Edel Gathering ticket sale time!

February 10, 2014

We have an official start time for ticket sales for the Edel Gathering! Assuming that I understand how Eventbrite calculates time zones, tickets for the 2014 Edel Gathering will go on sale at 10:00 AM Eastern (9 AM Central) this Wednesday, February 12.

–> Here is the link for the page to buy tickets.

A few notes:

We’ve updated the FAQ page to answer some of the new questions that have been coming in. I’m closing comments here to keep communications simple, but please don’t hesitate to email us or connect with us on Facebook.

Two of our wonderful Support Team members, Grace Patton and Ana Hahn, are not sure if they’re going to be able to attend the actual event due to residency/pregnancy demands, but our speakers list is set in stone.

Thank you so much for the amazing response this event. This is so exciting!


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