Praying for the Philippines

November 10, 2013 | 8 comments

I’m blessed to have many sweet and wonderful readers from the Philippines, so I wanted to let you all know that you have many, many prayers coming your way from across the ocean. Our whole church prayed for you at Mass today, and we’ll be continuing to lift you up to the Lord as you work through the devastation that has come to your country.

For those who would like to help the relief effort, you can donate to Catholic Relief Services, which has a strong presence in the Philippines. They note that the recent earthquake has strained their resources, and they’re in dire need of financial support.

A prayer from the CRS website:

God, who quiets great winds and stills rough seas
We ask your protection for the people of the Philippines.
Comfort them in their fear.
Stay close to them in their danger.

And we ask the intercession of Your Blessed Mother
That together with her and with all your holy saints
We may stand in solidarity with our Filipino brothers and sisters
through their darkest hour
through their longest night.
Give us the courage to remain steadfast
To reach out to them in their need
To comfort them in their sorrow
To hold them as closely as You hold them
To see them through to morning.



  1. Anna Yager

    Thanks for the heads up on CRS’ need for funds. We give to them regularly, but with this latest disaster we’ll be sending along an extra amount to them. Thank God for their presence on our behalf!

  2. Julie

    Love this — I was thinking of doing the same thing. I was just about sobbing this afternoon, watching clips of the damage online. Having grown up with a fair number of Filipino families in my parish, this disaster seems somehow closer than geography would have you believe. And CRS is a great organization. One of my close friends used to work for them; it was wonderful to hear from her first-hand stories of their good work. They’re the only international aid organization I donate to. We’ll continue to keep the people of the Philippines (and others in the storm’s path) in prayer.

    • Kari

      I’m sorry…I accidentally linked my blog with my email.

  3. Roz

    I love the prayer from the CRS web site. I, too, refrain from donating to CRS, but there’s a great organization called Cross International that does excellent work in third-world relief through its networks with on-the-ground organizations that can see to it that relief resources get to the places most in need. I’m personally acquainted with the founder/CEO and vouch for him unreservedly.

  4. Anabelle Hazard

    Thank you for writing this Jen. I grieve with my fellow Filipinos and am amazed by so much generosity the world is showing the Philippines. To all of your readers, I offer another option: if you want to donate, consider finding a Filipino you know personally and trust because they can get funds straight to their own contacts in the Philippines. There are so many grassroots initiatives started by locals, all purely volunteers.

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