7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 210)

March 8, 2013 | 74 comments

— 1 —

Guess what. You’re not going to believe this.Β I don’t believe this. After so many years of toil, things are finally moving forward with the publishing process for the book. This week has been absolutely insane since, in addition to the usual chaos, I spent hours on the phone with my agent and publishers, then going over everything with Joe. I mean, hours. There was one day where I ended up with a bad sore throat, which I realized was because I had been talking so much. I can’t give any details yet, but let’s just say that there will probably be a final decision sooner rather than later.

I probably seem surprisingly subdued in the way I’m announcing that. I mean, with all the dramaΒ I normally bring to this subject, you would think that I would have broken my caps lock key when I wrote that paragraph. It’s shocking to me that there is nary an exclamation mark to be found. The problem is just that I am really, really, really, really tired. To be perfectly blunt, at this particular moment I am more excited about the prospect of getting a full night’s sleep than I am about finally having a publishing deal. (Though I know that that will change, probably by tomorrow. Caps lock key, get ready!)

— 2 —

As embarrassing as this is to admit, I only knew that it’s SXSW this week because I saw it trending on Twitter. I would love to blame my lack of hipness on the fact that I am in the tenth trimester of pregnancy and living in the ‘burbs, but, amazingly, I was actually this lame when we lived downtown. Joe and I used to have a loft that was right in the heart of Austin’s entertainment district, where we could look out on the lines to get into some of the big venues, and open the windows to hear the echoes of drums and guitars floating through the air. Friends from other states would often fly in for the week, having booked their enormously expensive hotel rooms a year in advance. Sometimes Joe would go with them to some of the big shows, and he said that they would almost cry in bewilderment and frustration when they found out that I was sitting in our loft in the center of downtown, happily surfing the web and watching bad reality television while SXSW was in full swing all around me.

— 3 —

It was a surprisingly big moment in my life when I realized that I hate live music. You see, here in Austin, it’s just assumed that we all love to go out and see bands. Also, since I absolutely love music, it seemed like the next logical step that I must therefore love to be in the same room where music is being performed. So for years I would spend weekend after weekend going to see live shows and telling myself I was having fun. The thought process was something like:

Man, that show was great! What FUN! I mean, I couldn’t actually hear the band because it was so loud that my eardrums started to make this crackling sound that blocked out other noises, and I missed everything after the second song since I was in line for that one-stall bathroom where the toilet overflowed. I’m sure the muscles in my legs will stop hurting by next week at the latest — and, really, I shouldn’t complain about having to stand so much when we only had to wait for forty-five minutes to get inside, and even though there was nowhere to sit I did get to lean against a pole for a second before the drunk guy threw up on my shoe. I’ll have to ask my friends what they thought tomorrow, since we could only communicate through rudimentary sign language. On the plus side, though, I only had to wait two hours to get a drink, and the bartender made a great guess as to what I wanted when she couldn’t hear my order! Yeah, it was awesome.

The moment of truth came for me when I was at the first Austin City Limits music festival. I was sitting on the ground, listening to Patty Griffin, trying to block out a Spoon set that had just started behind us, when she began to play Rain, one of my favorite songs. I closed my eyes to lose myself in this beautiful tune, only to realize that I was being bitten by fire ants. I jumped up and continued to soak in the experience, until that second $8 beer meant that I had to go to the bathroom.

By the time I got over to the porta-potties it sounded like a bad Youtube mashup of her song with some Kings of Leon tune. I walked into the porta potty, which was about 150 degrees inside, Kings of Patty playing in the background, and when I went to shut the door I felt something wet. I discovered to my horror: someone had urinated all over it. And there was nowhere to wash my hands. It was at that moment that I was overcome with a profound sense of zen-like peace as I realized that live music shows are not for me, and that we would all be better off if I never, ever went to one again.

— 4 —

I got to talk to Grace on the phone earlier this week! When I told Joe about this exciting turn of events he was obviously jealous, and so started telling me this blah-blah-blah story about how he got to hang out with Rick Santorum at a friend’s office that day:

Joe wants it noted for the record that Mr. Santorum is EXTREMELY TALL.

Sad to see him grasping at straws to make his life sound as cool as mine.

— 5 —

Reading anything good? I’m almost finished with my current read, and am looking for some new titles. Hit me!

— 6 —

I opened up the blog images folder on my computer just now, and was perplexed to see this:

Why on earth would I have a picture of a can of malt liquor on my blog?! I looked up its location, and was blessed to rediscover this story about Joe and the fateful can of Tilt from back in 2011. I haven’t stopped laughing since.

— 7 —

It has been suggested that, as an act of solidarity for my fellow procrastinators, one week we should do the 7 Quick Takes participant list in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent entries would be at the top. What do you think?



  1. nancyo

    I agree with the reverse order and I think it should start THIS week (I just decided to post my Quick Takes sometime late Friday or even Saturday)!!

    Exciting news about the book, and I don’t find most live music worth it either.

    • KelleyAnnie @ Over the Threshold

      Yes, please, let’s do that. I’m the earliest I’ve ever been this week and 118 other people still beat me.

      • nancyo

        I was first to comment and #217 to post…

  2. Nikita

    I have only seen a few bands live, yet I haven’t had that experience yet. I can say that I have seen orchestras live which they are always better live in my opinion or Broadway shows.

    Mr. Santorum is tall, wow. I have to say somehow when I read the little caption with the photo the song lyric “You think Your Cooler Than Me” popped in. Isn’t that just sad.

    And the news about the book, AWESOME, you are the second author who I cannot wait for the newest books to be released.

    Reading wise, Goodreads.com has become that place to look for all things what I would like to read. I went from only have maybe 75 “to-read” books to almost 500 “to-read” books. This is quite sad in some regards. I hope you find a new book to read soon.

  3. Terri

    I finally read a book that’s been on our bookshelves for years after my husband read it for a World War I literature class back in grad school. Obviously, as the previous sentence shows, I must have been busy in graduate-level grammar classes!? Anyway, REGENERATION is the first of in a trilogy by Pat Barker. It tells the story of British officers being treated for what would have been viewed as mental break-downs so they could be sent back to the Front. It was really beautiful and masterfully written. It was not depressing as one might think and it is a good book to read for a more approachable realistic novel about the Great War. There are real figures from history, along with fictional characters. It’s relevant today as our serviceman return home scarred physically and mentally. Like most art related to that war, it is cautionary and hopeful, reminding us –in extremes of the spectum–of both the bad and good we human beings can do to each other. I’m looking forward to the next two in the trilogy, which were award winners.

  4. Terri

    Sorry about the typos! Typing on phone after midnight=brilliant!

  5. Rebekka

    So with you on live music. The whole experience is overstimulating and uncomfortable. Not worth the money for me.

  6. Laura Pearl

    Great idea about putting the list in reverse chronological order…but please not this week, since I finally got my Quick Takes in early! πŸ™‚

    Congratulations on your book. Can’t wait to read it.

  7. Considerer

    Ew to the portaloo story! Yes to reversed takes! But skip between the two, y’know – keep us on our toes

  8. Eva

    I have no idea what SXSW is. Do I win the internets??

  9. Bobbi @ revolution of love

    Congrats on the book deal progress. I think a reverse list would be fun but frankly I rarely read the top linkers. I always start reading around #200 where my link up usually resides. πŸ˜‰

  10. Becky

    It’s not live music you don’t like. It’s going to concerts with overgrown children. I highly recommend trying a concert with grown ups, who sit and listen to the music, which is within hearing range, not pain range, and has many quiet, even silent, interludes as part of the music, has an intermission when you can go to a real bathroom with flush toilets and sinks where you can wash your hands, and then go back to your seat. Some people will get one drink during intermission, but it is not normal for anyone to be drunk and throw up on the other listeners. All this and more can be found at your local symphony hall. Whenever I hear a piece live that I have listened to many times on CD (or records, or tape, or radio) it feels just the same as seeing in real life something I have only seen pictures of before, or when Dorothy walks into a world of color after having lived in a world of black and white. It adds a whole new dimension.

  11. Colleen

    Oh my gosh, I almost fell off my chair about you talking with Grace. I picture both of you to be anti-phone (like myself) which is just another reason I love you both so much πŸ™‚

  12. Amelia

    I hate live music shows too. If I’m out with friends, all I want to do is gab and gab and gab and anything that interferes with that (like loud music) totally annoys me.

  13. Stacy

    I feel the same way about live music. In fact, it was at a Jimmy Buffet concert when I had my first experience with pot. I was 8. I told my dad the funny smell was making my stomach hurt, and he got me some popcorn. And then there was the Dolly Parton concert (can’t believe I’m admitting this) where my dad wouldn’t let anyone else use the binoculars. I pretty much quit trying to like live music after that.

  14. Laura

    Just received the new Matthew Kelly book “The Four Signs of Dynamic Catholics” and I love it. I’m not really a huge fan of his, but this book is wonderful. Quick read, too.

    About #7, the organizational person in me would not jive well with backwards QT,so let me know what week that is and I think I’ll stay home πŸ™‚

  15. Bonnie

    a) Maybe you should try some more mellow live shows. Sara Groves, Audrey Assad, JJ Heller, Marie Miller – their concerts have all been wonderful. There’s no drunken people or silly pyrotechnics, just singing, instruments, story telling, and much talent.

    b)Sheen’s autobiography “Treasure and Clay” is an easy but enjoyable read. And I second Kelly’s “Four Signs of Dynamic Catholics”. Travis asked that I read that book over and over again because just reading it improved my mood and made me strive to be better.

    and YAY ABOUT THE BOOK!!!!!!

  16. Lisa Schmidt

    Have you read the 3-part Kirstin Lavrandatter, set in fourteenth-century Norway by Sigrid Undset? Undset converted to Catholicism while writing it. I had never heard of it until a few months ago. For all those still irked at how Downton ended this season, I tell them to pick up Kirstin and get to know her. Such a great historical soap opera through a Catholic lens.

  17. sara mcd

    My husband loves music, live and otherwise, but I can’t take the crowds and the standing and the roar that has nothing to do with music, and all that other stuff. So. Now I only accompany him to small, intimate shows in which there will be seats and tables and drinks – or at least a pleasant lobby or separate bar in which to get my bearings. That meant yes, to the Bowery Ballroom and no to CBGBs – I guess it’s been awhile now.

  18. John Henry

    Sounds like the shows you’re going to are too big or too lively. I prescribe smaller local acts (and poetry slams) and folk music. No one wil throw up on you at a Cheryl Wheeler concert.

  19. Marie

    Congratulations on the soon-to-be book deal! I’m sure your excitement level will ramp up when you least expect it – this is huge!

    I am in favor of #7. : )

  20. Alice

    Well, now today just isn’t going to happen without a Patty Griffin marathon.

    Hooray about the book!

    Yes, as I get ready to have my thyroid taken out this spring, I’ve been telling myself that it’s the only thing (besides our Catholicism) I’ll ever have in common with Grace P.

  21. Kelly

    Reading you and Grace makes me miss the little kid days. sigh. My youngest is 13 ( I have seven) so most of my time is spent shuttling the hubs, and older kids to jobs and college. Oh and cooking for people who are going in and out, doing laundry and giving the cat flea baths. It’s chaotic in a different way. Hoping for more grands…there is one, but they are 700 mikes away.

  22. Deanna

    Yes to reverse order every now and again πŸ™‚
    I can see why you dislike live music venues. I guess the places I go are very tame compared to what you describe, maybe we are wimpy in S. FL?

    • nancyo

      Father Jacques Philippe has some wonderful books!

  23. Kathleen Basi

    Haha! Sometimes it’s not about procrastinating, it’s about chaos! I always come in about middle of the pack, so it wouldn’t make any difference to me. πŸ™‚

    Re #3–I am so with you! What is up with the belief that louder = better? And as for the rest…(SHUDDER)….now I know why I’ve never gone to an event like that… Call me the old fogey at 38, but I’m a classical music lady: dress up, plant the butt in the seat, and be transported.

    St. Louis Symphony Orchestra: two weeks away. πŸ™‚

  24. Justine

    We got to meet Rick Santorum at a Rally for Rick when he was campaigning last year, and he IS pretty tall!! We have a fun picture of him holding our son. πŸ™‚

  25. Jeanne G.

    I love the idea of reversed links. Maybe I would read someone I’ve never read before! Maybe someone new would read my blog. It sounds like a win-win for a late morning poster like me.

    Also, I agree with those people who suggested grown-up live music. It’s a beautiful experience.

  26. Steph

    First off, congrats on the book. I just finished watching all three episodes of Minor Revisions and I am just so ridiculously wrapped up in the book saga now – oh the power of the visual medium!

    I am also happy that you taped that convo with Ted for the show. It was so cool (as a writer myself) to hear his critiques. Like the flan glistening thing. Must be amazing to have someone so good working with you! I bet this book is going to be a rock star. (Can books be rock stars? I think they can…).

  27. Christie

    I don’t know why, it’s perfectly illogical, but I thought I was the only one who had such profoundly bad experiences as the painful one at the concert you described above.

    YES on the reverse-order. I usually write my Quick Takes the night before, and then at 2-odd-something in the morning, wistfully check back here, knowing full well that the link-up hasn’t been posted yet, go to sleep, wake up six-to-seven hours later, only to find that 100 people beat me to it! I don’t get it. I live in Florida and you’re in Austen, what time do you wake up in the morning, Jen! πŸ˜‰

  28. Amy2boys

    The book you are reading is beyond awesome, no? I LOVED it. I’m starting The Vatican Diaries and I’m going to re-read The Spear by Louis De Wohl – the best book for Lent I can think of.

    The BOOK DEAL. I’ve been waiting so long for this book when I finally get my hands on it I know I will devour it in like 2 hours and then be like – crap. I hope you are starting on the sequel.

  29. Patty

    Jen, Chechk out Francine Rivers….AMAZING Christian fiction writer….Redeeming Love is one of my favorites she wrote, oh and the Atonement Child (great pro-life message).

    Love the idea idea of switching it up for quick takes too πŸ™‚

  30. Kim

    I’m reading “Transformation in Christ” by Dietrich von Hildebrand and getting my mind blown each page. Same with “The Signs of the Times” by Fr. Richard Gilsdorf.

    Congratulations on the book deal!

  31. kate

    I’m about to read “Yesterday, Today, Forever” by Maria von Trapp if you haven’t read that one yet! Of course when I say “about to read” I mean once I finish the 2 books I’m currently reading (Brideshead Revisted and Northanger Abbey).

    Congrats on the book deal. Tell that husband of yours that Grace is likely cooler than Rick and to stop trying to play like it’s not true.

  32. Jen/Rabbit/Jentoinfinity

    Re. #7. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not even 11 am where I am (CT) and I was link up #126. Crazy how everyone else posts so much sooner!!!!

  33. Number 9

    I love #3!!! What an epiphany you’ve given me! Deep down I’ve always thought something was wrong with me that I didn’t look forward to concerts the way the rest of the planet did. You have finally put my brain into words and now I can love myself again.

  34. GeekLady

    I would rather be BBQed than go to a live music venue. And restaurants that confuse themselves with musical venues are high on my list of things that will change when I rule the world.

    I think the Quick Takes ought to be latest first EVERY Friday, though. Top posting is just good Internet etiquette.

  35. LPatter

    #5 – Here’s a Papal-themed list from my time at JPII:

    Love & Responsibility – guessing you might have cracked this one πŸ™‚

    Daughter Zion – short, easy, but profound (so BXVI) writings on Mary that were originally given as talks at a University.

    Papabile Titles:

    The Nuptial Mystery – so good…deeply theological but more summarative than the entire Theology of the Body.

    Divine Likeness: toward a Trinitarian Anthropology of the Family – like the last one, clarifies what we can and can’t say about this topic theologically (vs. some popular interpretations that take it too far.)

    I know, a long shot – and not by him – by his brother! But something a little more “fun” and interesting from a human side.
    Life Lessons, from My Life with My Brother Timothy Cardinal Dolan

    Finally, the Anchoress recommended this and I thought it looked interesting:
    The Vatican Diaries by John Thavis
    (normally I’d be suspicious but with her rec I’d take a peek myself!)

    Happy Friday!

  36. KJL

    I definitely would love to see the links in reverse order! I’m over here on the west coast and I can never make it in time.

    I, too, hate live shows! For the very same reasons you do. The only live shows I enjoy are my brother’s, because I always get a comp ticket and a great spot. Plus I know all the songs and I love watching him perform. But other than that, I’ll just listen really loud on spo.tify and pretend I’m there. πŸ™‚

  37. B.

    I want to second the recommendation of Kristin Lavransdatter. It is one of my absolute favourite books. If there is only one historical novel you are going to read in your life, it should be Kristin Lavransdaughter. Reading it I realized that most of today’s historic fiction is just bad, and normally written from a modern perspective. People either behave like modern people behave (the good ones), or they behave “medieval” (the bad ones). In Kristin Lavransdatter there are (with one exception) no bad people. People behave different, but their motives are always understandable.
    Additionally, it has the most beautiful prose I have ever read. Unfortunately I can’t say if it is as good in the English translation. There are two different translations, and people on amazon disagree which is the better.
    It is an absolute must read. I can’t recommend it highly enough. A truly deserved Nobel Prize for this book.

    “Sigrid Undset’s trilogy embodies more of life, seen understandingly and seriously… than any novel since Dostoievsky’s Brothers Karamazov. It is also very probably the noblest work of fiction ever to have been inspired by the Catholic art of life.” — Commonweal

    “No other novelist, past or present, has bodied forth the medieval world with such richness and fullness of indisputable genius…. One of the finest minds in European literature.” — New York Herald Tribune

  38. bobbi @ revolution of love

    I linked up before noon on Fri and I am #156. Finally out of the 200’s! Next week I may even get into the double digits. πŸ˜‰

  39. Elizabeth

    Reverse order = WIN

    • Elizabeth

      Oops, hit the button before I finished typing! So yes, reverse order would be great. Especially for those of us who haven’t actually blogged in forever but still have blogs and would like to think we’ll get back to them someday soon. πŸ˜‰

      Book suggestions:
      –Consoling the Heart of Jesus (PERFECT during Lent)
      –Holy Sex! by Popcak (if you’ve already read it I’m sure you’ll agree it’s awesome!)
      –The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur (She was married to an atheist and endured much physical and emotional suffering in her life. After her death at a young age, her husband Felix read her diaries and became a Catholic priest. Fulton Sheen attended a retreat under Fr. Felix in 1924 and told many of their incredible story.)

      • Elizabeth

        Also, I loved Minor Revisions and would watch more!

  40. richard

    “Soldier of Christ” (2013) by Robert Ventresca. [A scholarly life of Pope Pius XII].

  41. Dan Kearns

    Perhaps Abraham Verghese’s “Cutting for Stone”: epic with an underlying Catholic sensibility (but very mainstream, so not doctrinally orthodox, so to speak. :))

  42. Renee Aste

    Thank you for explaining why I really never liked festival/concerts as well. I remember it would always takes 2 hours just to get out of the parking lot at these things. I stopped going at 20.

  43. Dreena Tischler

    St. Francis DeSales – Guide to the Devout and Holy Life

    ALso, if you’re into fiction: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake – Aimee Bender is a fascinating story. Very odd but fascinating.

    Oh and you may be too young to FULLY appreciate this but if you want to be laughing out loud and have people wonder what you’re up to, my all time favorite book is a memoir –A Girl Named Zippy: Growing up Small in Moreland, Indiana by Haven Kimmel. It’s hysterically funny and transports you right back to the olive-appliance, macrame-making, seventies.

  44. Tammy

    Your live music experience reminds me of my snow skiing experience…I was just SURE that I loved it since it sounded so cool and everyone else on the planet loved to do it (I even lived with the slopes of Lake Tahoe visible from my kitchen for a while) until I realized that I HATED EVERYTHING about it !!!

    Im having a very Lenten Lent. My husband has been dead 6 months today and on Tuesday I crashed into 2 cars on the interstate and totaled my dream car. When my husband died, I was doing adequately grief-wise but said “I hope I don’t get to 6 months and crash”…just for the record, I meant that as a METAPHOR !!!!

    • nancyo

      I’m offering prayers for you today. So very sad to hear of your loss.

    • nancyo

      I think I say this every time you look for a book recommendation, but Guardini’s The Lord is a fantastic book, great for Lent, but good anytime really. It’s based on a series of radio sermons so each chapter can actually stand alone. Our Catholic couples study group has been meeting for 7 years now, and this is our favorite book.

      If you want (Catholic) fiction, you can’t lose with In This House of Brede by Rumer Godden. Lovely story about a woman who enters a convent.

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      Oh my gosh, Tammy, I am so sorry to hear that! I will continue to pray for you!

  45. Katie

    Hey Jen – reading the best book about a Conversion experience set among contemporary college educated literary types called ‘What Happened to Sophie Wilder?” I love it so far, half way through, great writing!

  46. sheila

    I can identify with your feelings about live concerts. Even Jimmy Buffet can’t get me to go to them anymore.

    For lent I’m starting Come Creator Spirit by Raniero Cantalamessa and Embracing the Mystery of the Holy Spirit: the Son, the Spirit and the Sacred by Shawn Christopher Reeves. I have Brant Pitre’s book and it is fantastic.

  47. Cat W.

    At #199, I of course agree with reverse order. Also, your live music aversion reminded me of when I gave up “standing up” concerts like that a few years back. You shouldn’t give up ALL live music–go see a choir or the symphony, and you get to sit down! I bet Austin has a fab symphony orchestra. The bathrooms are inside, too.

  48. Anne

    So close to the book!! Congrats! Looking forward to it. I will pre-order it on Amazon. Or wherever you want me to. πŸ™‚

  49. J.R. Baldwin

    I’ve started to feel that way about live music. Husband and I were going to take a trip to Nashville to hear a new favorite singer and then I thought, really? Do I want to be in a crowded room with smog and heat and overpriced drinks? NO THANK YOU. (But you’re a beautiful person, and a credit to your race!)

    I love the interviews (books) Papa (Emeritus) B. did with Peter Seewald! The first one, Salt of the Earth, helped Seewald come back into the Church!

    I’m all for helping the procrastinators!

  50. Jamie

    Wahooo – if you are going on a book tour you BETTER come to DC!!!

    Stephen and I were just talking this week about how much we wish we could feel cool and go to live concerts. People just aren’t as impressed when you talk about going to a symphony orchestra πŸ™‚ (Ummm one more reason to stop in DC on your book tour. We’ll take you out to the Kennedy Center!!)

    And ditto Colleen’s comment about you and Grace!! Too funny!!1

    (AND – OBVIOUSLY – 1 million yeses to reversing link order.)

  51. Barbara C.

    If you want fiction, I really recommend the books by Kate Morton. They’re a cross between historical fiction and mystery/suspense. Her books are some of the few where the twist actually surprised me. My mother-in-law and I have been reading this obsessively, and on of them is Downton Abbey-esque.

    I hear you on the live concerts. My husband used to be obsessed with Bob Dylan and would insist that we go to all these general admission concerts. After the third time that I puked (from the stifling heat of being crammed in the crowd near the stage), I refused to go to anymore concerts unless I had an actual seat…even if it was a blanket on the lawn. {The last time I puked into a beer cup I found on the ground because I knew I wouldn’t make it through the crowd to a garbage can in time.)

    Although, we took our two oldest to see Paul McCartney at Wrigley Field two summers ago and that was just completely awesome!

  52. christine

    The enjoyment of live music completely depends on the venue. I prefer to be treated like royalty, sitting in the suite of an indoor facility, with real bathrooms. Those are lots of fun. Outdoor concerts huddled with people who pee on port-a-potty doors is awful.
    Congrats on the book progress. I’ll be looking out for the all-caps. πŸ™‚

  53. Melanie B

    Yes, I’m all about putting the quick takes links in reverse order. I haven’t even got around to doing one this week. Procrastinators unite!

    Also I usually feel the same about live music. And the Tilt story is just as funny now as it was the first time.

  54. Sarah Reinhard

    As someone who has ALMOSTALMOST given up on ever hitting top 10 ranking of participant listing for 7QT (I only hit it that once because I was up until 2 a.m. my time with the laptop on), I’m ALL FOR the reverse listing. πŸ™‚ Maybe more than once? πŸ™‚

    Congrats on the book deal…can’t wait to hear more!!! πŸ™‚ And as for Joe…well, maybe someday his life will be as cool as yours. At least he’s married to you. πŸ™‚

  55. Catholic Mutt

    I also greatly dislike live music! I thought I was the only one. After all, what’s not to love about live music. You know, except that I actually like to talk to my friends when we go hang out. Also that I do like my ear drums and don’t like to have them blown out. And the venues never being that nice…

  56. Lisa G

    You just knocked me out with an epiphany! I never even considered the fact that I don’t like going to live shows. I always thought it was a necessary way of rounding off your life experiences. But I always skipped them and have no desire to revisit that portion of my life when live shows were even an option!

    For good reading – I’m reading The Miracle Detective (amazing) and 40 Days for Life (equally amazing). And also, I have been providing a lot of entertainment for readers with my life history in a Catholic cult-like group πŸ™‚ The link to the article is under my last post at #3! It is an interesting read if you are bored!!

  57. Lisa Murphy

    Oh, Jennifer! In response to your question about current reads, I would be SO honored if you would read my book! It’s called “With an Open Heart” and my website is http://www.withanopenheartbook.com.

    God bless and good luck with your publishing!
    Lisa Murphy

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