How to watch Minor Revisions online

December 11, 2012 | 15 comments

Just popping in from my survival bunker (why yes, the baby did scream for two hours straight in the middle of the night last night — thanks for asking!) to answer a question I’m getting frequently:

Q: “Is there any way I can watch the show? You see, I ______.”

(Fill in the blank with “don’t live in NYC” or “don’t have cable” or “am not a Verizon FiOS subscriber” or “smashed my television back in 2010 after the series finale of Lost.”)

A: YES! If you have an internet connection, you can tune in!

NET, the NYC-based TV station that is running the show, is awesome enough to have a live, 24/7 internet feed of their programming. So in order to watch Minor Revisions online, you just have to go to at the time the show is airing. Easy as that! (Though there will be reruns, it will not be archived online any time soon, so the best way to catch it is live.)

The first episode airs this Thursday, December 13, at 8 PM EST / 7 PM CST. Can’t wait to share it with you!



  1. George @ Convert Journal

    I have a KoC meeting that conflicts that evening 🙁

    Is there any chance that it will be archived somewhere?

  2. Renee Aste

    Thanks goodness it doesn’t interrupt “Person of Interest”

  3. Catholic Mutt

    I’m excited, because normally I’m never free on Thursdays, but this one I actually am! Oooh, as long as I have my computer. (This could be a problem…)

  4. dweej {House Unseen}

    I am seriously going to set myself some kind of alarm so I don’t forget ohmygoshI’m so excited!

  5. Marit

    So sad, that’s 2 in the morning for me, here in Holland. And because I don’t have screaming young children any more it’s unlikely I’ll be up then!

  6. LPatter

    NOOO! I have my monthly Diocesan mothers group complete with cookie exchange and an awesome priest speaking on the Mass on Thursday!!!! And I am so pumped for this show!

    Seriously, could you not have consulted every single follower of your blog when scheduling the debut? Or demanded such in your contract? Ahem.

    Honestly I hope you enjoy becoming a STAR! Can’t wait for the next one!

    Advent Blessings 🙂

    • LPatter

      Ok, now we really need a devoted followers scheduling chart. I skipped mom’s group (for my husband, not for the show, though that was uppermost in my mind in terms of extra bonuses when I made the decision not to go!) and caught about half after kiddo bedtime – great job! beautiful, lots of meaningful content – I was set up for comedy with some philosophy/faith woven in, when it felt like that was swapped – in my mind, a good thing too!

      Now alas I see there is NO WAY I can watch episode 2 – my 4 year old son’s CHRISTMAS CONCERT (at a Catholic school, with all the grade levels performing…sigh…) Keep us posted about the reruns!

      You did SO well on camera, and the kids are SUPER cute!

      I’m going to giggle all day by remembering “the dwagon.” 🙂

  7. Susan

    Is there any chance it will be on You Tube? I work evenings so won’t be available when it airs.

  8. Lisa V.

    Hi Jennifer

    Now I feel even more disappointed because you set up tonight’s episode as a “must see” for us devoted blog followers that can’t believe we will get to see you on television. As I previously posted, it is nearly impossible for me to watch television at 8:00 since this is crazy kids time with getting them bathed and in bed. I was completely set to get my husband to cover all those duties while I watched the show. I was in gleeful anticipation if I’m being honest. Alas, the on-top-of-it Mom that I am, forgot that tonight is my son’s Christmas show at school. Now as much as I will be proud and happy momma to see my son up there singing his heart out, some tears that I will miss episode #1. Can’t wait to read everyone’s feedback after they’ve watched it. Hopefully it won’t read to me as “ha ha you missed it!”. 😉

  9. Sally Thomas

    Aggh! I was at the hospital with my asthmatic son! There seriously won’t be any online archives?

  10. Lisa

    Please, let us know when it is set to reair! My husband worked late and I had to handle bed time for my kids solo! So bummed I missed it! Congrats anyway! I know you were fabulous! 🙂

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Just got some info and will post soon. Thanks!!

  11. Jace

    Last night my wife and I tried for nearly 35 minutes to watch the show. It was so frustrating! We were so disappointed! 🙁 It looked like the servers kept crashing or something. Definitely seemed to have major bandwidth issues. So it would start, stop, pause, load, freeze picture, freeze audio, etc.

    We were able to watch just enough to want to throw the iPad against the wall in desperation to see more!!! We finally gave up and caught the end of Amish Mafia. HA!

    Please do tell us – how will we be able to see it again?! (How about EWTN picking it up?!) I am not a regular follower of this blog, but read you from time to time on the Register and have always admired your WRITING skills (amazing) and your thoughts.

    God bless you and your family!

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