Minor Revisions: All episodes now online (and the one thing you cannot miss)

February 18, 2013 | 26 comments

Great news: The folks at NET have put full episodes of all the Minor Revisions shows online! Here is the playlist that has all of them, and here are the direct links:


I hope you have a chance to watch them all, but I want to embed Episode 3 here to encourage you not to miss this one in particular, because it contains something very special:

This might sound crazy, but when the producer first contacted me about doing this show, one of the first thoughts that came to mind was, I’ll do it if we can share Noe’s story. Noe Rocha is the Adult Education Director at our church, and Joe and I were lucky enough to be part of the first RCIA he conducted after arriving at our church. On the first night of classes, he said he wanted to share his story with us. He’s one of those rare people who radiates the presence of the Holy Spirit wherever he goes, so I listened politely with a wry smile as he began his talk. Obviously someone as close to God as Noe could never have fallen all that far away from faith; I expected to find it sweet and charming where he got to the inevitable part about missing Mass a few times in his 20s.

None of us were prepared for what we heard. By the end of his talk I had tears streaming down my face, as did most of the other people in the class. I was filled with the conviction that I had to do whatever I could to help him share this story on a wider level, because it was one of the most profound testaments to the power of God’s grace that I had ever encountered. Years went by, and I never seemed to find the right opportunity to help him share his story. Yet I never forgot about it, and I would occasionally give God gentle reminders that this is something we were supposed to be doing — you know, just in case he forgot.

So when it became clear that Minor Revisions was going to happen, I knew that I was going to ask Noe to be a part of it, I knew he’d say yes, and I knew it would end up being a big part of the show. It’s as if I could hear the Holy Spirit saying, Now is the time.

I love every episode of this show. I truly think you’ll find the entire series to be worth your time to watch. There’s tons of great stuff, like my friend Abby Johnson‘s confession about something disturbing and powerful that she experienced while working at an abortion clinic,  a surprisingly sweet chat with my dad about why he doesn’t believe, Joe’s explanation of why he once threw a potty chair over our own fence, me trying to do an interview with The Drew Mariani Show while stuck in a sweltering garage with an angry wasp, a big revelation from my literary agent that left me in tears, and much more.

But if you can’t get to it all, do yourself a favor and watch my conversation with Noe in Episode 3 (embedded below, or online here). The segment with him starts at 23:20. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Jeanmarie

    So happy the episodes are online! Loved 1, can’t wait to watch 2 and 3. Hope you’re feeling well these days!

  2. Amelia

    yay! I’m so happy to hear this! I saw episode 1 and LOVED it, but missed episodes 2 and 3. I planning on watching episode 2 tonight!!

  3. Brooke

    Thanks for posting that they posted episode 3! I have loved them all, but I am only 9 minutes into episode 3 and I can’t stop laughing. My husbands family is from the texas hill country and we live in east texas now. We have had our fair share of the scorpions and snakes. I don’t do either well!

  4. Jenny

    Thank you for these episodes and for persevering during the years of book writing. They will help so many people (myself included big time). I’m a cradle Catholic and foster/adoptive mom who was at your talks in Bremerton last year and have had the fire of love reignited in my faith by reading your blog. Thanks and God bless.

  5. Bonnie

    About the 3rd episode: I loved Noe’s witness. Wow! And purely by coincidence (God-incidence probably) but this is the second video I have watched today where a guy addicted to drugs is healed overnight and given a new life; to testify that Jesus is real, and He can change your life. I loved how the priest told Noe, Jesus is your ONLY chance. But I think the people in the most danger are not the ones obviously in trouble like Noe. People really try to help them. The ones in the most danger are the ones who are thinking, “I’m a good person,” “I’m spiritual but not religious,” “all religions are the same and people who go to church are fanatics and bigots” and so on. We need to pray for God to give grace to all unbelievers, so more people can be saved.
    And oh Jennifer, I think you are writing not only for Catholics, so we can see what non-believers think and get insight into how to address their concerns and issues, but you are writing for all those who God is nudging to come to Him, so they can see the path through the jungle into the clearing, into the light. You are writing for those who are spiritual, but not religious, and showing them God is aware of them, and is calling them.
    And by the way, even if Mr. Weinstein told you he wasn’t going to pitch the book and he was dropping you, God certainly has a plan for this book and for you, so don’t even worry. Remember St. Faustina!

  6. Kendra

    I watched all three back to back just now and it absolutely lifted my spirits! I literally caught myself nodding in identification with things like Joe’s comment that you guys would love to be home for your date. “We like our home!” Even the request for marshmallows at the end, lol! I have marshmallow requests on a daily basis. I cried at the end, as well. Thanks for letting me hang out with you! Can’t wait to read that book some day. 🙂

  7. Jenna@CaIllHerHappy

    Finally watching the 3rd episode. Toddler teeth are a tv night killer.

    Random thought so far: At one point, your hair was pushed back and I thought you got it cut into a chin length bob. It looked super cute. (Not that your hair doesn’t look fab anyway…bc it does.)

    Ok, hopefully after I watch this I will have something more meaningful to say.

  8. Jenna@CaIllHerHappy

    Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones, but you had me crying Mrs. Fulwiler. I am so happy for you, and I’m happy for me too. I get to read your book in a soonish time period!

  9. Laura G

    Noe!!! Eeep! This make my heart so happy. Watching now!

  10. Connie Rossini

    I’m so glad all 3 are available to us now. I usually can’t watch anything for adults until after the kids have gone to bed. I did get to see Episode 1. Maybe I’ll watch some more tonight.

  11. justatinypencil

    I’ve watched all three episodes, and they are fantastic! I can’t wait to read your book.

  12. Diane Kavanaugh

    Love, love, loved all 3 episodes!! Thank you for all you do and for your willingness to share yourself and your life with the world.

  13. Misty

    Thanks for making it easy for us to find your episodes. Now that Downton is over I need something to watch!

  14. Jane Hartman

    Jennifer – I want your book. Tell Ted to hurry it up!

  15. Barbara C.

    I loved all of it!! God bless you!!

  16. Mrs. Mary Virginia

    Oh my goodness! There were so many great moments in all three episodes! I have to admit, I did love the zoom out at the end of episode 3… it allowed us all to see the pile of kiddo-pillows propping you up in the perfect location for the shot. 🙂 Great work! Looking forward to your book!

  17. Kara

    Cried all through this one. Great episode!!

  18. LeAnna

    I just finished watching them all and all I can say is that I’m sorry they didn’t make more! It was so uplifting (and hilarious). Thank you so much for being willing to share your life in this way, and for finding such awesome stories for the other interviews on the show. Now I’m going to have to wait quite impatiently for your book!

    Hope you’re feeling better. My family has been praying for you. God bless.

  19. elizabethe

    My very favorite thing about episode 3 was that your little girl called “Mommy!” for a marshmallow the INSTANT you hung up the phone with your editor. Does that kid have timing or what!?! My thought about it is too big and complex, but it has something to do with showing just how full life with children is. Marshmallow moments come tumbling right after momentous ones, with no time in between.

    I am so happy for you that you can see the end of your book.

  20. Beth/Mom2TwoVikings

    Just watched all 3 in the last 24 hours. A-maz-ing! Thank you for sharing the your journey! Even though I am not Catholic, I am a born-again believer and can SO relate to your journey, your questions, your struggles, and your writing. Keep up the good work! And, God’s blessings on whatever the next steps are that come!

  21. Deanna

    Enjoyed the show. Loved Noe’s testimony so much so that I had my RCIA group watch it tonight. They were amazed.

  22. Kerry @ Brand New Catholic

    God bless you, Jen, you finally made it–finished the show and the book! I am so so proud of you! You are truly amazing. By the way, could I please trade the flying tree roaches I find now and then in my Austin house (like this morning in my son’s shoe) for one of your scorpions? I just think they look less scary somehow, even though they do sting. At least they don’t fly!

  23. ivonne

    Thank you for sharing your story and Noe’s. They’re really encouraging and your story about Yaya is hilarious.
    I am in the moment where I feel hopeless, being single in my 30s, unable to get a job, still going to school not knowing whether this is worth it or not…not sure whether this is God’s will or not. It’s hard to trust in Him because I have doubt about myself and I don’t feel like doing anything.
    Your story makes me feel hopeful again, all your hardwork pays off and I am so happy for you. I hope I can say that also someday about my life because right now all I have is faith…as Noe said all I have is Jesus, He is the only answer.

  24. Nolan

    I love them all! Noe’s story and yours are very inspireing. Is there any chance of more episodes?

  25. Barbara MacLellan

    My Husband and I watched Ep 3 together last night -very powerful I had watched the 1st 2 myself You are a lovely courageous humble real lady. I am praying for you from Cape Breton Nova Scotia and for your pregnancy and new baby boy.God has raised you up for something special!!

  26. Stefanie@ A Dreamer's Wife

    In the process of watching Episode 3. I love what you said in your interview with Drew Mariani! Awesome!

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