Netflix giveth, Netflix taketh away

August 13, 2013 | 153 comments

I was going to write something else today. However, since my blogging time has been adversely impacted due to circumstances that you will understand presently, I am forced to pen this letter to a certain streaming movie service instead.

Dear Netflix:

First of all, let me take a moment to thank you for the excellent service you offer. I have often thought that your wide selection of streaming movies and shows is the sole reason that I am able to cook dinner each evening. My husband once suggested that we cancel our account in a brief and very unfortunate spasm of hyper-frugality, and I thought that I was going to have to resort to feeding my children by trough. Also, you should know that I totally had your back with the Qwikster debacle. Every time @Qwikster did another update taking about how he wanted to “spark up a bowl” because he was “bored as s**t, ” I would do a facepalm of solidarity and think that that is totally something that would happen to me if I ran a company.

But there is one matter that has been troubling me for some time now. For years, I have suffered in silence on this issue. But something happened this morning that pushed me over the edge, and now I must speak out.

Let me start by telling you a bit about my two-year-old daughter. Her favorite pasttimes include hitting her siblings, dumping things out of boxes, pouring hand soap into her hair, writing on non-paper surfaces with markers, and throwing food on the floor at mealtimes. “Sounds like typical toddler behavior, ” you probably just said. Perhaps it is. But what you have to understand that she does not do these things occasionally; it is her preferred way to spend all of her waking hours. All of them, Netflix. She is like a robot who is programmed for chaos and destruction — a very cute robot who also likes to give hugs and kisses, but one that is bent on destruction nonetheless.

She is my fifth child. I used to chuckle that my other four children were “into everything” at that age, and now when I think of that I throw my head back in bitter, bitter laughter as I realize that I had NOT THE FIRST CLUE what that phrase really means. She also has an almost supernatural ability to be loud, and when she doesn’t get her way, she launches into a 110-decibel scream that she can carry until my eardrums begin to crackle, and my only relief is to imagine that God has big plans for her to be an opera-singing dictator.

Unfortunately, enforcing rules such as “no stabbing mommy’s printer with a fork” and “don’t take off your diaper and throw it at people while you’re standing on the table” elicits these minutes-long screams, and, long story short, the Alcohol section of our monthly budget is getting a little higher each month.

The result of me taking three minutes to sweep. Just call me Sisyphus.

The result of me taking three minutes to sweep. Just call me Sisyphus.

Here’s where you come in.

In a turn of events that will undoubtedly be the driving force behind my cause for canonization, this child is about to drop her afternoon nap, which means that my only respite from the eardrum-wearying insanity is when she’ll snuggle up with me and her blanky in front of the TV to watch her favorite show in the whole world, Shaun the Sheep, on Netflix. Imagine a snake charmer taming a feisty king cobra into dazed submission, and you begin to have an idea of the impact that this show has on her and the importance of its role in this house.

And I found out this morning that you killed the snake charmer.

At approximately 10:38 AM, I turned around from getting my coffee to see said two-year-old scribbling on the baby’s forehead with a black Crayola marker. When I tried to take the pen from her, she reacted as if it were an appendage of her body that I was attempting to steal. By the time she got out of the time-out corner (which she seems to see as the corner where you see just how loud you can wail and shriek “WHEN I GET OOOOOUT!!??” over and over again) my will to live was just about gone. I desired to clean the marker off the baby’s forehead without being interrupted by new battles (I have the kind of life where that kind of thing can be the highlight of one’s day), and so I turned to Shaun.

I entered a search for his name. And instead of the image of the mischief-loving sheep, which never fails to elicit in me a pavlovian response of unadulterated joy, I saw this instead:

A list of Netflix movies that evidently involve a guy named Shaun.

A list of Netflix movies that evidently involve a guy named Shaun.

I’ve spent the past half hour trying to decide whether I’d describe my reaction more as one of “rage” or “abject despair” (mixed with some concern for England — what’s going on over there, guys?) I did have a fleeting moment of naive optimism when I made a cheery pitch for Timmy Time instead, pointing out that it also has a main character who is a sheep. Alas, when my daughter toddled over to the TV and punched Timmy’s face on the screen, I knew that life as I once knew it was over, and that I had been thrust into a terrible new Shaun-the-Sheep-less existence.

You did this before with Dora the Explorer, and I didn’t complain. I wasn’t happy about it, but it didn’t cause me too much of a problem since my four-year-old says she doesn’t like “all that Spanish talkin'” and wants to watch only programs that use “real words” (we’ll be adding a multiculturalism component to our homeschool soon). I only muttered a few grumbles when Downton Abbey suddenly was gone, since I knew I could track down new episodes — I would find and watch that show if the only place it were available was on one television in a yurt in Turkestan. But now Shaun has disappeared too, and I’m reaching my limit. If Breaking Bad goes away, I will riot.

You got us hooked on these shows, and now you have a duty to keep them going. And I don’t want to hear about how Amazon out-bid you on the rights. Did you see that movie Inception, where the guys hacked into a CEO’s dreams to get him to change his mind about a business decision? You know where Jeff Bezos lives. Think outside the box, people.

Look, I’m trying to be a loyal customer here. I don’t want to switch to Amazon for my babysitting-by-glowing-screen purposes, if nothing else because it will only be a matter of time before I get an email saying Your order of “Barbie Princess Mansion with Functioning Hot Tub” and “Turbo Off-Road Four-Wheeler” has shipped! All I ask is that you protect your children’s programming like it’s the life-and-death issue that it is, and you can count on my business forever, even if you occasionally have to yank an adult show (except for Breaking Bad — seriously, do not touch it). At the very least, if you absolutely must remove a children’s show, I beg you to give us 90 days’ notice, resources for counseling, and a gift certificate to so that we could find alternative childcare arrangements.

As I type this, my husband suggests that perhaps you didn’t cancel Shaun the Sheep, but removed it only from our account because we passed some kind of 10, 000 plays limit. If that is the case, please have a customer service representative contact me immediately about upgrading my account. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting here on the couch while my two-year-old repeatedly hits me and yells, “SHAUN SHEEP!!!!”

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter,

Jennifer Fulwiler


  1. ~elizabeth

    no! not Shaun the Sheep!!!!

    • jenny

      If you have Amazon prime you can watch it for free on that…it was the only thing that cheered my daughter up.

    • Derrick wood

      This is exactly why i burn all our faves -including Shaun- onto DVD ASAP.

  2. Kendra

    We’ve never seen Shaun the Sheep, but NOW I totally want to! And hey, you must not be the only one who likes that guy. They’re asking $149.99 for a DVD of Season 1 on Amazon. Jeesh.

  3. sarah

    Jen- check amazon prime instant streaming videos. Shaun is free with prime. There’s a Shaun the Sheep fan in my house πŸ™‚

    • Catherine

      Yep. And Downtown Abbey is on there, too! πŸ˜€

      • Kari

        And… the best news is Amazon Prime is cheaper per year than Netflix!

        • Jennifer

          and you get two-day FREE shipping on a gajillion items. So worth it.

          • Laura

            Ditto to all of the above praise for Amazon. Just wanted to jump in and echo the fan club.

  4. Theresa@OrdinaryLovely

    Jen, I read this and chuckled, but then proceeded to do the “right” thing – turn away from the computer and read my morning meditation in “In Conversation With God.” I had to hop right back on the computer though, when I saw the title of today’s meditation and cracked up. It was “The Lost Sheep.”
    (ps – this news about Shaun is a great blow for our family as well πŸ™ Goodbye, Little buddy.)

  5. Smoochagator

    I LOLed throughout this post. And I totally feel your pain. Netflix is a cruel mistress.

  6. Nella

    Ugh! Jen!! That is the WORST! I just don’t understand why these streaming services aren’t trying harder to their customers sane/happy. We’re trying to help them, we’re trying to be “early adopters” and they do us like this. They’re using our cheapness against us and it’s not right. Good luck and God speed!

  7. Sarah

    Noooooooooo! This post cracked me up. We’re not really Shaun fans, but my little 2 year old guy loves Curious George…and until this very second, it did not occur to me that one day I could turn on Netflix and it could just be gone. Thank goodness I’ve been collecting Disney dvds since I was a teenager. Gotta have backup!

  8. Christopher

    I suggest you go to and buy the book, “To Train Up a Child” as it will help you tremendously.

    • Kristina

      No, no. Just don’t. That site is from anti-catholic folks. I read their books. Subscribing to their methods of child training leaves one full of regret. Love your babies. Don’t use a switch on them as the Pearls recommend. (((Really!!!)))
      That’s all. Please let’s not make this about child training.
      Christopher said Go. I say no.
      Back to discussing Netflix and Shaun the Sheep.

      • Mary

        Amen to that Kristina. I do not support the destruction of literature in general, but I tore that particular book into five pieces.

      • Maggie

        I absolutely agree. That is only book I have ever thrown away. And if see them in any second hand store I’ll buy them just so I can throw those away too. Despicable parenting advice.

        • Cristina

          My dad sent me this book because he thought it might help with my little darlings…..AWKWARD…..we told our boys they better behave because grandpa thinks they’re so naughty we should hit them with a “chastisement” stick….

          ps we don’t really hit them with sticks πŸ™‚

        • Angel

          I feel the same way about Babywise

    • Kathy

      Please do not use the book “To Train up a Child”. Much too harsh.

    • Thomas

      Wretched child-abusers. Anti-Catholic fundamentalist hateful elitists.

      NO! NO! NO!

      I heartily approve of the actions of the commenter who buys them secondhand in order to destroy them.

      Satan masquerading as an angel of light – but it’s a poor disguise.

  9. Kris

    Two words: Amazon Prime. Seriously. Best $79 a year you will ever spend. Add in a Roku device for your TV and you can live stream EVERYTHING.

    • Jamie

      YES! Shaun is there! And if you are out of something or almost out of something, they’ll get it to you in 2 days for FREE and you don’t have to drag kids out to the store! WORTH IT!

      • Tesstarosa

        She doesn’t want Amazon — her kids will order stuff without her knowledge.

        • Kelly

          Preventing kids from purchasing is super easy. My kids are 4, 6, 11, and 13. To order on the internet, they have to know my password, and they do not. To order movies on Amazon instant that are not free, they have to enter a PIN and they don’t know it. To order on their kindles, they’d need to know the parental controls passwords for those devices, and they don’t.
          The only way for them to order is if I don’t log out. I generally just only log in on my own laptop, not the family computer.

          • Cindy

            RE: kids and Kindle use, my problem isn’t that they might accidentally order something, but that the little ones are constantly deleting books from the device, and they don’t even know how they did it! Just a vent… πŸ™‚

    • Elizabeth S.

      the only problem with Amazon Prime is that they take stuff off, too! Seriously – I’ll start to depend on Veggie Tales or something, and then *poof* it disappears. Just as bad as Netflix there …

      • Will

        True, but if you combine Amazon Prime and Netflix, they usually balance each other out. I keep both handy, and it’s still cheaper than a cable/satellite subscription.

  10. el-e-e

    Oh, dear, this is sad indeed. I suggest Pingu? (Does Netflix still have Pingu?) That crazy penguin is a goooooood babysitter. Ask me how I know. πŸ˜‰

  11. Margaret

    Hilarious! I have so been there. Mine found Fireman Sam and dumped Shaun like a hot potato. Bonus– multiple episodes stream. Our latest favorites to stream are Magic School Bus, Discovery Kids, myth Busters Explosions.

    • Kelty

      Ha! Mine too. Shaun the Sheep was all he wanted but now he points to the TV and makes his fire engine sound. I did enjoy the sounds of S the S much more than Fireman Sam though.

  12. Christy

    I love that you love Breaking Bad! Best show ever.

    But I’m sorry that Shaun the Sheep is gone. πŸ™

  13. G.R.

    Thanks so much for the laugh! I feel your pain. My first little guy was a bit curious, but the ones who came after turned me into a helicopter parent because, yes, it litereally takes minutes (if not seconds :D) for something to be, um, “investigated”. After lunch, Netflix and Amazon allow me to sit and drink a cup of coffee and I am so very, very grateful. They haven’t take away any shows yet, but I didn’t even know that was possible. EEK! I will be on the lookout for that! Side note: If a little girl some how finds the Amazon button on your web browser, she will add to the cart until it is $2,457.89 worth of dolls and fashion accessories. Thank God for passwords before buying!

  14. marie

    We are also Shaun fans. My girls have been checking DVDs of Shaun out of library to watch in van so at least I have 1 DVD to use. Last night the girls watched Thomas. The Train on NETFLIX while I made supper so didn’t even notice Shauna was gone.

  15. Amelia Bentrup (@OneCatholicMama)

    We have Amazon Prime AND Netflix, because we like to make doubly sure that our favorite shoes are covered.

    And, now I’m going to go check out Breaking Bad.

    • Rosemary

      This is us! I also use Hulu on occasion although I’ve never registered for a paid account there. πŸ™‚

  16. Sue

    So funny! Well, I can laugh now, but when my daughter was a toddler just like yours I sure wasn’t laughing! Just wanted to give you hope: my screaming 2-year-old is now 14 and has grown into a really nice girl. She still argues with just about everything I say, but it’s a whole lot nicer to live with her now. Btw, we homeschooled too. I think that helps a lot.

  17. Tina

    We don’t have children, but I personally got frustrated with Netflix & subscription services over similar matters with other programs. Now, my husband sources good *free* programing we can stream. He hooked his computer up to our tv so it is great.

    And for our favorites, we buy used dvds – we actually spend less than we would on Netflix and our stress level is much lower because they are ours forever πŸ™‚ In our area, childrens dvds are almost to the giveaway point at yard sales, because so many people stream now instead of playing the hard copy. We buy old ones for our grandchildren and they think they have discovered something amazing – it is all new to them! πŸ™‚

    We do not miss Netflix any more than we missed Satellite when we gave that up.

    Good luck! πŸ™‚

  18. Amelia Bentrup (@OneCatholicMama)

    We have Amazon Prime and Netflix, because I just can’t risk a scenario like this happening in our house. Just can’t risk it…the stakes (my sanity) are too high).

    And, now I’m going to start watching Breaking Bad.

  19. Catholic Grammie

    I totally understand your pain. We have both Netflix and Amazon Prime in our house – the Prime is only on my computer (no, my TV doesn’t have the little plug that will allow me to attach my computer to it) – and we have suffered through this with Madeline and my oldest granddaughter. (I own episodes through my Amazon account now!) Fortunately, Babar soon provided that early morning quiet time. No child understands that you can no longer turn on the TV and find the show that they love – it’s always worked before and it should still be in there!!!! I have found Netflix to be lacking in retaining excellent shows (which I would gladly watch repeatedly) only to replace them with things that I have no desire to even have in my household. As to your lack of snuggle time and peace with your two year old now, I will pray that Netflix returns Shaun the Sheep!

  20. Delena

    1.) When your daughter punched Timmy Time in the face, I lost it. Thank you for that start to my Tuesday morning.

    2.) Just thinking about them yanking “Breaking Bad” made my heart skip a few beats and my palms start to sweat. DON’T TOUCH THAT ONE! So glad to hear someone else out there understands me on that one. (P.S.—> Have you seen “The Wire?” Not on Netflix, but probably the best show that has ever been produced. True story.)

    3.) I’m so sorry for your loss. Thankfully my kids had not started a Shaun the Sheep habit, but if Netflix touches Leapfrog or Curious George, they’ll be rioting up in here as well.

    4.) It’s so good to know someone else out there is not allowed to sweep, either, due to their house and sanity being held hostage by a 2 year-old on a warpath.

  21. Anne

    LOL at the Inception bit. That was the peak of the post, hahahaha. Dang it anyway, Netflix!

  22. Mary

    We had the same experience a couple years ago with Word World. My little tornado had serious fear issues and was terrified of almost every TV show but Word World. I was in the throws of hypermesis gravidium that lasted all nine months, and Netflix yanked my little one’s show with no warning or explanation! It was brutal. In the end, we did make through. I don’t remember how, but we did.

    • Brandy

      lol, I was so happy when I found Word World on hulu!! πŸ™‚ I missed that show myself!

  23. Maria

    I just grew in a thousand times more respect and gratitude for you and your blog in this post: 1. we have identical two year olds. 2. Shaun the Sheep. 3.Tv is saving grace during some moments to motherhood. 4. Very relatable drama over the whole scenario. just so well done. πŸ™‚

  24. Kim Barger

    Thank you for brightening my morning. It reminds me of my oldest & Teletubbies. I had to buy videos (on V-I-D-E-O TAPE!)to give me 20 minutes of scream-free existence. Seriously, Amazon Prime. free shipping, live streaming; Totally worth it. (I understand they Downton Abbey as well, although I’ve not made it to the 3rd season yet.

  25. Julie

    I have composed an eerily similar letter to Netflix no less than a dozen times a day since the loss of Backyardagins. I agree we should have been given notice . The budget is too tight to realistically add prime and Roku, but I have thourghly researched these options while thinking to myself,could I sell enough plasma to cover this or are we talking organs here.

    • Kelly

      I do not know how or where, but notice was given that Netflix was losing their rights to Nickelodeon shows. I only know because my kids told me about it and talked about the loss constantly for at least a month.

  26. Abigail Benjamin

    Very Cute! I live your life!

  27. Emily @ Raising Barnes

    I’m not there yet, but Netflix’s habit of yanking such shows is making me nervous for my future… I stand with you Jen!

  28. Heather

    This happened to us a few weeks ago with Arthur. They still have Arthur but only 3 or so seasons and it no longer includes Season 1. It is Season 1 that has all of the episodes that my son loves and asks for specifically.

  29. TheresaEH

    β€œno stabbing mommy’s printer with a fork” hahahahahaha…..thx for the memory. I remember about 26 years ago I had a toddler and a VHS video recorder back when VHS video recorders cost close to $1000. My toddler put dry rice Krispy cereal into expensive VHS video recorder and is still alive today πŸ˜‰

    • TheresaEH

      p.s. I have started watching Duck Dynasty on A&E. No swearing, just silly fun. see if your toddler would enjoy some guys in beards πŸ˜‰

  30. Robin R

    We also have Amazon for our “babysitting by glowing screen” and Doctor Who fixes, and your fears are legitimate: twice now our younger child has managed to log in and order large numbers of Lego toys. Once we caught it and were able to cancel it before it shipped. The other time we found out when a big box arrived on our doorstep. He also accidentally purchased a season pass to a cartoon that had 35 episodes. Thankfully only some of them had aired, so we didn’t end up paying for the whole season. Amazon is a tricky business where kids are concerned.

  31. Teice

    At the very least, if you absolutely must remove a children’s show, I beg you to give us 90 days’ notice, resources for counseling, and a gift certificate to so that we could find alternative childcare arrangements.
    This made me laugh. Netflix knows when one of their shows is about to expire a little notice would be nice. Instead our kids wake up one morning expecting to watch _____ and it can’t found. Moms around the world have to deal with the repercussions of their actions.

  32. JackieD

    We had pretty much this exact scene early one morning when Backyardigans disappeared. ‘No problem!’ my husband says, ‘we already have Amazon prime and it’s right there for all your streaming needs.’ Not so! My 2 year old is absolutely in love with Netflix (he does a happy dance every time the start-up screen pops up), and if he doesn’t see that red screen, anything that comes after is Not Acceptable. Soooo, yeah I’m totally on board with the three month notice and therapy services!

  33. Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    Netflix burned us with Blues Clues. We bought two seasons on iTunes that we have access to through our Apple TV and said, “Take that, Netflix!” We can stream Steve anytime we want. Right now, they have 2 seasons of Shaun. They are only $20-24 each if you don’t want to shell out the $80 for Amazon Prime.

    • Brandy

      but then by the time you buy two seasons, and then end up wanting even one more by the end of the 12 months, it paid for itself… I’m tempted to reconsider on Prime myself… although they don’t have EVERYthing available on prime, which has been our hold-back.

  34. Kaitlin F.

    Wait. Wait. They took Downton Abbey? How can they do that? I was going to do a marathon before season 4. But. But. But……. I need wine. lots. stat.

  35. Lydia

    No! Not Shaun! We’ve been on more of a Tintin journey here over the summer, so I didn’t realize they had pulled Shaun. And to the person above who wanted to know if Pingu was still there, yes, it is. Thank heavens.

    And To Train Up a Child? Really? Man…

  36. Suzanne

    Please tell me you sent this to netflicks. We loved Saun the Sheep!

  37. Michelle S

    We have somewhat of a STS addiction in our home too and totally noticed it missing! However, I did buy Season 1 at either Target or Walmart. We had to have it for our Christmas Vacation Road Trip. I can’t remember which, probably Target. I guess I will pull it out of the case and rip it to the computer so that we can watch it (over and over and over again).

    Best of luck!

    • Lindy

      And once you have glorious expat shield all of BBC iPlayer is available! They have great Cbeebies programing, Tree Fu Tom, Wooly and Tigg, Pokoyo, and Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures are great for the whole family (well… mid grade school age and up, a little bit scary for the littles.)

      We’re still suffering from the loss of Wonder Pets and the newest tragedy for us is the loss of all the “All About” shows; Helicopters is the one that continues to cause tears, but Planes is a close second. I curse Netflix every time my 2 year old future engineer/mechanic (seriously, he found a screwdriver and started taking a chair apart the other day) sobs for “Copter!” I feel your pain.

  38. Susan

    Shaun the sheep is one youtube if you need a last resort!

  39. Crystal @ Serving Joyfully

    I can relate. Except for us it was my hubby; NFL Network; and Dish Network. Not cool.

  40. Anna

    YES! We’ve had the same issue with Backyardigans and Blues Clues. For the love, at least the 90 day notice!! πŸ™‚

  41. Veronica

    Yes. Every time something my children love and I depend on for that one segment of time I can do anything without having to worry about what debauchery they will get into the cries of outraged disappointment are heartbreaking to the productivity I was hoping to have.

  42. krista

    Oh Netflix how you toy with us!! They did that with the X-files, and my husband almost punched the screen πŸ™‚ Maybe a little warning!! Apparently Netflix programmers don’t have toddlers!

  43. Megan L.

    This happened to us with Yo Gabba Gabba! My poor 2-year-old was distraught! He kept asking for “Ooohhhh Babba Babba!” We made the switch to Amazon, which still has it, and we’re very happy with it. We have a smart tv with the Amazon Instant Video app on it so we don’t have to worry about unauthorized purchases. The only thing you can do from the app that costs is renting or buying movies/shows that aren’t included, but you have to have a password to do it. Another plus to Amazon…they have old school Nickelodeon shows like Doug, Clarissa Explains it All, and Are You Afraid of the Dark!!! And yes, they do have Shaun the Sheep as well πŸ˜‰

    • Natalie

      Same here! Yo Gabba Gabba was our go-to show for a while. I was so confused when it just disappeared along with Dora and Blue’s Clues. This post had me laughing so hard. Two-year-olds are just insane!

  44. Emily

    It’s like you live in my house.

  45. Jessica

    I second Youtube. There is a video there with 3 hours of Shaun the sheep. I developed a new respect for youtube when we dropped our cable and the only Mickey Mouse Clubhouse available on Netflix was Road Rally. It definitely saved my sanity!

  46. Becky

    Oh, I feel your pain! I once had to cut off a minor Nihao Kai-Lan binge at our house, assuaging the torrent of emotion with promises that “it will be there tomorrow. Really. It will.” Guess what WASN’T there the next day.

  47. Nichole

    Oh no! Shaun was beloved here. Maybe he’s on Amazon Prime??

  48. G

    Our son was also obsessed with Shaun the Sheep. I was aware it was about to be taken down because they have a note about it below the description. Anytime they’re about to take a show down there will be one about a month or two in advance saying “Available until *insert date*”. Luckily our son likes Thomas, but not nearly as much as anything by Aardman. Have you tried Wallace and Gromit? Or is that gone now too?

  49. EC

    You can buy a season on Itunes for like $20. We had to buy Backyardigans when Netflix cancelled it. Well worth it. Shaun the Sheep is so good. My daughter’s social skills therapists loves it. They use it to have kids talk about emotions and scenes since there is no verbal on the show. Sad day πŸ™

  50. Ali

    There is nothing worse than losing your kid’s favorite show! Have you checked your library? Ours lets you take out kids DVDs for free (some charge a dollar or so per checkout). For the past year we’ve been taking out the same DVD almost every time we go to the library, then renewing it as many times as we can, and after we return it… we put it on hold again. Maybe by now I should just break down and buy it!

  51. Stacy

    I totally understand! This happened with us and Dora. They took it away and, suddenly, I had to resort to playing with my 3 year old. “Mommy, pretend I’m a new girl.” “Mommy, pretend I’m a wolf.” “Mommy, pretend I’m a monster.” And so on. Now, I don’t mind doing this for 13 hours a day, but I NEEDED the Dora break. Luckily, I found it on Amazon, but only a couple of the seasons are free so we watch the same episodes over and over and over.

  52. lehall

    That is how I feel about Backyardigans. It has been a few months. I am still in withdrawal. How are we supposed to nap??? (me and the baby. Not the big kid. He’s sworn off. That’s why we need the backyardigans)

  53. Kathleen Basi

    Oh, Jennifer…I’m laughing, but I feel your pain…I promise! I do! You should set up a Kickstart account for us to all fund your purchase of an entire set of DVDs!

    Hugs. Solidarity, sistah!

  54. Meg Spartz

    Completely true and awesome! Love it. Thanks for the laughs today.

  55. Caitlin Sandoval

    Same reaction with my son!! He wants to watch “Sheeps” and it’s not there anymore

  56. ckcpurple

    I am so sorry about your predicament. I just had to say the post was hilarious. Hope you find a solution to your issue soon!!!!

  57. Chara

    FYI: Shaun is on Amazon Prime Instant Streaming, as well as Pocoyo and Calliou. I don’t really understand any of these shows, but they do keep #3 out of my bedside table, on occasion. We use a Chrome Cast system and I *may* have turned on a movie at 6am without ever getting out of bed.

  58. Jen

    We have had the Shaun addiction and had Netflix take it (and other shows) away before. We resorted to the library like some other folks. My husband got tired of this aspect of Netflix and the difficulty of blocking the smutty stuff while still being able to give our older kids access to “educational” shows like Mythbusters and American Pickers (a complete science and history curriculum for us homeschoolers, you know). So we canceled and went back to basic cable w/dvr and lots of blocked channels. Good luck! I have one of those 2 1/2 yr olds right now, too. Max & Ruby is the current fave.

  59. Apparent Tales

    Hilarious! I am 100% with you on the 90 days notice of show removal. That’s the LEAST they could do! They’re stealing candy from babies. Can’t they understand that?

  60. Emily

    We made the switch to Amazon when Netflix suddenly canceled Yo Gabba Gabba. It sounds like a funny, minor problem to those who don’t have toddlers, but it is NOT.

  61. Stephanie

    Amen! We discovered Dora was gone at 4:46 a.m. one morning. The very fact that I was searching for Dora at 4:46 a.m. says it all.

  62. Jesabes

    Come to the dark side. Amazon Prime is the bessssssst. (I also have Netflix. And Hulu plus. I perhaps pay too much for on-demand television.)

  63. Lisa

    Netflix is like Costco- you find a product/ show you LOVE and then one day it’s gone without a trace. They have no remorse.
    And I am so glad I’m not the only one with a 2 year old who throws her food on the floor at every single meal!

  64. Erika

    I am emerging from lurkdom because I am TOTALLY WITH YOU on this. We have never seen the sheep show, but the loss of Dora was devastating. And we canceled Netflix for other reasons, so now our poor kid can’t even console herself watching Pingu, because they don’t have that at the library. :/

  65. Martha

    Oh, for us it was Diego. My 2 yo daughter calls it, ‘Hoo Ha’ after the opening guttural sounds, and it was pathetic to see her on the sofa screaming, ‘HOO HA! HOO HA! HOOOOO HAAAAAA!’.

    Know what I did? Bought a season on iTunes. Yes I did. Best 15 bucks I’ve ever spent.

  66. elizabethe

    Dude, Jen.

    Can we start a collection to send you the box set or something? Or can’t you watch stuff on the Shaun the Sheep website? Or youtube?

    I totally feel your pain. My oldest son was your 2 year old. He’s six now with more self-control and his younger siblings are so much quieter. It is soooo much easier.

  67. Laura

    I am rolling laughing!!! What a great letter. I hope you really sent it! I’ll be praying for you and will pray that Shaun the Sheep magically appears on your tv soon!!

  68. Michael

    Jennifer I am a stay home dad, and I feel your pain! Our youngest, who is now 4, packs a bigger punch than the older 3 combined! We found “Peep and the Big Wide World” to be one of the few reliable distractions from his unending mission to undo every bit of housework I manage to accomplish.
    It is the wonderful story of 3 young birds and their adventures. Each episode has two short shows with a clear break between, so it works great when YOU need just a few minutes in the time out corner! I hope your daughter likes the show, and that it gives you the same peace of mind it has me.

  69. Shannon

    Jennifer, if you have not yet been introduced, please please, Nancy Shaw. She’s the author of Sheep in a Jeep and other silly things. Your two year old will be delighted to read them to you.

  70. grace

    my old babysitter was Nick Jr, then they started their dumb nickmom nonsense (seriously, not only is it boring, it’s really too crass to be on a channel aimed for children. So before she became acquainted with her new disney junior pals, I would find the longest version of a nickjr show on youtube and she’d sit and watch it. as long as you use full screen they don’t get too curious about clicking around.

  71. Sharla

    They also took off Blues Clues much to our dismay πŸ™

  72. Becky

    I am so very sorry for your loss.

    • Becky

      A little sarcasm there. πŸ™‚ And yes, I can relate to your loss!

  73. Laura

    Thank you for solving the mystery in our house yesterday! We went on vacation for a week, came home to discover that we couldn’t find Shaun on Netflix. Wasn’t sure if it we just forgot how to work Netflix in a week’s time or they had taken it away. Bring back the Sheep!!!

  74. Francine

    My two year old had just discovered Shaun as well, and I was horribly disappointed when I saw that it would vanish on Aug 10. For shame, Netflix. Her favorite Veggie Tales shows are rapidly disappearing as well, and most of the available shows I can’t handle. What are we moms supposed to do?!

  75. Jim Chandler

    They did that with my child’s two favorites as well. The Backyardigans and Yo Gabba Gabba. I cannot say I was at all disappointed that Yo Gabba Gabba disappeared, becuse it really creeps me out. Fortunately, my wee one took it well and settled for My Little Pony and all of the Disney Fairy Movies.

  76. Theresa

    I don’t know if that is so bad. I had my kids watching Shaun the Sheep because it seemed to be a big hit in the Catholic mom blogging universe then we went to the neighbor’s playhouse where there was a funnel and my 5 year old stuck the funnel in his mouth and asked his 4 year old brother to pour juice in it.

    He said he learned it on Shaun the Sheep.

    But yeah, I was pissed when yo gabba gabba disappeared. We may be doing Amazon instead of netflix soon.

    • Emily

      We stream Amazon prime, too. They have some good kid shows, but it’s not great for movies/tv shows because they just don’t have enough desirable shows streaming through prime, IMO. Some movies are only $3 to stream and you think, eh, ok, but some stream at $15. It’s annoying.

  77. Angel

    I’m still upset that they took off Backyardigans. If Handy Manny goes, it’s not going to be pretty. (I’m glad Super Why is also on Hulu that’s his absolute favorite, so much so that it’s the only show title in his vocabulary)

  78. Emily

    I thought it was going to be about how their selection of streaming movies actually really sucks. Because it does. Unless you have some sort of list and you’re holding out on us, maam. (Please, scanning for decent movies is now more annoying than going to the video store and doing the same!)

    Anyway, I’ll share our favorite: Babar! Old enough it probably won’t be taken off. I like how mellow the characters are. It chills me out! haha. Most mornings my son will wake up about 30-40 min before my daughter (who sounds suspiciously similar in the decibel range and diaper stripping areas) wakes up. I turn on an episode on the tv in our room and fall back asleep. Except for those few times I saw the first few minutes and the stories were actually good enough that I ended up staying awake to see what happened. haha

  79. Lori

    Oh.My.Word. Are you sure you weren’t writing about MY life? Child #4 is currently 2, and has challenged me in ways I never imagined possible (which is saying a LOT considering child #1 was labeled ADHD by her dr. at 2 1/2 and both #1 and #3 have SPD!!); he never stops getting into EVERYTHING, dumping things just to see what happens, writing on the walls (naive that I was, I always assumed children who wrote on walls just had bad parents…I had 3 children and none of them EVER did that!) and climbing, shooting, throwing, and literally trying every patient bone in my body…EXCEPT when he is watching Shaun. This child eats, drinks, and sleeps Shaun. He stands in front of the TV with his arms thrown to the sides when anyone tries to watch something *besides* Shaun. He turns the TV off when Daddy insists on watching Daddy shows at bedtime. He cries for “Shaun!!!” whenever he is hurt, scared, tired, or just plain bored. Netflix, what have you done?!?!

    • Lori

      In good news; I did find that seasons 1 and 2 are on Amazon Prime (which I have since I got a Kindle for my birthday…but I’m thinking I would pay the price just to have a few minutes of sitting still in this house!) and I did talk to Netflix this morning; they are already in negotiations to get it back and have a petition started that has a long list of names going. It seems we may not have to be Shaun-less for long!!

  80. Monica Benninghoff

    Shaun’s gone? My daughter and I really enjoyed watching the antics of that silly sheep before she moved out and got married two years ago. You may have to go the way of Amazon Prime or check eBay for a used DVD of Shaun the Sheep. Condolences, and God bless your little one. (Ever try sprinkling her head with Holy Water during the day with a special blessing?) I never had such a child… I’m sure I’d need to sprinkle the Holy Water on MYSELF in my quest for patience and forbearance. “This too, shall pass.” πŸ™‚

  81. Steph

    Hilarious, as usual.

    I do want to plug This Is England, though. Good movie. Not for the kiddos though, that’s for sure.

  82. Carrie

    Amen, and amen, my sister. And verily, amen. !!!!!!!!!!

  83. Amanda Bradley

    I currently have tears in my eyes from laughter! Thank you for such an eloquent and funny representation of our mutual feelings about Netflix removal of shaun the sheep. Our crisis happened the other night during a sleepover with 6 sugarfied little girls. Just bought the seasons thru iTunes….now all is back to normal. Thanks again and hang in there!

  84. Shannon


  85. Patrice

    WELL SAID, Mom!! My baby granddaughter is the SAME WAY and Shaun the Sheep is a MUST for the pre-nap prep!! She comes this morning to stay, unaware that her FAVORITE SONG (which she sings baby style in the back of the car in her carseat) is no more and her favorite show (the ONLY thing on TV she gives ANY notice to) is gone too!!!

    WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, Netix?!?! If you made a deal with Satan Disney, SHAME IN YOU!!! They already HAVE a children’s TV network!!!

  86. Mom of 1

    Here’s a little tip: Try paying more attention to the expiration dates next time. Digital media rights aren’t cheap. I imagine you’d be complaining if they raised your fees too.

  87. Patrice

    Okay, MOM OF 1…. who knew there was an expiration date?? The way Netflix streams through TiVo is that you can go directly to the show and if you have watched it a bazillion times why would you read the description of the show? So, thanks for the “tip”! BTW, at only $7-8 per month, I can take a raise in my subscription if Netflix would BOTHER to CONTACT ME!!! Isn’t that WHY they have my email?!?!

  88. Jennie

    This must be a dream. I cannot believe they took Shaun the Sheep away. We may have to cancel service. Thanks for your descriptive submission.

  89. Eric Sheep

    Very funny read. I have a 2 year old with the same sheepy issues. I was researching why it had been removed and came across your site.

    I just got off the phone with Netflix and explain that Shaun is in “rotation”. I asked what this meant and he said they have to remove it in order to add additional content. I asked how long this usually takes and he said it should be another 24 hours before it becomes available again.

    Crossing my fingers and toes!

  90. Joachim

    Norwegian netflix still has Shaun the Sheep season one. You can access it using a smart DNS or VPN solution. I use for smart DNS which lets me watch any country selection of Netflix, and services like BBC iplayer. Still bummed out they cancelled Shaun over there as my daughter and I really enjoyed the second season. Haven’t been able to find it elsewhere yet πŸ™

  91. joe

    i’ll probably cancel just because of sean the sheep. it was a show my wife and i could enjoy together with out child

  92. WanFactory

    Have you tried turning on My Little Pony or Last Airbender? It seems to capture the attention of children aged 3-42

  93. Anne Tjaden

    Yes! Yes! We recently discovered the Fairly Odd Parents has, um, gone by the wayside, and my 7 year old daughter was devastated. Now we, uh, happen to also have Amazon Prime, and found it there, so it’s not the completely sad end it could be, but this is not the first time. And if Breaking Bad or Merlin disappear, there will be riots. Speaking of, I should go check on that…

  94. Nicole

    I have to agree with the others, we only found it on Luckily, we have Prime membership so Seasons 1 and 2 are free. I highly recommend a Prime membership, free tv shows and movies and free shipping on a ton of items. Usually the free shipping is for 2-day shipping and it’s only a few dollars more for 1 day. I do 99% of my online shopping with them and now we watch Amazon streaming daily too.

  95. tracey

    Oh man. I am shuddering in solidarity for you. Or something like that. I remember the toddler tv years and they need what they want like an addict.

    It ain’t pretty.

  96. Sarah

    Man, I hear you. I really, really get this. I cannot stand it when they yank a show we love to watch. What’s the point of having Netflix streaming video if they’re going to play Russian roulette with our shows? πŸ™‚

  97. Laura

    This is the sole reason we are now a member of amazon prime. We got up that day and had the exact same reaction. My four year old was inconsolable. I jumped on amazon to buy it and was ecstatic when I saw it on prime. At least if they ever pull it I can buy it!

  98. Bridget

    I have Amazon prime and Shaun was on there for a bit but now is gone or so I have heard from my daughter’s lamenting. She just stopped singing the “song”. Crap, now it is in my head. Ugh

  99. Gina

    Same thing happened to us w/all the NickJr shows: Yo Gabba Gabba, Wonder Pets, Backyardigans were favorites. My little one was just sadder than sad when she got up from napping and her show wasn’t available (only to be replaced by a lot of Cartoon Network stuff that I would never let into my home – except Scooby-Doo, we need more Scooby-Doo). We added Amazon and they do balance each other; however, they take away shows and seasons of shows, just like Netflix. I also do not like that there is so much on Amazon that you can see (the KIDS see) but you have to pay for. The kids don’t understand why this show is free and this other one isn’t – they just see the picture and want it, which is, I’m sure, why Amazon does it, but it’s still irritating.

    Good luck with your little one. Hopefully she will grow out of this phase soon πŸ™‚

  100. steven

    My girl only gives a crap about two TV shows, Shawn and Dora
    I am hosed.

  101. Mary

    Epic error Netflix! My 5-year old is still DEVASTATED by the removal of Shaun the Sheep. God Bless the person who said that Amazon Prime has it. There will be peace again!

  102. Melanie

    I’m so very sorry. We have been there with “Wiggles”. And also, if you have amazon prime and do a search for the Wiggles, they no longer have any of their shows…but it will bring up several porn options under the “Bikini Babes” series. You might be tempted to read the description to find out why this show popped up when you were searching for “The Wiggles”. Just…don’t.

  103. Kim

    This was really funny. Thanks for sharing. We feel the same way about Pingu. The first language my boys learned. There would be moaning and gnashing of teeth should that little penguin go away.

  104. Zilmy

    This is such a sad news, my son is crying, frustrated and doing a tantrum. Can we open a Pettition to ask Netflix to put it back?

  105. Tori

    Oh my goodness- I’m seriously crying tears of laughter over here. Just found your blog and this post is awesome! We’ve avoided all this destruction (and many tears) by subscribing to both Amazon Prime AND Netflix. And every time my husband argues the value of both I remind him that he’s supposed to lay down his life for me. Then we eat our beans and rice as a peaceful happy family. Priorites, people! I’m only partly kidding- we have Prime because we have a Kindle (which I mostly love) and we keep Netflix because we like it better than Amazon. The kids are blissfully unaware of how the computer really works since I only let them use touchscreen devices (but worth it to watch my 3 year old poke at the computer screen expecting a response).

  106. arleta

    I play Shawn on YouTube for my 2 year old. Is it bad? I feel like it is now..she likes to watch the same episode ten thousand times..

  107. arleta

    Oh, I also wanted to say that your daughter looks adorable!

  108. Erik

    They snatched away Murder, She Wrote. In the middle of Season 5! No warning, just gone. Is this hell?

    • Matteo

      I’m upset too!!!!
      I want it back!!! :-V

  109. Justin Winchester

    You realize this is all out of Netclux hands right? The content publisher (movie/tv studios) decide which movies & tv episodes are available at any time. THEY are the ones that pull and add content NOT Netflix. Netflix is simply the one providing the content as a middleman, they have no say in availability.

    Loved the article, just wanted you to be mad at the right people. πŸ˜‰

  110. Beth

    I am sure netflix knows this, but apparently a lot of readers here don’t: if you are streaming through a DVD player for your tv, you often don’t have access to the descriptions and dates that you see using netflix online. I have a Sony and an lg player, and on neither of them am I able to see a date, or even the full season or episode description. But I sure as heck know when netflix has “new episodes” of a series in my queue…I know that because they changed the image icon. Why can’t they do that with shows when they are in the last 30, 60, or 90 days of their license?

    As adults, we get upset about losing access to a show, and then we are over it in 5 minutes. But kids, not only are they creatures of habit, they simply don’t have the capacity to say “ok, we can still settle down for our nap without watching the show that we’ve watched before nap every day for the last 6 months”. It would be a courtesy if netflix warned us about this, especially since many of us do not see those dates on out DVD players.

  111. Brian Stewart

    And Timmy Time is gone now too. The one time my daughter (also 2) begs to watch it, it’s gone. They never even got season 2.

  112. yvonne

    Hey heres a list of movies I tried to stream today
    You really need to get some new movie like 4 yrs old???
    Leaving Las Vegas no streaming::
    The Bad Lieutent
    Tender Mercies
    Life with Judy Garland
    Iron weed
    Long days journey into night
    My name is Billy W
    Gone baby Gone
    That took some time and NOTHING NOTHING What is going on at Netflix??????????

  113. Tea

    Ermagerd! I’ve never seen Shaun the Sheep but I am so sorry for your lost. I agree. If Breaking Bad (or The Walking Dead, LOST, and Good Luck Charlie) are removed, I will legit DIE. Please actually send this one to Netflix. Please.

  114. Kit

    What’s up, I check your blog daily. Your story-telling style is
    awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!

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