7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 228)

August 9, 2013 | 70 comments

— 1 —

I am glad that typing only involves using your fingers, since I find myself currently unable to utilize any other muscle groups in my body.

I’ve begun working out with a personal trainer, and WOW does that make a difference in how much effort I put into exercise. Finally, being the most non-confrontational person on the face of the planet is working to my advantage. Today she asked me to do all this craziness that involves going from a push-up position to doing a jumping jack, then back down to the push-up position. I recently saw something similar in a workout video; I responded by scoffing, “Uhh, no” and jogged in place instead. But because I’m a turbo people pleaser who calibrates my every move to maintaining good vibes among the people I’m hanging out with, when the trainer tells me to do the crazy push-up/jumping-jack thing, I say “Yes, ma’am!” and get right to it.

— 2 —

The setup with this trainer is so cool: she’s a fellow mom who lives here in the neighborhood, and hosts training sessions and boot camps in her garage. It only takes me three minutes to get there, and her rates are astoundingly affordable.

Here’s the only downside: the only time we can do these meetings is at 6:30 AM. I need it to be before Joe leaves for work, and she has to do her morning sessions before her son wakes up. So 6:30 it is. The whole house has drifted onto a late schedule this summer, with even the littlest ones sleeping in, and I’ve regularly been able to stay in bed until 9:30. Rising at 6 AM twice a week is going to take some getting used to.

— 3 —

I have a question for anyone born before 1972 or after 1982: Did the sight of a closed closet door with the light on inside terrify you when you were growing up?
For pretty much everyone I know who is close to me in age (born in the late 70s), that image of the glowing edges around a closet door at night was the gold standard of terror. Thanks to the movie Poltergeist, we all knew that the light indicated that evil forces had opened a trans-dimensional hole in our closets, right between our acid-washed jean jackets and our Jammer shorts, and we were about to be sucked into the portal where the only way we’d be able to communicate with our loved ones was through the TV, when it was on a certain channel. (Okay. I’m not making this sound very scary. But if you’ve seen the movie, especially if you saw it when you were under the age of 10, you know that this is blood-chilling stuff here.)

Anyway. Because that movie did such an excellent job of etching a dread of closets at night into the very core of my consciousness, I’d always kind of suspected that closets are inherently frightening things, that the Poltergeist writers just tapped into a basic human fear — like, you could show an isolated Amazonian tribesman a picture of a closet with a light on inside, and he’d say that it’s totally scary because there could be a supernatural vortex in there.

But maybe it’s not a universal thing. Maybe Poltergeist just traumatized everyone who was a child when it was released. So that’s why I ask: If you made it through your childhood without knowing anything about this movie, how much time did you spend looking at your closet door at night in terror?

— 4 —

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Picasa on their incredible face-recognition technology. I’ve been going through the (surprisingly addictive) process of naming everyone whose face it recognizes, and was impressed when it spotted pictures of me as a baby when I’d only ID’d pictures of me as an adult. But the best was when I told it who Joe was, and it scanned my files and immediately brought up these shots:


I feel like there’s a national security implication here. Terrorists, be warned: our face recognition technology has gotten so advanced that not even dressing up like a banana will conceal your identity.

— 5 —

We’re doing a quick trip to visit relatives in east Texas this weekend, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to go to Mass at a new Benedictine Monastery called Thien Tam. The young monk I spoke to when I called about Mass times was so humble and sweet. At first I thought I had the wrong number, because he answered the phone with a simple, “Hello?” When I inquired about joining them for Mass he warmly encouraged us to do so, and asked for our names so that they might greet us personally. He mentioned that there would probably be a priest available to hear confession (which would be great since the lines for confession at my parish are looooooong). Before we hung up, he asked if we would mind praying for them. I can’t wait to visit them. There’s nothing in the world like Benedictine hospitality.

— 6 —

I tried out Amazon Mom for the first time this week. My thinking was that it might save some money to get the discounts on diapers and wipes, and it would save me grocery cart space not to have to get my paper products at the store (with eight people in the house, my grocery carts are starting to make me look like I’m a doomsday stockpiler). Anyway, I’m not thrilled with it, mainly because there’s no option to tell Amazon never to take the payment from any gift card balance that might be on the account. I was thinking of canceling it…until the kids caught sight of the huge box our that carried our shipment:

Fortifying the castle for impending attacks by kitten dragon snakes (I demanded they compromise when an argument broke out about the identity of their foe).

Fortifying the castle for impending attacks by kitten dragon snakes (I demanded that they compromise when an argument broke out about the identity of their foe).

They have been playing with this for hours. HOURS, people. It’s not an Amazon box, but a Pwincess Castle, and the kids have been ignoring the TV and computers to play with it. I’m not even kidding when I say that I might stick with Amazon Mom just for the big boxes.

— 7 —

I have quite a few friends who do year-round school, whether it’s through homeschool or a school system that uses that schedule, and they all report that it works well for them. Personally, I don’t think I could ever get used to that. It keeps me motivated all spring to know that we have a long break coming up, and the mind-melting boredom of summer makes my kids yearn for school to begin the way a man lost in the desert might yearn for an ice-cold glass of water. Fall would always be my favorite season no matter what, but the fact that it ushers in a major (and much-needed) shift in our daily routine makes it all the better in my book.

I hope you all enjoy this almost-end-of-summer weekend!



  1. Melody

    Oh my goodness – I watched Poltergeist, too – all 3 of them – over and over. I was still afraid after I grew up by things I saw in that movie!! I still remember some of the images quite clearly, and yes, the vortex in the closet is one of them!! haha

    • Melody

      (And I was born in ’82.)

  2. Catholic Caitie Rose

    Thinking of creating a youth ministry game where you have to make a silly face so crazy that Picasa CAN’T identify you.. LOL

  3. Kendra Tierney

    4. My 4 boys look so much alike that Picasa often messes them up, but I still agree with you that the technology is astounding.

    7. Amen to that. Love starting the school year. Love ending the school year. I need that cycle to the year or I’d get bogged down in it all.

  4. Susan

    I was born in 1958, have never seen Poltergeist, and have no fear of closets.

  5. Amy F

    I’m a 1978 kid and I do remember seeing Poltergeist and for whatever reason, the closet didn’t get to me. However, I remember having recurring dreams where I was the little girl and when I found out that the actress died, it really freaked me out.

  6. Bobbi @ revolution of love

    I’ve used Amazon mom and I think you can choose not to have your gift card balance used. When you review the final page of your order click the payment option. It will bring up the page with your credit card(s) and gift card balances. Uncheck the gift card and chose a credit card instead. That’s what I do when I’m ordering off Anazon but don’t want to pay with my hubby’s gift card balance. Hope that helps. 🙂

    • Shawn B!

      Ashley, that works with regular orders, but not with Subscribe and Save orders. Sub. & Save automatically applies the gift card first then uses the primary payment method. I wish you had a choice also. I really don’t want to use my birthday gift card to pay for someone to wipe their tushie.

      So instead, I pace my order, then send myself another gift card for the amount that was just used on that purchase. So far so good!

  7. Ashley

    Born in 87, I haven’t seen the movie and I don’t have a fear of closets. 🙂

    You can change the payment option on the checkout page where you review the order. I believe “change” is located next to the payment option which will let you pick the card you have on file instead of the giftcard balance.

  8. Sarah

    Born in 1973. I have psychological issues with The Exorcist not Poltergeist, although the only real problem it caused is a fear of keeping evil Assyrian demigods in my loft – which I have managed to avoid quite successfully. I’m sure if I had watched Poltergeist I would have issues with doors with lights behind.

    • Sarah

      I must add that the book and film that totally freaked me out was The Amityville House Horror. Especially as at the time of reading it was made out as if it was all true. Totally couldn’t sleep for months after reading that book.

  9. grace

    my answer to any scary movie is “no.” I refuse to watch any little bit of it because the 5 second clip of the excorist that they showed in the previews for “selena” on vhs made me cry for months.

    • Jeni

      Grace me too. As I rule I don’t watch anything scary anymore ever.

  10. Monica

    Born in 82, never saw the movie, no fear of closets. 🙂

    I’ve always been a bit freaked out about possible alien abduction though… not sure what movie caused that…

  11. Jo

    BTW, those “push-up position to jumping jack” things have a name: Burpees! 😀

  12. Laura

    My dh just got his personal training cert so I’ll have to tell him about your experience and how your friend sets up her training! Never saw Poltergeist and I’m pretty sure I’m glad about that! Have a great time visiting. That Monastery sounds wonderful.

  13. Mari

    At age 40, I am still scared of closets. I can not sleep at night if the closet door isn’t shut. lol! I haven’t heard of Amazon Mom. I’m going to check that out today! We homeschool and I definitely look forward to summer breaks as much as the kids do!

  14. Wendy from Zoom

    1970, no Poltergeist, no closet issues.

    We kind of home school year round, but we do it differently in the summer. We keep going on minimal math (which prevents the dreaded Fall Math Amnesia), and we often do a play, and we have more time to follow individual interests.

    There is a definite difference between summer and non summer, and summer is definitely “re-charge batteries mode,” but if we don’t have a little bit of structure with 6 kids, we will all die the death of a thousand whines.

  15. Jessica

    That movie FREAKED me out completely. But I was born in the late 70’s. I can’t believe my folks let us religiously watch it over and over.

  16. Annie

    I was born in 47. I would never go to a scary movie but one time they showed previews of a shower scene where a woman with a soapy face rinsed and opened her eyes to see a killer with a knife. I couldn’t close my eyes in the shower for years!

  17. Chris

    Enjoy your weekend with family, as well as what seems as if it will be a beautiful mass. I hope you post about your family’s experience at the monastery at Sunday mass!
    Yes, I was born in 65 and am also freaked out by your description…..My kids are 10 and 13 and we do NOT even watch pg13 flicks yet due too all the reasons they can be negatively influenced.( many think we’re being over protective. But we don’t need exposure to certain things before their time…horror, violence, etc…gotta know your audience and my audience does not need more fuel for toilet humor and etc……)..but there have been some instances even in PG movies where I am terrified and they just don’t get why.
    Good for you exercising super early!! I give you a ton of credit!!

    God bless!
    Thank you for hosting the QT link up. !!

  18. Julie

    We’ve been doing Amazon Mom (and the rest of their subscribe and save program) for three years and I LOVE it. Not that I’ve never had issues with it, but it’s wonderful to have two huge boxes of diapers, wipes, lotions, toilet paper, etc. arrive at my house once a month. And yes – the huge boxes are great fun for the kids. So are all the diaper boxes, which I have recently started taping shut after I’ve emptied them, so my boys can use them as giant building blocks. They build castles, forts, trains, etc. — all branded with the Pampers logo. It makes for some funny pictures.

  19. Theresa in Alberta

    Born before 1972 here. I cannot even say if I have seen that movie, but I think I can safely say that I can go on living without seeing it 😉 I remember when we bought a new TV set in the early 1990’s. My son played with this box for a year before it went kaput in a wrestling match.

    • Theresa in Alberta

      p.s. I like that your parish has looooong line ups for the confessional eh!!

  20. Anabelle hazard

    I was born in 75 and lived in the Philippines. Not allowed to watch Polterwhatever and not interested. OUr theaters didn’t buy into the horror genre so the only terror I feel when I look at my closet is I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

  21. Wendy

    Born in 1966, sharing a room with 1-3 people at any given time, there was no call to be scared about anything with that many bodies in the room. After the movies came out there was still no reason cause it is just someone else’s imagination coming to life. I guess I am to realistic to let that kind of stuff have any meaning in my life. Now, when the water heater dies, I can think of lots more that will go wrong just because…….^_^

  22. Ann

    The closet in my bedroom had no door- it was a big, black ominous hole. To make things worse, the un-seeable side wall was a piece of plywood which swung open like a door, and was held only by a bent nail. It led to the roof- eaves, and every time the wind blew outside, the plywood would thump as if something was trying to get in. My mom, trying to “get me over” my childhood fears, would force me to watch movies about back-stabbing murderers and vampires. So I would lie terrified in bed, on my back, with a crucifix clutched to my neck. This way I would maybe ward off any back-stabbing vampires who might noisily come through the black hole facing me. Therapy didn’t work, but prayer did!

  23. Kate

    2. I have been doing bootcamp type classes at my gym at 5:00 am since January. It’s the best time for me to go as it doesn’t affect my family. Unless I get the crankies mid afternoon. I feel your pain. Muscular and otherwise.
    6. Amazon mom has gotten us through 5 kids in diapers simultaneously. We love the boxes, the UPS driver and the crumpled brown paper inside makes for great art. Or really loud noises. That’s some noisy paper.

    Loved your post today…happily linked up to get back into my blogging routine. Because somehow I couldn’t muster it up during your 7 in 7 week!!

  24. Amelia

    I was born in 1977.;..and have no fear of closets. Never watched Poltergist though.

    And, we school year-round…but we do take frequent breaks during the year for when needed. We basically go all year so we can do only 3 (heh..sometimes 2) days a week of school all year and not feel that I’m getting behind or stressed. That just works for us….to only do 2-3 days a week. And, we do have some breaks which are 2-3 weeks at a time (for various events) and usually 2 weeks is enough and by then, everyone is longing for school.

  25. sara McD

    I don’t care about the glowing light, but the closet door must be closed at all times. I’m not sure if that’s fear or just being neurotic.

  26. Caroline M.

    I was born in 1987, and I was a scaredy cat about closets in general. I was convinced that demons and ghouls were slinking around in there (and under my bed) just waiting to pounce. And a light behind the door is just an invitation for nightmares, I don’t care when you were born.

  27. Rebecca

    I have tried to convince myself to get up and exercise before work. Tried. And. Failed. The rare time I do it, I’m always glad I did, but it is not motivation enough to remember the next time the alarm goes off at 0-dark-thirty.

    Boxes are the best! I used to use them with my preschool class all the time – almost always better than any expensive toy or computer!

    Have a fabulous time at the monastery.

    Thanks for hosting.

  28. Jeni

    ooh please please post about your visit to the Benedictine Monastery. That sounds very cool. 🙂

    As for me and my closet phobias, no fear of light emanating from behind closed doors here (though I was safely born in 1985). I am fairly positive I saw Poltergeist as a kid though. I also remember as a small child watching something where blood starting pouring out of faucets and shower heads and also Freddy Krueger (my older cousin’s fault). Being the odd child that I was, I rationalized it away. like…That can’t happen. Pipes don’t carry blood. That’s just dumb. I had a strange childhood though, so I used to make up rules the universe had to follow; then it was so and I felt safer. My (now) therapist said that’s a great coping mechanism!
    I can’t seem to employ it as much anymore unfortunately. The world quit following my rhymes and reasons. i.e. Monsters can’t get you when you sing

    . This system falls through when you lose your that tender naivety somehow. Bummer.

  29. Ali

    I had never heard of poltergeist until I was a teenager. I was scared of closets, but only if the doors weren’t closed all the way, because the clothes inside would make creepy shadows. I always make sure I close my son’s closet doors all the way before I tuck him in at night, and it was only when he asked me why I was doing it that I realized that maybe that wasn’t a universal fear too!

    Having a personal trainer sounds great/horrible. The closest thing I have is my three year old reminding me to bend my knees when I do squats!

  30. Jeni


    I feel the need to mention–did you know the little girl from The Ring also voiced Lilo in Lilo and Stitch?

    Explains a lot doesn’t it.

    • Angela

      The Ring was the last scary movie I saw… Totally creeped me out and I can’t watch any of them anymore! Just thinking about that movie gives me the chills!

  31. Leila@LittleCatholicBubble

    Born in 1967, never scared of my closet. I don’t even think I ever saw the movie, come to think of it!

  32. Kelly @ Love Well

    I was born in 1972, but my parents were EXTREMELY conservative Baptists, so I never knew Poltergeist existed. The light-halo-around-the-door thing makes me thing, “Dang it! Those kids never remember to turn off the closet lights!”

    “Our face recognition technology has gotten so advanced that not even dressing up like a banana will conceal your identity.” <—Bwhahahaha.

    And YES about not having school in the summer. I understand the logic behind year-round school, but I just couldn't do it, especially not in Minnesota, where summer is the season most cherished. I couldn't send my kids to school on a 75-degree sunny day and expect them to enjoy a long break in December when it's 20-degrees and not snowing yet. Plus, summer is as much my time as theirs.

  33. lehall

    My mind is blown by the closet thing! I was born in 1980, and my mom (rightly) would never have dreamed of letting me watch that movie. But I had this thing about scary closets. So either it’s universal or somehow I was influenced by the movie without seeing it.

  34. Kathy@9peas

    This is my first time to participate, I sure do love this link up!

  35. Mindy Goorchenko

    I’m laughing at your mention of summers and included some thoughts on the subject myself. Thankfully God equips me to homeschool for exactly the length of the school year. 😉

  36. elizabethe

    I have blocked out poltergeist, though I know for a fact I have seen it more than once.

    The lit closet freaks me out. I also read IT one too many times and keeping the bathroom light on at night is also a no-no.

    The staticky TV also sends me into panicked horror every time.

    In fact, between poltergeist and Greatest American Hero (where the aliens communicated by changing the radio channels to select the words they wanted to use), I have a visceral certainty that aliens and paranormal entities of all kinds communicate through radio and TV waves and I don’t like to have those things on unless I am really listening to the programs.

  37. Emily

    I was born IN 1982, so I feel qualified to answer:)
    Closed closet doors are good. OPEN closet doors are bad, because of “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” The killer hid in a slightly-opened closet. I must always have my closet shut, securely, every night before I go to bed.

  38. RAnn

    Big boxes are the best toys! We bought a lawnmower recently and the box quickly became a favorite toy. I remember when I was a kid and we moved. The boxes were kept around until they were in tatters they were so much fun.

  39. Emily Davis

    Oh my word – you make me laugh lady!
    First of all… I was born in 1963 (October 18th I’ll be 50).
    And although I was 18/19 in 1982 that movie Poltergiest was scary. But not as scary as Friday the 13th (which is why I always had suitcases or something under my bed for decades). lol
    I’m a scaredy girl!

    But the scariest movie I’d seen until then involved a wax museum and a man with a hook on his arm who actually killed people and dipped them in wax. It just so happens our family home in Houston had similar stairs and I turned every light on for decades when I went up there. It was spooky! ha!

    Another great post Jen.

  40. Laura M

    Born way after 82 and closets do not scare me. The monk sounds so sweet, I’m jealous of your trip.

  41. melody

    yep. yep. That was the first horror movie I ever watched and I was never the same. I still cannot handle them and refuse to watch them. I don’t know why people want to terrify themselves on purpose. It confounds me. I am freaked out by all closets, btw.

    Good for you with the fitness plan. I’m 3 weeks postpartum and really itching to begin again. I’m tired of feeling floppy.

  42. Amanda

    1983 — no inherent fear of closets here, and I haven’t seen the movie. Your description of communicating via the TV did distress me though, probably because I have seen the ring.

  43. Catherine

    Only saw trailers for Poltergeist and still the thought of it scares me!

    Congrats on your exercising–I have to get it done in the morning or it does not happen.

    And I totally agree on the school calendar. I could never do year-round school and absolutely love when fall rolls around and we get back to a routine.

    Have a fun trip! Roadtripping with lots of young children is what we’re doing right now too!

  44. Lisa Schmidt

    Just completed a week at Conception Abbey for my husband’s deacon formation. I’m feeling so blessed by Benedictine hospitality as well — they housed our entire family all week and “put up” with Das Schmidt Haus! Enjoy Mass!

  45. Becky

    I have never watched Poltergiest because I have heard freaky things about that show! I have never been much of a horror movie watcher. But now that you explained the spookiness of the closed closet door, I now have a new fear. Thank you! It doesn’t help that for whatever reason, our daughters closet doors keep opening right after he closes them and we don’t know why or who does it. (It’s a huge pet peeve of my husband’s, as he wants them kept closed to keep some of the noise our for our toddler in the next room.)

    I never heard of Amazon Mom, but have you thought of just buying Target or Walmart diapers? (the generic kind.) I’m guessing you have, but my sister who has 8 children, never even knew that Target had generic diapers and had been buying the expensive type for 13 years now. They’re only about $7 a package.

  46. Eva

    Maybe being born in Dec 1973 is why I missed the Poltergeist thing? I mean, Ive heard of it but have never had the urge to watch it. I dont ‘do’ scarey movies!

  47. Sharon

    Poltergeist!! Love that movie. I was about thirteen when it came out in theaters. I watched it so many times I memorized every line. It wasn’t the closet that freaked me out, it was the creepy clown.

  48. Deanna

    #1, we do those at boot camp and they are called burpees. And when I say “we” that very loosely means I make a very feeble attempt after 17 days while everyone else looks cool and coordinated and does them! Those and double unders are long range goals for me!

  49. Bonnie

    #3 If you get a washing machine box, or better yet, a refrigerator box, your kids will move in and you won’t see them for days. (You might want to get several since you have one boy who needs a “fort” and the older girls will want to play something different from the younger ones and it will lessen fighting (as if that were possible. :-))

    #6 I was born before 1972 but the closet was terrifying for me at night (by the way, so was under the bed, but not as much) because I thought a witch was in there hiding, and she was going to come out when the lights went out and “get me.” I really couldn’t shake the feeling for many years, until I was about 8 or 9. BTW, I also am an introvert.

  50. Rakhi @ The Pitter Patter Diaries

    I was really unimpressed with Amazon Mom too, already having a Prime membership. What is this about big boxes, though? Perhaps I will have to keep up the account only to take advantage of that in the coming years…if only to hide in when anyone suggests watching Poltergeist (or any other terrifying movie)…I don’t watch scary movies since the tornado in the Wizard of Oz gave me nightmares. What’s that you say? It should have been the flying monkeys? Well, maybe for a normal kid – me, it was the tornado. 🙂

    • Melody

      lol – don’t feel bad. Alf used to give me nightmares! lol

  51. Karen

    Poltergeist was a horrible thing. I saw it as a young adult and was immediately sorry I had spent the time and money and emotional energy on it. It is a primary reason I don’t do horror movies any more.

    We home schooled for a few years. We continued daily math throughout the summer, and reading aloud. It helped prevent that math loss you find in the fall.

    And as for playing with boxes … my kids got hold of a book-size moving box, colored it various shades of green, had me cut holes in appropriate spots, and voila, a removable turtle shell. They played with that thing until it shredded itself with wear. Boxes are the best!

  52. Jane M

    I was born in 1955 and always had a fear of closets with open doors, as well as going upstairs in the dark.

    I never saw Poltergeist but after I saw Monsters Inc I was convinced that it was written by a parent trying to teach children not to be afraid of closets.

    (I was afraid of going upstairs in the dark because my older sister used to lie on the floor in the hall up above and growl very softly when I started up the stairs. I didn’t know she was doing it and my mother would just say there wasn’t anything there …. and would I please just go for whatever reason she was sending me.)

  53. Lynne

    Noooooooooooooo! How dare you say “almost-end-of summer”?!? If you want to talk about poltergiests, then you should know that saying things like that is like putting a full-blown curse on the seasons. My summer didn’t even begin until mid-June, at the earliest, and just yesterday while lounging in the hammock I saw YELLOW LEAVES on the tree above. Please, please make it go away. Winter is like childbirth–I need a long break to recover and forget between times. I’m not ready to do it again.

    And still trying to digest: there is a Benedictine monastery in East Texas?

    p.s. Reading Kristin Lavransdatter. I hope this is on your list of things to do.

  54. Lynne

    Now I’m trying to digest: you get served lattes and italian cream sodas and chocolate desserts at a monastery? I was thinking beans sprinkled with ashes. This bears investigation.

  55. Martha

    1977. Of course, horrifying. But piles of stuffed animals and Reese’s pieces were similar. ET freaked the crizappy out of me.

    I asked my son (99)and he said closets are just creepy, period. The real deal is, closet lights seem to me a new invention. We were fortunate enough not to have lights in them!

    I am so glad to know I’m not the only Catholic homeschooling mom of many (7) that sleeps (all of us!) until laaaaaate. Oh yeah. I like to tell people we keep Regency hours. Makes me feel genteel instead of irresponsible. But really, who died and made early birds the ones in charge? Snort.

  56. Seth Peters

    For me, it wasn’t Poltergeist– it was Freddie Kruger. I never even saw a clip from the movie, but kids on the playground talked about the shower scene, and for years afterwards I had to first open the shower curtain before I could sit on the toilet. Then my dad had the boneheaded idea of renting Arachnophobia– and for years after THAT I not only had to open the shower curtain, I also had to check behind the toilet before I would even pull my pants down to sit. I thought I had overcome my phobia of tarantulas until my wife planned a honeymoon in Costa Rica…and I almost declined because I learned that the cloud forests of Costa Rica are home to the Orange-Kneed Tarantula. That’s right, Jen, my wife was taking me to a country where the spiders have hairy KNEES. So I feel your pain about the scorpions. But, no, I’ve never been scared of closets.

  57. Ally

    Born early 80s and have never seen scary movies of any sort really. And, well… I did have a thing for leaving my closet door open as a child… And I did once have a nightmare in which Jesus came back in a ski mask and was hiding in my closet and I didn’t recognize him. (Yes really… This is what happens when you combine Protestant premillennial, pretrib, teachings on the book of revelation, with seeing this video at a Christian concert: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=p_QwLdPToFA&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dp_QwLdPToFA ) so I wouldn’t say I was free of fears of closets (and I honestly don’t remember any bedroom closets we ever had with lights inside them)

  58. Kathleen Basi

    I have been thinking in the last year or so that a year round schedule would probably be really nice. It’s easier to just take time off the routine and plan family sorts of activities when you know it’s only two or three weeks’ break, instead of this gargantuan, hulking block of time known as summer vacation. I think my kids would be less grumpy and bicker with each other less, too.

  59. Shannon

    Born in 1969 and yes, closets are inherently scary 🙂 I did see poltergeist but I don’t remember how old I was (I didn’t see it in the theater, I know that).

  60. Smoochagator

    I didn’t see Poltergeist until I was an adult – my mother was very religious and had strict rules about the sort of movies we were (and were not) allowed to watch. As a result, there are lots of movies that are considered “classics” for people our age (I was born in 1979) that I’ve never seen.

    But closets still freaked me out. I think the writers of Poltergeist just tapped in to a common fear.

  61. Francie @Escovedo Escapades

    Oh my! sounds like you might be doing the dreaded burpees! I hate them. They sure get the blood pumping, though.

  62. Sue

    I’m afraid your fear of closet doors is learned. I’ve never seen Poltergeist, and I’ve never been apprehensive of closet doors, opened or closed, backlit or not.

    Under the bed? Well, that was a different story. I could never let a foot hang off the bed because any part left hanging was subject to being cut off. Now, as an adult, hanging a foot or hand off the edge gives me a sense of victory.

  63. Kathleen

    I am 1983 over here. I thought everyone was afraid of closets? After reading comments, I am adding to the list of things to blame on my parents that I thought were normal but apparently not. I believe I watched Poltergeist III when I was 4 or 5. Not sure. Some friend of mine’s parents thought we could just eat our cold hot dogs in front of their fancy new satellite television with no supervision. I was so freaked out for ever. I tried to explain to explain to them at 3am why I absolutely could not sleep in my own room, and they did not understand. I tried to figure out which movie I had watched when I was in middle school because I was so traumatized and thought that it wouldn’t scare me again. Terrible idea. I am super freaked out by Poltergeist, but I am over my fear of closets now.

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