Plug your site, in 140 characters or fewer

July 31, 2012 | 220 comments

Greetings from the babysitting nuclear winter. I am writing to you from a secret bunker that I built to hide from the children, which became an unfortunate necessity after I could not get the teething baby’s nap to overlap with the big kids’ quiet time, and my husband had to work late. They don’t seem to have found me yet, but I can tell by the sounds of their screaming and fighting that they’re getting close.

This is where you come in. I need some good stuff to read in the few moments of free time I can get. I am also way behind on my web surfing duties, and know that there’s a lot of good stuff out there that I have yet to discover. So…

I want you to tell us about your blog or website! To keep it all easy and scannable, please do it in 140 characters or fewer.

A few notes:

  • Any kind of online presence is fair game: Blog, website, Etsy shop, etc. As long as it is run by you and is not a multiple-employee corporation, feel free to give it a plug!
  • If you have more than one site, please just mention one.
  • You do not have to include the name/URL of your site in the 140 characters.
  • Here is a character counter if you need it.

(Full credit for this idea goes toΒ ProBlogger, who did the same thing a few years back.)

To prevent spam, I’ll close comments on Friday. I look forward to hearing about your site!


  1. Justine

    I blog about life as a Catholic wife and mother. Sometimes I write about being Catholic. Sometimes I write about TV. Often I write about my son.

  2. Amanda @ worthy of Agape

    My blog, worthy of Agape, is all about finding God in the little things and remembering that, above all, His love for us is unending.

  3. Emily

    I write about weight loss, converting to Catholicism with a grandpa who is a pastor, and planning my wedding. It’s my day in the life.

  4. melody

    Thanks Jennifer! My blog…

    Blossoming Joy: A journal of home education, Christian womanhood, and the pursuit of sanctity

  5. Mary

    Just another Catholic homeschooling, homebirthing, doula, Theo-geek, memory keeping mom of boys blog with a twist of crazy. Come on over!

  6. Katie

    i post about the joys and perils of being a single gal & a youth minister…the web being such a great sound board! a lovely break from all

  7. Briana

    My blog is about me staying sane with #5 on the way, some homeschooling, some Catholicism, and occasional MS new I’m interested in.

  8. The Crown of Roses

    I blog quotes and photos about the Rosary to inspire you in this life-changing prayer!

  9. SPL

    St. Peter’s List catalogues everything from “6 Reasons Mary is the New Eve” to “7 Great Trappist Ales” w/ daily news and an online store.

  10. CrysHouse

    Since we don’t all avoid the papparazzi, I write about the things I do with my extra time not in the lime light.

  11. Elise

    Kissing the Leper:acknowledging the perfect joy of suffering in Christ, but having a little fun along the way.

  12. Carl

    Check out C. W. Betts Photography on Facebook! I have several portfolios posted!

  13. Sarah

    I am a rather scatter-brained blogger, who writes about home education, being LDS, parenting, natural living, and quilting. And more!

  14. Tania @ Larger Family Life

    A mother of 11 (8 of them under 9yrs inc 9 m/o twins) with #12 due in November writes about larger family life.

  15. silicasandra

    Ramblings about parenthood, Catholicism, and my various neuroses (or quirks.) One toddler at the moment, loves driving me crazy. Post 3x/wk.

  16. Sean

    The Passionate Papist – Passionately Proclaiming The Truth & Beauty of Catholicism.

  17. Kellie Schlosberg

    Catholic Mom’s thoughts on Catholicism and God.

    I love sharing my faith and how it works in the real life.

    I am a mother of four children and became a Catholic 7 years ago.

    I love reading books and practicing my faith, but I really enjoy encouraging others to be more participatory in the faith.

  18. priest's wife (@byzcathwife)

    being a Byzantine Catholic priest’s wife, mommying, homeschooling, cooking, a bit of theology, no ‘musings’-sometimes rantings

    (thanks Jen for being such a generous super-blogger by giving us quick takes and now this link-up)

  19. Cathleen

    I write about my life living on a farm… in Belize, Central America! I also write book reviews, thus the “bookworm” part of my blog.

  20. Doris

    I’m not sure how many of your readers would be interested, but I blog at; about my quilting, sewing, softie making, all around DIY craftiness and sometimes about life in general; the good and the ugly.

  21. Kellie Schlosberg

    I am a catholic mom who loves practicing her faith. I love encouraging others to enjoy and change with Jesus.

    I blog about being a catholic mom and my adventures with Jesus in my boat.

    Jump on in for the journey, it will always be interesting with Jesus at the helm..

  22. Doris

    I’m not sure how many of your readers would be interested, but I blog at; about my quilting, sewing, softie making, all around DIY craftiness and sometimes about life in general; the good and the ugly.

  23. Jeanmarie

    Here at Conversion Diary because I’m happily rediscovering my Catholic roots, but my blog is about crocheting, knitting, cooking and family.

  24. Lesley

    My husband blogs about our adoption of a 4 year old (now 5), our trip to China to get him, and our crazy life.

  25. Leanne Shawler

    my goal is to write about remembering God’s love for us … (and there’s a bee story coming up that’s in the shade compared to your scorpion one)

  26. Erin

    I blog embarrass my kids later and to keep grandparents and friends in the loop. Not enough energy to be profound, tho.

  27. Bekah

    Converts-one grandchild of missionaries and one street preacher-and a cradle Catholic inspire the faithful to live and share the gospel at

  28. Michelle

    Life as a Catholic wife and WOTHM to 5 children ages 1-11. Explore my Catholic nerd side. Prayer life. Try to offer Catholic perspective.

  29. Ashlie Dill

    Great Sexpectations: A blog that explores and shares the beauty, struggles, joys and truth of Catholic sexual teaching.

  30. ceciliamaria

    Dance Immaculata: sharing my thoughts about art and beauty, and reconciling the artistic expression of dance with my Catholic faith.

  31. Chad is focused on new Catholics. It also includes Daily Bible Verse reflections and book, movie, and website reviews.

  32. Emily Goldberg

    Grad student who loves life writes about cherishing small town moments, clinical psychology, and reflects on her work with street girls in Bolivia.

  33. JoAnna

    Mommy blogging, Catholic apologetics, and pro-life discussions, with healthy doses of sarcasm and humility.

  34. Kelly M.

    I am a ridiculous Catholic homeschooling mom documenting everything from Conquistador lamps to me in a lumpy wetsuit.

  35. Elizabeth Erazo

    Young mother & wife exploring theological connections between Orthodox, Catholics, & evangelicals. Striving to hear a sometimes silent God.

  36. Colleen Martin

    A Catholic mom, changing the world…one diaper at a time. That’s my tag line. Mom of 5 aged 9 and under. Currently commenting on all things Olympics. Love to exercise and eat and drink!

  37. JoAnna

    I blog about all things related to Catholicism and Librarianship, with occasional posts on reading and education.

  38. Ana Hahn

    A blog about wild monkey taming- or just another Catholic mom blog. You’ll feel less crazy when you’re done reading, or your money back.

  39. Paul Forgette

    I am a Catholic who enjoys writing about God, family, friends, hobbies and whatever else seems interesting to me at the time.

  40. Megan

    Ever-aspiring writer trying to gracefully laugh my way through life. Writing now about the bloopers of my transition from military to SAHM!

  41. Joy @ Joy in this Journey

    I’m Joy. I’m in search of better answers to my questions. Want to join? Want to help?

  42. Anabelle@Written By the Finger of God

    I’m a Catholic lawyer and homeschooler who writes Catholic novels. As a handmaid of Mary, I blog about anything she inspires. I blame conversiondiary for getting me to blog in the open.

  43. Kathy Frein

    I write to share my Catholic faith with others in the southern Bible belt!

    Also, to continue teaching my children the faith.

  44. EML

    I offer a look into our family with 4 kids under 3 years of age. I also share tips on homeschooling, organizing, cooking and other things.

  45. Christine Maentz

    Hubby is an aspirant in the diaconate formation. I blog about our blessings & sometimes I write just to make people laugh out loud!!

  46. Jenna@CallHerHappy

    Watch as I fail miserably at being a mom but by the grace of God raise a fairly normal human. No Catholic rants here. Oh wait, yes there is.

  47. Fabiola

    The adventures and paintings of a Catholic lass

  48. ce58

    Working on a new post and getting back into the blog world after nearly a year off. Photography of everyday life and happenings in the life of a Catholic college student. Also to be incorporated soon: cooking and yummy recipes!

    • ce58

      PS The next post will be Friday – My first 7 Quick Takes!

  49. Deanna

    Notlukewarm, or at least trying to be about faith, formation, and all of life’s changes without losing my sanity.

  50. graceandglory

    New blog! Mental illness survivor tries to write her healing memoir. I am pondering faith issues and learning how to be a Christian. Much love!

  51. Maemie Donnelly

    I run a nonprofit based in Lima , Peru that helps women break out of poverty through work, education and faith formation. We are currently fundraising.

    On our website you will find a blog and more information about Como Ella.

  52. Allison Howell

    Alaskan, Catholic (converts, former pastors), Homeschooling family with kids with cystic fibrosis (2 out of 7), which has made us all healthier and wiser.

  53. Nikita

    My blog is about my journey as a Catholic (Convert) Woman living in the world. I post about everything and re-post entries from others.

  54. Laura @PtProfFtMom

    PT Professional, FT Mom
    Motivating, encouraging, uplifting moms who work part-time. Recipes, tips, alternative work situations.

  55. Karen

    I’m a young Catholic mom who blogs mostly about my journey through infertility, adoption, and motherhood.

  56. Kara

    I blog about orphans, pro life issues, my life, motherhood, and Catholicism. And all the struggles in between.

  57. Colin Gormley

    Blog about philosophy, politics, faith, and video games. Also an IGNITUM TODAY contributor.

  58. Theresa

    Nun in training, born-again Catholic, pursuing my Beloved, the Truth. No topic is out of bounds: spirituality, politics, & even the odd poem.

    • Theresa

      Oh and I am an IGNITUM TODAY contributor too!

  59. Serena Rainey

    Neocon Red-diaper Catholic for: Christ, Church, USA, life. Anti: slavery, socialism, occult, crime.

  60. Jenny

    I run – it covers bioethical news from around the globe, featuring articles from national and international news sources on abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, human cloning, contraception, and defense of marriage and the family.

  61. Kellie E

    I’m a Catholic mama of two little boys with another boy on the way and I own the Etsy shop The Indigo Forest.

  62. Dianna

    Newly minted Catholic homeschooling mother of five – living her faith, trying to stay fit.

  63. Maria

    I am a FOCUS campus missionary who grew up in WI and is moving to VA, blogging about the transition and life as a first-world missionary.

  64. Thomas Fuller

    I have a Catholic blog touching on marriage, sex, masculinity, morality, linguistics, my conversion, etc. And Quick Takes!

  65. Cate

    I’m a Catholic convert, wife and mama, personal trainer, and photographer who blogs about food, fitness, family, and fun (it’s all very alliterative!) πŸ˜‰

  66. Camille

    50% British wife & mama. Lover of fashion and design. My blog is all about my life in modification.

    Cheers. πŸ™‚

  67. Ashley

    I’m a young Catholic Mamma of almost 4 (baby #4 is due October 1!) who loves to write about family and making a house a home. Also embarking on our first year of homeschooling, so that will be a new subject as well. πŸ™‚

  68. Amy

    I blog at Amy’s Adventures about my crazy, African, missionary life running the orphanage we built. We never know what a day will bring.

  69. Luke

    I comment on Catholicism and culture from the eyes of a twentysomething husband, father, and graduate student in theology.

  70. Paige Kellerman

    Mother of twins. Pregnant with favorite child. Trying to contain muffin top, deal with self-diagnosed hypochondria, and love without sarcasm

  71. Sara

    Another Catholic Convert blogger, writing about life as a homeschooling mom, American Heritage Girl troop coordinator, and wife!

  72. Angeline

    Newbie blogger – my journey towards holiness as a Catholic mother of 2, wannabe home-schooler, with a wide variety of interests (i.e. nerd).

  73. Judy Dudich

    I am blogging about/following Religious Freedom Walk 2012Pilgrims as they walk 100 miles from Hancock MD to Baltimore for God and country!

  74. Jess @ MakingHome

    I share what pours out of my head as God changes my heart. Intentional, transparent living as a disciple, wife of one, & mother of many.

  75. Andrea Curry

    I sell handmade purses, clothes, etc. in my etsy shop to raise money for World Vision’s Africa Food Aid fund.

  76. Hannah

    I write about life in America after living in India for three years. My husband and I were missionaries and we brought our three elementary-aged kids. I mostly muse about things I see now that I used to take for granted…

    • Hannah

      I forgot to mention that my website is

  77. el-e-e

    I blog about my feeeelings, working full-time, and my imperfect Catholicism, but mostly my site is a personal record of our little life.

  78. Carolyn

    I’m a recent Franciscan grad, this blog is my writing outlet. I blab about my semester abroad, day to day happenings, and random musings.

  79. Emily

    I am a Catholic teen and I blog about finding God in the midst of the craziness of and stress of life. By the way thanks for writing your blog, I really enjoy reading it!

  80. Sarah

    My friend and I explore Authentic Catholic Femininity – how to be truly feminine in a world that despises “gender-differences”.

  81. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    At my blog Modern Mrs Darcy I put a timely spin on timeless topics women want to read about. Good posts, great community. Yes the blog name is a Jane Austen riff πŸ™‚

  82. Bobbi @ revolution of love

    Mama of 4 (1DD-10, 3DS- 5,3,1) blogging about Catholic mommyhood, trying to get fit & organized (I’m neither), period dramas & instagram.

  83. Grace

    I complain a lot.

  84. Claire

    I’m a 23 year old woman, Catholic & single, which I feel is quite unique in the blogosphere. On my blog you’ll find everything from informative posts to more personal ones. I strive to better myself & witness more fully to others.

  85. Br Matthew

    I and a few other seminarians make youtube videos that are engaging with a Gospel message. Check the favorite videos playlist for the best.

  86. TracyE

    Catholic mom blogger married 18 years through good times AND bad, really bad but we came through the other side, stronger and priorities intact. Mostly. Good timing because we have 4 kiddos 15,13,10,9…this is where teamwork really comes in!

  87. Tracy

    I am an artist who draws & sells portraits of Jesus, Mary & the Saints, as well as great Catholic gifts. Please support good Catholic art!

  88. Tracy

    I am an artist who draws & sells portraits of Jesus, Mary, & the Saints, as well as great Catholic gifts. Please support good Catholic art!

    • Axis Mundi

      I just checked out your work- it’s beautiful

  89. Carla Hufstedler

    It’s my book blog–I’m a voracious reader.

  90. James Mathis

    Life is better than death; liberty than tyranny; holiness than happiness. An American historian and one-time agnostic looks at all three.

  91. Larissa

    My blog is a sardonic medley of my opinions of pop culture, politics and daily life. I’ve lived in 6 countries but I’ve settled in TX now. I update at least twice a week.

  92. Erin

    Sharing snippets of Aust country living with Cath family of 11, enjoying home education, owner building, eating grain free & book addiction

  93. nancyo

    Join me at the crossroads of travel, art, faith & history. I post about: pilgrimage, old churches, sacred art, museums, Catholic feast days.

    And The Rough Places Plain

  94. Axis Mundi

    Jewelry maker, part-time geographer, full-time mom of 5. I make/sell custom saint jewelry on etsy (confirmation, baptism, first communion)

  95. Susanna

    A 26 year old Catholic missionary in the Philippines- God uses every YES! Miracles, grace, and some pretty funny mission stories too!

  96. LuAnne

    Faith (Catholic – from a cradle-Catholic who’s just really learning…), food (from a woman who LOVES to eat!) Read me?

  97. Eva

    Searching for a God who’s playing hard to get. I tend to stamp my foot petulantly at his evasiveness a lot.

  98. Andi

    Ordinary mom living an extraordinary life: daughter w/CP, son w/Trisomy 21, adventurous hubby, camera, & worn out pair of running shoes.

  99. Stephanie

    A compilation of research, articles, and resources related to the science and sanctity of life. Not in your face…more in your brain.

  100. Cool Cats

    When you feel like the only kid in town, with a rosary, here’s a list of people who are Catholic, just like you and me: Cool Cats, a blog about cool Catholics.

  101. Marcy K.

    I’m CatholicBookLady on Facebook to promote Catholic Books. I’m constantly bringing info about living Catholic on my other FB page LiveCatholic. See you at CMN!

  102. Joanne

    My blog is noted above, I keep it about my son, and it has links to my three daughters’ blogs too.

  103. michelle @ this little light

    Oh, this is fun! I’m a mom who blogs about finding joy in all the little things, and how focusing on those very simple, everyday little blessings can be our saving grace after tragedy.

  104. Annette

    New to blogging, finding my voice, finishing master’s in bioethics, blogging about ethics and the church, my family, and baking.

  105. Mary

    My blog follows daily life living out my faith, caring for my severely disabled daughter, reading good books, cooking, baking and sewing.

  106. Nell

    Nurturing your family: body, mind, and spirit. Natural parenting, food, garden & more. Honest & funny stories re: our journey of familyhood.

    Thanks, Jen. I really enjoy your writing!

  107. Bonnie

    Blogging about my 9 year old quadruplets plus a rowdy 4 year old, being a catholic writing mom and throw some autism in the mix πŸ™‚ FIVE KIDS A DOG AND A BLOG

  108. Christina

    Former anti-Catholic turns…Catholic! Wife, mother of two, passionate defender of the faith.

  109. Dreena Tischler

    I blog about my interior life (and lessons learned) as a spouse, a Catholic convert and adoptive mother to 5.

  110. Rose Bakes...

    I’m Rose & I bake, decorate & write mostly about CAKE! I share lots of pics, tips & scrumptious recipes! Come over and see lots of goodies!

  111. Tammy

    Im a Catholic convert, mom, wife and (surprised at a young age to be a) grandma. I blog about my work as a Perinatal Loss Nurse caring for women and families at times of pregnancy loss and infant death.

  112. Heather

    4 girls + 1 boy = Blessed and Busy. Here are our stories of our Catholic faith, parenting, real food cooking, homekeeping, and crafting.

  113. Scott Morizot

    Celiac. Christian by way of Hinduism and a lot of other things. Baptist who worships the God the Orthodox describe. I write stuff.

  114. Martina@Catholic Sistas

    Founder/contributor: we are women who share the Faith through blogging. From humor to critical thinking pieces, we’ll keep you on your toes!

  115. Christy

    Lots of fun randomness, sprinkled in with a LOT of babies, cute clothes, and great books all at my little blog.

  116. Sarah Hahn

    I write, sporadically, on life as a full time FOCUS missionary family to college students, having college students live with us, the joys of having eight sisters, and the occasional rant- usually ue to my impatience and desire to have things done efficiently.

  117. Virginia

    Catholic, homeschooling mother to 5, squeezing the truth, beauty, and goodness out of my seemingly crazy life. Some posts will make you laugh, some will urge you on to grow in your faith.

  118. Birgit J

    A digital Catholic, pro-life, creativity scrapbook that feeds my website at

    I pontificate about Catholicism, the Pro-life movement, creativity, current events, homeschooling, cooking, sewing, and all things family.

  119. Liz S.

    Sturm und Mom: a story of a Progressive who woke up a Revert with 6 kids, with photos. How did this happen and why am I sitting in syrup?

  120. Tucker

    Installments of The Year the Pope Died are coming

  121. KelleyAnnie

    Over the Threshold is about our family from day 1. We live in Germany so there is a lot about travel, book & movie reviews, recipes, etc.

  122. Amy Jane (UntanglingTales)

    Exploring Ideas ~ Enjoying Imagination. Blogging my return to life & grace after 2 years of depression. Still learning what these words mean

  123. Siobhan @ Tree at My Window

    New to blogging! I like to write about faith, family, hope and love and whatever else happens in-between in our little house in Ireland!

  124. Allie

    One couple. 73 basilicas to visit. Faith + pilgrimage + photography = many crazy (but informative!) road trips. 16 down, 57 to go…

  125. Heather

    Hi you. I’m still here, peeking in on you. From The Extraordinary Ordinary, which you know is about…well, the extraordinary ordinary πŸ™‚ xo

  126. Elisa | blissfulE

    My blog features photographs of family life with four kids in Australia.

  127. Kerri

    A place to share my faith journey, what I love re the faith, stories re my twin boys, and where I share reflections on pregnancy loss.

  128. Kathleen

    [I could swear I posted this yesterday, but can’t find it now. Apologies if it’s a duplicate.]

    A project to transcribe hundreds of letters that my husband’s great-grandfather received from his Irish family after immigrating in 1901.

    • tammy

      that is cool…love family history and how it shows us about our shared history and cultures

  129. Angie

    You have scorpions, I have mice. We all have issues. Mine may make you feel better about yours! πŸ™‚

  130. Martin

    Cradle Catholic here. I have a site called “Papal Encyclicals Online” that has hundreds of Church documents from throughout the centuries.

  131. Debbie

    Catholic mother of 10 with unique story to tell…A Parenting handbook relating to the faith-in letter format, open to ALL!

  132. Karianna@Caffeinated Catholic Mama

    I’m an ESTJ Catholic Wife & Mama, addicted to coffee, who writes about women’s issues, parenting and faith, with a habit of over-thinking.

    (I’m going to need a longer sheet of paper for blog names and more time to visit some of you! Thank you for Readers!)

  133. Mandi @ Catholic Newlywed

    Name was somewhat shortsighted. No longer a newlywed, now a wife & mother, homemaker in the making, trying to do it in Catholic style.

  134. Sarah @ Basic Ingredients

    I write about eating healthy fats and loving God while doing it! I attempt to share fun recipes while keeping it real with toddlers. πŸ™‚

  135. Ann

    Dear Jennifer
    Recently found your blog after seeing you on EWTN the journey home. I enjoy reading about your hectic life, God bless you and your family.
    Love Glory.

  136. Mary Beth Marion

    I’m a new reader – love your blog! Mine is about finding antique photos and reuniting thenm with the descendants/families of the folks in the picture. GrandmasPictureBox

  137. Marie

    My website is all about tips, tricks and products for life with little ones.

  138. Jean

    I blog slice-of-life style. Tadpole Into Frog reflects how I lived in a secular pond but found myself growing in different ways.

  139. Kris, in New England

    Noodling On It: A little more than a slice of my life – faith, politics, current events & random things that capture my addled brain for more than a second.

  140. Nancy Bridwell

    Welcome to! Please enjoy my humorous, spiritual posts. For a description of my manuscript, see Publications. Enjoy!

  141. Sophie

    My blog,, is a sewing blog where I detail my triumphs and failures, while musing about modesty, style, and pattern drafting.

  142. Kathryn

    Blogging about big families, prematurity, sanity checks, Texas Aggies, organization/DIY projects, kick-tail party planning and my Catholic faith, just not all on the same day.

  143. Barbara

    Special Forces- our life with a new baby who has Down syndrome. She’s our fifth.

    • Kathleen Basi

      Oh, yay! I love finding other bloggers with chromosomally gifted littles.

  144. Jonathan

    (2nd attempt, sorry if this is a repeat) I recently launched an animation-based OCD help site called Ocean of OCD.

  145. bearing blog

    Readers say: Out of chaos, method; examines mindful life w mathsci; Catholic scientist; great topics, great analysis; bonus, I’m a foodie!

  146. Kelly Flynn

    I blog about extraordinary women who inspire while I survive navigating my way through life’s little lessons. The keyboard is my therapist!

  147. Beth Turner

    I write about being a diabetic and having babies (three so far, but hopefully lots).

  148. Anne McD

    Hey Jen! I’ve got a teeny little blog where I write when I feel like it about motherhood, homeschooling, and whatever I find funny and ironic at the moment. πŸ™‚

  149. Stephanie

    Pastor’s wife, young mom of 5, learning from veteran mothers and passing on that wisdom to others!

  150. Beadgirl

    I write about books I read and things I make when I should really be cleaning and doing chores.

  151. Bonnie

    I’m a musically-minded Catholic wife and mother of four children between the ages of two and seven striving for everyday sanctity.

  152. Anna

    Blogging about faith and talking about faith naturally in today’s post-modern/post-Christian world.

  153. SABRMatt

    My sister and I co-host a blog for Catholic Conservative ideological discussion, political news coverage and general social and economic commentary. Best features: responding to annoying liberal facebook remarks and politically incorrect song lyrics!


  154. Angeline

    I’m a blogging newbie, homeschooling wannabe, Catholic mother of 2 with many interests (read: nerd) exploring the path to holiness.

  155. Sr Helena Burns

    As a Daughter of St. Paul, I blog about the intersection of Theology of the Body, media literacy and philosophy in pop culture, esp. movies.

  156. CJ @ Morsels of Life

    I’ve got a food blog with my latest creations! My cooking philosophy is simple and straightforward – everyday materials and easy methods. πŸ™‚

  157. Jen @ Happy Little Homemaker

    I write about keeping it all in order-God, self, spouse, kids and ALL the other things moms do in the home. I homeschool & read. A lot!

  158. John Janaro

    Jen you’ll like this. Named after my book: a theologian & father of 5 struggles with disability, & looks at life & family with new eyes.

  159. Calee Lee

    Xist brings beautiful children’s books (incl. 2 Catholic saint stories) with affordable ebooks & print editions

  160. Emily

    I am an Orthodox Christian woman who is married to an Orthodox priest. I enjoy trying to create a peaceful and lovely life for our family!

  161. Michele Jeffers

    My blog is about my journey throught this beautiful life and a lot about my journey with my special needs son…. mostly ramblings…..

  162. Ashley

    A blog where I fail at keeping out real feelings and my unyielding love of dance and BBC programming, yet still manage to talk about faith.

  163. Gretchen Unger

    My husband decided to leave the field of law and we opened a Catholic bookstore in S. Austin which we run with our 5 kids (12&under).

    • Gretchen Unger


  164. Rachael

    Trying to keep my faith in a way that makes sense to me and St Philip Neri: back to front, inside out, oddly juxtaposed and altogether all at once.

  165. soulja

    when anything captivates my romantic side,I blog about it πŸ™‚ I’m a young mom captivated by my baby and Still discovering my the beautiful gift that my husband is:) …But most of all I’m Roman Catholic.There’s something for everyone in this blog…:)

  166. Hevel

    Jewish, gay and a father. Loving the world, being fascinated by religions, and having a blast in the kitchen.

  167. Du Nguyen

    Discover online resources such as radio tv news music movies videos blogs group forums and sites for Catholic young adults at

  168. Control Freak

    One of three family members who desire to blog about living life in the Arms of Mary with the hope that it will help others to become aware of Blessed Mother’s presence in their lives, and that it will help them to desire to live in these same Arms of Love! We found a lack in blogs sharing about weaknesses with joy. Too often we heard the underlying agenda to become better in order to be loved. We want to emphasize that God loves us as we are – the whole package! The spirituality of communion of life with Christ through Mary is more than imitating Mary. We have come to discover that unbelievable hurdles in the spiritual life may be jumped when we stay small and hide in those loving arms.

  169. Stephen M. Tefft

    Original, self-produced praise and secular songs, often with reflections from the perspective of a Catholic American husband and father. Free downloads.

  170. Elaine Monnig

    I paint landscapes, seascapes, plen air, still life, and portraits. Elaine Monnig – artist, lifelong Catholic, mother to 3 grown children.

  171. Stacy

    I blog about my faith, newlywed life, living frugally but healthily, and my journey with NFP and PCOS. Come check me out at!

  172. Caitlin

    Catholic new mommy writing about my new life in TX after a cross-country move.

  173. Earth Mama

    Former evolutionary geologist/now Catholic homeschooling mom’s ezine, scooping content on creation-evolution, with a geology focus.

  174. Amy

    I’m a convert Catholic and new blogger who writes about my conversion story, being married to a protestant, and homeschooling our 5 kids!

  175. Dawn

    Only child and mom of ten writing about life in a larger than average family. Encouraging moms to be faithful in the everyday lives of their children.


    Princess Morag moved from the old world to the new last year – She lives with Sir Rianus and two preschool children. She tries to stay sane and blogging her musings kind of helps.

  177. Christine

    Navigating the ocean of young adult literature. Fairly. And through a Catholic lens.

  178. Jessica

    Call and Response is a 365 project between two friends carrying on a photographic dialogue using the call-and-response format of old-time gospel hymns.

  179. Missy

    I write about my attempts at thoughtful and mindful parenting of four children 8 and under.

  180. Cole Webb Harter

    At “THE ANDALUSIAN PEAFOWL” I write about film, faith, and philosophy. It is inspired by the work of Flannery O’Connor.

  181. Sara

    Living on a small farm near Mt Angel Abbey… πŸ˜‰ A Christian ENTJ (ie bossy!), 27 yr old Stay At Home Daughter (w/ five brothers) more or less running the home…

  182. Sarah Scherrer

    Kinda late to this party. My blog is Montessori Messy, applying Montessori principles to everyday life with little kids at home.

  183. Gina

    Catholic mom who handles everything from social issues and parenting to crafts and theological education. Blessings!

  184. Lara

    New blog, just trying to get my blogging legs. A mix of optimistic stories I’ve collected and my own life as an unmarried Catholic gal.

  185. Christie

    The subtitle for my blog reads: on motherhood, housewifery, homeschooling, and being Catholic, though I have some philosophy in there as well. I also throw in a lot of G.K. Chesterton quotes for good measure.

  186. Rachel

    Catholic convert and newlywed, currently expecting our first baby. I blog about family, traveling, ulcerative colitis, and other randomness.

  187. Steven Hepburn

    Blogging about Scripture and ethics from a Catholic perspective within the contemplative tradition.

  188. Julie

    Mine is a lifestyle blog about small daily moments. I’m Portuguese-American, live in Portugal, studied theology and teach English.

  189. Donna

    I write about finding truth, goodness and beauty in life everyday when God seemingly says ‘No’ to your most deep held desires, namely mothehood, and showing you can make it through at least mostly sane.

  190. Cottage By The Sea

    At Cottage By The Sea I share my passion for adoption advocacy, pro life, children and family shenanigans. A DIY project sneaks in once in a while and it is filled with my original photos of beach cottage life. I keep it upbeat and throw in a little sarcasam, and a wee bit of blarney and padwackery for good measure! You are welcome to come on over. Leave a comment and I’ll come visit you too!

  191. Le@h

    We build websites. πŸ™‚

  192. Stephanie

    I’ve been a newlywed for a year now and still adore all things wedding-related. Being a Catholic bride is so special, and I aim to illuminate that on my blog, with inspiration for a sacred, stylish day!

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