7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 208)

February 22, 2013 | 69 comments

— 1 —

I barely have time to write this post today, because I am busy. BUSY, I tell you. And what, exactly, is keeping me so busy? I am trying to attempt the most difficult endeavor known to mankind: finding a housekeeper.

You see, when you all offered us your incredibly generous donations, most of it went to medical bills, but I was able to set aside some extra for housekeeping. What a wonderful blessing my dear readers have bestowed up me, to allow me to have my house professionally cleaned a couple of times as I recover and get ready for this baby! I thought naively. And, of course, once I’d spent a little time visualizing a sparkling clean house that got in its sparkling clean state without any effort from me, it went from “something that would be nice to have” to “something that THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR ME TO GO ON LIVING WITHOUT.”

Then I made a few calls, then a few more, and, long story short, I might as well go try to track down a living unicorn and the Loch Ness Monster while I’m trying to find housekeepers who serve my area and are taking new clients. I feel like Julia Roberts in that scene in Pretty Woman: for once, this is not a budget issue. I have money! I am willing to spend it! But instead I’m sitting on my couch and crying over my fistfull of $20-bills because nobody will come and take them from me and clean my house in return.

Those saints who did little things like fast from all food or wear hair shirts for the entirety of Lent have nothing on me. Please note this for my cause for canonization.

— 2 —

My commitment to get back on track with the Liturgy of the Hours during Lent has actually been quite fruitful — in large part thanks to the Divine Office appย on my Nexus. For a long time I was a prayerbook purist in the sense that I resisted reading any prayers from a glowing screen. It seemed like the best way to immerse yourself in the holy words of the Hours would be to have the leathery book with its wispy pages in your hands, preferably while kneeling. And in a quiet room. And candlelight would be nice too! Anyway, I eventually realized that I was Letting Perfection Be the Enemy of the Goodโ„ข, and all my conditions for the perfect prayer time meant that I was never actually praying. In fact, I realized that one way God could redeem my possibly-deeply-unhealthy attachment to my Nexus would be to use it as a prayer tool — I may misplace my prayerbooks now and then, but I always know where that tablet is!

All that is to say: I’ve prayed Lauds and Vespers every day of Lent so far, and it’s been wonderful.

— 3 —

That sound you just heard was of me struggling to breathe. Not because of pulmonary emboli, but due to something much more ominous: children’s birthday parties. I made a valiant effort to prevent my kids from knowing that it was possible to have a birthday celebration that involved something other than a cake and a few gifts with only immediate family members in attendance. I tried my best to raise them to be unsocialized homeschoolers who spent so much time cooped up in the house that they didn’t know about mysterious things like “parties” and “friends.” But, alas, now they’re in a bunch of activities and have encountered other children and are onto my ruse.

I threw parties for the last birthdays for my three older kids, and it all went fine, but that was back when I was not thirty-two (thousand) weeks pregnant and could breathe. Now my fourth child’s fourth birthday is rolling around in two weeks (can you believe that “baby Joy” is turning four??), and she has expectations. Heck, I don’t need a housekeeping service. I need a party-throwing service.

— 4 —

The one saving grace here is that my children have not yet been to one of my friendย Kathryn Whitaker’s kids’ parties. If an invite shows up in the mail, I’ll check the “politely decline” box, and scrawl next to it, They can’t know!!!!!

— 5 —

I have a fascination with profile pictures. It’s an interesting concept, when you think about it: you have only one image to represent you to the outside world. Whether it’s for Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, a blog, or any other online forum, it will be many people’s first impression of you. If done well, it will convey so much more than what you look like; it’s an opportunity to tell the world a little bit about your personality and your attitudes toward life. Mine is boring and accomplishes none of those things, so please don’t look over at my sidebar for an example. Instead, check out these:

This is my all-time favorite profile picture for a blogger. Why can’t I be creative like Kelly?


The Anchoress is as nice as she is smart, and I think this picture conveys that perfectly.


My friend Nancy is a real estate agent here in Austin and a super-friendly free spirit. This picture has so much more personality than the average real estate agent headshot!


Bonnie‘s photo is one of the rare ones that looks even better in a small format. Every time I see that fabulous red lipstick pop up on Twitter, I feel like deleting my profile picture in disgust.


Jamie didn’t even need to bother creating an “about me” writeup for her blog, because her picture says 1, 000 words about her charming personality and the topic of her writing.

What are some of your favorite profile pictures?

— 6 —

Based on the number of emails I’ve been getting about this, evidently I caused quite a stir by genuflecting on the wrong knee in one of the episodes of Minor Revisions. A friend writes:

I found myself cringing every time they showed you genuflecting with your left knee?!? No wonder it’s taken you so long to finish your book, had you been genuflecting correctly you would have finished years ago, and maybe the pope wouldn’t have resigned!

Who knew there was a correct knee for genuflecting?! How are people supposed to know these things? They didn’t tell me that when they gave me my Catholic card.

— 7 —

I was going to say something else here, but I poured a shocking amount of time into looking around for profile pictures for #5. I think I either have a charism, or a problem.



  1. Kate

    Interesting read! thanks Jennifer. By the way, about genuflecting on the left knee, I thought it was cool and different ๐Ÿ™‚ but that is me. Blessing.

  2. Meghan

    I am totally with you in the fascination of profile pictures. And the same goes with the text of a profile. I love to read what people write about themselves, and then try to understand how the best profiles can portray so much unique information without an overabundance of words. Blogs contain such a wealth of information in so many ways!

  3. Pat J

    There is a correct knee for genuflecting???? I am a 51 year old cradle Catholic who went to Catholic school. How did I not know this?

  4. Char H.

    Why do we bend the right knee when genuflecting?

    According to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal, “A genuflection, made by bending the right knee to the ground, signifies adoration, and therefore it is reserved for the Most Blessed Sacrament, as well as for the Holy Cross from the solemn adoration during the liturgical celebration on Good Friday until the beginning of the Easter Vigil” (274).
    โ€”Peggy Frye

    With that said, I’ve always genuflected with my left knee. Learned last year that the correct knee is the right one (I’m a cradle Catholic 50-yr. old), and I’ve tried it that way, but it feels awkward, and I can’t get back up as easily! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Elizabeth

    Have you tried using care.com to find a housekeeper? Employers can post a notice asking for help, or browse the profiles of people looking for jobs. I’ve been hired several times as a nanny and received lots of housekeeping requests through the website. The website is free, and there is also a background check option. My initial concerns about using an unregulated website to get a job have dried up by now because I’ve been so successful using care.com. I arrange interviews at coffeeshops and am able to meet potential employers in a public place where we can get to know each other. I’ve been very pleased with the service.

  6. TracyE

    I had no idea about the “correct knee”, but happen to use my right for some reason. Who knew???

    I would just like Katherine Whitaker to come DO my kid’s parties. I can do it, but not like her, and frankly just don’t have the energy/desire/creative juices to do so…wherein I just want other people to do it for me.

    Good luck on the housekeeper, you should keep them (when you find them) at least until the baby is 18 or so!

    • Kathryn

      Tracy, you know I will help!

  7. Julia at LotsaLaundry

    Explain to your kids that they only get three birthday parties. EVER. Or else, if you’re really nice, they get a birthday party in odd years.

    At a minimum, no one is ever allowed to have more guests than they are years old. I was always generous and exempted siblings from the guest count.


  8. Erika Evans

    I am ridiculously, absurdly attached to my Nexus 7 too. I cannot use it without thinking, I love this thing so much. And since I use it all day, I think that a lot. It’s so beautifully designed and functions so well, and all the Google apps (calendar, Gmail, G-tasks) that I manage my busy, busy life with work like a dream. Aaaaaaaand, there’s a great rosary app for it, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Erika Evans

    Oh! I forgot Google Reader + Pocket. Reader collects everything, and it’s so quick to skim through the lists, add the interesting stuff to Pocket, then dismiss the rest. I love that my reading list is always there and ready to go, even offline, and I’ve been known to get through an article at a long stoplight or in line at the bank. Efficiency!

  10. Becky

    Some things there is a right way and a wrong way, and some things there isn’t. The reason there is a “right” knee for genuflecting is because in other times and places (think medieval Europe) people genuflected to other people in some cases- earthly lords and kings. So someone thought up this idea, that if you genuflect to people you use the left knee, and when you genuflect to God you use the right. Sort of a “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, but unto God what is God’s” idea. We Americans who bow to no one but God never had to learn the distinction.

    However, there is NOT a right way and a wrong way to give a children’s birthday party. Remember this important principal: After the party you and your children should be glad you had the party more than you are glad it is over. Work within that. Your children do not want their last memory of their mother to be “She gave her all for a 4 year old’s birthday party.”

  11. Deanna

    #2 I pray with my laptop, no flipping of pages, no checking to be sure I am on the right day, no ‘can’t find the book’ issues. I love it!

    #6 I am a cradle Catholic. Never really thought about which knee to genuflect with until I tore the meniscus in my right knee, so it was down on the left for me. My husband was horrified. My response to things like that, “If that is what keeps me from heaven, I am in big trouble.”

  12. Rosie

    I’m going with low-key birthday parties as long as possible… This year we might branch out and have my son’s 4th birthday party IN THE BACKYARD instead of the living room. But it will be July. In Virginia. I’m not making any promises…

    Also, left knee is for royalty, right knee is for Jesus. But let’s be honest, Jesus is the only king any of us are genuflecting to!

  13. Andi at Bringing the Sunshine

    I’m definitely going to be self-conscious about my genuflecting now. I had no idea there was a correct knee! Becky’s explanation makes sense, though.

  14. Colleen

    We told the kids they can have a friend party when they are 10, and only 10. End of conversation ๐Ÿ™‚

    You’re making me rethink my profile pic, since the one I’ve had for 5 years is actually a portrait of Madonna of the Street. Not because I think I am as awesome as Our Lady but because I detest pictures of myself.

    • Keith

      Similar, but not as restrictive. We have friends with 10 kids and asked how they did birthdays; their solution was on the 5s. We have also adopted that for our growing brood (of 5), and it works out pretty well – there’s a big party for somebody at least every two years, but the rest are low-key family-only affairs.

  15. Amelia

    I’m totally with you on the birthday party thing. We used to have big birthday parties for my kids, but the last few years we have been planning an outing at someplace special (ie. miniature golf, the beach, etc.) and taking just 1 or 2 good friends with us, instead of doing this whole big party. My kids seem to like that so much better than the big party, and it is way, way, way less stress for me.

  16. Mamabearjd

    I understand how hard it is to find someone to help. It seems like a vain thing to pray for but it isn’t. Pray to be brought together with the right person to clean and maybe someone who clicks with your kids. Housekeepers need “good” families to work for too. Truth is, ever since you announced your pregnancy I’ve been hoping you could find someone who would become part of your family, like I have. Should have prayed instead of hoped, need to work on my attention span.

  17. Susan

    Try a nearby fast food place for the party. Its not that expensive and they provide everything. You really just get to sit back and watch. Also, little kids love it.

  18. Jnae

    Oh my! Don’t overtire yourself looking for housekeeping!! check out fancyhands.com – they’ll do the research for you for a minimal amount!

  19. Mary @ Travels with Mary

    Oh, I’m so glad someone puts as much thought into profile pictures as I do! I struggle so much with trying to find the right photo or image for my online presence!

  20. Andrea @ Momma in Flip Flops

    By golly, I guess I didn’t know there was a right or wrong to genuflect. Who knew!?

    The profile pictures is great – I can’t say I actually have taken the time to really think about it, but now that you bring it up – it really does make a difference. You chose some great ones – and Bonnie’s always brings a smile to my face.

    Good luck with the housekeeper & those birthday parties.

    Thank you for the link up. Have a great Friday.

  21. Dwija {House Unseen}

    You guys. Combined birthday parties + people you are friends with + beer. It is the only way!

  22. Lorelei

    LOL I entered the Church in my early teens….I genuflected on the wrong knee too and made the sign of the cross wrong, starting on the right shoulder for the Holy Spirit (which is correct if you’re orthodox!). Details…

  23. Kathleen Basi

    I’ve been “hiring” a teenager to help out around the house a bit. Really we barter for services kind of thing, but I’m bringing it up just to give you another crop of people to glean from. Homeschooled teenagers?

  24. Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy

    Your friend that wrote you that note in #6 above? I’ll read anything she writes ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I feel your pain on #1: I feel exactly the same way about finding good babysitters!

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      He’s actually a priest, and one of the funniest/coolest/smartest people I’ve ever met. I didn’t think he’d want to be identified so I didn’t mention it. But yeah, I wish he had a blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Laura

    Re #2 I used to feel the same way about using Magnificat, because it has an abbreviated version of the Office. But now I not only use Magnificat, but the the Magnificat iPhone app! (And I only just started so we’ll see if I keep it up.) Yeah, you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    Re #6: I’m a cradle Catholic but nevr knew abut the knee thing until I was in a wedding and the groomsman escorting me corrected me. It would have been soooooo disruptive to the wedding, obviously, for me to genuflect on the wrong knee in my floor length gown. Cough**jacka**coughcough.

  26. Angela

    “I think I either have a charism, or a problem.”

    It’s hard to tell sometimes, isn’t it? I found this particularly hilarious and perhaps more poignant than you intended it to be.

  27. Jeanne G.

    I’m glad you can get some help for your house and I hope you find the right person soon! You deserve it.

  28. victoria

    Re: finding a housekeeper — do you have Angie’s List? That’s a good place to go for recommendations.

  29. 11onmyown

    I would love to come clean for you! In my neck of the woods, no one wants me to clean their house, or if they do, they want every square inch scrubbed with a toothbrush and are willing to pay $9/hr. Cleaning is what I do, and I have no where to do it!

  30. mary

    Number 3 made me laugh. a LOT. I was just thinking how ridiculous birthday parties have gotten (or maybe I am just jealous that my kids won’t get them because I am not creative enough/have enough money to make them work) good thing is, they are young. So I can keep ‘birthday parties’ hidden for at least a few more years!!!

  31. Christine Dalessio

    Cleaning – have you just tried calling one of those big companies like Merry Maids or The Maids? I mean, I’ve done it, and it gets the job done – even if only while you’re looking for someone who works for themselves…

    And I love all of those profile pics. Made me think!

  32. Ellen Thrifty & Chic Mom

    Oh man the birthday parties, yes gone are the days of tiny little celebrations without over the top themes, I miss those days and sympathize with a pregnant mom! Maybe Team Whitaker will come throw the party for you out of sympathy ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. regina

    i’m still confused. so which knees hits the floor and which knee is bent? I am trying to remember how i do it naturally…i’m pretty sure i do it with my left knee hitting the floor. is it supposed to be the right?

  34. Katie @NFP and Me

    We just talked last night about getting a housekeeper. Now maybe I’m too scared to make the calls. I mean I’m already terrified of them coming and seeing the look of horror on their face, but to be rejected on the spot. Oh my!

    Katherine’s Harry Potter Party makes me want to cry! I’m so jealous!

    We have correct and incorrect knees for genuflecting? Nope. I don’t believe it.

  35. Bill Colbert

    As a convert I took my instruction waaaay back in 1958. I was told that a left knee genuflection was correct for Popes, Bishops, kings and nobles the right signifies adoration and therefore it is reserved for the Most Blessed Sacrament. However if a physical condition exists that makes one unable to comfortably genuflect (such as pregnancy) then a profound bow would suffice.

    • Bonnie

      Bill, this is a great answer. Thank you.

      Also, please tell Stephen “Hello” for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. Connie Rossini

    Our priest talked about genuflecting in his homily lately. He said the right knee was used because knights and other gentlemen used to carry a sword on their left side. So if they had genuflected on the left knee. the sword would have stuck and they would have tumbled to the ground. I’m not sure if this is historically accurate, but it’s a great way to help my four boys remember which knee to use!

  37. Joseph Moore

    Our 5 kids generally get not one, but *3* birthday parties: a whatever you want for dinner in-house family only party; a nearest-weekend friends party, and a grandma and relatives party. Sometimes, luck would make two or three of these things coincide, but more often, not.

    Is this crazy? I dunno – it’s just what we’ve always done. BTW, always fascinating to see what the kids will pick for dinner. Often, it’s a kid-friendly ‘burrito bar’, but sometimes… the Caboose’s 8th was curried chicken stir-fried over rice. Cool by me!

    Funny – I’m 54, and knew from the misty past of childhood that one genuflects on the right knee, and have taught this to our children. Have heard some stories about how Romans genuflected to the Emperor on the left knee, and the church went right as a distinction – but this is just half-remembered rumor.

  38. Will

    Bill Colbert is correct. Right knee for the Blessed Sacrament, left knee for any other purpose.

  39. Kaitlin @ More Like Mary

    I’ve always known that the right knee is the correct knee-maybe my Catholic education was better than I thought! I learned in college that you may genuflect on your left knee before a Bishop. I wanted to when I met a Bishop-but I chickened out.

  40. Katie

    I had no idea about the genuflecting thing either until my husband was trying to teach out boys the right way to genuflect. And I am a cradle Catholic, so do not feel bad!

  41. Nikita

    Well, I could say something rude, but no! I do not think most people who have come into the faith especially a non-Christian background know which knee to genuflect on. The only I learned how to do that was I lived with my godmother and I would watch her and the Dominican Friars who taught me genuflect. Once that happened I just followed them.

    I think people need to remember that some do not these things off the bat, that is just like with memorizing prayers, I cannot tell you how many times I should get looks because I have my Magnificat out during the Mass. I know how to follow the Mass, but I love reading what is being said. I use to get told a few times that you should not be looking at the book reading along during the Gospel Reading because you will lose the purpose. Never quite understood that point, still read from Magnificat when I have one handy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, Liturgy of the Hours I love saying them, but sometimes Vespers never get said…I explain that in my 7QT.

    God Bless and until next time!

  42. Jamie

    You are way too nice to me…Kelly’s picture is my favorite too – not only is it ridiculously creative, but it’s got BACON to boot!!!!

    And I think your profile picture is awesome and says plenty about you – you seem to be a very logical person, and a logical person would say “I need to select a photo to use as my profile picture. This is a nice photo of me. Therefore, I will now make this photo my profile picture.” Bam. Done. End of story. Now you can take all the time you didn’t spend obsessing over a profile photo and go make bacon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kelly M.

      You both are way too kind. Favorite profile picture?!?! What are you two after? Babysitting? House cleaning? My secret frozen stash of pork??
      Tell you what Jen, since you’ve got twenties you’re looking to burn I will create an elaborate chalkboard drawing and then photoshop your head on top of it for only $100.

      • Jamie

        Definitely the pork.

  43. Literacy-chic

    Okay, wait. Wrong knee??? When we say left vs. right, is that the “down” knee or the “up” knee?? Seriously, you need a post on this. Consider it a PSA.

  44. Kelly

    That’s okay. My daughter’s boyfriend drank the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the cup at the Easter vigil at his conversion. Nobody told him otherwise, and he went first! You can only imagine what it is like to see the bottom of the chalice for way. too. long. over all the heads in front of me.
    Wrong knee? Child’s play! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Karen LH

    Maybe it’s an Eastern rite genuflection.

  46. Barbara

    I just found a friend who *might* be able to babysit one day a week for free, thus freeing me up for house work. I know you can’t to housework right now, but can you imagine having an empty house to clean with no dirty humans following behind undoing it all? I am praying it works out!

  47. abigail

    My best ever “baby welcome gift” was when a friend offered to host my daughter’s five year old birthday party for ME. The youngest baby was 8 weeks old and in the middle of infant reflux. I love through birthday parties, but I couldn’t do it. So she threw a party FOR me AT HER HOUSE. It was glorious. Thank you April. May the good Lord bless you forever for your kindness!

  48. Meredith

    Love the comment about “genuflecting on the correct knee.” The priest who presided at our nuptial Mass last summer corrected both me and my then-fiance (both cradle Catholics!) on our genuflecting. The good priest explained that he, an Anglican convert, had been corrected on his genuflecting by a priest during his formation. Just one of those Catholic tidbits!

  49. Tammy

    I have a real suspicion that I may have been genuflecting on the wrong knee for all of my 22 Catholic years.

    I have a profile photo on my blog…it MAY be the only profile photo you will ever see with the subject wearing a mask (albeit a surgical mask, not a gorilla mask or Obama mask).

    Tomorrow I have a plan to drink coffee with a single gentleman. I havent done such a thing in about 28 years…if I think about it I will get nervous. Shhhh don’t tell anyone, its kind of a secret !!

  50. richard

    I have long ago been unable to genuflect all the way to the floor. Nevertheless I manage one halfway.

  51. Lynne

    Jennifer, I have wanted to tell you how MUCH I enjoyed all the episodes of MR, and thank you for pulling strings or whatever to get them on youtube. I love them for many reasons, but sadly, a big reason is that you are just sooooo normal. Your kitchen is slightly disorganized, your bathroom mirror has smudgy writing on it and you stand in your GARAGE to talk to DREW MARIANI!?!?! I can’t say how comforting all this is. So while I understand your desire for a maid and envy that you will have that luxury, I do hope that any future episodes of MR will continue to “keep it real” so the rest of us can take heart. I must ask, though: Why, oh WHY do you have a glass-topped dining table? I can hear the sound of plates etching grooves in it’s surface, and cringe at the thought of PB&J fingers touching that thing. {shivers}

  52. Jeannine

    Just a suggestion about the housekeeper: our Parish Outreach always has a list of people in need of employment, and many are available for sporadic yard work, housekeeping, babysitting, etc. Perhaps your parish does this, too?

    Oh, boy. Kids’ parties. We try to do ours “in house” but the world gets at ’em and they want to have an “out” party before you know it.

    Haven’t yet seen ep. 3 of your show, so I’m all giddy, like when you discover an author you like after they’ve written a dozen books, and you know you can look forward to reading them all!

  53. Jenna@CaIllHerHappy

    Apparently I have a case of the kneesles too because I did not know that. And, with how big my belly is this trimester, bowing is going to have to do anyway.

    Also, profile pictures, what a fun thing to think about and Google image search for way too long while I sit on the couch. Thanks (in a sarcastic way and in a genuine way…it’s fun!)

  54. Kathryn

    Jen, I had no idea about the knee thing. Who knew?

    I think it is supremely awesome you’ve taken up the Liturgy of the Hours. I can only imagine the graces you’ve experienced. Good for you.

    As for parties, you know how much I love them. Everybody has their charism, right? You share yours with us every time you fire up the keyboard. For that, I am grateful.

  55. priest's wife (@byzcathwife)

    about converts not knowing everything…4 of us kids were baptized in the Episcopalian church (ages 9 to 3)- we worn brown dresses with red rickrack trim made by my Presbyterian grandma. When we came in the catholic Church, I was twelve and we were given white choir-type robes to go over our clothing for all the other sacraments on the Easter vigil (my father had to get conditionally baptized because he couldn’t find his paperwork!)

    …the only one to have First Communion at the ‘normal’ time was child #5. THANK GOD my mother’s father (fallen away Catholic)told her about a white dres and veil. No one said anything about this requirement. She would have worn a pink dress…

    now my parents are super-Catholics with all 5 kids married in the Church and 24 and counting Catholic grandkids ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. Mama Kalila

    Wait wait wait… with the left knee? Does that mean that one went down or that one stayed up? I can’t remember how I do it (Maronite Catholic now and we bow so its been awhile lol)and have never heard of this either.

  57. M@Team Horning

    When I taught 2nd grade Faith Formation I had to lookup the correct knee, I didn’t want to teach the kids somthing wrong. It only took my 30+ years to bend the right knee when entering the pew.

    I also like profile pictures, I know that I need to get one of myself time to take the faceless person off some of my accounts.

  58. Bonnie

    I noticed the left knee genuflection, too. One summer I was able to be a part of FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) missionary training. A very kind priest pulled me aside 1/2 through and with great kindness and charity explained to me that I had been genuflecting with the wrong knee. He talked about God’s Righteous Right Hand and how we should call that to mind any time we use the right side of our body to worship (genuflect, make the sign of the cross, etc). He also talked about stuff that’s already been mentioned.

    As soon as the conversation was done I went back to my room and bawled for a good 20 minutes because I was so embarrassed that I’d been doing it wrong my whole life.

  59. Christie Martin @ Garden of Holiness

    There’s a right knee and a wrong knee? When is anybody going to clue the converts in on these things?

    I’m 10 years in and I still need Catholic lessons.

  60. The Boring Blogger

    MAybe someone has already mentioned this, but have you tried Merry Maids? Or some similar mainstream cleaning company! They will definitely take your business and they have different cleaning plans depending on your needs. (They’ll clean a fridge or an oven if you need it etc etc) I had them after one of my kids and I loved it!

    Also, I feel your party planning pain. When I was at the ripe old age of 27, I was in charge of planning my daughter’s 5th birthday party (we do it at 5, 10, and 15 or at least that is the plan), and my activities consisted of pin the tail on the donkey, a sprinkler, and some play-dough from the dollar store. I had the kids for about 3 hours. Those activities took about 15 minutes and then everyone when crazy on sugar. It took me two years to recover from the whole thing.

    Also, NEVER rent a moon bounce, they are cess-pools of disease. A friend rented one and every single person adult and child fell ill to a terrible stomach virus courtesy of the rented jump-o-fun. Don’t do it!

  61. GeekLady

    Birthday parties for me and Himself were always in part family affairs. The upshot of this is that at baby birthdays we unabashedly serve beer and spend time just with adults jawing. This works well up through age three, although at 3 and 4 you do need to provide for some party specific entertainemnt. Me, I buy a pack of balloons, blow them all up, and put away anything breakable,
    For five I may have to go to more trouble. Maybe the ballon thing will hold its charm for one more year.

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