These pictures are why God gave us the internet. (Oh – and it’s RELEASE DAY!!!)

April 29, 2014 | 72 comments

I can hardly believe I can finally type the words to announce: SOMETHING OTHER THAN GOD IS OFFICIALLY FOR SALE NOW!!!!

You can buy it from Amazon, Ignatius Press,  Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else books are sold. For those of you outside the US, international readers have been telling me they’ve had a good experience buying it from Book Depository.

My big plan was to have that book trailer I’m working on ready to share as my official launch day post. However, despite staying up last night to the point that I only got three hours of sleep, it’s not finished. (At least it’s not surprising that yet another aspect of this project almost killed me.)

I’ll have the launch video trailer thing ready for tomorrow! If I were less tired I would play it cool like I meant to do that so that I could release it on the first day that some folks have had time to read the book, but as it is I’m just going to keep it real. As I see how it’s coming together, I think this delay might be part of God’s plan, because you really need more time to prepare yourself for how awesome this is going to be.

Meanwhile, a few things to entertain you while I’m off video editing:

Something Other than God was being discussed on Reddit yesterday, and it even made it to the front page. If you’re one of the gazillion people who’s here from that link, welcome!

– This week I received two emails with pictures that pretty much made my year.

The first is a shot of our friend, Fr. Dan Lorimer, reading an advance copy of the book. Fr. Dan is our friend who volunteered to enter the military because he heard there was a need for Catholic priests, and this is a shot of him reading my book in a helicopter over Afghanistan.


PRIEST. HELICOPTER. AFGHANISTAN. The contests involving pictures of the book just got taken to a whole new level, guys.

– I also got pictures of the good folks at the printer hand-inserting those thousand bookplates into the first copies of the book!



How fantastic is that?

And now I’m going to get back to work finishing up the video.

For years I tried to picture what I’d be doing on the day the book was finally released. I always figured it would involve kicking my feet up and joining in the social media conversations, perhaps taking a break in the evening to enjoy a champagne toast with friends. Now that the day is here and I’m tired and busy working on yet another grandiose idea that has me in over my head, I wonder how I could have ever imagined it any other way.


I’ll be on Twitter and Instagram all day today, so come say hello! If you got the ebook and have had a chance to read it, let me know!



  1. Ann-Marie

    Getting up early this morning has never been easier because YOUR BOOK was in my Kindle waiting for me! I hereby declare today movie day for the kids so that I can read and read and read. So happy and excited for you.

  2. Susan

    Okay, the photo of the priest reading your book literally made me cry. And, it’s not because I’m pregnant, but because I honestly can’t imagine how it must have made you feel – could there be a higher compliment?? Looking forward to my Amazon delivery this week, and to meeting you at the Edel conference!!

  3. Julie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ll be eagerly awaiting our mailman this afternoon! Thankfully, it’s a dreary, rainy day in these parts — ripe conditions for boys’ naps. Can’t wait!

  4. Erica Saint

    I have my Kindle and coffee in hand, and I am on my comfy couch ready to read. Enjoy your day! I know I will enjoy mine! 🙂

  5. Lindy

    I’m trying to find out if I’ll get my pre-ordered copy from Amazon Prime today or tomorrow. SO EXCITED to read it, I’m actually motivated to get all the other stuff around here done so I can lounge and read it during naps!

    • Julie

      I just checked on mine — won’t come ’til Thursday. I’ve just had two other (Amazon Prime) pre-orders delivered on their release dates; I don’t know why this one won’t also. Annoying!

      • Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose

        I’m having the same frustration. It’s saying mine hasn’t even shipped yet. Ugh!!! How come so many people have already received theirs? How are all these reviews up already when mine hasn’t even shipped?? Grr!!

        • Nancy

          Mine hasn’t shipped yet either, although somehow it still thinks I’ll get it tomorrow by 8:00 PM. Not super happy with Amazon right now. 🙁

  6. Beth (A Mom's Life)

    I think Father Dan just won himself a $50 Amazon Gift Card!!

    • Bonnie

      Beth, that made me laugh out loud! I was thinking the same thing!

      Also, Kelly Mantoan has got he work cut out for her!

    • Mira

      Hahahahahahaha!!! 🙂

  7. Jess G.

    I’m thrilled for you, Jen! 🙂

  8. Kayla

    Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, hopefully for my birthday! I’ve already read the pages you can on Amazon and it seems fantastic. Yay!

  9. Heather

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! eeeeek! My copy gets here on Thursday, and I’m so psyched to read it. And I am entering the contests. AND I’M BRINGIN MY A GAME, PEEPS!!!:) So excited!

  10. Catherine

    Congratulations! I just started reading it at 6am this morning at the gym. I’m loving it!

  11. TheresaEH

    I received my notice from Amazon that my copy has been sent 🙂
    Dear Father Dan, May God protect you and bless you!!!

  12. Kathy H

    Why didn’t I get the Kindle version?! My book won’t arrive until next week! 🙁

  13. Canadian Anne

    Dumb Canuck question here: is this available at Barnes and Noble in store, or online only? Hubby’s in the US on a work trip and I was thinking of sending him on a mission to B&N to pick me up a copy, if possible.

  14. Tara

    I have a 2.5 month old who usually makes it through the night with only 1 nursing session. Last night she was up three times. I’m convinced it was because God knew I needed to start and finish your book as soon as possible. So, so, so inspiring. Can’t wait to buy copies for some friends! Thanks for all the hard work you put into this!

  15. Lisa Schmidt

    Soooooo, birthing a baby or birthing a book. Which is easier? 🙂 Congrats. Such an exciting day. Come, Holy Spirit!

  16. Amy @ Consecrated Housewife

    Man, Father Dan just blew that contest out of the water! His story reminds me of a friend of mine who is married to a protestant pastor. I was a guest at a woman’s dinner held at their church when she told me that her husband had decided to return to the military (he had been discharged for years). She said they felt God was calling him to go back, that they needed pastors in the military. It obviously was not an easy decision, but he and his family answered the call. This was less than a year before 9/11, I always look back in wonder that God has things under control and is putting things into motion that we don’t always get to see.

  17. the other Becky

    I have ordered the book (it hasn’t come yet, so I can’t take pictures of myself reading it yet) but I thought maybe I could start listening to the audiobook. I remember your post about making the audiobook, but I can’t find how to buy it. Please tell us.

  18. Dean Stroud

    What a fine book. I am reading it now and find it well written and powerfull. I think God will use your story and writing to help many people to come home to our Church. Thank you for this book! God bless you and your family.

  19. Catherine

    Okay, I’m usually a lurker, haven’t done an introduction post yet, but… CONGRATS! I can’t wait for my pre-ordered copy to arrive!!

    Reddit, yay! Strange internet realms I read colliding unexpectedly, hah. The breadth of blurb diversity was pretty epic, I have to say.

  20. Jamie

    Hi Jen- I have never purchased a hardcover book that wasn’t a required textbook for school. (I’m a library person.) I just bought yours!

  21. Dan Lord

    Congratulations, Jen! It’s an instant classic!!!

  22. Mary

    Jen, the book is SO GOOD! I’m only about 25% through and if I didn’t have to take my daughter for her 1st confession I wouldn’t put it down. 😉 I have read a lot of memoirs from favorite bloggers that have sometimes seemed like spruced up versions of posts I have read already… And I would have been content if that’s what your book was too, as I truly credit your blog for my reversion. But your book is AMAZING, a truly new and insightful read, and worth every year and every ounce of energy you out into it. I have been texting my convert husband all day to tell him how phenomenal it is. We are already planning to get additional copies for his atheist family members. Bless you, Jen! God is doing great things through you.

  23. Donna

    I was so excited when my copy showed up a day early. Thanks Ignatius Press! You know where I spent my evening – right by the fire with a cup of tea and your book. Looking forward to a repeat performance tonight after work.

  24. Gina

    Priest. Helicopter. Afghanistan.

    I think you should declare the contest officially closed.

    And congratulations!!!!!

  25. Monica

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy. I look forward to seeing more awesome pictures of people and your book, but I have to say the one posted today…will be hard to beat.

    Off topic, but it’s too bad I’m not Irish, because I love that “Fight Me I’m Irish” shirt!

  26. Marie

    Just started quickly perusing my ebook-found it ironic how your dad bemoans anyone believing in God as you both admiring his creation in a bedtime story. I was hoping to send this to a grad student who’s in a faith crisis but I fear he’ll say ‘this is too flowery-sounds like a housewife blog-at least saints never wrote how they wore their hair or minutiae of camp life’-it would deter him from getting to the meat of the book. Wish you would have titled the chapters. But congratulations and God Bless

  27. Hevel

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to get my copy!

    • Hevel

      Also, are reviews by non-believing Jewish bloggers on lesser read blogs ok?

  28. Amy

    That photo is amazing! I am so excited to get my book. Which is weird, because I’ve already read it on my Kindle twice!

  29. Karen LH

    Just finished reading the book and thought it was wonderful. Thank you.

  30. Catherine

    Just finished it! It was a beautiful book. You did a great job! The story of Linda on the Internet forum broke my heart. I will remember that story and pray for her, whatever happened.

    I especially loved the parts about your childhood, which were very poignant, and your Catholic ancestors. What an awesome story!

  31. Elizabethe

    Halfway through. I will never complain about pregnancy again. The story of you discovering DVT in your second pregnancy and financial issues and pressure to contracept — it was harrowing (though I knew the facts it was like living it to read the book) and I prayed for you retroactively.

    Oh JEN! The timing of that! What a call to faith!

  32. Elisa | blissfulE

    Should have ordered from Ignatius Press!! Amazon hasn’t even given me a delivery date yet.

    • Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose

      I second that! I would have gotten a signed bookplate too. Unfortunately I had already ordered from Amazon by the time I found out.

      • nancyo

        me three!

  33. Melanie B

    My pictures of cute kids reading the book can’t possibly compete with the priest in the helicopter over Afghanistan.

  34. Jen A

    Oh, Jen. congratulations and thank you. I was up until 4 am until I finished it, something I have done before but yours is probably the first book that doesn’t have a dragon or a sorcerer that has caused me to stay up so long.

    I was worried throughout the prelease chatter that I actually would not read it. I was afraid I would read the atheism parts and find your reasons for being an athiest more compelling than my perhaps shakier reasons for remaining Catholic. I was happily wrong.

    “The answered prayer was that they knew God was there.” Really….we may pray for healing or a new job or a safe trip but what we really want is just to know that God is there and He is real.

  35. Teresa

    Dear Jen:
    Never left a comment on your blog until today (though I love your blog mucho)
    But had to come by and say:
    Got the Kindle SOTG today
    Can’t stop reading – even though I was supposed to be Working (!)
    It is as wonderful as I knew it would be
    Your voice is ….. So just right. Girl, you are a WRITER.
    Love it. Can’t put it down.
    Congratulations and God bless you

  36. Bobby

    Just finished reading your book on the Kindle . I’m speechless. You have made a difference in my life. Thank you

  37. Claire C

    Congratulations, Jen! I’m so excited for you, and I can’t wait to read your story in full. I’ve been reading and following your blog for a few years now.

    My husband and I have both been waiting on pins and needles since December, when I placed the pre-order. Amazon is forcing us to do penance (pins & needles hurt), because they have NOT YET MAILED MY BOOK!!!

    God Bless! Oh, and if you have any influence over Amazon, please tell them that I want my book! 😉

  38. Smoochagator

    So happy for you I could cry!

  39. Tracy Bua Smith

    WooHOo! Congratulations! Amazon hasn’t sent me an email that mine is being shipped yet 🙁 BooHoo! I hope to get my copy soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So happy for you and for all those that will be blessed reading your story!

  40. Lynne

    As one who hoped to win the photo contest, I officially concede to Fr. Lorimer. Not only does his photo fulfill the contest requirements to the utmost, but it features a man who exemplifies the true spirit of a Christian: willing to sacrifice himself for sake of others. My hat is off to him, and to you. That’s a photo to treasure.

  41. Tammy

    Well dang it, I wish I had known…I could have gotten a copy to take with me to Rome (I was there during the JPII/J23 canonization – NOT planned that way but there I was with a million other folks) Im still too jet lagged from my return trip to think straight.

    Im with the crowd who think that Priest/helicopter/afghanistan is an over-the-top winner unless someone can shoot a copy into space and were not doing that much lately.

  42. Jen

    Yay for you!! Can’t wait to get my copy, I just might kiss the mail man!

  43. Debbie

    I am so excited. I received mine in the mail yesterday! (Ignatius Press had it wrapped up so tightly, it took me several minutes to get into the box!). My almost 11-year old daughter has asked to read the book with me. She has listened to the recording we have from Lighthouse and is fascinated by your story (as am I). I can’t wait to crack open the book!

  44. Melissa


  45. Cathy

    Can’t wait to get my copy!! Just got my “your order has shipped” email from Amazon! Waiting impatiently! We have a family fishing day on Sunday, which means I usually take a book, and I definitely know which one I will be taking this year!!

  46. Dr N'Goc

    Congratulations are in order for sure. but practice gratitude in humility, and maybe your next “grandiose” idea will be phenomenal.

  47. Sharon Kay

    So yeah, you know that Amazon one-click thing that delivers the Kindle version to one’s computer instantly?

    I love conversion stories, and I am thoroughly enjoying yours. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    *returns to Cloud Reader*

  48. Jenny

    These photos are indeed fabulous! And I simply do not see how anyone can beat Father’s picture. I can see it now. You make the t-shirt, and everyone wants one. So, y’all turn it into a fundraiser for the military archdiocese, selling awesome t-shirts for God. 🙂 Just a thought. Congrats!

  49. Camilla

    Yep, it downloaded to my Kindle at 1:22 a.m. on release day. I told you I would be reading it while nursing my newborn–but so far it’s a fail. If I’m nursing downstairs, I’ve left the Kindle upstairs, and vice versa. But, I’ll get it together! A photo with your book and an Amazon review will be forthcoming. Congratulations! I can’t imagine how you must feel knowing that thousands of people all over the world are reading your story right now–and knowing that you are bringing God glory in sharing your testimony. What an emotional time! God bless you and I will be praying for you and your book–that God will bless all who read it and that He will be able to use your love and faithfulness in a big way.

    • Camilla

      Wow. Just… Wow. Beautifully done! I am so blessed by your story. I don’t have words to express it yet, but when I do… I will write you a review. I think I will have to read it again first.

  50. Bonnie

    Love your book! Reading it on my Kindle app on the IPad. Need to clean and do laundry, but keep reading “just one more chapter!” Great story! Congratulations on a great book!

  51. Ann

    Your book downloaded and I read it within 24 hours. I cried so much. Even though I knew your story, there was so much more. God DOES answer prayers. We just have to trust in his wisdom.
    Love your husband, too. He is so wise, as well.

  52. Stephanie

    Jennifer, CONGRATULATIONS! If I “know” any other person who deserves success more than you, I can’t think of her right now. I’m totally kicking myself for ordering an actual physical book because if I’d ordered it for my Kindle I’d probably already have it finished and be writing a bubbling review today. But, alas, I’m anxiously waiting for the postman and praying that he has it on his truck.

  53. Christina

    Bought my kindle version on release day! congrats to you! I’m slowly making my way through it during nursing sessions 😉 thought you’d appreciate that tidbit of info.


  54. Michelle

    While I admit I am a bit hormonal at this time, it’s pretty bad when you can’t even get through the Acknowledgements without crying. I am trying to put family first, but sure hope I get a window to read sometime tonight.

  55. Marlena

    I wish I had the words to tell you how much I love this book. I’m sure the nurses in the emergency room here in bush Alaska thought I was crying over my broken bone, but in reality how else would I have had 6 hours of only occasionally interrupted time to read this? I had an experience as a child too where mortality hit me in the face and I spent some sleepless nights looking out my window at the stars and trying to imagine what it would be like to fade into dust like the much-loved dog who had just died. I couldn’t make myself believe I too would have that fate, even though it’s what I thought I knew would happen. I was spared the years of questioning since my family converted in a couple years. Thank you again for writing this and for responding to God’s grace and for being an inspiration to those of us who are tempted to forget the freshness and radicalness of our faith.

  56. mother Evfrosinia

    Dear Mrs. Fulwiler,
    I used to read your blog from time to time, and bought your new book without realizing it was you. I read it in 2 days, between jobs. I’m a Russian Orthodox nun with a lot on my plate, so that’s quite a feat for me. 🙂 Congratulations on a job well done and a story well told. The book is truly inspiring, funny where it needs to be and sobering in the right places. You and your family will be in my prayers.

  57. Julia

    It’s heeeeeeere! The door bell just rang and I jumped up like a kid on Christmas morning because I knew my copy of the book had arrived. So excited to start reading!

  58. Claire C

    Ok, so 2 days ago I posted that Amazon had not yet mailed my copy. I am happy to report that your book was waiting for me when I got home from work today. WooHoo! I can’t wait to read it.

  59. Erin

    My house is a disaster due to my devouring your book rather than keeping up with house work. I will say that I’m in a much better mood than I should be amid such a mess because your book refreshed and inspired me. I thank you for all the time and honesty you give your readers. This book is a true gift to me and my family. Thanks.

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