I cry every time I watch this video about the book. It is just that awesome.

April 30, 2014 | 102 comments

Two weeks ago I set out to create a video in which writer friends took turns reading excerpts from Something Other than God.

I wanted to create a video that would give viewers a feel for the content of the book, while also involving people you might know who have been there for me along the way.

I finally got it finished late yesterday afternoon, as the first day of the book’s release drew to a close, and I was thrilled to see how it all came together. When I watched the final cut, I cried. Granted, part of that was probably extreme sleep deprivation — but I’ve watched it a few more times after a much-needed nap, and I still get tears in my eyes every time.

I’m so touched to see so many friends come together to support this project. I love it that most of them are authors too, and know the road that I am traveling well. As I see them on the screen, I think of the dramatic stories that have played out in their lives, many of which they’ve chronicled through their own blogs and books.

You know many of their stories too, since these are some of your favorite people. I’ll follow up later with a list of links to who is in the video, but for now I thought it would be fun for you to see who’s in it simply by watching it.

I CANNOT wait for you to see this. So, without further ado, I present to you:

33 of Your Favorite Bloggers and Authors Read
Excerpts from Something Other than God:

Those of you receiving this post by email need to click through to the post to see it.

Also: I’m flying out to EWTN today to do some show tapings! (I didn’t mention that previously because, for self-preservation reasons, I needed to believe that I was not really flying across the country the day after my book’s release.) I’m not sure when my episodes will air, but I’ll be updating on Twitter if they air this week.

In the meantime, I’ll be watching this video over and over again as I pack. If you see that it gets thousands of hits just today, don’t think it went viral — they’re probably all from me.


  1. TheresaEH

    OK, Joe wins first prize as the most supportive, adorable catholic husband in a banana costume!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jennifer Fulwiler

      He is definitely a great husband. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michelle

      Lol @ catholic husband in a banana costume.

      Jenny, you got a good fam.

      happy for you

  2. Karen

    I admit. I got a little tear too. My book is pre ordered and I can’t wait for it to arrive

  3. Deborah

    It must be awesome to hear your written words read aloud from so many good friends. Congratulations! I can wait to read it.

  4. Maia

    Really, REALLY cool.

  5. Melody

    Yay!!! I love it! So scouted for my copy to arrive!!!! Congrats Jen! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Melody

      See! So excited I am scouted instead!! Lol

      • Cammy

        I was going to ask my daughters what “scouted” means, figuring it was some new hip word. Now I can’t stop laughing that it was a typo. At least that stopped me from crying–loved the video!

        • Jennifer Fulwiler

          This is hilarious. We need to make “scouted” a new word that only extremely hip people use.

  6. Ann-Marie

    That was AMAZING! I am only in chapter ten, but I didn’t have the self control to turn it off. I kept going, “I know him!” “Her blog is awesome!” “Ah, she sounds exactly like I imagined” and “I went to college with him!” So, so, so fun!

  7. JUD

    I have been reading the book since it banged on the doormat yesterday. That is after I was installed in a chair after dinner. I wonder what I am even doing here watching this video, I actually quit reading the book to see if there was any news! I never read a book knowing so many people would be reading the book at the same time. Most of them on the other side of the world of course – but obviously it sells here too, (Netherlands – no not in Amsterdam). I wanted to make a picture of the book to prove that God created Catholics on this part of the planet, too. But my camera seems to have run of on its own. Anyway, I get really nervous sitting in a comfortable chair for hours, shouting to my husband ‘these guys were in computers too, he nearly worked for google and she made user interfaces’. I don’t know what these are, but my husband will be impressed, I am sure. I just passed page 60, anyway…

    • JoAnne

      So not fair!!!! I ordered mine back in December AND although I live in CANADA, I’m having it delivered to Michigan so I can get it FASTER…after watching this video, continued on to my email to see that Amazon has shipped my book YAY but it’s not coming until May 9 – what May 9!!!!! I will live vicariously through y’all y’all

      Love reading all the comments and I’m scouted too

  8. Beth (A Mom's Life)

    I absolutely loved this!

    Now, when is my copy going to arrive???? Come on Amazon! Get to shipping!

  9. Kaitlin @ More Like Mary

    Well I didn’t cry at all. Until Hallie starting blubbering, then I lost it. Really beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful book.

  10. Jenny

    I cannot wait for my copy to arrive tomorrow, and this was just the sneak peak I needed! Thanks for the incredibly fun and well-done video teaser! It was wonderful to see the faces and hear the voices of so many writers I have only read online. I think every blogger should do a selfie-video introduction of themselves to post on their blog, so I can hear their voices and believe they are REAL people! Thank you.

  11. Sarah Damm

    This video is WONDERFUL! I loved it! I cannot wait to get my copy (Friday). God bless you and your family, as you travel to EWTN and continue to do so much around your book, all the while keeping up with being a wife and mom! Take care!

  12. Angie

    I got the email yesterday that my copy of the book has shipped! I’ll be reading it at the beach next week!!!!!

  13. Marria

    I loved the trailer and cannot wait for my copy to arrive tomorrow. A part of me hopes it’ll arrive today so I can start reading. I’m a recent convert as of Easter this year so I hear these awesome bloggers reading things that I can relate to and I get teary-eyed.

  14. Kelly McGinn

    I preordered three copies and can’t wait to receive your book. Every time I click play on the video it says Plug-In Failed? Is this a problem on my end? I even went to YouTube and got the same result. ARGHHH!!!

  15. Molly

    Is it weird I teared up and I don’t even know you? Love y o urge blog on g and cannot wait to get your book so I can love it too! Congratulations!!!

  16. Elizabeth

    I love the video! However, I am a little frustrated that my pre-ordered copy from Barnes & Noble is delayed for some reason or another…. I hope it comes soon!

    • Elizabeth

      Do you know why through BN.com, the book is delayed until 5/21 for shipping? I don’t know if it’s everyone or just me. I contacted BN.com online customer service:

      “We do apologize for the inconvenience, but our system shows that it will be shipped on 05/21/2014.”

  17. Lizzie

    Mine arrived yesterday and I’ve been reading it at every opportunity-I’m loving it so far! Well done and God bless you and all those who will read it.

  18. Amanda

    This. Is. Fantabulous.
    Now I’m even more excited to get my copy. Hurry up Amazon!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Tess

    Just watched this, it was amazing, and I especially loved Bonnie’s spontaneous rendition of Let it Go. That was fabulous!

  20. Michelle

    You are right – it IS that awesome!

  21. Misty

    I cried too. It was almost an ugly cry. I’ve been reading along here for years and I’m so thrilled for you but mostly moved by what God has done in and through you. Congratulations. What a wild and wonderful ride!

  22. Catholic Lawyer Mama

    Wow, this video was really amazing. So inspiring. Both your journey to Catholicism, but also that, once you became Catholic, you found a way to capture your journey in words to inspire others (and, simultaneously, found the time to continue living as an authentic Catholic woman and mother to boot!). God bless you!!! I really can’t wait for my book to arrive so I can read it all the way through!

  23. Jessica

    Now I’m crying.

    So awesome to see all my favorite bloggers in one video.

    Amazon needs to ship my stinkin book already.

  24. Erika

    I can’t wait for amazon to deliver the book!

  25. Laura


    That was so exciting because it was like the walking the red carpet with all my Catholic favorites! I am a total fan girl, and just loved that so much!

    I am going to make my own video for you, in which I sing the entire book….in Latin.

  26. Marietta

    The video gave me goosebumps. Can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

  27. Julia

    Great video with quite the all-star cast! Tomorrow (when my copy arrives) can’t come soon enough! Congratulations again.

  28. Meika

    It made me cry, too. Except Dwija’s part, which inspired a seal-bark laugh! I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    I got goosebumps when the line about your Bible having its own gravitational force was read, because that’s my story, too. I’d dared God to prove to me that he was real, “or else…” I can still picture my Bible’s dusty rise cover staring me down from under my bed and a pile of dirty clothes. I picked it up, and my life changed – my heart changed. Praise God! It’s uncanny to hear that someone else had a similar encounter.

  29. nancyo

    You did such a great job on the video, Jen. It was worth all of the lost sleep. And you crack me up about your flight; hope you survive the Austin to Birmingham jaunt.

  30. Bernardone

    I must say, you have a great husband! He is EXTREMELY supportive – and has a great sense of humor too! – to be willing to get up there in his banana suit all over again. I do not think a lot of guys would be willing to do that.

    Kudos to Joe for being so supportive!

    Now we just need an “after the big book event, props to Joe for being such a great husband through it all!” post. Really, he deserves it. ๐Ÿ™‚ God bless you both, and congrats on the book release!

  31. Johanna

    That video made ME cry. Your blog was so influential in my own journey to Catholicism. If the book is half as good as the video, I’ll have to persuade my husband to let me splurge and purchase it. (Life on a budget)
    Loved seeing all the faces of catholic bloggers and writers I enjoy reading

    • Elisa | blissfulE

      You could ask your local library to buy it for you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Amy

    I love it, I love it!! Made me cry too. And laugh hysterically. So. Fabulous.

  33. jamaica

    Jen, I received an email this morning saying my copy has shipped! I am so excited to read it. I also swept the pancakes off of the diningroom floor this morning with a one year old clamped between my knees so he wouldn’t eat my pile. And I thought, if it wasn’t for other Catholic mothers of large families with blogs, I would think I was the only crazy person in the world living like this. Solidarity. And thank you!

  34. Nancy

    Oh, this is one video that NEEDS to go viral. What fun to see so many terrific bloggers all in one spot! But if we’re casting votes, I gotta say Joe Banana gets mine. Congratulations on the book! I am eagerly awaiting my copy.

  35. Tracy

    I love this video. I have to say I am extra excited to read your book because feel a Very Special connection to you. I am a reader from waaayyy back when your blog a different name(Reluctant Atheist?), even before Et Tu Jen! Congratulations!!
    Now, who is going to play you in the movie version?

  36. Rosemary

    I got teary too! And my copy just came today!! I am even more excited to read it now after watching this!

  37. Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose

    Great video! Everyone did a fabulous job with the readings! I can definitely see why you had to watch it so many times and why it made you cry. It’s not my book, and I even watched it twice! Congrats again! So so happy for you!

  38. Alissa Molina

    Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. Shared it on Facebook hoping to get others in on this awesomeness. Book gets here Friday and got a group of friends all set up for a book club. For the win!

  39. Carolyn @ Svellerella

    AH! Best book trailer EVER. Star-studded, too! loveloveloveloveee.

  40. Sarah

    I cried, too

  41. Elise

    Oh goodness, I teared up, too! You did an amazing job with this video, Jen. Thanks for making this book release so much fun for all of us. Now I’ll just keep growing in the virtue of patience as I wait for my book to arrive from Amazon…hopefully tomorrow!

  42. Jesabes

    Even though I saw Joe on the teaser screen I still ended up spitting out my food as I laughed when he showed up.

    And I did have tears in my eyes by the end, so…I laughed, I cried, I loved it.

  43. Amanda

    That was amazing! I didn’t even know book trailers were a thing???! So happy for you and loved every bit of it. Everyone did such a great job! You are wonderful! and, your trailer made me happy and even more excited for your book! CONGRATS!

  44. Jaime

    Oh my gosh! I love that video- what a beautiful thing to have such wonderful friends! And thank you for letting all of us share in your joy of seeing your dream realized!! I am totally inspired and so happy for you. My book arrived today and I can’t wait to start reading it. Many, many, many congratulations!!!!

  45. Jenna@CallHerHappy

    I’ve said it a million times, but I am so proud of you, friend! Thank you for including me in your celebration! xxoo

  46. Anne

    Aw, man, that was fun. LOL, Patrick Madrid and Joe the Banana. How fun for you, Jen, and all your fans. Amazon delivered to the post office for some reason. Gotta go get it! Very much looking forward.

  47. Amy

    I teared up as well! Loving the book so far. Congratulations!

  48. Dawn

    Joe as the banana! Awesome! Congratulations!

  49. Mira

    This was very moving. I had smile on my face and tears in my eyes.

    Dear Jen, you are loved by so many because you bring us joy. Blessings to you and all the wonderful, inspiring people around you.

    God is good!

  50. Michelle M.

    Okay. I am about to cry, too, but it is mostly because YOU and all the amazing people in the video are people I would give my left arm to hang around with. I find the blog world so exquisitely unsatisfying because I am such an introvert who NEEDS to make eye contact to feel like I am actually communicating with people. I feel like such a weirdo (and my family often confirms it!) that I know WAY too much about other people’s lives without actually knowing the individuals of whom I speak. You are an amazing human, Jennifer! My book is supposed to arrive tomorrow and I can’t wait!!!!

  51. Amanda @ Planning On it

    Okay, I went from laughing hysterically at Joe in the banana suit and Bonnie belting out “Let it Go” to tearing up at the end as everyone read from C.S. Lewis. It sounds great, I cannot wait to read it. I’ve been a devoted blog reader of yours for 5 years now, since the days living in a Lutheran Seminary with my husband and newborn baby boy while my husband got his M.Div to now living in Pennsylvania with 4 beautiful children, fully Catholic and still married to my wonderful pastor-husband. Your blog was instrumental in my coming fully into the Catholic Church after being baptized Catholic and then raised in a completely non-practicing home. So I guess I just wanted to say thank you for the last 5 years and now thank you for your book. You’ve blessed my family immensely.

  52. Amanda

    THANK YOU for writing this book! (and for putting together that wonderful trailer!)

    I posted on Facebook a link to your book along with a short blurb starting that although our backgrounds are so different (yours atheism and mine pentecostal Christianity) our journeys into the Catholic Church are so similar. People ask me why we (my husband and I and our children) made the switch and I always feel like my explanation falls flat and sounds a bit like an old black and white PSA about root canals rather than the exciting journey that it truly was. I love how your book captures the excitement in the discovery of this beautiful Church. We just arrived Home at Easter Vigil this year (thanks again for your congratulations in your email) and I’m overjoyed to be able to live out the rest of my life as part of this huge, awesome, messy, beautiful Family. I am also so grateful to have this wonderful book to share with people who ask me why I joined the Catholic Church.

    Congratulations! Great work! Peace be with you!

  53. Margaret in MN

    Awesome. Completely & totally & unutterably awesome.

  54. stasha

    Only Jennifer can figure out a way to promote her book while promoting others ๐Ÿ™‚ loved it and can’t wait to read it.

    • Monica

      I second stasha’s comment. Jen shares the glory of her book release with all of her dear friends. What an inspiration!

      The video is AMAZING! I watched it three times already and love it.

  55. Elisa | blissfulE

    Fantastic video!! So great this is coming out right after my husband and I entered the church at Easter Vigil!! You’ve been instrumental in that move, making Catholicism “real” to me who had never been exposed to it in real life prior to starting to read your blog.

    I’m looking forward to sharing your story with more people who need to hear it, now that it’s in book form.

    Blessings on you, and all your wonderful friends (and Joe!) who contributed to the video!

  56. Pat Gohn

    All the best with the book launch and the TV appearances!

  57. Monica


    The part that Joe read fit perfect with him being in a banana suit! You are both a little crazy! I love it!

  58. Lacey

    I watched it this morning after someone put the link on Twitter and I teared up and thought I was weird for crying. So glad to find I’m not alone.

    I finished it this afternoon, and I just want to read it again.

  59. Michelle

    Out of stock on Book Depository! Boo ๐Ÿ™

  60. Leelee

    That video made me even more excited to read your book. My copy arrives today. And not a moment too soon, my family is tired of hearing how excited I am to read your book!

  61. Jill

    I lost it when Bonnie Engstrom started belting “Let it Go” –

    I’m going to Amazon right now to order my copy!

    Congratulations on the book!!

  62. Ashley

    I’m going to be totally useless when my copy finally gets here…I’m crying too! So excited for you and impatient to start reading!

  63. Lynne

    Well I was shedding tears by halfway through, and I don’t even have a good reason. Why would I be moved by seeing how much others love and support *you*? But I wept nonetheless, and laughed also, at the many hilarious interpretations, interruptions, and additions. I suppose it’s simply that cool to see good things come to fruition for another.

    And my copy should arrive today or tomorrow, just in time for my non-believing son’s non-believing Jewish girlfriend to arrive for her first meeting and visit with us. It will be a good time to have this by my bedside.

  64. Mary

    Jen – I cried too – with joy! I got 1/2 way through the book last night- absolutely wonderful – poignant, sublime, hilarious – inspiring.

    I can’t tell you how much you have taught me and helped me these past 6 years as I , a fallen away cradle Catholic, have journeyed home. God Bless you! I post and spread your blog to everyone I know – I am now trumpeting your book.

    Love ya – Keep calm and Catholic on!

  65. Cottage By The Sea

    I’m preordering the book and can’t wait to read it. I’ve been following your blog for about 4 years now, and what a riveting story. I often quote from it to my daughter and my daughter to me. I had 8 kids and she has 7 (and counting). We NEED your book if even just to help us explain God’s plan. My last post was about choosing life, maybe you’ll get a chance to read it sometime. Good luck with your book. I hope it reaches and touches lots of people!

  66. Erica Saint

    I finished reading it very early this morning. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed it immensely! I plan on recommending it to all my family and friends.

    One of my favorite parts was your comparison of Tupac to C.S.Lewis, how Tupac’s life and death became your focus during your first hours of reading the Catechism, and how your first sincere prayer was for Tupac’s soul.

    A profound and entertaining story! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  67. Kelly McGinn

    The book must be selling well because my 4/11 pre-order from Amazon won’t arrive until next week. I contacted them and they said they ran out of stock! Whatever you are doing to promote it, Jen, is working! I’m just sad that I won’t get to read it this weekend;( I’m dying to dive in!

  68. Maria

    I ordered my book in February and just got an email from Amazon that I wouldn’t get it until next week very disappointed for myself but very excited for you that your book is selling well! Congrats!

  69. Elizabeth

    happy for you Jennifer! My copy came in the mail today! I’m loving it! Great video; it screams of such a happy accomplishment! God bless and keep you!

  70. Peg

    God bless you on this happy day as you celebrate the publication of your book. Just read Simcha Fisher’s positive review of the book.

  71. Claire in the UK

    I know the Church is against same-sex marriage but I when did it approve marriage to a banana. Did I miss something ? In the middle of last week’s canonisation service did the Pope quietly slip his approval of banana marriages ?

    Here in the UK there is well known book called “Oranges are not the Only Fruit”, perhaps your next book could titled ‘Banana’s are not the only husbands” !

    Great video. Hilarious husband.
    COngratulations on the book.

  72. Kara

    Wish my book would come! ๐Ÿ™ BOO Amazon.

  73. Elizabeth

    That was so fun!! How need to get a face and a voice to all these “famous” Catholics!! Your book sounds wonderful!

  74. Laura Smeby

    My copy just arrived today! Can’t wait for the kids to go to bed so I can dive in!

  75. christine

    I heard you on the radio this afternoon! It seems everywhere I turn, there you are these days. The CD showed up in our church many weeks back, your photo was in Catholic Digest, and then I turned the radio today, and your voice was the first voice I heard. You did a great job with the interview and the call-in questions.
    It’s so fun to see/hear you becoming famous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Lynn

    I am so ‘scouted’ for my book arrival tomorrow and at the video I cried too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Some things in life just require a tear or two to duly mark their significance. After the rain, always the sun. God Bless you and yours.

  77. Lisa

    Best video EVER. You have to be made of stone not to at least get teary eyed during that.

    I got my copies at 3:30 this afternoon and I’m on chapter 11 already. I t does not disappoint. I am so proud of you! Having read your blog for years, I didn’t think you could get more awesome. But you did.

    Many, many congratulations!

  78. Gina

    AHHHHHHHH!!!! I a crying with you!!! This is so amazing. Cannot WAIT to dive into the book.

  79. Heidi

    So I hastily pre-ordered your book so I could get your free e-book, and did it so impulsively while I was on Amazon that I accidentally bought the kindle version. As soon as I’d hit the button (where was the “proceed to checkout” path I usually take?) I was SO mad at myself b/c I would have preferred the hardcopy. Well, now I see that Amazon and other sites are having delays shipping whereas my copy automatically downloaded a few nights ago–yay for Buy Now with 1-Click!

    I’ve been reading as often as I can (which means in bed at 2am, waiting at appointments with kids, in the grocery store line…) and I am loving it. I was only starting Chapter 8 when I watched the video this morning, and yes–I cried, too. Hearing and seeing all those cool people I’ve read (or at least heard of) reading your words, many that I have yet to get toโ€ฆI think it really started to hit me what a huge journey you have taken, and of course the beauty of the Church always brings tears to my eyesโ€ฆsometimes it just takes a little reminding about the things I took for granted, because I grew up Catholic, but only truly learned my faith as an adult.

    Then like a previous commenter said–hearing them all chime in on the C. S. Lewis quoteโ€ฆ..goosebumps! I’m so looking forward to finishing the rest of the book as soon as possible. And ordering a hard copy ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Monica Benninghoff

    I laughed, I cried, I loved it! Great conversion story, Jen! It was an unusual experience to read a book by someone who I feel I know (through your blog) and to be privy to personal details not shared on the blog. Thank you for baring your soul. Your experience is sure to help others struggling to find their way to God.

  81. Kathleen Basi

    This is AWESOME! What a great, great way to publicize the book.

  82. Phyllis

    It’s pouring down rain. I’m heading out to the mailbox to see if my copy of “Something Other than God” is there. It will be worth it if it is. I can’t wait to read your book.
    P.S. Joe is adorable.
    P.P.S. Jennifer Willits, her haircut is adorable, too.

  83. Joanne

    I smiled through tears as I watched the video, laughed through tears as I read the book, and hid in my bedroom to finish the book so that my teenage children couldn’t make fun of me for crying. I don’t know what else to say other than you are amazing, I feel as though I know you since I’ve read your blog for years, and wish that I did know you in person. I loved the book, I’m telling everyone I know about it and I am just in awe of what you have accomplished. Congratulations!!!

  84. Jessica

    Is it weird that I cry every time I watch this video too?? I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait for my kids to give this to me for Mother’s Day!! And if my husband didn’t get 10,000 of my hints that it’s what I’ve really really really wanted then I’m going to cry even more ๐Ÿ™‚

  85. Deme @ House For Five

    This was EPIC! Anytime I watch a video on my phone, the 3 year old with his bat ears comes running. “Are ou crying, Mama? I watch the Frozen song again? Let it go!!” My copy just came yesterday and I can’t wait to dive in!

  86. Bonnie

    Reading through these comments – I am impressed with how many people have come to the faith because of you. I realized a while ago that your blog was really important to my faith but I blindly never thought about how many others feel the same way. What a blessing you are to the Church, Jen!

  87. Loren

    Wow…what a Church!

  88. Tracy Bua Smith

    I just finished your book yesterday and just watched this video for the first time today! How great! How awesome! How entertaining! ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved the book! It was great to match up so many familiar blogs with their authors throughout the video! Wishing you much happiness and success with your book!

  89. Erin

    I’m crying too, because I’m so grateful to be counted among all those people, yes many of my favorites, as someone who has figured it out! At least I’m on the right path, in good company, on the way to God. I can’t wait for my copy to come in!

  90. Robin Botie

    I just got my copy of your book and I’m loving it. Your trailer is amazing and so much fun. What a great idea to have all these other people reading parts of your book. I’d cry too, it was so beautiful. Wonder of I dare try something like that with my own book. Cheers!

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