never heard of it…until now!

  10. mapchic

    I think that Pinterest was ‘broken’ for a couple of days… not showing new pins.

    I am http://pinterest.com/mapchic/

    History, geography, photography, vintage style, food… all in all about 5,000 pins of random goodness.

  11. Lina

    I’m at http://pinterest.com/melinad/
    Clothes, flowers, house stuff, quotes, and art… to name a few. I’m a wee bit addicted.

  12. EmmaElizabeth

    I pin house inspirations as I’m working on the details of my first house, also beautiful dresses and other sewing ideas.

  13. Lori

    I’m so glad to be following you on Pinterest! Here’s me:

    I pin a LOT of stuff, but mostly it’s Fitness, Nutrition, Catholicism, Photography, and some Kid stuff and of course some funnies!

  14. Camille


    beware -I spend far too much time on there pinning! I found some great homeschool room ideas though!

  15. Christina P


    I pin (mostly repins) all the stuff you’d expect a Catholic momma of a couple young children to pin. I have a similar problem, too, btw!

  16. Karen


    Look at my boards and you’ll get a glimpse at some things that inspire me – old furniture made fabulous, white kitchens, all things vintage, beautiful outdoor spaces – with a little quirkiness to boot

  17. abby

    I pin stuff about Jesus, music, crafts, DIY, reading, food, clothes and anything that makes me laugh. (Well, almost anything. I try to keep it PG.)


  18. Lucy


    I already follow you. πŸ™‚ I pin lots of educational things, recipes, home decorating. I need to organize my boards better, but I’ve used so many ideas I’ve gotten from Pinterest!

  19. Katherine


    Mostly food, especially easy, tasty recipes since I’m expecting Baby #1 any day now, but I also like funny pictures, cute animal pics, baby stuff, and home ideas that will never work because money does not grow on trees.

  20. Melody


    Kid fun, kid rooms, education, books, too many sewing tutorials. I need to reorganize with more boards. Pinterest is the awesomest.

  21. Allison@totustuus

    Hi! I took the liberty of adding you to Catholic Pinterest, a community on Pinterest celebrating Catholic pins. Have you heard of it? http://pinterest.com/allison_girone/catholic-pinterest/ Lisa Hendey of CatholicMom.com features a board every Friday.

    I write about Pinterest a lot on my blog. I think it can be a great way to visually bookmark and organize. http://totustuusfamily.blogspot.com/2012/06/9-tips-for-pinterest-making-it-your.html

    Looking forward to following you, Jennifer!

  22. Maria

    http://pinterest.com/riaria11/ – I usually have mostly food, crafts, Catholic ideas and stuff to do with my boys. I’m on there way too much:)

  23. Karen Dosher

    http://pinterest.com/karendosher/ I post recipes, natural body care, natural cleaning tips, gardening, decorating, and Cool Stuff I Like.

  24. Machele K.


    Love, love, love Pinterest! I pin all things from my Catholic life to my love for primitives!

  25. rem

    I mostly pin recipes, craft ideas that I won’t follow up on, and beers (I have trouble remembering which beers I like because we drink so many, and I need some reference in case my husband isn’t around to tell me what I like.)

    I’m pumped to look through the posts above me and find new people to follow, too! I also want to waste more time on pinterest than my friends and family allow me to.

  26. Maria

    I love to pin! And I’ve done about 5 of the umpteenthousand things I’ve pinned. It’s a start.


  27. Chris Lowenstein

    Sorry — all boards related to books, book collecting, home decor with books, and easy party recipes for introverts like me who hate entertaining.

  28. nancyo

    Jen, you are too funny. If you really want to waste time on pinterest, click on “everything” and you’ll get more pins than you’d ever need. Or do a search on a theme.

    Anyway, here’s me:
    food (including some gluten-free and paleo-friendly), interiors (especially studio/office ideas), books/bookshelves, things to make, organization, sewing

    • Julie

      ah, but if you click on “everything” you get all the inappropriate ones too. nudity, swearing, etc…which I unfortunately discovered with a kid over my shoulder.

      • nancyo

        oops! I can’t say I’ve ever seen any nudity but that’s probably because I don’t have a kid looking over my shoulder (some kind of Murphy’s Law I guess).

  29. Lenetta


    Lots of crafty stuff to make (or wish to make someday), preschool/kindergarten/fun stuff to do with my daughter, gardening, recipes, random stuff, etc. I have started to search pinterest when I’m looking for something specific (ex- recipe) because if people like it, it’ll be pinned. :>)

  30. Joy

    I do a lot of recipes I don’t usually try (but they look really good!), quotes and quotables, a little bit of fashion/ style, kid-friendly projects and sewing. I’m about to start a homeschool board as I’m doing that again next year. My profile is pinterest.com/joya78/
    Oh, and full disclosure: I’m pinning a lot of Nutella recipes right now for some reason. I will try to stop myself, really… πŸ™‚

  31. Mama Bean

    http://pinterest.com/mama_bean/ I’m not sure you’ll like all my boards, but the “On my Internet” and “In my mind’s eye” ones are my favourite πŸ™‚

  32. Liza R


    Mostly food and kid crafts, with a little Dr. Who/ Buffy/ other geekery thrown in the mix.

  33. Amanda

    I pin all kinds of things for my kids and family–recipes, crafty stuff, funny quotes. Currently pinning many ideas for birthday parties.

  34. Melody

    I keep forgetting to pin, but when I do it is usually jewelry ideas or cute cat pictures or smart aleck remarks.

  35. Amy

    You want to follow me? *blushes*

    I have some yurt stuff, some tutorials, recipes, hairstyles, kitchen designs… whatever I want to keep track of and happen to be interested it. Once a month probably describes my pinning well.

  36. Tina Koltz

    My pinterest account is http://pinterest.com/teenuhk/

    I mostly post idea, fashion and style, recipes, history items (I’m a history teacher), and teaching tools.

  37. S

    I had the same (first world) “problem” on Pinterest this weekend! I believe I’m already following you – if you’re interested, I’m at http://pinterest.com/sa585. I post recipes, ideas for the home, travel dreams, gift ideas (techie and baby-related, lately – I love a good, fun onesie!), and nail art ideas. Not that I bother doing my fingernails unless I have a rare dressy occasion, but I always keep my toenails painted in warmer weather and I like ideas for big-toe decoration that I can pull off myself at home.

    I’m not really a commenter, but I do really enjoy your blog – and on an “it’s a small world” note, a former organist at my Methodist church and her family are Catholic, she she just posted a link to one of your articles on the Register on her Facebook profile today. πŸ™‚

  38. S

    I had the same (first world) “problem” on Pinterest this weekend! (Though I won’t connect it to FB, which makes following friends a bit harder.) I believe I’m already following you – if you’re interested, I’m at http://pinterest.com/sa585. I post recipes, travel dreams, gift ideas (techie and baby-related, lately – I love a good, fun onesie!), and nail art ideas. Not that I bother doing my fingernails unless I have a rare dressy occasion, but I always keep my toenails painted in warmer weather and I like ideas for big-toe decoration that I can pull off myself at home.

    I’m not really a commenter, but I do really enjoy your blog – and on an “it’s a small world” note, a former organist at my Methodist church and her family are Catholic, she she just posted a link to one of your articles on the Register on her Facebook profile today. πŸ™‚

  39. Lucinda

    Lots of inspiration on Pinterest – I find creative ideas for sewing, quilting, crafting, home dec….

  40. Annette Paulsen

    I love how on the prior post I couldn’t even spell my name correctly.

  41. Liz H


    I already follow you! I mostly pin recipes and crafts. And things that amuse me.

  42. Christine

    I cannot figure out this Pinterest thingy. Some how I shrunk my boards and cannot get them big again. Total loser…I know!

  43. Francesca Krestyn

    Hi, I am Francesca. I love my faith, and I love beautiful art, especially in the form of fashion. I hope you enjoy my pins!

  44. Sarah


    recipes (healthy/gluten free or easily modified), quotes, crafts, and random things that make me smile πŸ™‚

  45. Margaret

    https://pinterest.com/mccab/ — mostly food/drink, design, DIY, style, and other bits and bobs. I don’t pin a ton, but I like to think of it more as “careful curation.” Ahem.

  46. Sarah Moore


    Everything from food (Not Going Broke Feeding an Army) to making art to journaling to snark to it all being about Jesus. I’ve been pinterest stalking you on there for a while.

  47. Katie Kibbe


    Love Pinterest and your blog. Keep up the good work and helping us all to laugh a little.

  48. MB


    (@Alisha, I must a be a poser – not hitting the 87% usage).

    Catholic stuff, fashion, home, kids, parties. lot’s of parties.

  49. Ellen


    I pin recipes for meals I want to try, and then add a review later on.

    I pin tons and tons of desserts; I love to bake and am pretty good at it.

    Occasionally I pin home inspiration, art projects and photographs.

  50. DynaLou

    I have heard a lot about Pinterest now and a lot of people are also getting used to it and receiving benefits from using this social media.. Thanks for this post here..

  51. Mary

    Gosh, I’m late to this comment thread and you’ll probably never make it down this far, but I would love it if you would follow me on Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/ruemom/ – By the way I do follow you on Pinterest! I am interested in card-making and related crafts, sewing, lots of DIY ideas, new recipes (of which I have found and tried a lot of great ones), cute pictures, funny quotes and aha quotes, and just pretty things that make me happy! πŸ™‚

  52. Cynthia

    http://pinterest.com/cynmar10/ I pin a lot of stuff! So much that it surprised me when I looked at the statistics. I pin lots of sewing and quilting things. Ideas for our dream home that maybe we can have one day.
    Verses and quotes that speak to me. Craft ideas. Ideas of things to make for the grandchildren (like the seat belt pillow!Thanks!) and ideas of things to do with the grandchildren. Ideas for saving money and organizing our home.

    I think that gives you an idea so I’ll stop now. I’ve clicked several of your boards to follow!

  53. KG

    Nothing that exciting but I love pinning ideas for children’s crafts, as well as food, for the home stuff and birthdays.

  54. Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker

    I’m happylhomemaker. I pin organizing, decorating, party related, preschool/homeschool activities, seasonal stuff. I hope my HTML works okay — I never know how each blog handles links…

  55. Bonnie

    My humor is only *slightly* inappropriate. I’m a good girl, but I was raised between two boys. And only 1/3 of my recipes have cilantro.


  56. Shannon Miller

    I love finding fellow addicts:)

    I mostly pin…who am I kidding? I pin any and every thing that strikes my fancy. Lots of kid stuff and food, glorious food, and crafts and house stuff and funny junk and party/wedding things (for my unmarried sister, of course) and gardening things to improve my black thumb and much more stuff!

  57. Jena


    Recipes, crafy things, home ideas/decor, and some random funnies

    Pinterest was doing some work on the site which affected everyone’s followers/followees (?), which might explain your plight in pins over the last few days. I noticed a big change in the amounts of pins and checked their facebook page where many were having the same problem. Most of mine are back now!

  58. That Married Couple


    I pin sewing ideas, recipes (mostly real food), home organization and decoration (though I never actually get to that in real life), kid ideas, Catholic stuff, and gift ideas. And pretty much anything else that can suck my time into the internet instead of actually following through on the things I’ve pinned.

  59. Erin

    well my blurb reads “Building our home ourselves, raising and educating our nine children, whilst trying to eat grain free as much as possible.” Sums it up really, grain free, building and decorating a home, homemaking topics, books and home ed topics. 62 boards in all, gee I blush to realise that.

  60. Aim

    http://pinterest.com/humphriesslp/. I have boards for: holidays, books, home decor, cooking, organization, and my favorite…” if we are Blessed with kids”. πŸ™‚

  61. Rose @ Rose Bakes

    My Pinterest Page: Pinterest.com/RoseBakes

    I post lots of food, recipes, my cakes, tutorials and recipes, kid stuff, crafty things, organization tips, how-to’s, etc. I pin ALOT actually.. but in spurts. I might pin 30 things today and then not again for several days.

  62. Elisa | blissfulE

    Just so flattered by the title of this post… πŸ™‚


    clothes for tall tall me, hairstyles just in case I ever get a chance, art ideas for my home, plus built-in bunk beds to cram all my kids in one bedroom

  63. Melisa (Mipsyjo) Haggai

    pinterest.com/mipsyjo/ hate this font-lol

    I like all sorts of stuff on Pinterest-I love all the food ideas, color, places and the inspirational sayings and quotes!

    I too am a Catholic-who in recent years has distanced myself from the church due to all the petifile (sp) activities the priests were involved with.
    I’m not sure how to overcome this roadblock for me???

  64. Melisa (Mipsyjo) Haggai

    Sorry I typed the wrong email address in…please use my yahoo NOT my gmail!


  65. Annette Paulsen

    Hmmmm…I thought I posted this earlier: I’m at http://pinterest.com/apaulsen2010/
    I pin baking and home decor, crocheting, needlework.

  66. jessica


    Catholicism/ liturgical year, DIY/crafts, home ideas, food, my kiddo, styles I like, quotes/inspirational words, humor, future homeschool ideas, organization… you get the idea. Clearly I spent too much time on Pinterest! πŸ™‚

  67. beth

    everything! architecture, art, causes, things for my kiddo to do, words of inspiration, photographers who do or did great work, books to read, things to cook, places to visit… It’s addicting!


  68. Nella


    I pin to feel productive. I’m one of the posers, lol. I DO have a pinboard for stuff I’ve used/done/tried and my thoughts. I have a funny board and a board titled “Guilty as charged” that I always think are HIL.AR.I.OUS and my husband barely smirks.

  69. Mary B


    I pin mostly recipes, teaching stuff, crafts and fun things to do, and anything else that inspires me!

  70. Tamara @ This Sacramental life


    Since my life right now includes 2 moves in the past year my boards center around home decor ideas but also include art, music, film and books as well as project ideas for my two teenage daughters. One of my newest boards is all about fun and inexpensive activities in Austin!

  71. Nell


    i pin recipes, baby stuff, garden ideas, and just glorious food in general!

    What a great idea. I want to follow more people on pinterest too. I’m going to post something like this on my blog as well. Thanks!

  72. Julie


    Same as everyone: recipes, home decor, homeschool, organization, General Qwesomeness. The world is an amazing place and I am constantly amazed by the clever things people post. I LOVE Pinterest. I even keep a board of pins I’ve actually done – new recipes, hair tips, etc. I’ve tried SO many new things because of pinterest.

  73. Smoochagator


    I thought I had commented yesterday, but apparently I didn’t. I pin LOTS of different things: arts + crafts, graphic design, interior design, organizing/cleaning/lifehacks, some fashion and recipes, beautiful scenery and funny pictures/quotes, and I have a whole board dedicated to skulls. Yes, skulls, I’m not sure why but it’s a thing.

  74. Trena

    I ate my lunch from a mason jar today!
    And I happen to pin something about Introverts today as well.

    I pin about food, homeschooling, faith, skirts and funny sayings.


  75. Kathryn

    Pinterest is internet crack. Love it. I pin design ideas, clothes I dream of owning, awesome places to visit, photography, you name it. Happy pinning.

  76. Rosario

    I looove and pin a lot of: Fashion, Catholic stuff, WINE, Food, Hair & Beauty, Cheeky memes, Decorating, and a few random goodies!

    • Rosario

      PS Having a priest following me on Pinterest helps keep my pins modest!;) I love the power of in Persona Christi!!!

  77. Cheryl

    I pin recipes, quotes, funny things, outfits, just about anything that suits my fancy! I don’t know what I wasted time doing before Pinterest came on the scene!


  78. Michelle

    I post an odd mix of Catholic stuff, sarcasm related humor, hair styles, shoes and inner nerd-dom. Also, you will find some fantastic home organization/decor ideas I would never be crafty enough to pull off. πŸ™‚

  79. Nicole C

    Haha! This post cracks me up! Because I feel the same way…WHY am I on Pinterest? But I am…here: http://pinterest.com/nmlehe/

    Mostly for recipes I guess.

  80. melissa

    I pin eclectic crafts, yummy food, Catholic, Prolife, home improvement stuff, Mary, humor …

  81. Meg Hunter-Kilmer

    Ooh, am I too late for this? I post a lot of Catholic/Christian quotations, pictures of beautiful things, and images about vocations. If I pretend pinterest is a ministry, I don’t ahve to feel guilty for wasting my life on there, right?


  82. Kate


    I’m a mom to 5 kids, under the age of 6. I currently teach preschoolers with special needs. Next year I will homeschool. I pin: homeschooling, small house ideas, recipes, holiday, kid fun, kid food and lots of ideas for little ones.

    PS. Pinterest was down for a few days and no one saw all the pins that were recently posted. Likely, people were posting and you didn’t get to see it. It happened to me and it was no fun. πŸ™‚

  83. Kathy

    my pinterest:


    little girls stuff(ideas 4 kids)
    more home deco,
    catholic stuff,
    I am following you from Spain!

  84. Kathy Frein

    http://pinterest.com/kathyfrein/ Hope I’m doing this correctly. I have boards featuring “Verses to live by” “Created in His image” “Gotta love animals” “Food Glorious Food” “Words” “The greatest of these is love”

  85. Cheryl

    just started pinning! planning a wedding so I’ve mainly been looking for fun ideas

  86. Isabel

    Hi Jennifer … Love your Blog πŸ™‚

    I had never really used Pinterest until recently and I love it.


  87. Emily =D

    I love Pinterest!! I pin everything, but especially foods that make me drool, sports, jokes, nerd love, adult (ahem ahem) beverages, and whatever else floats my boat! Anyways, my page is: http://pinterest.com/esmiles05/

  88. Kirsten

    Well, it looks like you’ve got a lot to follow, AND I’m way late to this party, but just in case, feel free to follow me. I already follow you, naturally. πŸ™‚


    • Kirsten

      Um, it helps if I follow directions. I pin a lot of ideas for homeschool (currently elementary ages as well as activities for the toddler set) and love books. I also pin lot of recipes, quotes, fitness, year-round holidays (both Catholic and otherwise) and some style.

  89. Jen


    Mostly home decorating, home organizing tips, DIY projects, and amazing-looking recipes. Starting a new family in a brand-new house, so looking for lots of inspiration!

  90. Kerri

    My pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/kasclar/

    I have boards for Pregnancy Loss resources, Books I want to read, blogging tips, Catholic stuff, and random stuff. I’m still fairly new to pinterest. πŸ™‚

  91. Amanda

    Jen, I’m totally late – I’ve been off Pinterest for a while but recently ventured on again. Lots of homeschool pins, decore, as I never could save magazine clippings (or even allow magazines in my home — I don’t need more paper!), some beauty ideas. I already follow you. Blessings!


  92. Melanie

    My lack of interest in the Olympics drove me to get active on Pinterest and by some miracle, I made it through all these comments! Thanks for this, lots of great stuff here. I knew your readers would have plenty of inspiration. πŸ™‚

  93. Kathy A


    Just started Pinterest.I like to pin DIY projects, quilts, sewing patterns, garden and organizing ideas and cats and dogs.

  94. Martine


  95. Carol

    Mine is http://www.pinterest.com/carola810 if you’re still looking to follow people! Catholic stuff, mom stuff, natural homemaking-type stuff πŸ™‚

  96. Katy


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