Your patron saint for 2014!

December 29, 2013 | 369 comments


It’s that time of year again! I used my week of being under the weather to touch up the Saint’s Name Generator, so it’s all set for another round of saint choosing.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the Saint’s Name Generator is a simple program I created to choose a saint’s name at random. I like to use it to find saints to for each year, as well as for other causes and events for which I could use some extra prayers. There are about 300 names in the database, so it’s a great way to discover fascinating holy people whom you might not already be familiar with. (Also, I included the text of the Litany of the Saints in the source code, so every time the program executes, it runs through that prayer.)

This year I got St. Martin of Tours. I’m excited about having him as my patron for a lot of reasons, but this excerpt from the reflection at the bottom of his bio really jumped out at me:

The saints are not creatures of another world: They face the same perplexing decisions that we do. Any decision of conscience always involves some risk. If we choose to go north, we may never know what would have happened had we gone east, west or south. A hypercautious withdrawal from all perplexing situations is not the virtue of prudence; it is, in fact, a bad decision, for “not to decide is to decide.”

Along with his fascinating life story, it gives me a lot to think about as we begin this new year. St. Martin of Tours, pray for us!

You can get your own saint here. Leave a comment and let me know which saint was chosen for you!




  1. Anne

    Blessed Dorothy of Montau……

    • monica

      st. valentine of rome

    • Maureen Van Dusen

      My saint is St. Margaret Clitherow. One of 40 martyrs of England and Wales. I have heard of her on EWTN.

    • Samantha

      St John Houghton

  2. Jennifer

    St. Damian

  3. Sandy Croslow

    St Vincent DePaul–whose feast day is on my dear departed mother’s birthday. St Vincent DePaul, pray for us.

  4. Sarah

    I got St. Bernadette and I am very excited!

    • Karyn

      Best biography of her is Bernadette Speaks by Rene Laurentin.

  5. Vicki Thurmond

    St. Eugene De Mazenod

    • Lunette

      Founder of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI) Cardinal George is a part of this order.

  6. Melinda

    St. John the Apostle…can’t argue with that!

  7. Beth

    St. Mary Magdalene. Good choice for me.

  8. Laura

    Bl. Angela of Foligno, whose feast day is coming up on January 7th in the US. She also wrote a book about her conversion. Thank you for introducing me to this newly-declared saint!

  9. Mary Beth

    St William of Rochester, patron of adopted children

  10. Molly

    I was actually nervous to do it this year – last year the Saints generated for me were both Patrons against infertility and sterility, which we thought was great because we were trying for another baby and while we were not infertile, both our pregnancies this year were Blighted Ovum miscarriages.

    This year…. I got St. Erasmus; the patron of childbirth and women in labor and for my husband St. Catherine of Sienna; patron against miscarriage.

    Alright Sts. Elmo and Catherine, show me what you’ve got.

    • Molly

      *for me and my husband

    • Bonnie

      THAT is really awesome!!!! WOW.

    • Kim P

      Wow…that is amazing and beautiful. May God bless you with a beautiful child that you can watch grow up for years to come!

  11. Erica Saint

    St. Paul Miki

  12. Kim

    St. Michael the Archangel … should I be concerned just WHAT is ahead in 2014? 🙂

  13. Deb H

    St. Maria Goretti. “comfort in the sorrows of life”. Yikes.

  14. Jerri

    St. Ivo of Kermartin.

  15. Maia

    St. Erasmus! Gonna be an interesting year!

  16. Jess

    St. Maximilian Kolbe for me. Patron saint of drug addicts – hmm, maybe this is a sign that I drink too much wine. 😉

    Merry Christmas Jen and Joe!

  17. Peggy

    St. John of the Cross

    • Theresa

      You are most blessed to have such a wonderful Carmelite Saint…my fave!

  18. Jen G

    St. Katherine Drexel. Her feast day is my sister’s birthday.

    • AmyRieschl

      My Parish is named for her. Love SKD (as we call her for short) 🙂

  19. Jen

    St. Francis Xavier!

  20. Rebecca

    First time commentator, but I got St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. I am a newish revert to the Church, so she being the patron of those “People Ridiculed for Their Piety” seems helpful for someone just learning to live their faith after years away.

    • eliese

      She is amazing. I “got to know” her this year and am blessed to live 20 minutes away from the basilica/shrine where she’s buried (highly recommend visiting if you are ever near). Check out the biography Mrs. Seton by Fr. Joseph Dirvin – usually can find it used on Amazon, I think it’s only published and sold new at the Shrine anymore. Enjoy; her intercession is so powerful.

    • eliese

      P.s. her feast day is this Saturday 🙂

  21. Marie

    While I’m not Catholic, I love reading about the saints. I got St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Look forward to learning about her!

    • Caroline M.

      I love her! Her work with the poor is so inspiring.

  22. Becky D.

    St Albert the Great- I will admit I did the saint generator twice. St Albert was the 2nd one and he is the patron of my archdiocese and students so maybe I will send out some prayers for a good return to homeschooling next week.

  23. Kendra

    I got St. Frances Xavier Cabrini!

  24. Jenny

    St Josemaria Escriva. I knew he would pop up for me. I have his books and had just been considering actually reading them with some regularity. I was also contemplating his call to holiness in the world and how that fits in with wife, mother, and blogger.

    • stefanie

      Received him last year and immediately bought his book “The Way” in small-book form, so that I could carry it with me in my messenger bag at all times. Great reading when on the go or waiting in line.

    • Ann

      Aww… I’m jealous! I just started reading more about him and I absolutely love him! Enjoy your year under his intercession !

      • Ann

        My husband suggested we trade saints 🙂

  25. Lauren

    I got St. Andrew Avellino. We’re expecting our first child this year and now I am slightly scared….

  26. Kathy@9peas

    I got St. Luke!

  27. Breana

    I got St. Hyacinth. It doesn’t really bother me that I’ve hardly ever heard of him- what bothers me is I’ve never actually heard his name ( pronunciation: “hi yah centh”?(!))
    On the bright side, his name means purple which is my favorite color…
    Hm, seems like the perfect patron saint for what I expect 2014 to be like. (:

    • Bonnie

      Yes, hi yah cinth, like the flower. Awesome saint. Church was on fire, he grabs the Eucharist as he’s running out, and the statue of Mary says to him, “What, are you leaving me behind?” (He grabbed her too!) 🙂

      • Bonnie

        Opps. Church not on fire; city was being sacked by the Tartars. Same dif.

  28. Catholic Grammie

    I just got St. John the Baptist – I am a convert. This will be an interesting journey over this year. This is the 4th? year that I have done this. Thank you, Jen!

  29. Linda

    St. Katherine Drexel

  30. Colleen

    St. Ezekiel Moreno y Diaz
    Feast: August 19
    Patronage: People With Cancer

    Yikes. 🙁

    • Dore

      I had St Ezekiel Moreno for 2013, and thought the same thing as you, but made it through cancer-free! On a bright note, we did have a miraculous healing of a young mother with cancer at our parish, and I certainly did ask St Ezekiel to intercede. It made me realize that it might not be me that needs the particular saint’s intercession! God is wonderful and mysterious!

  31. Scott Alt

    St. Maria Goretti. What a beautiful saint to have with me for the coming year!

  32. Rhonda Ortiz

    St. Rose of Lima. Against vanity – you trying to tell me something, God? 😉

  33. Cristina

    I have to admit I thought picking a saints name like this was silly, but this year I did it anyway and got St. John of the Cross, which is eerily exactly who I needed. A few months ago I suddenly began feeling very spiritually alone–enough that I spoke with my doctor and my priest both of whom mentioned the idea of a dark night of the soul. I brushed the idea aside as being really too presumptuous–people like Mother Teresa have a dark night of the soul, for me I was sure this was something much more my fault. Well, I guess I’m a saints name generator convert now…..and I suppose I should start asking for his intersession…..and also read his book 😉

  34. Francine

    St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein). Oh boy…l sure hope I don’t lose my parents or get martyred this year.

  35. Julia

    I got St. Elizabeth, patron of pregnant women, which is entirely apropos since my husband and I are expecting our first baby in early April!

  36. Amanda @ PlanningOnIt

    Saint Matthias, patron saint against alcoholics….I think this is God’s way of saying that despite my crazy kids’ antics today I should not turn to alcohol 🙂

    Julia, how appropriate and neat! Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  37. Elisa | blissfulE

    St. Andrew Avellino

    Feast: November 10

    Patronage: Against Apoplexy; Against Strokes; Against Sudden Death; For a Holy Death; Sicily; Stroke Victims

    I’m pregnant and had thought the name Andrew might be good for a boy. Maybe this is confirmation? I’ve lost my dad suddenly (hit by a car) so maybe I can ask St Andrew to pray for my dad’s soul, too. Currently converting to Catholicism so this is new to me.

  38. Meika

    St. Wenceslas! Such an interesting story; I’m excited to learn from/about him.

    This past year I had St. Anastasia, the patroness of widows, among other things. Thankfully, that was no kind of theme for the year. Still a little puzzled on that one, but it occurs to me that maybe it has something to do with the woman I’m praying for in Syria? Hm.

    I’m wondering what others do with their saints. I love the process, but am a bit at a loss as to what’s next.

    • Bonnie

      Oh, you find out about them, read up on them, reflect on their lives. Then you pray to them for assistance throughout the year. Honestly, it’s like having a new friend, but this one is in heaven. It’s really something how you begin to feel like they are very close. And most times something about their lives seems to be applicable to your life. It’s kind of a tradition I think religious used to do all the time, but it’s only recently I’ve seen this being done by lay people. It’s kind of cool.

  39. Christy

    Our Lady of Guadalupe!! Yay! I really needed someone comfortable and familiar this year. The year I got an unfamiliar-to-me, powerful saint (St Louis de Montfort in 2011) my entire world was turned upside down by the experience. In a good way, but still.

    Back to basics is perfect right now. Motherhood, Jesus, and spiritual warfare. Rawr.

  40. Teresa

    St Basil the Great!

    Can find no connection between his areas of patronage (hospital administrators? Russia?) but still excited because (1) he is a Doctor of the Church (2) author of the longest lasting monastic rule for the Eastern communities (3) influenced liturgical reforms.
    Look forward to learning and reading more about this great saint.

  41. Casey @ My Love Is Too Little

    My new patron for the year is St. Catherine of Genoa, Patronage: Against Adultery; Against Temptation; Brides; Childless People; Difficult Marriages; People Ridiculed for Their Piety; Victims of Unfaithfulness; Widows.

    Temptation? Definitely a problem I need help with (don’t we all!). Childless people is especially apt for me. I’m going to hope I don’t need her patronage as a widow anytime this next year though!

  42. Amy

    St Sigismund of Burgundy. I’ve never heard of him before, but he’s quite interesting. I think I can learn a lot from him 🙂

  43. Monica Benninghoff

    St. John Neumann chose me for January!

  44. Jenny

    Ummm, so I got St. Monica…and can I just say that is pretty crazy because I was JUST telling Kendra that if I were to choose a patron saint, it would be St. Monica!!!! And you say there are 300 in your database??? Hmmm, looks like God approves of my choice…St. Monica, pray for us (and based on how good you were at praying in your earthly life, I can’t imagine how good you are now!)

    • Jenny

      And I did one for my hubby (who just began a carpentry apprenticeship in October) and got St. Joseph, patron of carpenters and fathers!!!!

      • Bonnie

        Get out!

  45. Sandy

    St. Gabriel!
    I teach technology at a communications magnet school, I’m married to a broadcaster,
    and, why not – we are Texas Longhorns and the last words of “The Eyes of Texas” are..
    (sing it with me, Jen) …”’til Gabriel blows his horn!” I am excited about what I am to learn this year.

    Two years ago St. Raphael was my saint at a time when I was struggling with a debilitating
    chronic pain condition. By the end of the year I found a new doctor who tried a new procedure
    on me and it worked! This past year I have been blessed with good health, praise God!

  46. karen

    I got St. Catherine of Genoa, after first getting St. Nicholas of Tolentino. I just got a weird feeling with that first one, and so for the first time ever, I chose a second saint. I hope that’s ok. Will see what the year brings.

  47. Kathy

    St. Edwin of Northumbria, never heard of him but he is the patron of large families. with 6 kids of my own, he is perfect.

  48. jen

    St. Joseph Calasanz
    Feast: August 25

    Patronage: Colleges; Schoolchildren; Schools for the Poor; Students; Universities

    • stefanie

      I called him “Joey C” during the year I received him as my patron. As an RCIA director, I teach ages 7 – 80 years old — he was perfect for me.

  49. Anne

    Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori. Aside from knowing he had a very strong devotion to Our Lady, I know little about him, but a few of the prayers of his I’ve just read are beautiful. A quick skimming of his biography shows that, among other things, he was a lawyer and writer who once vowed never to waste any time. As a writer myself who has a penchant for time wasting, perhaps this Doctor of the Church can help me focus more this year! I’m looking forward to learning more about him.

    • Nan

      He’s one of my favorites.

  50. Rita @ Open Window

    St. Louis IX! I have been wanting to learn more about him…such an amazing match for me for the upcoming year, especially as I try to be a better mother and he is a patron of parenthood,

  51. Alison

    I got St. Hilary of Poitiers, whose veneration is apparently linked closely with your St. Martin of Tours!

    Feast: January 13
    Patron: Against snake bites. (I really hope THAT doesn’t come in handy…)

  52. Melody

    I got St. Frances of Rome. I had never heard of her, and I have to admit, when the first thing comes up that she is the patron saint of drivers of automobiles, I thought, “Um…maybe this is a bad portent and I should spin again!” But I read her bio and wow. How inspiring! I know the prayer before I hit the button paid off. She is perfect for me right now.

    • LIne

      I got St. Frances of Rome as well, and was also a little hesitant at first but after reading more about her I think she is a good match for me.

  53. Brooke

    St. Dorothy of Montau.

    At first I was reading what she was the patroness of and I have to admit I’m a little worried. Death of children, difficult marriage, widows?! But then I saw she’s also patroness for parents of large families and I’m more excited she’s my saint for the year. We have twin boys who will be 1 this Friday and their little brother will arrive in March or April. Given that we’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary on the 13th we’ve already grown quite a bit as a family since we said I do. I’ll be praying for St Dorothy to intercede that I learn quickly how to manage all that God has chosen to bless us with.

  54. Stephanie

    St. Mary Magdalen. This could bring a whole host of repressed issues to the forefront!

  55. Jennifer

    St. Maria Goretti, Feast Day July 6 – my birthday! Really awesome.

  56. Dori

    I got Saint Joseph! I just gave birth to my first baby, a son we named Joseph 🙂

  57. Bonnie

    St. Charles Lwanga Patron of Catholic Youth; Converts; Torture Victims
    Well, I’m not young. I’m not a convert. Sometimes I think I am a torture victim! 🙂 Actually, this is really important to me, because I have been so concerned about the Christians being tortured and killed in Muslim countries lately. So this seems so apt. Yea!

  58. Monica Benninghoff

    Back again. This time I have ST. JOHN OF GOD. I don’t believe in coincidence, this saint will help me. Six out of 10 of his patronage helps apply now. Incredible. God is good!

  59. Jen Fulwiler

    Just wanted to pop in to say that I’m LOVING all these comments and stories! I can’t reply to individual ones right now bc I’m reading from my phone while up with a fussy baby, but I wanted to say thanks and keep them coming!

  60. silvina

    My saint this year will be Vladimir 1 of Kiev, patron saint of large families and repentant murderers (hopefully those two are not related):::)

    • Diane K.

      Hey, I got Vladimir too! He’s also the patron of converts.

    • Ouiz

      I am actually descended from St. Olga (his grandmother).

      No joke!

    • Micaela @ California to Korea

      Just did a little further research and he is the patron saint of Catholic journalists (bloggers?!) and tobacconists (which I never knew was a word! but perhaps now I should take up pipe smoking?).

      Hope your little guy feels better soon!

      • nancyo

        Titus Brandsma was my saint two years ago and although first I didn’t seen any points of connection, it turned out to be a powerful year spiritually for me. At one point during the year I stayed in a retreat house when he had visited and the wing where my room was named for him. I could feel his protection! He’s an incredible Carmelite saint!

  61. Anne

    St. Patrick for me! The perfect gift for this Irish girl!

  62. Elizabeth

    I got Saint Margaret Clitherow, patroness of businesswomen. My two major prayer intentions of late have been, which St. Margaret to name our second daughter after (due in April) and if I should continue in my career or stay home with the girls. I have found my intercessor!

  63. Michelle C

    St Anthony of Padua for me. St Thomas the Apostle for my husband-interesting! Thanks for doing this, Jen.

  64. Claire C

    St. Leonard of Port Maurice. Devotions to the Blessed Sacrament, Sacred Heat, Stations of the Cross, Immaculate Conception. I could use some help increasing my devotions.

  65. Elizabeth

    St. Francis Xavier, patron of (among other things)missionaries and the Apostleship of prayer. I’m already a member of the Apostleship and I’ve been very interested in how to evangelize. I’m studying to learn more about the faith. I love this match.

  66. Elizabeth

    I don’t comment very often, but I wanted to say thank you for your saint generator! This is my second year using it and I find it really fascinating. I’m lifelong Protestant but recently I have become Catholic-curious, you might say, and I am enjoying learning more about the saints. Last year I got St. Andrew Corsini, patron saint of riots and civil disobedience. I’m not exactly sure how that relates to my past year, except that there was profound conflict within my family, which on a small scale did feel like rioting and civil disobedience. Perhaps that is applicable. For this year, I was given St. Gemma Galgani, “Against Temptations; Against the Death of Parents” (also “Druggists; Pharmacists; Students,” but these do not apply to me as far as I can tell). Temptations I’ve learned to expect year to year; the death of parents makes me nervous! Pray for me, St. Gemma Galgani, and in all that I experience this year may I glorify God.

    • Caroline M.

      Catholic curious haha that’s a good phrase, I’ll have to use that.

      • Elizabeth

        It does describe my mindset these days pretty well! 🙂

  67. Mira

    St. Bernardine of Siena for me.

    Patron saint of advertising and public relations; and also against chest problems, gambling, witchcraft, sodomy and usury. He was the greatest preacher of his day. Words were very important to him – he abhorred words that were shameful. Only recently have I realized that literature – i.e. ‘things made from letters’ – is actually my very favourite of all arts. I so much appreciate and respect ‘words’ – written or spoken – and people who know how to masterfully interweave them. It’s magic to me. Very cool saint.

    preacher of great eloquence

  68. Jane

    Saint Frances of Rome. Which is interesting, because in 2014 I am planning to travel… to Rome! Have just read some about her. You have to admire her determination to do good amid all the changes of her life.

    • Jane

      Updating… so I get ready to go to work, and my check engine light is on. Car is now at the repair place. Guess who is the patron saint of automobiles. Yes. Frances of Rome! Just a lil’ spooky!!!

  69. Mama G

    St. Thomas the Apostle. I’ve read the information through the link. I didn’t know much about this apostle. I went ahead and chose a saint for my husband (st. Vincent de Paul). I am looking forward to this year! This is a neat idea. Thank you Jen.

  70. Lexi

    My Saint for 2014 is:
    Bl. Margaret of Castello

    Patronage: Against Poverty; Disabled People; People Rejected by Religious Orders; Right To Life Groups

    Can’t wait to learn more about her! Thanks, Jen

    • stefanie

      I was given Margaret two years ago — and I did spend more time in prayer for those who were considering abortion. I also began to ask for the opportunity to help people considered physically disabled. Margaret put a young girl in my path who is the stronger twin of separated Siamese twins. She uses a motorized upright scooter that she stands up in in order to strengthen her legs and spine. She now regularly attends our Children’s Liturgy group — and invites her non-Catholic school friends to join her. I call Josie “the little evangelizer.” Her adopted mom admitted to me that she (the mom) although very active at our parish for years — had never been confirmed. Since I’m the Adult confirmation director, I helped clear the way for that to happen and last May, the mom received the Sacrament of Confirmation — with Josie and sponsor by her side.

    • John Guidry

      St. Joan of Valois

      Feast day: Feb 4

  71. Velvet

    St. Bridget of Sweden – interesting!

  72. Victoria F

    God just amazes me, every time I”m like, “He’s not listening to me” He’s all “yeah, I am, all the time.” Her patronage is exactly what I prayed for. Tears.
    I got St. Zita! and boy do I need her domestic love to see God in all I do. Thanks Jen! Happy New Year.

  73. Sara McD

    I was thinking, “At least you didn’t get St. Michael the Archangel again.”

    I’m not Catholic (or if you’re my father and you believe that my infant baptism alone is enough then I guess I am) but I tried the generator out of curiosity and yep, I got St. Michael. And then accidentally hit the back button and got St. Afra. So, hard year for me, huh?

  74. Kristina

    Wow, I got St. John the Apostle. I’ve always been somewhat “jealous” of how close he was to Jesus and that since he was so comfortable with Him, he was able to lay his head on his breast. In light of some serious slander issues causing me to lose the majority of my friends over the past two years, this really speaks to me in knowing that Jesus is our true friend and always loyal. Will I ever be as close to Jesus as John was? I doubt it, but I will strive to!

  75. Mary Anne

    I got Saint Ulric of Augsburg. A new one for me. Helps fight mice and moles. I hope that’s not indicative of how 2014 will be for me, but if so, I’ve got my ammo!

  76. MaryP

    St. Rene Goupil. North American martyr, which is awesome since the Jesuit North American Martyrs are aaamaazing. However, he is the patron saint of anesthesiologists, so, hopefully that isn’t indicative of an upcoming surgery!

  77. Jennifer

    St. Anne – even though I took Anna as my Confirmation name in 1984… *gasp* It was Anne on whom I wrote my report! Glad to have an “old friend.”

  78. Susan

    Elizabeth Anne Seton

  79. Joan

    St. James the Greater Apostle … interesting. thanks for this link, Jen!

  80. elizabeth

    St. Joseph

    Which is very cool….as the Saint for Expectant Mothers….and at 50 I’m going to be a mother again this year. A foster mother. Very exciting.

  81. Lizzie

    St Monica. My son was received into the Church this year, and his chosen saint was St Augustine, so that has a certain resonance. Now I’ll be praying to St Monica that my agnostic daughter might be granted the grace of conversion.

  82. Catholic Lawyer Mama

    Ummmm, slightly terrified . . . I just got St. Cajetan. Disturbed by the same abuses as Martin Luther, he worked to restore the Church and serve the poor and sick — pretty amazing stuff. The thing is: He is the Patron of Unemployed People. Well, that would certainly create a “wrinkle” in my plans . . . Although I guess it could be someone close to me instead of me personally, which actually is conceivable.

  83. Stacy

    St. Anne. She is definitely a perfect match for the way my year is ending and 2014 will be starting!! Thank you, Jennifer for setting up this saint pairing. :o)

  84. Dreena Tischler

    I am so glad you did this again; Last year I had Robert Bellarmine who was totally new to me and even now am being inspired by his writing and his teaching. This year I got Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort – which is pretty funny because last year I tried to do the Consecration to Mary and through a paperwork error of some sort never received the materials which turned out to be right since I spent Lent being really sick. It wasn’t meant to be. So maybe it is “meant to be” this year. And now I’m rambling so thanks and bye!

  85. Lisa

    St. Sebastian. He is a very manly saint (archers, gunsmiths, and all that), but I like the choice…I have some manly men in my life, and perhaps this will be the year to heal and strengthen those relationships.

  86. Sandy

    I posted earlier about getting St. Gabriel, after having St. Raphael a couple of years ago. My husband requested his saint and got St. John the Apostle. He was moved to tears…the apostle who was so close to Jesus, who was entrusted with the care of our Blessed Mother. That in itself is almost more than one can take in. Also patron of writers and editors, which is part of his job. Between St. Gabriel and St. John the Apostle I hope and pray for much spiritual growth in our family this year.

  87. Teresa

    I received St. John the Apostle. Nothing clicked until I saw his feast day is December 27. My daughter Clare just had a life-saving catheterization and stent placement on December 27 and we came home yesterday from the hospital. Maybe St. John was working a little early for our family!

  88. Karianna

    St. Angela Merici here. She started one of the first teaching orders and began educating poor girls. I have a real issue with change and she was a champion of change and radical ideas… Maybe God wants me to learn to bend?

  89. eko

    Thank you SOOOO much for creating this, Jennifer! This year I WILL be leaning heavily on my Saint! Happy New Year to your family.

  90. Annette Fordyce

    I got Saint Lucy, patron saint of hemorrhage, amongst other things. As I have a genetic vascular disease that causes occasional hemorrhage, she seems to be divinely chosen for me! 🙂

  91. Kelly

    I got St. Margaret of Antioch, which is the most perfect match I could have gotten!

    I am pregnant with my first, due July 22. St. Margaret’s feast day is July 20.

    I plan on having a natural birth and breastfeeding. Also, I’m currently worried about a possible potential UTI.

    She’s the patroness of safe childbirth, expectant mothers, against loss of milk by nursing mothers, against kidney infections, etc. Also, I work on a boat on the water, and she’s known as St. Marina on the Greek Orthodox side(?), having marine connotations and associations with the sea. Or something like that.

    I’m still amazed at how fortuitous this match-up turned out.

  92. Robin

    St. John Ogilvie – Perfect as I am a convert with Scottish ancestry! So excited. Thanks for introducing me to a saint I never knew!!!

  93. Declan

    Am I the only one who got St. Jude Thaddeus? Is this a message about my struggles with my thesis? My struggles with the government bureaucracy? My financial woes? Seems very, very appropriate. Thanks

  94. Monica

    My saint for 2014 is Saint Teresa Margaret Redi. I was delighted to learn that she was a Carmelite — my husband is a lay Carmelite, and the Carmelites have always been near and dear to my heart.

    2013 has been a very difficult year for me. A dear friend of mine, who is also suffering greatly as her husband is dying of ALS, tells me every time I see her: “Lean on the Blessed Mother. She will never leave you.” I have been trying to follow her advice for several weeks now.

    Saint Teresa Margaret Redi was known for her devotion to Mary; perhaps she will help me with my own devotion! Thank you Jennifer.

  95. Marian Crawford

    I got St. Phillip Neri. I am so excited! I have felt called to be a Spiritual Director & he is the perfect one to ask to intercede for me as I journey to pursue my calling! God bless & thank you! 🙂

  96. Mary V

    St. Scholastica. So appropriate for me. Tonight I plan to ceremoniously have my husband and college age sons “retreive” their 2014 saints. Yay! Thanks Jen.

      • stefanie

        St. Scholastica also chose me! I’m a sister to three brothers and one sister — and our relationships are always in need of improvement. I would love to be able to have long ‘faith-filled’ conversations with two of my brothers. Perhaps Scholastica will quietly arrange it.
        Loving also the St. Benedict connection!

  97. Patrick

    St George

  98. Ruth

    Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta! I really need her intercession to be able to “see Jesus in the distressing disguise of the poor”. And also the sick as I am taking care of my 90 yr old mother-in-law. It is not easy and I feel so “trapped” most of the time. In my head I see this as a wonderful opportunity to serve God, but but the reality of it is a different story! I should want to do this – but I don’t.

    • Bonnie

      Hi Ruth. I take care for my elderly mom. Would you email me at I wanted to share something with you, but don’t want to take up space here. God bless.

      • monica

        Hi Ruth your honesty touched my heart. I too felt the same way about my mom when she was a short stay in a nursing but trealized this is what I should be doing. I will be praying for you and your mother in law. God Bless you this upcomming year.

        • Ruth

          Thank you, Monica, for your understanding and prayers. This has been an eye opener for me – not only caregiving but my own faults and defects. I have told Jesus repeatedly that I give him my all, but when it comes to something I don’t want to do I drag my feet. It gives me a better understanding of the words, “Not my will but Thine be done”.

    • stefanie

      Ruth, have courage — Blessed Teresa had to suffer decades during which even though she was doing the Lord’s work, she had ceased to feel His nearness as she had in the earliest years of her ministry. A lovely and challenging book on that is “Come, Be My Light.”
      Instead, she had to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ our Lord through those she took care of — the sick and the poor and in even the sisters of her order.
      It is easier to take care of strangers, I think, than the ones who raised you. Many of us have been in your shoes — or one day will be. Teresa is now in your corner; use her often!

      • Ruth

        Thank you Stephanie for your encouragement. I think you are right about taking care of strangers being easier than your own. You can’t go home at night to get a break because you are already there. It is easy to get burned out. We actually have the Sister’s of Charity here and before I was “home bound” I used to go one day a week for a Holy Hour. I was thinking of taking some time and talking to them about my situation. May you have a blessed New Year!

  99. Jamie

    St. Dymphna … a beautiful Irish lass who is patron of the mentally ill. perfect fit.

  100. Sarah

    I got St. Zita. Patron saint of homemakers and lost keys, which is very fitting.

  101. Shawn

    So my wife said I should try this, so I took a minute and prayed that I would be given a saint that I will be able to go to in this upcoming year. I got St. margaret of Antioch…yeah I said Who?? as well. When reading it, it struck me that she is the patron Saint of Kidney Disease. My 8 yeard old daughter has severe medical issues and may undergo a Kidney transplant and Aortic Bypass this year….The Holy Spirit sure is guiding this page!

  102. DJ

    Well this is kinda freaky. I haven’t told anyone this, but I decided that for me, 2014 would be The Year Without a Drink. Who did I get? St. Matthias the Apostle, patron saint of alcoholics and recovering alcoholics. That’s a very cool sign from God.

    • Stacy

      Prayers for you, DJ, in your 2014 resolution!

  103. Iona C.

    St. Joseph Moscati

    people rejected by religious orders


    I’ve been thinking about going to grad school, but have also been considering ministry. I guess I’ve been having a hard time seeing how getting my MBA and continuing to work in HR can glorify God as much as devoting more time to working at a church, in a faith-based non-profit, etc. Reading about Saint Joseph Moscati’s life, however, reminds me to continue to pray about this decision and how God might show me how to practice the same kind of “heroic charity” ( in my current field.

    • Bonnie

      To tell you the truth, I worked on staff at soup kitchens, outreach ministries, and parishes, and then I switched gears and got a job in HR with a big company. I found I did more “ministry” in HR than I did in churches and faith based groups! Really! Don’t doubt where God puts you. He knows why He is doing so. Just be a true Christian wherever you are, and you’ll see His hand.

      • Iona C.


        Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me (and I’m sure many others who are wrestling with this same thing) how you have seen God’s hand work in your life. Thank you for the reminder to be salt and light wherever it is God has placed me. To be honest, that’s probably what’s harder for me – to be a Christian in a very secular environment that is hostile to Jesus than to work in churches and faith based groups. Ah, I can definitely see God wanting to work on me in that area for sure.

        May you have a very blessed new year!

        + Iona

  104. JoAnn

    St. Margaret Mary Alacoque!!!
    Interesting because I do have a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus!!

  105. Maria Amélia

    Joana D´Arc!!!!
    Mulher forte, guerreira e fiel à vontade de Deus!
    Abraços do Brasil

  106. Patty

    I got St. Jan Sarkander, the martyr of the Confessional…thanks for sharing with us all!

  107. CarolS

    St. Mary Magdalen for me.

  108. Bonnie

    I got St. Damian and I am laughing because it says he is the patron against pestilence. I had to look up pestilence and it said “a fatal, infectious disease” which is not funny but the fact that my 5 kids and husband had a terrible bout of the flu all Christmas week and one woke up with an ear infection this morning and one with a stomach virus so I feel some pestilence around these parts!

  109. Kathy

    St. Jan sarkander , wow! saint cause martyr of the confessional! God is with me, as I have been speaking and learning about confession. More to it than that but will see where God leads me! Thanks

  110. Kris

    St. Agnes of Rome.

    • Patrice

      I got St. Agnes, too.

  111. Liz

    I was given St. Jerome Doctor of the Church. He was the patron of librarians, which I find fitting! Lol.

  112. Lynn

    St. Albert the Great – very interesting! Didn’t really know anything about him before except I had heard his name. I’ve learned he is a doctor of the Church and once taught St. Thomas Acquinas.

    His patronage: Scientists, philosophers, schoolchildren, students, theology students

    I didn’t see a connection at first, so I prayed a quick prayer to him to enlighten me and I now see that he was a teacher – I am a teacher with concerns for my students. Also, my youngest son has often told me he wants to be a scientist (lol).

    What I really loved about the short bio on him was that it quoted one of his teachings on a chapter of Luke and although this was a great, highly intelligent and educated man of the sciences, he spoke about love and charity. God was the center of it all he saw.

  113. Catarina

    S. Raimundo Nonato

  114. Carlos X.

    St. Padre Pio, for my overall patronage of 2014; St. John Ogilvie for my prayer intention for 2014; and St. Therese of Lisieux for the prayer intentions of the Holy Father! (All *very* fitting choices, indeed!)

  115. Tara Therese

    I got St. Damien of Molokai. That is perfect! I love his story so much!

  116. MaryW

    Our Lady of Guadalupe! There is the most beautiful shrine dedicated to her in the back of my church. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  117. Jenna@CallHerHappy

    St. Scholastica! Hopefully we will be protected against rain, storms and convulsions 😉

  118. Mary Therese

    Hmmm…St. Paul Miki. Can’t find a single “connection”, like so many others have, but I will trust that I can learn from him, and that he will intercede for me.

  119. Kathy

    St Joan of Arc

  120. Jorda

    My first saint(‘coz i choose 2) was Saint Agostine of Hippo and then Our Lady of Guadalupe! i really need of urgent changes in my life and i think St. Agostine is just perfect to help me.

    And oh, i Love Our Lady of Guadalupe, patrone of Latin America (and i’m latinamerican from Brazil) the history of Juan Diego and everything. when i firt herd obout this miracle i got so amazed!! in that time, my faith was so weak and i was so sad about the end of my engagement, but one thing that the Holy Virgen said to Juan Diengo brougth peace to my heart:

    “Porque sou verdadeiramente vossa Mãe compassiva, quero muito, desejo muito que construam aqui para mim um templo, para nele Eu mostrar e dar todo o meu amor, minha compaixão, meu auxílio e minha salvação a ti, a todos os outros moradores desta terra e aos demais que me amam, me invoquem e em mim confiem. Neste lugar quero ouvir seus lamentos, remediar todas as suas misérias, sofrimentos e dores.”

    “Because I truly am your compassionate Mother, I very much desire that you build a temple here for me to show you and give all my love, my compassion, my help and my salvation unto thee, to all other inhabitants of the land and others who love me, invoke me and trust in me. i want in this place to hear their laments and remedy all their miseries, sufferings and pains. ”

    Maybe one day, i will visit her sanctuary at Mexico! Yes, i will!!

  121. Teresa

    St. Albert of Jerusalem! Thank you!

  122. Sarah Reinhard

    Bl. Titus Brandsma
    He’s a new one for me.

    Thanks for the reminder to do this. This is one of my favorite New Year’s traditions. 🙂

  123. Ellie

    Jen, i always appreciate your saint,s generator so much. Thank you once again for creating it to share with us all!

    This year I got St Augustine of Hippo. Bless.

    (Year’s past I have had John the Evangelist, Thomas Aquinas, Matthew the Apostle).

  124. Emily @ Em's Estuary

    I love mine.
    St. Vincent de Paul.
    I used to think always catering to others was a curse, but it’s a gift. I finally “get” that.
    Love this Jennifer.
    I hope you don’t mind if I share.

  125. Smoochagator

    A friend of mine introduced me to Father Emil Kapaun ( a couple of weeks ago, and even though he’s not officially canonized yet, I like him so much I think I’ll make him my patron saint for 2014. His life’s example made such an impression on my (non-Christian) friend that he speaks with Kapaun with great respect and reverence. I want to be that kind of believer – someone who people recognize as a follower of Christ, not because of the way I evangelize, but because of the way I serve people.

  126. Mary FioRito

    St. Acca.”Hexham tradition says he became bishop of Whithorn in Galloway, Scotland, while others claim he founded a see on the site of St. Andrews, bringing with him relics collected on his Roman tour, including those of St. Andrew.” My parents are both from Scotland and my middle name is Andrea, for St. Andrew. Freaky.

  127. Jeferson Galdino

    My saint is martyr St. Stephen!!

  128. Yvette

    Saint Catherine of Siena. Thank you and many blessings!

  129. E

    Saint Andrew the Apostle. Hmm! 🙂

  130. Jen

    St. Josephine Bakhita

  131. Denise Abele

    St Catherine of Sweden

  132. Teri

    Blessed Titus Brandsma. Hmmmmm…..

  133. Annette

    Well, interestingly enough I was given St. Vincent de Paul. Patronage: Charitable Workers; Hospital Workers; Lepers; Lost Articles; Prisoners; Spiritual Help; Volunteers.

    I work in gynecologic oncology in clinical research.

  134. Tania

    St. Joseph Calasanz, patron of schools, schoolchildren, students.

    Wow, another perfect fit! I’ve been worried about our homeschool…whether I am doing a good job, whether we are falling behind, etc. I will seek St. Joseph Calasanz’ intercession to help both my daughter as a student, and me in my role as educator.

    Thank you for putting this together for us!

    p.s. On a semi-theological note, I like the idea of it, but what value would there be in having a computer run through the litany of the saints as it executes the program? A machine can’t pray a litany. I am probably missing something. I once heard a priest on Catholic radio clarify that a pre-recorded blessing doesn’t carry that blessing, only a live one (even if the live blessing is from afar via radio). This seems related somehow.

  135. Jacqueline

    St. Peter the Apostle – first thing after his name was “against problems of the feet” – the past two years my feet have borne the brunt of my rheumatoid arthritis & lupus; I’ve been wracked with pain and mostly unable to walk. I gasped and smiled and breathed a prayer of thanks.

    • Ruth

      I’m happy for you! Btw, I recently have been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. They think it is Lupus but as you know, it can take a while to pin point. If you want to email me I would love to hear from you. May you have a blessed New Year!

  136. Eva

    St Cosmas- and it’s bizarrely uncanny because HE is against pestilence and I’m anti pestilence too!! serendipity 😉

  137. Eva

    Now I’m worried I spelt pestilence incorrectly…

  138. Carolyn A

    St. Nicholas.

  139. Theresa

    St. Raymond of Nonnatus…never heard of him so I have a new saint to learn about.

    Interestingly enough, he was tortured by burning holes in his lips and placing a padlock through them so he couldn’t preach or speak. My focus in 2014 is silence.

    God is never boring…

    • the other Becky

      St. Raymond Nonnatus became suddenly more well-known amongst non-Catholics because of the PBS program “The Midwives”. The order of nuns who were midwives were under the patronnage of St. Raymond. Nonnatus is not (geographically) where he is from, it meant that he wasn’t born. Back when Caesarean sections were very rare, and usually resulted in a dead baby (that is why they were rare) anyone who survived one was considered to be not “born” but, as one famous person famously said that he was not born but “from his mother’s womb untimely ripped.”

  140. Jenn at SoulMeetsBodyFitness

    St. Nicholas! Patron of travelers and lots of other things that make me hopeful for 2014 🙂

  141. Kathie

    St. John Berchmans, patronage of altar boys/servers, oblate novices & young people. Feast day 26 Nov – died 12Aug1621 in Rome. His relics are in St. Ignatius Church in Rome (I must have walked by his relics in May 2012). He is pictured with a crucifix, book of rules/St. Ignatius & a rosary. St. John pray for us.

  142. Lisa

    I got St. George. Does that mean I will travel to England or get VD? Possibly both at the same time? 😉 Nevertheless, I have plenty of dragons to battle right here at home.

  143. Judith

    St. Joan of Valois – very fitting!

  144. Robyn

    St Hedwig

  145. Terentia

    St John of Capistrano

  146. Ouiz

    I admit, the first day I just putzed around a bit and clicked it several times without committing to any of the saints listed. Today, however, I did finally ask the Lord to give me the saint that He wanted me to have this year: St. Martin of Tours. I can’t see much in his list of patronages that call to me specifically, but I really love his story.

  147. Marietta

    St. Valentine, pray for us.

  148. Caroline M.

    I got Joseph Calasanz, who I’ve never heard of before, but I really like him – he started an order dedicating to teaching poor and homeless youth. He’s the patron saint of students, which is funny since next year is the first year neither I nor my husband will be in school… I hope….

  149. Susan

    St. Eugene de Mazenod, patron of dysfunctional families.

  150. Faith

    I got St. James the Greater. Excited about beginning the New Year of 2014 with a new prayer partner. I also feel especially thrilled that I got one of the Apostles during a particularly difficult time in the United States when the New Evangelization is most needed. Happy New Year one and ALL.

  151. Cathy

    St. John of the Cross

  152. Joanne

    All 5 of my kids gathered around the computer to get our saint. We got St. Therese of Lisieux and we’re excited to learn more about her this year! Thank you for doing this!! Also, we all thought it was neat that you got St. Martin of Tours as he is the patron saint of our parish. Happy New Year!

  153. Jann

    Saint Catherine of Sweden was chosen for me and she is the patroness against abortions and miscarriages!

    Truly a God-choice as I took a job this past spring as the executive director of an inner city PRC (pregnancy recourse center) with two locations. We had a baby saved the day before Christmas break! Also, the first woman I counseled this past spring, had a 7# 3oz baby girl yesterday! She had already had a few abortions, one at 20 weeks and was planning to abort this baby,too. But PRAISE GOD– Her little baby was born healthy and mom and baby are doing well!

  154. Caitlin

    My hubby got St. Patrick, and I got St. Raphael. We are expecting on June 5 so I’m excited about our saints!

  155. mary jo

    St. John the Apostle – Patronage: Against Poisoning; Art Dealers; Booksellers; Burn Victims; Editors; Friendships; Painters; Printers; Publishers; Theologians; Writers
    How fitting, been praying to be able to launch my art website and to be published. Going to be interesting to say the very least.
    Thanks for a great idea!!!!!!

  156. Mercy

    I got St Margaret Mary Alacoque the apostle of the devotion to the Sacred a Heart of Jesus which is celebrated in June the month of my birthday!

  157. monica

    Hi Everyone,
    The year of 2013 Saint Lucy and Saint Margaret de Costello were my patron saints. Excited about this upcomming year patron saint, Saint Gabriel the Archangel. I was very happy to see his name. Saint Gabriel “messeger from God”. Pretty awesome! After a life time of bad decisions, my long time prayer in Adoration is always “I wish you could just tell me what I should do”. Wow! What an answere!. Don’t get me wrong, I am not expecting Saint Gabriel to appear to me in prayer or any other situation, but just knowing this archangel has been on important missions for God is very humbling.
    Lately, I have been asking my own guardian angel to help me and he has in a very tangable way. He seems to lighten my stresses at work and home and gets me through the task with true joy. Looking forward to Saint Gabriel the Arcangels interssesion this year. Thanks Jen for the reminder. Happy
    New Year to you and your family.

    • Ruth

      Hi Monica,
      Here is a wonderful website dedicated to the Work of the Holy Angels, overseen by the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross: I’ve made my Consecration to my Guardian Angel as well as Consecration to All the Holy Angels. They do wonderful silent retreats as well. May you have a blessed New Year!

  158. Theresa

    I generated three times–
    St.Ignatius of Antioch will be for my husband John
    St. Hyacinth for our son Joseph
    St. Therese of Lisieux (my patron saint and old friend) for me.

    Thank you and God Bless

  159. Joell

    St. Margaret of Hungary

  160. Diane

    St. John Capistrano, Patron Saint of the military ordinariate in the Philippines.

    Did I mention that I’m Filipino? It is so cool to have a connection even when I’m far from home. Thanks for making this program!

    • jen

      All my Facebook user pics are from Mission San Juan Capistrano in California.

  161. Holly H

    I am 35 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. With each pregnancy I have had dreams of either the child or I dying in childbirth. The births of the first two children included major health issues; we were told after the birth of second child that he only had days to live. About a month ago, I had a dream that my health was in jeopardy, that something was wrong with my oxygen and my bloodwork was abnormal and that I had 6 weeks to live- the baby was due in 7 weeks. About two weeks ago, my obgyn said that my bloodwork was abnormal due to me being Rh+ and having the anti-E antibody (a protein sticks to the red blood cells that carry oxygen). I thought of my dream, but the dr said this week that my levels of the antibody are very weak and he is not concerned.

    Tonight, the saint generator chose St. Teresa of Avila – patron saint of bodily ills and loss of parents. My older son Paul, was given, St. Rose of Lima, patron saint against vanity, which is much needed for him. My younger son was given, St. Theresa of Lisieux, patron saint of sick people and loss of parents. And my husband was given, St. Ulric of Augsburg, patron saint against birth complications and pregnant women!

    Philippians 4:6-7
    “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all [a]comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

    • monica

      please read Sirach chapter 34. I love Phillipians 4: 6-7. I just put that verse to prayer this morning and received much peace. I put my situation in Our Lady’s hands ….to God’s ear. Trust your Ob Dr and pray for our Lord to enlighten his mind. You will be surprised how this prayer is heard.
      God Bless you!

  162. Jennifer H

    St. Luke! It is said he painted the very first icon-that of Our Lady. How fitting then for me since I am a student of iconography.

  163. Laurie Kania

    St. Robert Bellarmine, a Jesuit who is the patron saint of Catechists, Canon Lawyers and Catechumens. Who knows what 2014 will bring?!

  164. Vera H.

    Went to Ikea this morning. Bought a lot of Swedish food and made plans for a dinner party with a Swedish theme. Spoke with a friend about a holliday in Sweden.
    And yes…. guess what? Your Generator gave me Bridget of Sweden for this year. I love being Catholic!! 😀

  165. Anthony S. Layne

    St. Ambrose of Milan! Kick-booty!

  166. Jean Smith

    Saint Charles Borromero

  167. Matthew

    i got St Walter of Pontoise, patron saint of job related stress. today is the first day of my new contract 01.01.14. looks like he picked me, not the other way round. we’ll do some awesome work with the LORD our God this year 2014. looking forward to the Holy Rosary and Holy Mass today.

  168. the other Becky

    St. Ezekiel Moreno y Diaz, a new one for me. I had not heard of him before, but I had heard that (soon to be Saint) John Paul II had canonized an unprecedented number of saints, and I wondered where he found them all. St. Ezekiel is one of them, so this is part of my answer.

    • the other Becky

      Update: I was wondering what connection I might have with St. Ezekiel, other than the one I mentioned above, which applies to many saints. I have been reading up on him, and found that he was ordained on my birthday!

  169. Lucy

    I’m a little freaked out by it choosing St. Bridget of Sweden, the patron of Europe and WIDOWS, for me. I don’t know any recent widows, nor do I know anyone who might become one soon due to a long illness. Hoping this doesn’t mean my husband or I will become a widow this year, as we are expecting our 4th child.

    Anyone have experience with St. Bridget as their saint of the year and not have death involved? I need hope that this year will be a good one.

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      When I was inputting the names into the program, I noticed that there are TONS of saints who are patrons of widows — that seems to be the most common area of patronage. When I draw saints who have that patronage, I use it as a prompting to be thankful for my marriage. 🙂

  170. Pat the Protestant

    St Matthew the Apostle. I was puzzled at first. This is the fourth year I’ve done this (Thanks Jen!) and the other three saints the generator selected all had an obvious connection to my job. St Matthew as patron of tax collectors, accountants, etc., did not seem to have a clear connection – until I read the “Fun Facts” at the bottom of the page. He’s going to help me not worry. That’s something I have been praying a LOT about for some time now. Thanks again Jen. Thanks, St. Matthew!

    • nancyo

      I got St.Matthew also – I read all the way down the comments here and I think you are the first to mention him. I’ve always found the Gospel of Matthew so challenging, so I think this year will be interesting!

  171. Emily

    St. Ulric of Augsburg.

  172. Laurel

    St. Nicholas.

    Thanks for this! This is awesome! 🙂

  173. TheReluctantWidow

    I have to own up to the fact that I rejected two saints before I said “yes” to one. My prayer went a little like this: “God, give me someone I can actually relate to this year.” First two were “hopes” though I might keep them in my back pocket to go to if I have problems with sexual temptation or convulsive children. The third time was St. Paul the Apostle. Yup. Patron saint of writers, I am starting to build a writing career, OK. No offense to St. Scolastica or others. I will learn about you but I am all business this year with my saint and I want someone I can really get to know and build a relationship with. I always wonder why St. Monica doesn’t come up for me as I have a house full of heathen children. (JK)

  174. Katrina

    St. Charles Borromeo, pray for us!

  175. Monica

    Wow! I got St. John Neumann, and my last name is Neuman, originally spelled Neumann. He must be the saint for me.

  176. elizabethe

    I got St. Jerome. One of the doctors of the church, St. Jerome is known for struggling against temptation in the desert and his great scholarly work on the Bible. He also had an acerbic personality. So, a perfect fit! Here’s a quote:

    “My face was pallid with fasting, yet my will felt the assaults of desire. In my cold body and my parched flesh, which seemed dead before its death, passion was still able to live. Alone with the enemy, I threw myself in spirit at the feet of Jesus, watering them with my tears, and tamed my flesh by fasting whole weeks.”

  177. nancyo

    My husband just got Saint Agostina Petrantoni; we’ll have to see how that bears fruit for him

  178. MotherOwl

    I got St. Joseph for the second year in a row – how weird – I mean how many saints are there to choose from?

  179. Candy Hartmann

    God chose St. Peregrine Laziosi for my family this year!

  180. Nikki

    I got St Catherine of Bologna, patron saint against temptation (this should be an interesting year), art, artists, liberal arts and painters (I vowed to get serious about crafting again). I think she’s perfect.

    St Catherine of Bologna, pray for us

  181. AmyRieschl

    Bl Miguel Pro! Viva Cristo Rey!

    There are no coincidences, God is everywhere, I LOVE that I have Bl Miguel Pro. I pray I can stand up for my faith as he did, and that I would be willing to give up everything for it.

    “Long Live Christ the King!”

  182. Daniella

    St. Agnes of Rome! I’m so excited about 2014 now, I’ve never thought about having a Saint for the year until someone posted this link of FB, thank you so much for making this possible, otherwise, I wouldn’t have a Saint this year 🙂

  183. Catherine

    I got St. Walburga–a practically unheard of saint in the U.S. but well known to me! My husband and I spent part of our honeymoon at the Abbey of St. Walburga in northern Colorado, prayed to her for various issues after that, and even considered naming our first child Anna Walburga (he turned out to be a boy though!). So, that’s pretty cool. Maybe we should try to visit her abbey this year…

  184. Gregg the Obscure

    St. Isaac Jogues – he was a seriously holy man, recognized as a living martyr even before he was tortured to death. I am very far from holy. He has been part of a litany* I’ve prayed each day for the past several months. I guess he heard and is willing to help.

    I’ve done this for several years since other folks have posted similar tools in the past and continue to pray to the saints of other years: St. Ambrose, St. Matthew, St. Clemenz Maria Hoffbauer, St. Aristarchus.

    *a takeoff from Ms. F’s suggestion of a litany incorporating titles of the Blessed Virgin with corresponding saints, e.g. “Mother of Perpetual Help and St. Isaac Jogues, pray for us”.

  185. Beth

    Way to terrify me on this first day of the new year! Apparently, I’m going to need ST MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL this year! Don’t get me wrong, he’s one of my favorites, but you know, in a general, protect-us-from-evil, kind of way. I’ll let you know how he safeguards me against the wickedness and snares of the devil. I guess I was hoping, just for today, that I (and my family) wouldn’t be the target of any wickedness or snares of the devil.
    Happy New Year!

    • Madeleine Myers

      I think at this point in our history, St Michael is a good saint to have. I am old enough to remember that we once prayed to him at the end of every Mass. We need to go back to that.

  186. Linda

    First time I’ve done this. I was skeptical but just couldn’t seem to say no. Said a prayer, took a chance. St. Monica! My needs and struggles match up to WAY too many of her spiritual specialties for this to be anything other than a match made in Heaven! Thank you, St. Monica, for coming to my aid! Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints!

  187. Larose Wynne

    Hi, this is a neat site, my parish is St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church in Cave Creek, Arizona. My saint is St Raphael the Archangel, so I feel blessed to be associated by two Archangels. Thank you and God bless

  188. Benjamin Rinaldo

    St. John the Apostle. This was the second St. name generator that gave me his name this year. I will take it as a sign and stick with him.

  189. Samantha

    St. Jude Thaddaeus

  190. Kim P

    I got St. Genesius…brand new one for me! This should be a blessing!

  191. Shaune

    My saint is St. Rose Philippine Duchesne. There is no coincidence here, just God working in disguise. I teach at a Sacred Heart School with two campuses: the Barat campus, named for the foundress of the rscj order, and the second, the Duchesne campus, for St. Rose Philippine, who founded the first rscj school in the US. I teach on the Duchesne campus. WOW!

  192. Marcia

    St. Teresa Margaret Redi I had not known this saint and when I looked her up I found that she was a functioned as a nurse in her monastery. I too am a nurse. This seems so appropriate for me. Thank you.

  193. Maryanne

    My Saint is St. Teresa Margaret Redi. I don’t know of her but will research her.

  194. Elizabeth

    I got St Claude de la Colombiere, of who I knew nothing, although I di a long time ago know a nun who was called Sister Colombiere, perhaps after him? I like that he is French, as my degree is in French, & that he came to England, where I live. He was caught up in the Titus Oates affair – when in 17th century England a number of Catholics were falsely accused of treason & executed. Claude escaped death because the French King intervened on his behalf. He is the patron saint of toymakers, which doesn’t seem very relevant to me, although I do spend a lot of time with my home-educated grandchildren, & invent special Advent Calendars and the like for them – pretty useless with my hands though..
    He also had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart, which I think will be good.

  195. Hannah K.

    I got St Gianna Beretta Molla who’s feast day is also my birthday :~)

  196. Kathy

    St. Cajetan

  197. Marian

    St. Erasmus….patron saint of childbirth ( among other things)…but the neat thing about this is that I teach childbirth classes to inmates in a women’s prison. How exciting that I never knew this saint and now I can ask for his intercession as I teach and minister to these precious women! Thank you!

  198. Seth

    I got St. Joseph of Cupertino. I didn’t know much about him prior to the Saint Name Generator, but he is the patron saint of students and test takers. I plan on starting Notre Dame Law School this fall when I get back from a year living in Germany, so that is a great choice!

    • Barb

      I LOVE St. Joe Cupertino! Have been praying to him for my daughters’ education. She was the recipient of a 100% scholarship to a local university to study nursing. As a freshman, she has to maintain a 3.50 gpa and after the 1st semester has a 3.77! St. Joe Cupertino…pray for us! Also viewed an old film on St. Joe Cupertino “The Reluctant Saint”…I love old films…so this one I DID enjoy! Many blessings in your educational endeavors!

  199. Richard

    St. Anne Line! Perfect as I am a convert and have no children, although definitely not a widow!! She is one of the 40 Martyrs of England and Wales, of whom I have an interest and devotion to!

  200. Lucky

    Need a patron SAINT for good health and less pain

  201. Dee Gray

    St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, which could not be more perfect. Thank you!

  202. Tanis Wolf

    St. Teresa of Avila is a MARVELOUS pick for me as her patronage indicates – Sick People – People Who Need Grace – People Who Are Ridiculed For Their Piety. Just happened to read your article &
    thought your SAINT GENERATOR was a great idea. Will definitely write on my calendar for next year. God bless you.

  203. Ryan

    I got Bl. Gerard of Lunel, patron saint against headaches. Very interesting as I have suffered with headaches all my life, but especially these last two weeks. Almost daily migraines. Seems not so random.

  204. Christie // Everything to Someone

    Saint Cajetan–my immediate and extended family have struggled with unemployment for the past three to four years–is this a sign that God is still with us through it all, or that something is going to change? Either way, there’s a reason it’s him!

  205. Patty McMahon

    My Saint is Martin de Porres

  206. Kitty

    Saint John Neumann

  207. Kathy

    St. Conrad of Piacenza

  208. Gina Lockhart

    St. John de Brito was chosen for me. His mission was to convert people in India. Because he was successful, he was persecuted by the higher class, having been tortured and executed. I’m wondering what I can learn from him. I very recently started a small online business. My mission is to convert people to customers. How I treat them and how well I make my product is a reflection of my beliefs.

  209. Laurie

    St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi Feast: May 25

  210. Becky

    This is my first time here. Thank you for this blog! My saint for this year is St. Rita. I’m very excited about this as she is the patron saint for many of the things that have happened in my lifetime.

  211. Kathie

    First time I did this. my Saint is Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne, I had never heard of her, so this is exciting.

    Thank you.

  212. Teresa Fogarty

    St. Bernard of Clairvaux
    Feast : August 20th

  213. Kathy

    St. Elizabeth, Nov. 5 Feast Day
    I prayed as the name was generating for a female saint!

  214. Joan

    St Theresa Margaret Redi. I will learn more about her.

  215. Melissa

    St Walter of patroise

  216. Sydney

    St Elizabeth of Portugal…perfect!

  217. Barb

    St. Urban of Langres! Feast day (4/2) celebrated on my father-in-law’s birthday. Wine lover! Gardener! How perfect!

  218. Mary

    St. Jane de Chantal- absolutely perfect. She is one of my all time favorite saints, I graduated from Visitation in the late 70s

  219. Fernando

    So I actually asked God to send me a Saint that would intercede for me with my pledges….and I got St. Joan of Arc. My dad is a Catholic missionary and has a TV program on EWTN Español and I asked him and he said yes Joan of Arc is a saint….when I pressed on “Learn more about St. Joan…..” I noticed that the feastday is the same day as my Birthday….awesome!

  220. Heidi

    St. Paul the Hermit, I don’t know much about him but will definitely read up on him. Thank you 🙂

  221. Kim

    St. Jane of Valois

  222. Dawn Williamson

    St. John de Brito

  223. Catherine

    St. Joseph of Cupertino, very simpatico!

  224. Dt

    St Claire of Assisi

  225. Simon Simons

    St. Martin of Tours

  226. Pat

    This is really very unusual…..I was just chatting with a friend of mine when I saw this posted and decided to check it out. I was given St. Helena and the friend I was chatting with…..her name is Helena!!!!!

  227. Susan K

    St Thomas the Apostle. I’m to have catarract surgery this year…

  228. Mimi L

    St. Rose of Lima ….. interesting, as I love gardening and many other likes from her list of patronage.

  229. Ritaestelle Christiano

    St. Stephen, please pray for us!!

  230. LaRaine

    I got St. Guy of Anderlecht. I had not hear of him and he is the patron saint of many…I look forward to learning more about him!!!

  231. Scarlette

    I also got St. Martin of Tours.

  232. tina wade

    St. Gerard Majella

  233. Madeleine Myers

    I have St. Peregrine the cancer saint. Should I worry? I have beaten cancer twice. I will be grateful and pray for those who are still fighting. I know too many, family and friends.

  234. RAnn

    St. Francis de Sales

    Feast: January 24

    Patronage: Confessors; Deaf People; Educators; Journalists; Teachers; Writers
    Learn more about St. Francis de Sales |

    Hmmm…I need to go to confession, I have a teaching degree and serve on my parish school board and I’m a blogger…

  235. Theresa Korte

    St Aloysius Gonzaga…patron of teenagers…perfect for this mom of 2 teen boys. St Aloysius pray for us. Thanks for doing this…we can never have too many friends in heaven!

  236. Jessica M

    St. John Oglivie … a Jesuit who was betrayed by a phony Catholic and turned in to be tortured and hanged. I look forward to finding out more about him! THANK YOU!

  237. St. Gerard Majella

    I had St. Gerard Majella selected for me. He’s the patron saint of Childbirth; Children; Falsely Accused People; Good Confessions; Lay Brothers; Mothers; Pregnant Women; Pro-Life Movement; Unborn Children. This is perfect for me, as I’ve been involved with the Pro-Life Movement over the past 25 years. I’m already well-acquainted with him, and now will devote the next year to requesting his intercession.

  238. annie

    St. Maximilian Kolke was chosen for me. I’m so happy to receive his name. He served other to his death. I will be making my first mission this year and his example of service will guide me.

  239. lynn

    St. John of God!

  240. Carmen

    St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort…So Happy. Will re read and mediate his works.

  241. Mary

    Pope Saint Pius V, whoo-hoo! I’ve always wanted to be bold enough to give a kid Pius as his middle name. Or first. Boom! I’m taking it as a SIGN!! 🙂

  242. Barbara

    St. Joseph Moscati, patron of physicians and bachelors. Since I am a doctor who has chosen not to marry, this is a perfect choice for me. Thank you.

  243. Cyndie

    St. Robert Bellarmine.

  244. Stephanie

    I got St. Francis de Sales, patron saint of writers, which is interesting since I’ve been struggling with how to communicate my faith through my blog (and consequently gave up blogging for many months due to this inner turmoil).

    I also love this quote by him: “The person who possesses Christian meekness is affectionate and tender towards everyone: he is disposed to forgive and excuse the frailties of others; the goodness of his heart appears in a sweet affability that influences his words and actions, presents every object to his view in the most charitable and pleasing light.”

    I LOVE this. Too bad it’s too long to get tattoo’d on my wrist.

  245. Katy

    St. Margaret Clitherow– I already admired her but now need to ask heyr prayers!

  246. Nan

    St. Cosmas. The connection I see is that he and his brother, St. Damien, transplanted a leg from someone who had died to someone who had a cancerous leg. Maybe it means I’m to ask his intercession for my mother, who had a stroke 2 years ago and was paralyzed on the left; she has begun to move on the left and is in therapy. They’re working on standing which has greatly improved in the last 6 weeks and she has taken a couple of tiny steps with help.

    For all who don’t see a connection, you may not know it this year. I had St. Eligius, who converted pagans, built monasteries and convents, found the relics of saints and was a goldsmith. The closest thing was converting pagans as I wasn’t raised in a religious household, so I thought he wanted me to go to Mass. Then I had a couple of saints closely connected to the Eucharist; the name escapes me, but one was a priest in another country, who gave the Eucharist to thousands each Sunday. A month before my mom’s stroke, I was given a chalice, which needed regilding, and has since been given to one of our African seminarians, who has now been a priest for a year, giving the Eucharist to thousands. He personally baptized 90 at Easter.

  247. Jackie

    Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
    Thank you for this. One of my daughters is having so much anxiety. I am going to ask my new saint to help her find peace.

  248. MelanieB

    St Andre Bessette.

    Really cool because I went to his shrine in Montreal with my little brother some years ago, before he was canonized. I’d never really paid attention to St Andre before that and well not much more since. But thinking about him reminds me of that rally cool Thanksgiving weekend I spent in Canada and of my little brother. I’m very inspired by St Andre’s simplicity, his hospitality and his healing ministry. I’m feeling like he has something to teach me about hospitality and healing and devotion to St Joseph. It looks like it will be an interesting year.

    Elizabeth Scalia was writing about choosing a saint and she made a great point about how the burden falls on us to befriend our saint, get to know them, and find out why they chose us. We can fail to follow up and not really get much out of it, or we can really invest in the relationship and make a friend for life. I’ve certainly done both in the past. This year I’m determined to really try to get to know St Andre Bessette. I’m going to read a biography, and talk to him when I pray and ask him to pray for me.

  249. Isabella Rose

    St. Margaret of Hungary – eary Dominican! 🙂 Now how did that generator know I like my Dominicans, especially the early ones? Nice! Thank you and Happy New Year! 🙂

  250. Vicky

    God bless x

  251. Jackie Moody

    A wonderful idea

    • Jackie Moody

      St. Joseph Moscatii

  252. Susan

    St. Martha – how appropriate

  253. Elizabeth

    First inquiry of this program/application. Gifted with St. Andre Bessett, feast day of January 6th. A humble servant of his parish; great devotion to St. Joseph. I am surrounded by “Joseph” in the living and those who have gone before me, (my dad) being one, and in the parish church we attend. Look forward to learning more. God is so good!

  254. John

    St Robert Bellarmine!

  255. Heidi

    St. Peter!

  256. Kellie

    St. Mark the Evangelist

  257. Hannah

    St. Bernardine of Siena 🙂

  258. faye

    my Saint Wolfgang of Ratisbon

  259. Tracy

    Saint Catherine of Bologna, patron saint of artists, works for me!

  260. Madge

    Saint Monica!

  261. Ann

    I got St Charles Lwanga, who is one of the Ugandan martyrs, Im actually familiar with him from a wonderful book by Fr. Jim Martin called “My Life with the Saints”. If you haven’t read it it might be a good companion to this exercise!

  262. Ronald J. Rolling

    St. Anne, mother of the Mother of God, grandmother of the Son of God.

  263. Karey

    Saint Martha! ” In Martha we see ourselves — worried and distracted by all we have to do in the world and forgetting to spend time with Jesus. It is, however, comforting to note that Jesus loved her just the same.”

  264. Elaine Wurm

    Bl. Teresa of Calcutta. How blest I am to have a Blessed praying for me! Awesome!

  265. Cristina

    Jennifer, thank you for this! I got St. Raymond Nonnatus, patron of infants, children, pregnant women, childbirth….as a pregnancy consultant with the Gabriel Project Life Center at Catholic Charities in Austin, I couldn’t be more pleased with the selection. Thank you so much for this!

  266. Maryann

    St Barnabus- So perfect since my husband and I seem to be a bit on opposite opinions and lately I seem to be more in the middle between my daughters relationships with each other. St. Barnabus is invoked as peacemaker. May his name come quickly to my lips instead of harsh criticisms. Truly I am please with this saint because my favorite book is the Book of Mark and Barnabus is his cousin. I also did a second pick for someone to help me along with a new business/sewing venture – mainly name and success and Bl. Miguel Agustin Pro came up – at first I thought it might not be right because he gave up his family’s lucrative business career so I clicked again but the next saint was very off and I realized that Bl Pro was definitely my guidance since he was popular with the ladies and his nickname is Cocol – translate to sweet bread and I am a daily communicant. May God be gloried.

  267. Kristin

    St. Bernardine of Siena. I’ve never met him before, but apparently he was the great traveling revival preacher of fifteenth century Italy.

    Perfect. My family calls me the “Catholic revival preacher.”

    But seriously, this is exactly who I need right now. I just helped orchestrate a book giveaway of Rediscover Catholicism in our parish at Christmas, and now I’m preparing to teach a follow-up class. I’m having quite a lot of trouble writing the first class.

    Words. I need some really, really good words. Something conversion-worthy. St. Bernardine, pray for me!

    (I am slightly concerned though, that he worked himself to death after preaching from horseback 50 days in a row.)

  268. Anne Marie

    St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein)

    Feast: August 9

    Patronage: Against the Death of Parents; Europe; Martyrs

    It is wonderful to have a saint who lived in the last century and was a convert herself, since I am an active part of my parish RCIA ministry program, helping out one of the two deacons who ones that ministry of witness.

  269. Matthew

    I got St. Therese of Lisieux (patroness of missionaries) which is perfect because I’ve recently joined a community called the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharrist! The community promotes Eucharistic Adoration and preaches missions to open or renew perpetual adoration chapels. We’re having a great conference this summer on adoration and Divine Mercy and we’re having some great speakers with incredible conversion stories share their testimony. Check it out and come if you can! It’ll be worth the trip trust me!

    Finding this patron Saint “generator” was good for me because I was literally asking the Lord just last night and this morning to make it clear which patron Saint he wanted me to have for the year!

  270. Michele Clark

    I prayed before choosing a Saint….and was given Saint Anthony of Padua!
    I am very happy about this and will research my Saint fully, and glorify God through my saint. Michele

  271. Lee M.

    Love your blog! I teach high school art and my freshmen are drawing saints. We do this every year. But I added a new twist this year thanks to your blog. I showed the students how to find your saint generator and they each chose a saint for the year. They also have to use the saint for their art project. They really got into it and I think may share with their family by the comments I was hearing. Thanks for the great resource.

    BTW, I was given Saint Joseph Cupertino which is fitting because he is the patron of pilots and flight. My 14 year old son is flying home from Ireland on Monday!!

  272. Susan Eberhardt

    St. Bridget of Sweden. This is one saint with whom I am unfamiliar. Guess I will get to know her better this year as I ask for intercessory prayers!

  273. Chris Spagnola

    I got St. Joseph of Cupertino, patron saint of air travelers. Hmm!
    My son will be traveling from the North East to Minneapolis 2 weeks/month until May on business. Today it is -48 degrees in that area. How does anything move especially airplanes?

  274. Maryann

    I got St. Walburga. Someone new to get to know.

    My son, who just sang the part of Gabriel in our parish’s Christmas pageant, got St. Michael. He was tickled.

  275. Daryl

    I got St Wenceslaus, and I happen to dream of going to his native Prague — hopefully this year! 😛

  276. Liz

    St. Elizabeth

  277. Carol

    St. Anne–I will be a grandmother for the third time this year.

  278. Susan

    Thank you

  279. Arlene

    St. Maria Maravillas de Jesus……

  280. Beth

    St Elizabeth of Hungary

  281. Jackie

    St. Monica

  282. Margaret M

    Anne of Saint Bartholomew!

  283. Vency

    I first got St. Braulio of Saragossa, whose birthday was 4 days away from mine. I desired a saint who shared something and the next saint I got was

    Bl. Alexandrina Maria da Costa.

    Praise God, she shares my birthday. I recently, i.e. last month read about her life and was excited to know about her and wanted to know more about her. I am very pleased to have her as my saint for 2014.
    Hope she is canonised this year. This is my prayer.
    Thanks. GOD BLESS!

  284. Rosemary

    I was given Blessed Miguel Pro. Looking forward to getting to know him.

  285. Bobby

    St. Bernadette

  286. Andrew

    Anne of Saint Bartholomew

  287. Kandi

    Saint Gerard Majella. Very interested in learning about him since my husband and I have decided to try again for another child (this will be our 3rd child)

  288. Carrie Ayn

    St Albert of Jerusalem, pray for me.
    Thank you, Jennifer, for this wonderful service ! May God bless you and yours in 2014.

  289. Janet in Toronto

    St. Gerard Majella, patron saint of motherhood. Just as my nest has emptied. Hmmmm….

  290. Brandi

    St. Matthias

  291. Kevin

    St. John the Apostle

  292. Thereasa

    St. Briget of Sweden. It freaks me out a little that she is the patron saint of widows!

  293. Mary V

    My youngest son has been trying to get into the very competitive engineering school at his university for 18 months. While home for Christmas he went on the Saint Generator and got St. Patrick, Patron of Engineers!!!
    He met with his academic advisor today and… that’s right; Jack was accepted into the Engineering Program.
    Thank you St. Patrick!!!

  294. Maria P

    St. Anthony of Padua. I couldn’t be happier!

  295. Missyb

    St. Sebastian

  296. Jane

    St Margaret Mary Alacoque. I am delighted!!

  297. Cynthia

    St. Andrew Bobola

    I hadn’t heard of him before, but the first thing that struck me in a meaningful way is his feast day, May 16. That’s significant because it’s my dad’s birthday (and he died three years ago) and also the anniversary of my First Holy Communion.

    I believe St. Andrew will be a powerful intercessor for me this year. He is from Poland and is known as “the hunter of souls”. Not only do I come from Polish ancestry, but I’ve been praying fervently for the conversion of several close family members, a “hunt” for their souls, so to speak.

  298. Rochelle

    St. Bernadette. The movie, “St. Bernadette of Lourdes” will be shown on
    EWTN on February 8th, and my DVR will be set!

  299. Lisa Addison

    Hey Carolyn! Always such a pleasure reading your little blogs!! My St. was St. Hedwig which is kinda fitting for me except she was happily married, had 7 children…..but her husband did open many hospitals…..

  300. Andrea

    I got St Catherine of Sweden, whose feast day is on… my birthday. Bit of twilight zone there. 🙂

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