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May 7, 2014 | 13 comments

I know that you all cleared off your calendars and have been doing nothing but hitting refresh on my blog since I announced that we’d have pictures from Heather this week, so I wanted to assure you that they are coming. She texted me a few tonight, and they are everything I dreamed they could be.

photo (5)

(Let’s pretend that my iPhone clock is wrong and I’m not really so irresponsible as to be giggling over texts at 12:55 AM on a school night.)

You probably need something awesome to hold you over until Heather finishes with her masterpieces, so how about this fabulous group selfie from speaker Katie Prejean:


Or this picture of Dwija, which I hereby demand be immortalized as a life-sized marble statue so that people throughout the ages can behold it (complete with the dog, of course):


Or this Amazon review, which had me laughing until I was wiping tears out of my eyes. Where was Lynne when we were putting together the back cover copy?!


Anyway, you guys are all THE BEST. I can’t think of a better way to thank you for your kind words and your epic selfies than to have Heather draw a bunch of pictures of ridiculous things happening to me, so look out for that post later today!



  1. Michelle

    I have been following your blog for sometime now, actually the only blog I follow! Your writing is refreshingly real and now I know I am not the only “crazy” out there! I am loving your book!!!! I have to put it down sometimes because it is just too tiring to live your life for even one chapter. Ha! I am a revert Catholic and my husband converted three years ago…he grew up Old Order Amish in Lancaster County, PA. There’s a story for ya…..Ahh yes….but don’t rat us out yet!

  2. the other Becky

    Will the statue also be suspended in the air, not touching the ground? And will this lasting miracle be mentioned in her canonization cause? I am looking forward to that.

  3. Lynne

    The Heather drawings were funny in an “I think these are funny but I’m not quite in on the joke” kind of way. So I assumed all the ladies were the high priestesses of blogging dancing around the celebratory fire with some home-brew mead? The brisket sandwich and other guy…well, I’m still thinking about them.

    [Note: I couldn’t see the drawings at all, but had a revelation: CTRL + mouse roller up!]

    Dwija’s expression combined with that tummy is SO funny!

    If that review made you laugh, then what can I say except we seriously need to get together.

  4. Teresa

    Best Amazon review EVER. Loved the book, Jen! Is it wrong that I’m feeling slightly famous after seeing my teeny face in the photo collage on your previous post?

  5. Caroline M.

    I’m trying to imagine Jennifer as goth and failing miserably. Was this a case of someone wanting to be more rebellious than they really were?

  6. Mary

    Hey Jen,

    Just finished SOTG. It took me 2 days – only because my eyes were crossed after working all day on the computer- then reading until 2:00 am until I had an optical migraine. Otherwise I would have plowed through it in one sitting.

    I have a question. Would you please right another book right away? This is the best read since My Sisters the Saints. No kidding – just wonderful I want to join your family.

    Love Mary

  7. Cristina

    That really is the best Amazon review I’ve seen. It needs to be framed! I’ll be honest, I hadn’t bought your book, YET. I guess God was a little “Pffft” with me, because my best friend texted me and asked if I’d bought a copy. I responded that I was the only person in the free world who didn’t #rebelstatus and she had one, waiting, just for me. She’s such a great BFF, she introduced me to this blog a year ago! Congrats and get that review framed. Not like you have anything else going on. 😉

  8. Sarah

    I love your book! I’m planning to review it on Goodreads [and blog] at some point…but sadly it will not be as funny as Lynne’s review which was awesome. 😀

    Funny thing, whenever I visit your blog I hear voices…haha not from the beyond or anything, but like it’s triggered a video advert playing. I’ve looked and can’t see one on your blog. Have you any idea why it does that?

    The picture of Dwija is hilarious.

  9. Francisco

    I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy today your book. Thanks to the Kindle store it immediately appeared in my iPad. I didn’t stop reading it before the end. I’m a catholic priest from Fátima and I became marveled with your life, specially because it wasn’t easy. As a priest, sometimes even my faith falters, your enthusiasm gives me new strength.
    PS – next week I will be participating in the conference about the Aparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in the Ave Maria University, FL

  10. Kathy Frein

    Jennifer, True confession…I’ve been lurking around your blog space for a few years now. Maybe it’s due to my introversion that I’ve never contacted you, but at any rate, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Something Other Than God. I got it from Amazon this past weekend, started it Sunday night and finished it yesterday. In fact, I forgot I preordered twice and got them both at the same time. My youngest daughter is enjoying the extra copy as well.

    Congratulations on a great book and thank you for your witness. I really enjoyed how you applied what you were learning about our faith to real situations in your life. I’m gonna suggest SOTG for our next book club read. It would be a great way to teach Catholicism to non-Catholics.

    I tried to comment at the “Tell me about you” section of your blog, but couldn’t figure out where to type.

    My conversion story has been featured here

    My story tells the books I read on my journey and a little about my background (Baptist).

    I write occasionally at http://kathyfrein.wordpress.com/

    My blog’s title is “Catholic in the South.” Specifically I live in Arkansas where only about 10% of the population is Catholic. Needless to say, I am smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt. My days are spent assisting my husband in his grain marketing business, babysitting my first grandson, enjoying my youngest who is home for the summer before she goes to Chicago to work for Catholic charities, and awaiting the birth of our next two grandchildren late this year.

    Keep up your writing, because I will be reading and appreciating every word. I love my faith and my church deeply and only want to grow in my knowledge of the Truth. You are a great resource for that.

    Kathy Frein

  11. Barbara Maclellan

    I am writing from Nova Scotia Canada– love your blog–the only one I follow and have ordered your book.I also recommended it on Mother of God forums.I keep you and your family in my prayers.You are an awesome example of how God works. peace to you all!

  12. Christine

    I just finished SOTG and found your website to hear more about your journey (and find out more about the rosary cd which sounded fantastic). i can’t thank you enough for writing this book and sharing it. i’m returning to Catholicism myself and your questions are some of the questions that i have struggled so much with. i finished the book and feel like a new chapter in my life is starting having peeked into your journey. thank you for that.

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