Missed Minor Revisions? The full episode is online right here!

December 17, 2012 | 38 comments

Great news: Since we crashed the TV station’s server with everyone trying to watch the show online at once, the producers have made the first Episode of Minor Revisions available on Youtube for those who missed it! Here it is:

It will only be available on Youtube for a limited time
, so if you’d like to check it out, you’ll want to watch it soon (within the next week or so). Due to contractual obligations out of their control, NET is not normally able to archive their content; we just got a special exception due to the high demand.

Thanks again for all your support! I’m still amazed by this:

Big thanks to katerintree for the screenshot

Indeed, I’ve been waiting my whole life to see #virtualpiggy trend on Twitter.


  1. Cléo

    Hiep hiep hoera! Belgium starts watching right now! Thank you/them!

  2. Wendy Mangum

    This makes me so happy! The little snippets I saw were great.

  3. Ashley

    This was so much fun to watch! I watched live last Thursday but kept having to reload over and over so it was so nice to watch a streamlined version. The show is great and I look forward to more! Yay!

  4. Happy

    YAY!!! Looking forward to watching it this evening. 🙂

  5. Kara

    Yay! So glad I finally got to watch it!

  6. Joanna

    Yay! So glad they put it on YouTube because I missed it last week and was totally bummed to read that they weren’t putting it in the archives. Great first installment and can’t wait for the next one.

  7. Susan

    So happy! I watched it and loved it. Unfortunately, unless they do the same thing with the upcoming episodes, I’m likely to miss them as they conflict with my work schedule. Do you think they could put it on a DVD?

    • nancyo

      here’s a link to the PDF schedule of the episodes and the dates and times they are being re-run. Each episode will air several times, so I’m hoping to catch the ones I miss.

        • Susan

          Thank you so much, Nancy! I work during most of those time frames, but there are a couple that might work and I wrote them down.


    Great show. Your conversion story is inspirational, and you are blessed with a beautiful family!

  9. sarah

    Fantastic!! I so enjoyed this first episode!
    So you know if NET is viewable outside of the country? For example, many US networks have a blurb come up (“the content is not viewable in your region”, something like that) so I hope we can see it if episode two isn’t available on the youtube.
    Looking forward to more – many blessings to you!
    – sarah

  10. Heather

    I loved the first episode and can’t wait to see the next! Congratulations!

  11. Ali

    I’m glad I got a chance to watch it! Looking forward to the next episode.

  12. Mary Rue

    Watching it now on our big screen TV. Awesome show. Thanks Jen.

  13. Fliss

    That was awesome!! Really enjoyed it. Very interesting and well put together. Can’t wait for the next one.

  14. julie

    Awesome episode. I loved all the different people you talked too… The philosophy prof. was great and all your funny life events reminds me of my crazy life too. I can’t wait until the next episode..

  15. J.

    We loved the show–thank you letting us in on your family’s life!
    Peace and all Good!

  16. Aaron Lee

    Watching it now from Malaysia!

  17. Julie

    I was so bummed when it wasn’t playing well last week. I’m so glad I got to see the whole show today. Looking forward to the the next episodes.

  18. moey

    Jen, this was really one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. It is 2:13am and in less than 24 hours my husband, six kids and myself are moving out of this huge house…if you can imagine the chaos. And I just sat here and watched the whole episode. Gosh, I hope I don’t miss the next one. Absolutely fascinating, informative, fun, and helpful. Thank you!

  19. Ts

    Nice recovery on the part of NET to provide the YouTube video. Hope they’ll do the same with the next two installments.

  20. Cléo

    I still remember all your girls being conceived/born from blogreading. Time flies. So special we got to see/hear your children!

  21. Sara

    So cool to hear you describe your story, Jen. You may not like descriptions, but you’re very good at painting them…even if they are bullet point-esqu.

  22. g

    Great content! However, the background music track morphs into a foreground noise track, which is inherently irritating. It also makes it difficult to hear the interview. It would be wonderful if we could just listen to the speaker. People who listen better with noise in the background could provide their own. Thanks, Jennifer, for your testimony (what I could here of it).

  23. Tim

    Yay – I got see the first episode! It was really enjoyable to watch, and I am looking forward to the rest. Let’s hope the servers keep crashing, and we get to see them all. 🙂

  24. Wilma


    I’m a reader from New Zealand – I was so pleased to be able to watch your show on YOu Tube. I would love it if they have it online every week as I can’t see it otherwise (or at least I can’t think how!)

    Really enjoyed the show!

    Wilma in NZ

  25. Jane Hartman

    Jen, I enjoyed this so much! What an adorable family! Having come from a family of nine, I know the pandemonium and fun it is. God bless this endeavour – I’ll be watching and waiting for your book.
    Merry Christmas!
    Jane Hartman

  26. Claire

    Oh thank goodness! I kept trying to work my schedule (read: sleeping time) around the re-runs for it because of the time difference, but it never worked out!! Hot chocolate & Minor Revisions. Sounds like an excellent evening ahead 🙂

  27. Lynne

    Jennifer, I’m so glad I finally watched! It’s the coolest thing to listen to you talk, to hear your voice telling your story, and to see you within your family setting. I love the respect between you and your dad, and the part when Dr. Koon (?) talked about apologetics getting to be like a fight–me against you. I struggle with that so much, and really need to let go of that need to prove something. I’m afraid my dad and I couldn’t have such a loving conversation about religion as you did with yours.

    Favorite scene: you ducking the wasp while your dad looked around like, “Huh?” Then calmly knock it down and step on it. Special Forces powers still at work!!!

    Thank you for sharing yourself.

  28. Sarah F.

    Enjoyed the first episode. I can’t wait to see your interview with Abby Johnson! 🙂

  29. Micaela

    Watched it, loved it. Thanks for posting it on YouTube for those of us in wacky time zones! And thanks to Nancy for posting the schedule of re-runs. Still keeping fingers crossed for the ease of a YouTube viewing. 😉

  30. Sydney

    Hey Jennifer, this is awesome. I enjoyed every minute and wanted it to go on and on. I really hope they can put ep. 2 on YouTube cause I can’t tune in for the live episodes. 🙁

    I just wanted to say, I LOVE YOUR DAD. He is the sweetest.

  31. Cheryl

    Thank you so much for posting this! I enjoyed it VERY MUCH! Can’t wait to see the next episode!

  32. Lisa

    your dad’s name is bishop! cool.

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