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November 4, 2012 | 5 comments

Someone sent me the video of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field the other day. I’d seen it before, but to watch it again took my breath away anew. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the backstory, there was a section of space southwest of the Orion constellation that everyone presumed was empty. High-powered telescopes showed it to be blank and black, so many astronomers assumed that nothing was out there. Then a group of scientists took a risk and used their precious time on the Hubble Telescope to get a better look at that part of the sky. When the pictures came back, they revealed, in the words of the video, “one of the most profound and humbling images in human history.”

Not only was it not empty space; it was filled with galaxies. Tens of thousands of galaxies resided in this deepest, most remote part of the universe, each one of them containing hundreds of billions of stars and planets.

I had barely regained my equilibrium after being bowled over by awe and wonder after watching that video, when I received another email that was similarly amazing, only this one highlighting the treasures of earth. It contained astounding images from an electron microscope, with mind-blowing shots showing a staggering amount of detail in the smallest of earthly objects, like this one of the head of a mosquito.

I’ve noticed that when people behold images like these, they often turn their thoughts to God. Specifically, they either find such pictures to be a faith-strengthening or a faith-weakening experience.

I can relate to people who experience the latter…

Read the rest here, in my guest post at Melanie Bettinelli’s blog! To see all of the posts in Melanie’s great series, click here.


  1. Karen C

    Thanks so much! The video from the Hubble telescope findings is going to be an AWESOME way to start school tomorrow 🙂

  2. Laura M

    dear, that mosquito is so creepy!

  3. TRS

    What if He went to save the lives of everyone on a special planet in all those other galaxies too?


  4. TM

    Are Christians really required to believe that there are no other inhabited worlds, or that if there are, they are all fallen? Couldn’t there be unfallen worlds out there too?

    • MelanieB

      Not at all. The matter of life on other planets and its theoretical place in the economy of salvation is a matter of speculation and has not been determined as a matter of settled doctrine. (Nor could it be, really.) In fact, in his space trilogy– Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, That Hideous Strength– C. S. Lewis posits life on another planet as unfallen.

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